Do you think that people don't know that crossing the channel is a risk? Of course they do, but it is a risk they are willing to take to try and reach a place they feel safe. Making it harder to seek asylum just forces them to make longer more dangerous journeys. #r4today
When are politicians and pundits going to wake up to the fact that "tightening border controls", "increasing patrols" etc just contributes to further loss of life, as well as making asylum seekers more reliant on gangs rather than less?
It isn't just "activist lawyers" and "do-gooders" warning that increased controls risk lives. Government's own impact assessment of the Borders Bill warns it risks forcing people to make more dangerous crossings and costing lives. The Home Office knows its policies kill #r4today
Sorry #r4today? "Despite" demolishing camps in Calais? What do you think happens when you demolish the only shelter someone has, steal their sleeping bag, criminalise providing food and water? Do you honestly think that makes them feel safer and more inclined to stay in France?

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26 Nov
Not going to break down the full article by @davidbarrett , because sometimes there is just too much nonsense to even engage with. Let's look at the headline alone though. 1/ Image
Asylum seekers receive approximately £36.93, with possible adjustments for certain circumstances. Now, first off, I guarantee you no-one is risking their life for that. It's also less than they would receive in France for example though. 2/…
It is also not "cash". It is paid through what is known as an ASPEN card, which aside from being used to track asylum seekers also has caused significant issues with people attempting to buy such luxuries as food to survive on. 3/…
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25 Nov
Deep breath. Okay, let's run through why this is not the case one more time. Let's say that somehow the planets all align correctly and somehow the government gets a joint returns agreement with a country which takes roughly three times the number of asylum seekers already. 1/
First off, let's quickly clear up the difference between "trafficking" and "smuggling", because this is actually quite important, particularly in regards to people's motivations for coming to the UK, or non-motivations as the case may be. 2/ Image
You see, people who are trafficked may not know where they are going to end up. Actually that can be the case for those who are smuggled as well, just not necessarily to the same extent. that means that "deterrents" are actually pretty irrelevant in these cases. 3/
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23 Nov
As Patel's still claiming 70% of those crossing channel are young men who aren't refugees, it's worth revisiting something I wrote for @washingtonpost on why young men tend to be the ones who have to make the longer journeys. Spoiler, they're #refugees. 1/…
Patel is completely unable to back up her assertion that 70% of those making #channelcrossings aren't refugees, whether they are young men or not. 91% of those crossing come from 10 major refugee producing countries. 2/…
98% of people who cross channel seek asylum, with majority of claims found to be legitimate, either on first instance or appeal. Channel crossings have increased, but only as other routes, including government resettlement ones, have been closed. 3/…
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22 Nov
Victoria Atkins admitting that Afghanistan resettlement scheme no closer to be being set up. So how can the government claim that refugees should take "safe and legal routes", as per the Minister's words, when those routes don't exist.
If I hear Atkins respond to concerns about the number of people who have been abandoned in Afghanistan with the verbal equivalent of a shrug I may just lose it.
"First safe country" everybody drink. Someone really needs to sit @VotePursglove down and explain in very small words how it doesn't exist. Not that he will give a damn
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22 Nov
Patel avoiding answering why the Home Office has failed in its legal responsibilities to ensure child protection by placing unaccompanied children, often without notifying local authorities ahead of time. @Stuart_McDonald doing a good job holding her to account.
We have seen adult and child asylum seekers placed in hotels, despite clear safety concerns as highlighted through multiple reports. Only last week it was revealed that rather than reducing use of hotels the @ukhomeoffice had placed separated children in another one in Brighton
This was done without the prior knowledge of the local authority and in contravention of the Home Secretary @pritipatel's responsibilities under section 55 of the Immigration act and section 20 of the Children's Act, placing these children at increased risk.
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20 Nov
LONG THREAD: I wouldn't normally quote tweet a response mid conversation, but this is quite important. This is a BBC journalist defending a lack of context in a story about asylum seekers, in part because a Home Office Minister has said something might happen. 1/
Now, it's quite possible that when new figures on asylum seekers are released they may show an increase, or at least are on par with pre-pandemic levels, but there is quite a lot of context to look at in regards to that and the current situation with channel crossings. 2/
Many moons, and a number of different roles, ago I was a journalist, a newspaper editor and hosted TV news programmes. I know what it is like to be up against a deadline for a story, but context still remained important. Context is missing from a lot of the current reporting. 3/
Read 21 tweets

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