Thread: Current #WaukeshaAttack death toll rises from 5 to 6.

The first 5 victims were all adults, the 6th is a child. I think seated, elderly spectators couldn't get away fast like others could.

My thoughts below on possible motives:…
The far right extremist GQP side are pushing a racist narrative bc the defendant is Black. They falsely accuse opponents of playing down this attack bc the defendant is not white.

As one of their opponents, I'm not playing it down one bit. As usual for me, regardless of race.
The attacks in Waukesha, WI and Parkland, FL have some things in common (and other things not in common!)

Both defendants might have been stopped if authorities were more "tough on crime."

Both defendants have known political views.

Both are obviously severely mentally ill.
I doubt the Waukesha defendant could succeed if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. The bar for this in a murder case is very, very high. He might plead guilty like Cruz did. He might not. This could take a long time.…
Currently available evidence suggests these murders, attempted murders, injuries and attempted injuries were deliberately carried out by the defendant. Why do I claim his state of severe mental illness at the time is now obvious? Several reasons, incl. the way he was apprehended.
A sane person doesn't go knock on a random door to ask for help with an Uber, then act surprised when cops arrive, by saying "whoa whoa whoa!" He's lucky he wasn't shot dead on the spot, after lowering his arm as if to get a gun. Was it an act? Not totally sure, at this stage. Image
Other pieces of evidence from the attack itself point to mental illness - not as the sole cause - as a relevant factor. To prevent similar crimes, we need to understand all aspects of what he did. The fact is, future killers like Brooks & Cruz, are everywhere, enabled by others.
A particularly lengthy and serious rap sheet indicates this defendant was well known to law enforcement (and likely to psychiatric providers, too.)

His choice of target appears to have been political, at least in part. Remember the murder of Heather Heyer? It's relevant, IMO.
There's been a pattern of mass casualty events in the US & certain other countries involving politics, severe mental illness, and missed opportunities to prevent likely attacks by known individuals.

Overlaying this is the dichotomous reasoning deployed in stochastic terrorism.
Put simply, the far right and the far left accuse each other of the same things they deny about themselves.

The difference, though, is that only one of these sides carried out ongoing, brazen stochastic terrorism from the Oval Office itself. The GOP is now run by the far right.
So I had to end my support for the Republican party.

My support for the Democrats is conditional. I'll reconsider if one day they have an opponent that acts like it supports the rule of law and the US Constitution.

This could take a while. But it's better to face reality.
Every time you see the far right accuse those outside the maga cult of letting the Waukesha attack happen or contributing to it in some way, just remember their own track record over the past few years. The death toll (and other harm to the country because of them) is enormous. Image
My directory of related threads:

I may add to this thread, or start a new one. The themes here are similar to what's behind the rapidly escalating political violence in the US & elsewhere...
A recent thread I wrote about racial conflict in the US:

At the end of that thread I added the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Today his killers were convicted. I have mixed feelings: He should be alive. But thank God some measure of justice was found.

• • •

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22 Nov
Always sad to see. (Screenshot shows what info was available at the time of my tweet; bc it often changes.)

Regardless of the who, what, how, when or why, I still recommend trying to avoid situations where a vehicle could hit you. The threat level continues to be very high.
Obviously, it's not practical to totally avoid being a pedestrian in a busy area. But participating in a parade like this one in Waukesha, WI today is not as safe as it was two years ago. And things won't improve enough for some time to come. No one knows how long it will take.
During the pandemic so far there have been multiple mass casualty or other dangerous situations around the world. The USA is not alone in this. But the USA has a further complication overlaying the pandemic: the significant and ongoing threat of civil unrest and related harm.
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15 Nov
Aside from obv irresponsible gun use, it's another example of this prosecutor's bad strategic calls. The facts of this case do not require such a demonstration. It risks putting some jurors off a conviction.

Either way, I predict rioting. Bc no one can call off rioters now...
There was a time, in recent years, where the instigators of #StochasticTerrorism eg Trump could've called off their self-sacrificing minions, but we have passed that point.

1/6 had a lot to do with it. A week prior, I predicted the riot & that he wdn't be able to call them off
What I didn't predict was the extent of the terrorist violence on 1/6, and that he would have no intention of using his powers as POTUS to forcibly bring the rioting to an end.

Others had to do that, and it took hours and hours to do.
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15 Nov
Thread: VP Kamala Harris low approval ratings

IMO Harris was the right choice for Biden's 2020 running mate. No other candidate had the name recognition and relatively low-scandal b/g. There were far too many primary candidates. Mostly tire kickers. I predicted he'd choose her.
It's super easy at this point for people to knock Harris, Biden or both. I see it as just noise. This time last year the US had two intensely crucial fights on its hands: The pandemic, and keeping the Republic.

The US still has those fights on its hands, & is still in the game.
FDR did a ton of things in office dealing with the Great Depression then WWII. Many of those things were deeply unpopular. But he kept going. Then Truman carried on doing what needed to be done.

Countless lives were saved.
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10 Nov
If true, Harry Markle should produce the evidence and also give testimony on all this. If my Queen, Charles, or William had felt this way they would've told the PM, who then could've used the normal diplomatic channels to tell the legitimate US *authorities.* Harry is a child.
If you're new to the UK royal watching side of my Twitter account, know this: I predicted years ago that Harry would quit the firm, and I saw early on the danger posed by his C-grade actress girlfriend.

It has nothing at all to do with anyone's race.
I've been a royal watcher since childhood in the 1970s. HM the Queen is literally my head of state here in NZ.

I have forgiven her heir for his domestic conduct and I became much better informed about his late ex-wife's conduct during their marriage. Few know she cheated first.
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8 Nov
Thread: The Travis Scott Astroworld disaster

This analysis by Todd Grande PhD is on point. He's a very good commentator on social issues. I don't agree with every opinion he gives (on other matters) & that's OK.

Grande's video lists the previous criminal charges and related incidents that should have alerted Houston Police and other officials that a fatal stampede event was highly likely.

Large events have to have a detailed security plan.
Authorities should have forced the performance to stop.

It would not have saved every life but it might have saved some of them.

I hope that every event manager and relevant LE agency ensures this NEVER happens again in the US.
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7 Nov
Thread: "Paid leave is a right not a privilege."

This is obviously false. A right you can't enforce is not a right.

But in any case, paid family leave would obv. be good for the American economy & for Americans. Esp. in the post pandemic economy.

The most important medium to long term economic issue in developed countries since the industrial revolution has been labor supply & demand, AKA workforce participation. Everything else rests upon this.

Policies on gender equality & immigration are central to labor policy.
I'm an amateur genealogist and hopefully one day a professional genealogist. Every day as I track the long recorded history of my ancestors I see evidence of immigration choices made for economic reasons. Long before modern NZ was founded in 1840, they were moving within the UK.
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