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⚡️While conducting its genocidal war, #Russia has been spreading its poison online to try undermine support for #Ukraine & Ukrainian #refugees.

⚡️@Meta just shut down another major malign Russian #propaganda op. Notably, it wasn’t effective. Details👇
@Meta 🧵On foiled Russian op targeting Europeans around Russia’s war in Ukraine & the US ahead of the midterms:

In Europe, Russia mostly targeted Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, UK w/ anti-Ukraine narratives via a sprawling network of 60+ websites impersonating legitimate news orgs.
@Meta #Russia's op began in May. Over 60+ websites IMPERSONATING legitimate news outlets—incl Spiegel, The Guardian, Bild—Russians posted original articles criticizing #Ukraine & Ukrainian refugees, supporting Russia, and arguing Western sanctions on Russia would backfire. per @Meta Image
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Russia’s system of #disinformation, aided by the regime in #Minsk, continues its operation against Poland set in the context of the war in Ukraine. It aims to undermine PL-UA relations, manipulate the picture of NATO-Russia relations and threaten the West. A sample of narratives: Image
- there are Polish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine against #Russia
- providing for #refugees from #Ukraine is costly and takes a toll on Poles
- crime rate has been on the rise in PL since the arrival of Ukrainians
- Ukrainians show no gratitude for the help received from Poles
- Ukraine embezzles the arms supplied to it by the West

- Ukrainian soldiers commit crimes against civilians

- It’s #NATO, not Ukraine, that has conducted a counter-offensive
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He tweeted closed to comments because he lied... Pathetic Turk enemies...

Regardless, propaganda should not be interrupted...🤦‍♂️🇬🇷

Dictator? Let's see. Let's examine the "unique" democracy demonstrations of the #Greek regime...

Let's see who is the dictator? #Greece
Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beuchel, who criticized Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis when she made a statement about immigrants in #Greece, announced that she had decided to leave #Greece. In her statement,
Beuchel stated that she was attacked with a stone on her head and said, "I am returning to the Netherlands, I was advised to leave #Greece as soon as possible, they started a witch hunt on my name." Image
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Germany’s strategic blunders in its relationship with #Russia are currently hurting all of Europe. We take a look at the parallel relationship between #Germany and #Turkey and the real risks this poses for the West. A thread by #theHELC #NoSubsForTurkey 1/17 Image
The German / Turkish relationship dates from before #WWI, when the #YoungTurks turned to Germany as the most plausible international ally for their decomposing Empire. A secret treaty between the two powers was concluded on August 2, 1914 2/17
The German #Kaiser #WilhelmII visited the #OttomanEmpire three times in total, pledging to the Sultan and the '300 million Mohammedans scattered over the globe and revering in him their caliph, that the German Emperor will be and remain at all times their friend' 3/17 Image
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Kicking off the 3rd @CReAM_Research & @RWI_Leibniz_en Workshop on the Economics of Migration, organized by @j_bredtmann and @s_otten21, that is taking place today and tomorrow in Essen 🇩🇪!

Here is a 🧵 with all presentations:

#CReAM_RWI_22 #econtwitter
Can #immigration strengthen the monopsony power of firms? Yes, if immigrants have low reservation wages. We are thrilled to begin #Cream_RWI_22 with Jan Stuhler's @EconomicsUc3m talk on 1990s #immigration shocks in🇩🇪 and #monopsony relying on admin data #Cream_RWI_22 #econtwitter
@CVar_Sil is discussing the results of an experiment to assess Colombian's policy preferences to the inflow of 🇻🇪#migrants. They find that natives that view the crisis as an economic issue are more likely to support health access restrictive policies #Cream_RWI_22 #econtwitter
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@jimboy__ Oh #FFS

You just recite "liberal" talking points or regurgitate "liberal" NON-evidence

"Fact-check" FFS

Usually they just give facts & "decison" on truthfulness

But if you read through the body of the "fact-check" you'll usually find they often actually prove THEMSELVES wrong
@jimboy__ Worse when "Fact-checkers" can't even BS a "fact check" they do a narrative article like this trying to convnce you of the claim

But even this narrative PROVES the OPPOSITE of what they claim

Oh & judges' decision was even based on EU legal construction not Common Law practice!
@jimboy__ Along with all the other gaps in your education you seem to have absolutely NO idea how the English legal system works

It is an adversarial system with a presumption of innocence

You have two lawyers arguing their sides case to the best of their ability

But in these Woke...
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Außenministerin #Baerbock besuchte gestern #Marokko:

Energie, #Russland, Refugees, Heuchelei & Verrat an der #Westsahara.

Ein 🤏🧵

1/9 Image
Der Besuch von #Baerbock bei ihrem 🇲🇦 Amtskollegen Nasser Bourita war ein Neuanfang der Beziehungen, die 1,5 Jahre auf Eis lagen. Grund für die Eiszeit war ein Streit über den Status der illegal von #Marokko besetzten #Westsahara.

2/9 Image
Ausgelöst wurde der Streit durch #Trump, der 2020 als Teil der israelisch-arabischen Normalisierungen (Abraham Accords) als Gegenleistung für die Aufnahme von diplomatischen Beziehungen mit #Israel Marokkos illegale Besatzung der #Westsahara anerkannte.

3/9 Image
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🇺🇦 #Ukraine marks its independence from Soviet rule on Wednesday, as well as the six-month anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Since February 24, 2022, the fighting has barely let up.

@smougin has the latest updates on the conflict ⤵️
@smougin 🇺🇦 Authorities in #Ukraine have banned celebrations for Independence Day out of fears that they could be easy targets.

Speaking earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky remained defiant.

"We only care about our land, we will fight for it until the end" ⤵️
@smougin 🇺🇦 Ukrainian authorities have warned that #Russian forces may choose Independence Day to attack.

An unusual calm has envelopped the country as many wonder what might happen, explains @JamesAndreF24, reporting from #Kyiv ⤵️
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A Chinese woman asked me in Twitter tonight: is it safe for Ukrainian #refugees to come back to #Ukraine now?🧵1/4
Well, what can I say? The war rages on. This photo is taken in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, which is being shelled every single day (and even while I am writing this). 2/4
#Russian missiles target all #Ukrainian cities, even those that are hundreds of miles away from the frontlines. You never know where & when the next missile will hit. 3/4
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1️⃣ I go against most analyst concerning the interpretation of the latest statements from #Turkish officials on the #Syria|n issue. Here are some of the points:

➡️ I don't believe these statements are directed towards #Assad regime rather than #Russia

➡️ #Moscow can block/ hinder #Tukiye's anticipated military op. #Putin pressured #Turkiye to contact #Assad to resolve the issue in the North

➡️ Türkiye is showing #Russia that it is trying but Assad is not committed to resolve any of the serious issues in #Syria

➡️ #Turkiye wil tell #Russia later: either you pressure #Assad or we launch op

➡️ 🇹🇷's communication w Assad Intel ws a result of pressure from Russia. It didn't prevent 🇹🇷 though from launching military ops or targeting regime. It ws designed 2 withdraw any objection frm 🇷🇺
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(1/4) As we mark the one-year anniversary of the #Taliban takeover of #Afghanistan, the need for #SafeMigration routes for all is clear and urgent.

(2/4) Thousands have fled the country but instead of finding safety, many have faced the reality of navigating hostile #Immigration policies that leave them vulnerable to #Trafficking and #Exploitation.
(3/4) Afghans continue to struggle to seek #Asylum in the U.K., many are forced to make dangerous crossings in small boats, and the U.K.’s interior ministry is now seeking to stop housing Afghan #Refugees in hotels.
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#BREAKING: Up to 50 people are missing after a boat carrying over 80 migrants sank off the Greek island of Karpathos in the Aegean Sea, a coastguard official told @AFP

#BreakingNews #Refugees #Greece #Turkey…
Meanwhile, there are reports that a group of migrants are again stuck in an islet in river Evros very close to the Greek boarder

A week ago, @Amnesty issued an urgent action re 50 people seeking safety, having rptdly been pushed back to Turkey from Evros👉…
A five-year-old Syrian girl has rptdly died on a Greek islet on the Evros River

Her parents have submerged the girl’s body in river water in an attempt to keep it cool, as authorities try to locate them

A 9-year-old has rptdly been stung by a scorpion…
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1. Thread: Astonishing circular issued by Cox’s Bazar District Judge, Mohammed Ismail, re #Rohingya refugees. Circular criminalises entire #refugee population & effectively urges against bail. Changes are specific for Rohingyas alone.…
2. District Judge Mohammed Ismail accuses #Rohingya in the camps of “indulging in various heinous crimes including drug trade, murder, disappearance, rape, human trafficking, robbery, kidnapping.”
3. Circular states that common people around the camps live a “life of fear” and that “law and order forces are struggling to maintain law and order or suppress crime in the #Rohingya camps.”
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RUS #propaganda machine continues to spread false claims that smear Poland & other allies of #Ukraine, pit Poles and Ukrainians against each other, question the statehood of #UA and mock its army, denigrate the West. Below are examples of the recently reported Russian narratives:
- Poland is a US’s tool to spark unrest in #Europe

- #PL instigates the West to wage a war against Russia & #Belarus

- PL’s territorial claims in #UA span from #Lviv to #Kharkiv

- Poles have had it with the #refugees from #UA

- Ukrainians are coming to #PL only for allowances
- Ukraine is fabricating its cultural legacy

- there’s no such thing as Ukrainian statehood

- ordinary Ukrainians are waiting to be liberated by Russia

- the #UA troops are burning down cropland to cause famine

- weapons supplied to UA are being sold on the black market
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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About #MoFarah and the pearls that are being clutched in the UK white population…

There have been interesting reactions - a lot of liberals truly “wow’d” by Mo’s experiences… and #Dailymail readers 👨‍🏫 giving it a mix of responses

To BLACK AFRICANS, Mo’s story is quite common
2/ Any white person who feels that it’s a “clutch my pearls, OMG moment” - it shows that you simply have no comprehension about the journey #Refugees have to endure to reach safety!
When you’re a escaping WARS, political persecution - you tend to flee without legal documents 🧵
3/For those who are genuinely “shocked” to hear #MoFarah story - and feel that you genuinely care about Mo and his lived experiences — perhaps then now- more than ever it is time you engaged with charities such as #RedCross to understand how common Mo’s story is!
Educate yaself🤷🏾‍♂️
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New survey by @EwlGroup & partners about #Ukrainian #refugees in #Czechia, #Poland and #Romania highlights some interesting similarities and differences in demographic profile, intentions and integration. 🧵 1/…
Survey #demographics confirm what we know: refugees are overwhelmingly (>90%) #female, and half or more are at least 36 years old. Most (60%) have arrived with #children under the age of 18; yet also have members of immediate #family back home. 2/
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis #gender Image
The three largest #concerns among Ukrainian refugees included "difficulty finding #employment" (25-50%), "concern for relatives staying in Ukraine" (31-40%) and "poor knowledge of the #language" (30-38%). 3/10
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis Image
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Thread: Appearances with right-wing populists and on TV: ex-#Frontex head Fabrice #Leggeri is causing trouble in the EU border protection agency. He even sneaked back into his old office for a video conference. Frontex threatens ex-director Leggeri with legal consequences. 1/x Image
2/x Actually, #Frontex thought it was rid of Fabrice Leggeri. At the end of April, the Frenchman was pressured to resign from his post as head of Frontex because he had covered up the #Greek refugee #pushbacks in the #Aegean.
3/x His contract was terminated and he was to vacate the office at the agency's headquarters in #Warsaw. But Fabrice Leggeri apparently can't quite let go. While the leadership of the #EU border management agency met last week in #Paris for a supervisory board meeting,
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I assigned films in my Migration in the Middle East class this semester. Here are some favorites in no particular order.👇👇👇
#migration #MiddleEast #refugees #migrants #twitterstorians Street scene; man in a white suit and hat, a child, a clarin
Turtles Can Fly (Bahman Ghobadi, 2004) Turtles can Fly film poster; girl carrying a toddler on her
My Grandfather’s People (Çağan Irmak, 2011)
#mübadele film poster
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Mr Justice Swift's judgement in which he gives his personal/official approval to sending vulnerable people fleeing for their lives to a nation as far as can be from their families, friends, connections, cultures, possibilities of medical, psychological, social support
all of which they desperately need, means, that the British government has, provided it is in total control of it, legitimised people-trafficking,
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You can make a difference. Here's five practical ways you can help #refugees and people seeking asylum - which will you pick?

Sign up to #MilesForRefugees and walk, run or cycle to raise money for anyone forced to flee their home:… | #EveryRefugeeMatters
Sign up to #MilesForRefugees this June!

Run, walk, cycle whilst raising money for our vital #refugee services.

Listen, learn, and amplify.

You can do this by hearing people's first-hand stories in the We are VOICES #podcast! @VOICESNetworkUK

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The DiCE Townhall is about to start! We've teamed up with @tepsaeu and @FIIA_fi to discuss the implications of the #WarinUkraine for #Migration in the EU🇪🇺

Learn more about the event👉…

Follow along with our Twitter highlights 👇

.@HeinikoskiSaila from @FIIA_fi is setting the scene at the start of this #townhall on #DifferentiatedIntegration in the wake of Russia's invasion of #Ukraine: the war has already resulted in a flow of refugees into the EU27 and DI could be a valuable tool in Europe's response
The Director-General of the Migration Department in the 🇫🇮 Ministry of the Interior @HulkMi is setting out the Commission's position on #migration and #asylum system in the wake of #Ukraine: "mandatory migration quotas are not politically possible, #solidarity is the answer"

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#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

Man killed in Warsaw, Poland, because he stood up for the girl they were molesting.
ALSO, why those young men are not SERVING in the Ukrainian front?

#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

EAST-Ukrainian man stabbed by a WEST-Ukrainian man after bizarre translation test at Brooklyn bar.

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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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