Aside from obv irresponsible gun use, it's another example of this prosecutor's bad strategic calls. The facts of this case do not require such a demonstration. It risks putting some jurors off a conviction.

Either way, I predict rioting. Bc no one can call off rioters now...
There was a time, in recent years, where the instigators of #StochasticTerrorism eg Trump could've called off their self-sacrificing minions, but we have passed that point.

1/6 had a lot to do with it. A week prior, I predicted the riot & that he wdn't be able to call them off
What I didn't predict was the extent of the terrorist violence on 1/6, and that he would have no intention of using his powers as POTUS to forcibly bring the rioting to an end.

Others had to do that, and it took hours and hours to do.
To me, that was the central crime of Trump's that was apparent on the day. That for any other large protest in DC, all the federal, state, and local law enforcement and if necessary, military, jointly plan and secure the area BEFOREHAND, with others on meaningful standby.
Trump's dereliction of duty in this regard requires no further witness testimony or documentation to convince me that he intended for the terrorist attack to occur and be unable to be stopped in a timely fashion. Personnel capable of that were hampered by Trump & his henchmen.
So now, Americans will have to live with the domestic terrorism clock always sitting at 11.59pm, until democracy can be rebuilt, and strengthened. That starts with passing voting rights reform bills and doing a bunch of other stuff, ASAP.

And winning the midterms in <12 months.
I'm now a swing voter and will remain so for life. Think of my support for Democrat candidates as a loan, of sorts. I will be a conservative purple for the blue wave unless and until there is a viable opposition party that respects the US Constitution.

And that's true of all the other countries that I follow, incl the one I can actually vote in, New Zealand.

Every OECD country's supposed right wing main party is #ProCovid to varying extents. That's a deal breaker for me.

God, I may have to vote for PM Jacinda Ardern.😒
The right wing / conservative parties have left people like me with no choice. NZ's Covid response has many issues I highlight on a regular basis, but at least they care more about saving my life than the opposition party does.

True conservatism is scientifically competent.
Conservative-ish parties that deny epidemiological science and say they're for "freedom" are choosing their own narrow political interests ahead of public safety.

I cannot possibly vote for them.

Leaders who choose science pay a high electoral price.
It's similar to when Churchill chose national self defense over sparing the lives of French Navy personnel in the attack on the French Fleet at Oran, July 3, 1940.

Leaders face tough choices in a pandemic, and in war.…
During a pandemic, the last thing the US needed was a terrorist attack on the seat of federal government, with a well-funded ongoing insurgency campaign. In this context, the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial matters.

I fear an acquittal, because of the message it would send.
I have come to understand the principles of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and to agree with them.

Violence is never an acceptable political tool, IMO.

The far right dominated R party has cheerily negated it's ability to call out violence by others. All bets are off.
If the aftermath of this trial results in a curfew in Kenosha or anywhere else, please respect it.

Individual police agencies feel fine about deliberately pushing opposing armed groups into the same area.

In those places, get home before the curfew, to fight another day.

• • •

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15 Nov
Thread: VP Kamala Harris low approval ratings

IMO Harris was the right choice for Biden's 2020 running mate. No other candidate had the name recognition and relatively low-scandal b/g. There were far too many primary candidates. Mostly tire kickers. I predicted he'd choose her.
It's super easy at this point for people to knock Harris, Biden or both. I see it as just noise. This time last year the US had two intensely crucial fights on its hands: The pandemic, and keeping the Republic.

The US still has those fights on its hands, & is still in the game.
FDR did a ton of things in office dealing with the Great Depression then WWII. Many of those things were deeply unpopular. But he kept going. Then Truman carried on doing what needed to be done.

Countless lives were saved.
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10 Nov
If true, Harry Markle should produce the evidence and also give testimony on all this. If my Queen, Charles, or William had felt this way they would've told the PM, who then could've used the normal diplomatic channels to tell the legitimate US *authorities.* Harry is a child.
If you're new to the UK royal watching side of my Twitter account, know this: I predicted years ago that Harry would quit the firm, and I saw early on the danger posed by his C-grade actress girlfriend.

It has nothing at all to do with anyone's race.
I've been a royal watcher since childhood in the 1970s. HM the Queen is literally my head of state here in NZ.

I have forgiven her heir for his domestic conduct and I became much better informed about his late ex-wife's conduct during their marriage. Few know she cheated first.
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8 Nov
Thread: The Travis Scott Astroworld disaster

This analysis by Todd Grande PhD is on point. He's a very good commentator on social issues. I don't agree with every opinion he gives (on other matters) & that's OK.

Grande's video lists the previous criminal charges and related incidents that should have alerted Houston Police and other officials that a fatal stampede event was highly likely.

Large events have to have a detailed security plan.
Authorities should have forced the performance to stop.

It would not have saved every life but it might have saved some of them.

I hope that every event manager and relevant LE agency ensures this NEVER happens again in the US.
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7 Nov
Thread: "Paid leave is a right not a privilege."

This is obviously false. A right you can't enforce is not a right.

But in any case, paid family leave would obv. be good for the American economy & for Americans. Esp. in the post pandemic economy.

The most important medium to long term economic issue in developed countries since the industrial revolution has been labor supply & demand, AKA workforce participation. Everything else rests upon this.

Policies on gender equality & immigration are central to labor policy.
I'm an amateur genealogist and hopefully one day a professional genealogist. Every day as I track the long recorded history of my ancestors I see evidence of immigration choices made for economic reasons. Long before modern NZ was founded in 1840, they were moving within the UK.
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3 Nov
Found on the #WhiteWomen hashtag feed.

It's common for a far right account like @libsoftiktok to:

1. Deny they're far right
2. Conflate "woke" with "racist" and
3. Completely misunderstand the outcome of the VA Gov race.

My thoughts on why, follow.
IMO (as a political scientist and longtime observer of US politics) there are multiple reasons why Youngkin won #VAgov over McAuliffe.

First, no VA governor has won a second term in generations.

And elections soon after the WH changes hands almost always go to the oppo party.
I firmly believe that the VA outcome was based largely on local, idiosyncratic reasons, not a national trend.

Accordingly, fellow pro-democracy folk need not be sad today. Nothing has changed.

But it's good that more are waking up to the five alarm emergency the US is in rn.
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28 Oct
Thread: This clip re the #VAgov race has an interview w/ a white woman claims "there's not a lot of racism" in Loudon County & (unironically) that "if you talk about it less you're gonna notice [it] less."

I'm a white woman who disagrees with her take.

I know there's a damaging and unacceptable level of racist behavior in every county of the US (and FWIW in every part of my own country, NZ.) Logically, the level of it in the state of VA would be above average for the US.

Rs are being blatantly obvious in their racism now.
My understanding of the level of racism in the GOP has changed over the past 5 years. It was more well hidden.

Yes, racism from one group to another can be found among Rs and Ds. This thread is about racism toward African Americans, as the largest group affected.
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