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We're live 🔴 Our moderator Andrea Éltető is welcoming our participants to "European Solidarity and the #COVIDresponse: Hungary and the Czech Republic"

Follow the highlights along here!

This event is taking place as part of the pan-European book launches of "Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", TEPSA's upcoming book edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe), and @JohannesPollak (@WebsterVienna)

Zdeněk Sychra, András Inotai, Norbert Szijártó, and András Bíró-Nagy are leading experts in European affairs, and contribute to the discussion on the basis of their expertise of the #solidarity situations in 🇭🇺 & 🇨🇿

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2021…
Why Afghan Refugees Aren’t Actually Welcome in California…

#refugees #california #AffordableHousing #consequences
21 Experts on the Future of Expertise: How is expertise being redefined in the modern era?…

#expertise #FutureTrends #consequences
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So much has happened in #Syria in the past week – world leaders must end their silence in the face of terrifying developments and the suffering of civilians across the country. Turning a blind eye to all these atrocities only gives the regime a green light to commit more. THREAD
#Daraa al-Balad has seen its autonomy crushed in the past days following 79 days of siege & heavy attack. Citizens now face additional military checkpoints, house searches & the threat of arrest for expressing opposition to the regime. 38k people remain displaced from their homes
Meanwhile the regime & Russia escalated attacks on NW Syria in the last 24h, striking towns, a camp & medical point killing 5 civilians & injuring 11. Since June over 120 civilians were killed incl. 45 children. #COVID in #Idlib is worsening with a record 1417 new cases on Friday
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Twenty years ago this very week, my family and I were on a small wooden fishing boat in the Indian Ocean, having fled the barbarism of the #Taliban. We were rescued by the Norwegian containership, the MV Tampa, and denied entry to Australia at the point of a gun.
This also set into motion the torturous policy of offshore detention, where thousands of asylum seekers have been sentenced to indefinite imprisonment, for the simple act of wanting dignity and security.
Luckily for my family, good ole NZ came to our rescue and the rest is history. These photos show our dramatic rescue and the events thereafter. I detail our journey in my memoir #AfterTheTampa, out now at all major bookstores across Australia and New Zealand.
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Interesting that having demonised #Refugees for years, the Home Secretary uses them as a photo opp when the tide of public opinion is briefly in their favour.

A bit like the government’s very brief PR interest in the national football team in June.
It’s quite incredible, given all her sanctioning of slum conditions for #refugees, clandestine threat commanders etc. Pure shallow gimmickry. Does she think people won’t notice? #RefugeesWelcome #Afghanishtan #ToryBritain
[Narrator: unless ‘free movement of people’ means a photo opportunity with desperate #Refugees I can temporarily pretend to support because, newspaper coverage]
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I had a Zoom call this morning with my colleagues at @uOttawa who are engaged in Canada’s evacuation of #Afghanistan and resettlement of Afghan #refugees. Spoilers: Canadian policy looks better on paper than it does in practice. A 🧵: 1/18
First, the commitment to resettling 20,000 #Afghan #refugees: it looks nice! But that number is NOT a commitment to evacuating 20,000 Afghan human rights defenders, feminists, and scholars who are directly threatened by the Taliban. 2/18
Almost all of those 20K will be people who meet the legal definition 'refugee', which requires that they be outside their country of citizenship & have a credible fear of persecution. See the @UNHCR definition:… 3/18
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Short thread on politics of representations about #Afghanistan.
It has already begun: Reduction of #Afghan people to vulnerable women, children to be saved by white savior (soldiers), & monster men.
As if there is no kindness in the men & no courage in the women. [1/11]
As if those white saviors [however noble their individual characters and actions] have not commissioned by the same system of pillage and proxy wars that drove Afghanistan to this point. [2/11]
It has already begun, the mention of the trillion dollars of minerals under #Afghanistan's soil that "the world" needs, revealing this "world" to be a consumerist monster whose appetite knows no bounds. [3/11]
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Fact check: Anti-immigrant voices are claiming that welcoming #refugees from #Afghanistan and elsewhere will hurt our economy. They couldn’t be more wrong! 🧵
For years, #refugees have enriched the livelihoods and resilience of host communities, breathing new life to rural communities across America, and making significant economic contributions as entrepreneurs and small-business owners.…
Refugees have high rates of entrepreneurship when compared to U.S. born population and other immigrants. 13% of refugees in the U.S. are entrepreneurs compared to 9% U.S. born population and 11.5% non-refugee immigrants. via @NewAmericanEcon…
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💔🌹"you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well
your neighbors running faster than you
breath bloody in their throats
the boy you went to school with
who kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factory
is holding a gun bigger than his body" - Warsan Shire
"you only leave home
when home won’t let you stay.
no one leaves home unless home chases you
fire under feet
hot blood in your belly
it’s not something you ever thought of doing
until the blade burnt threats into
your neck
and even then you carried the anthem under
your breath.."
"only tearing up your passport in an airport toilet
sobbing as each mouthful of paper
made it clear that you wouldn’t be going back.
you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land
no one burns their palms
under trains.."
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#OTD 1956 – Bertolt Brecht, Aged 58, German poet, playwright, director. (b. 1898)

He moved to US to escape Nazis, wrote one Hollywood screenplay (Fritz Lang, Hangmen Also Die 1943), came under investigation by HUAC, testified, then left for East Germany, before being deported.
#OTD 1956 – Bertolt Brecht, 58, German poet, playwright. (b. 1898)

Life of Galileo * Mother Courage + Her Children * Good Person of Szechwan * Caucasian Chalk Circle * Mr Puntila + his Man Matti * Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

(1929 based John Gay's Beggar's [Threepenny] Opera)
"Brecht’s testimony is legendary. Asked did he write “Forward We’ve Not Forgotten” (from his play Decision), read in English translation, he responds, “No, I wrote a German poem, but that is very different from this thing,” provoking laughter in audience."
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«It’s not enough to honor millions of #refugees with an Olympic team of their own — they need rights, not medals. As long as millions remain displaced, it remains important to build broad and global movements to defend their rights»…
«At the time of the Rio Olympics five years ago, 65 million people were forcibly displaced. This year, that figure has soared to over 82 million. If it were its own country, Refugee Nation would be the 20th most populous country on earth, right between Thailand and Germany»
«Rights guaranteed by the #UniversalDeclarationofHumanRights include “freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State",the right “to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution",and the right to return to their homes when hostilities are over»
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I looked at my computer screen to see who was coming in next:

96 years old, male

He walked in, standing tall & proud

Wearing a three piece, perfectly pressed suit

& a pure white turban

His eyes were tired with cataracts, but they still had a twinkle

He waited for me to offer a chair, before he sat down

He told me about his headaches & his dizziness & medications

& I assessed him & we planned what to do

“Where are you from, betta (daughter)?” he asked

We both had a connection in our roots

& we started conversing in #Punjabi

Sometimes I would get muddled & mix in #Urdu words

& he would chuckle & say, “It’s ok, betta, you speak our language really well”

He had fled with his family during the partition of #India

& so had my grandparents, during that time

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/31/2021…
The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure…

Tags: big oil, advanced recycling, waste crisis, consequences
Three Dimensions of Leadership Agility…

#leadership #analysis
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/29/2021…
What It Looks Like to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways…

#history #TransportationPolicies #consequences #BlackNeighborhoods #mapping
The ‘Weirdest’ Matter, Made of Partial Particles, Defies Description…

#StateOfMatter #HypotheticalParticles #fractons
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While the rest of the island population is closing their shutters during the strong summer heat, tourists arrive on the island and the beaches become more crowded, the ~ 5.000 camp residents of #Moria2 are not allowed to walk outside the camp this Sunday. /1
While many have left the premises to the mainland over the last weeks, the asylum seekers from e.g. #Syria, #Afghanistan & #Somalia in camp there is a strong insecurity of what will happen next, as many face new asylum interviews solely asking about the conditions in #Turkey. /2
Background: On the 7 June, the Greek State designated #Turkey as a “safe 3rd country” for women, man & children of 5 nationalities seeking international protection in #Greece. This decision reinforces the how #EU shift responsibility to protect #refugees to third countries. /3
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It isn't illegal to cross channel or seek asylum. Ironically for @pritipatel it is illegal to penalise asylum seekers for their manner of entry. While studying the Australian system did @ukhomeoffice miss part where some of those policies are illegal? 1/… ImageImage
The reality of @pritipatel's #NewPlanforImmigration is that it will increase the very issues which she claims she wants to solve. It doesn't tackle smugglers or traffickers. Quite the opposite. It creates a never ending supply for them of people with no chance of seeking help. 2/ Image
People aren't crossing the channel for fun. They are doing it because they have no other options left. As recognised in law, safety is fairly subjective and there are very good reasons why asylum, and it is only a small minority nonetheless, may not feel safe in EU countries. 3/
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There are some 26.3 million refugees worldwide today.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, the Lancet journals highlight the health insecurity and inequities refugees face, exacerbated by the #COVID19 pandemic ⬇️

Applications for asylum and resettlement disrupted, blamed for spreading #COVID19, and inequitable #vaccine access.

Under the 1951 Refugee Convention, refugees are entitled to certain protections—our Editorial questions whether these are being upheld.
Failure to address migrant and refugee health as an essential component of health systems leaves everyone at greater risk of severe health, economic and social impacts when the next pandemic strikes.

Read the Commentary in @EClinicalMed: #WorldRefugeeDay
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#Thread |

Since its independence, #India has seen and largely welcomed waves of #Refugees and migrants fleeing persecution and conflict in neigbhouring nations

#WorldRefugeeDay #IndiaNarrative

@RomeshNadir Image
#Theme2021 is 'Together we heal, learn and shine'

From the refugees of #IndoPak partition who were automatically the citizens of newly independent India to recent influx due to #MyanmarCoup, #India has been following this theme since millenia

#IndiaNarrative @ipacglobal @dhume
In 1959, when @DalaiLama along with more than 100,000 followers were forced to flee #Tibet, India opened its doors for Tibetian #Refugees fleeing #ChinesePersecution

#IndiaNarrative #worldrefugeeday2021

@DossierTibet Image
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We have seen the Liberal Govt level of care & support:
#DawnRaid on #Biloela family
#PriyaHandcuffed & kept from her little children in long flights
#Children's hysterical & distraught separation
#Prolonged detention in #Melbourne & #ChristmasIsland
2. Morrison's lack of care cont:
#Priya's deteriorating health
#Mistreatment of #Tharni in Melbourne when whiteboard fell on her in chn playroom.
#Vitamin deficiency causing #Tharni to have a number of teeth removed
#Denial of birthday cake for Tharni
#Ten day wait for medical /3
3. #MedicalTreatment finally resulted in flight to #PerthChildrensHospital to fight two related infections ignored on CI & treated & with panadol
#Liberal & National MP's breaking ranks with #Morrison #Dutton & #KarenAndrews.
Excuse us in believing your understanding of /4
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Important read from Lucy Papachristou @lucypapa96 on the experience of separated families at the HR-BiH border.…
Over the past months, refugee families trapped outside the EU in northwestern #Bosnia have begun trying a new “game”, the "stay game". An attempt by some husbands to join again their wives and children, as legal as possible.
“The fact that these men are denied the right to seek asylum and instead expelled from the country is a breach of international law in its own right”, says Lisa Koerber @eine_Lisa_ , head of the border violence monitoring programme at @NoNameKitchen1
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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

Learn more click link…
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today an #immigration judge told our @BU_Law clinic students, "you’ve done a tremendous job - this family is very lucky to have been represented by you & to have such detailed & excellent representation." then she granted our client #asylum from two different countries. thread 1/
our client & two generations of her family (all of whom were also granted #asylum today) fled horrific violence in the northern triangle - including childhood abuse, trafficking, gang violence & domestic violence. much of it inflicted by our gov't:… 2/
despite the compelling circumstances, this family still needed 400 pgs of evidence, traumatizing forensic/psych evaluations & had to prove they are "credible." this required incredibly dedicated @BU_Law clinic students, working long hours on the factual & legal components 3/
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