after going hard on the history of the catholic church in the 1900s and its current reverberations a phrase i picked up was “weaponized ambiguity”. im not sure if thats where it comes from, but if you google it thats what comes up. i think about this term every single day.
i have no real hard stance on the term as it refers to that particular issue. but outside of that domain i feel like this is the term that just explains everything about the present cultural madness. paired with “thought terminating cliche”, its the ying yang of this time period
what is “misinformation”. what is “disinformation”. okay, but this bit of information is technically true. ah okay, but its anathema, its not allowed, because it lacks context. what does it mean to lack context? literally any piece of information can be said to lack context.
does “my age” lack context because im not also telling you my job? does “my income” lack context because im not also telling you my age? i mean, kind of. so if i just tell you my age is that “misinformation”? only if its “misleading”. well, where am i supposed to be leading to?
whats “authoritarian”? i literally have no idea. i have no idea, zero, what normal people mean by this term other than “i dont like this thing”. is banning guns authoritarian? is enforcing seat belt laws authoritarian? doesnt every government use their authority? i have no idea
every single term and thing that forms the basic pillars of “stepping into the public discourse” (cursed activity) is like this. these arent tertiary things. the main central things that guide “what people talk about” are more ambiguous than poetry or art interpretation.
im pretty lucky in that ive mostly removed myself from having to talk about certain things with normal people, but if it ever comes up now, i just tell them this. im like “honestly i have no idea what that term means anymore”. people always have a weird reaction. such an odd time
oh im “speeding”? were you not also going “a speed”, officer? not much of a speed “limit” if i just went over it, is it. what does it limit. by what metric. where. are you familiar with the history of the most recent vatican council and its interpretation
btw have been keeping up with this and this is a perfect example of weaponized ambiguity. organization wants to do something while remaining ad hoc, ie without locking in a precedent, so they make an extremely ambiguous rule and its vagueness serves as cover to do anything.
an art selling platform saying you cant do anything that causes mental or emotional harm. have you ever been mentally or emotionally harmed by art? on the one hand, i mean yeah, of course, a lot of great art does that. but, probably not in the way they mean? or is it? ambiguous.

• • •

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24 Nov
i got quite obsessed with this for some time, simply as it is a meeting point of many of my interests. that doesnt mean i “know” about it though. tbh you can look at the docs and stuff yourself. you can read vatican 1 in like an hour or two. the vatican 2 docs are longer [...]
much longer. i actually printed them all out + put them in a binder. its like a small book. it depends on ur style. i am someone who likes to hit the extremes and then look into it myself, so i hit the maximum mega-anti and “this isnt a big deal” ends of the spectrum for a while
i cant direct this particular question, as some people would find it a spiritual obstacle to consume all of this information + arguing, whereas other people would say it is essential to figuring things out spiritually. i cant say. its very interesting but thats my only real take.
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12 Nov
wow thats SO COOL too bad a HALLUCINATION cant experience ITSELF because that would mean it has something substantial there to be persistent and stable in that experience beyond its hallucinated IE ILLUSORY NATURE
“dude im ... literally just the atoms in my body”

wow thats crazy which atom am i talking to right now
if [everything] is an illusion - everything around you and all the people around you - then you cant see the world for what “it really is” beyond that statement. what youre seeing and experiencing would just be more illusion Image
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9 Nov
as the general twitter topic is satanism, demonica, after that concert, i have an interesting note i made along the way in my studies i think it is important to keep in mind with normal people. i have not looked into the details of that situation as i am still on diapercation ...
thats diaper occupation vacation, which like all great art, is taking longer than expected. although my desk is re-set up now. anyway, there is a paradox in most peoples relationship to such things that i slowly pinned down after operating in many spiritual spheres over the years
that being, most people, if they arent actively atheist (dont forget the default spiritual system is new age now. u didnt forget, did u) have a simultaneous fascination with AND a totally flippant disregard for, what we might call, demonica, dark power stuff, [etc]. examples:
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8 Nov
first theyll tax unrealized gains, then unrealized income: money u couldve made if u just tried harder. then whole unrealized companies- if u just applied urself, u couldve started one. unrealized dependents: go talk to that girl. if this is the push u need, theyll do it, for you
new economic czar appoints a lovely old lady, very grandmotherly, of an ambiguous ethnicity..., italian? german? maybe argentinian, but she speaks english perfectly, to personally meet with you and assess this. “my word, you could easily be making twice this. have u eaten today?”
youre just so intelligent when you apply yourself. thats not what you wear to work is it? well we just have no choice, next year youll have to pay three or four times what your paying now. and youre not even married yet ... im subtracting three or four theoretical dependents
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6 Nov
gotta love the normiebots who love this and think its super epic but will absolutely lose it if you apply anything like this to any other dimension of the accepted historical narrative
wow we cant trust most of what history says about members of a german government less than 100 years ago. thats interesting. guess all this other stuff is totally beyond questioning though, some of it being over an order of magnitude more removed from us in time.
he’s still arriving, imminent, on the horizon Image
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3 Nov
on the positive manifestation of female power- its 9:15 am and im driving through the rain to the next town over. im looking for a parking lot behind a purple playground. a woman is meeting me there. i see her. i park next to her. she hands me a cooler of frozen breast milk. [..]
ive never met this woman before. we have the same last name. just a coincidence- i thought this was noteworthy but she finds it uninteresting. i thank her, she tells me she understands, its not a big deal, + drives away. this is the second time i have received a package like this
these are not incidental rendezvous as, no shade to anyone who has done this, im trying to avoid giving my less than a week old baby feed from a transnational mega-corporation. and now i can do this, because of these women, who don’t know me, who have no incentive to help me.
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