Everyone keeps talking about how the Get Back footage shows a happier Beatles, more like brothers. But the clip I just saw was BRUTAL.

George, clearly anxious and nervous, asks the rest if they would like to hear the new song he just ‘wrote last night.’

The song is ‘I ME MINE’ which, while perhaps not amazing in the big picture, still turned out to be a banger and an album highlight.

But he’s nervous, his voice on it is thin, the odd rhythm changes are a little tentative because he just wrote it…

Only Paul seems to really be paying attention.

John is an absolute douche about it, making jokes about dancing girls and barrel organs.

Then he says this thing, that is just so pointlessly cruel…

“George, have you any idea what we play?”

George says, “I don’t care if you don’t want it, I don’t give a fuck.”

Can you imagine, you are in a band with two of the most celebrated writers in history, and you are struggling to get your new material heard, and you have to deal with that guy?


Not to mention…this coming from the guy who wrote Goodnight, Dig It, I Dig a Pony and so many other not-exactly-brilliant songs.

Yikes. I can’t wait to see this but it’s not all hugs and smiles for sure.
Okay, watching the show, later John says to George that he likes the song.

So not as bad.

They seem like four guys carrying the weight of the world (npi).

• • •

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19 Nov
We are at a restaurant next to a couple going out on their first date and good LORD the guy is blowing it so BAD.
He is German and he asked what she did and she must have a great job, and he WILL not stop asking about, and talking about money, non-stop.
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3 Nov
I have a theory about the taste for horror films in America, specifically.

It's not all-inclusive, there are exceptions all over the place, but I find it interesting and it seems to be more telling every year.

Wanna hear it?

Tough, we're doing this anyway.

Here is my theory.

Our taste for horror, the really successful films, seems to run towards a very specific track that has trended very steadily for almost NINETY YEARS now.

In one direction. Along one prominent factor.

To arrive where we are now.

What is that factor?

Economics. Not of the film-making, but of the actual characters and plots.

Follow with me, and you WILL think of exceptions. But overall picture, I think it's compelling.

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27 Oct
Name a moment where Wonder Woman was awesome for you. It can be a cosplay, comic, movie or tv scene, mercy, whatever.

Just Wonder Woman being a wonder.

Please use hashtag

I have to say, I pretty much think any time @NicolaScottArt draws Wonder Woman, it’s going to be a classic.

And I this may be a bit gauche but here are some of my favorite Wonder Woman moments I have written…

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23 Oct
Here is a thing about Dune.

It was inspired by a visit Frank Herbert made to my tiny little home town on the Oregon Coast. Not NEAR my hometown, my tiny hometown specially, which has some of the tallest sand dunes in the world.

Frank Herbert’s daughter lives here currently, and kindly donated her father’s research materials to our relatively small, but still awesome public library, the Siuslaw Public Library, where it’s currently on display.

One of the reasons I love it here is the bizarre strata of natural landscapes..

It goes immediately from the ocean, with volcanic rock formations, to the tallest sand dunes in the world, then forests and lakes, all within just a couple miles, a bit further and it’s mountains.
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9 Oct
Okay, here is a little thread about something that absolutely made my brain explode yesterday. I had never even put it together, somehow. But a tiny jump down a rabbit hole explained a HUGE part of my life in comics.

Wanna hear? It's weird.

I have talked about growing up on a remote farm in the boonies quite a lot. There were mostly farmers, fishermen, and loggers where I lived, very tough, strong guys. Mostly very nice guys, too!

But we didn't get a lot of tv reception, so access to movies was limited.

I can't remember the exact circumstances, but the only movie theater in our tiny town showed older movies on the weekends as matinees. They had a double feature of Doc Savage and The Man With the Golden Gun. I was just a kid, can't remember how old, but really young.

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8 Oct
We were taking a cab in Belfast, and the driver said that be careful when we got out, because there would be shoes on the sidewalk and tourists trip on them in the dark.

We thought he was taking the piss…why are there shoes on the sidewalk?

And he said, it was Saturday night, and the girls would go out drinking in high heels, realize they could no longer walk in them, take them off, forget they are carrying them, and leave them on the street.

This sounded like horseshit, so we scoffed a bit.

He said, no, it’s true, and sometimes girls who could not afford nice shoes would go along the streets where the clubs and pubs were and just grab up the orphaned shoes…weirdest of all, they would often find just one shoe of a pair, and would frantically look for the mate…

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