There is no IFs & BUTs! Eleni (PhD) crossed a red line & there is no coming back from it. A lot can be said about her ‘explanation’ (sorry a blanket denial) to what she stated about #Ethiopia with a video evidence caught redhanded, but will focus of few key points — #NoMore (1/4)
HER WORDS IN THE VIDEO: “what is the extent of the post-transition marshal plan required to bring Ethio back to even where it was 3 years ago?”

HER DENIAL STATEMENT: “I don’t endorse the est. of a transitional gov, I asked…a hypothetical post-conflict situation.” #NoMore (2/4)
HER WORDS IN THE VIDEO: “Frightening how quickly the 'unitarist' persp. took on hold. We’ve to do smth about it.”

HER DENIAL STATEMENT: “Condemn any illicit actions that undermine the sovereign elected gov of Ethio & don’t support an unconstitutional change of gov” #NoMore (3/4)
We watched what Eleni said with our own bare eyes & her denial is gaslighting & also insulting the public’s intelligence! A remorse/apology would’ve given her the benefit of the doubt, even in the slightest form, but her denial shows what she said wasn’t a mistake! #NoMore (4/4)
Bonus :)

HER WORDS IN THE VIDEO:“It’s an honor to hear from Amb Berhane for whom I’ve deep respect & to encourage him in what he’s doing [overthrowing a gov]”

HER DENIAL STATEMENT:“Want to make it clear that I don’t endorse the views presented at the mtg nor support any agenda”

• • •

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20 Nov 19
(1/7) I took this picture last week when I was in #Addis. As a person who was born & grew up there, it brought a lot of childhood memories. Played soccer with friends, ran in the morning & rode a bike. The several festivities I attended there is a memory that'll stay with me.
(2/7)Saddens me to see how this landmark isn't maintained well. The mud steps,lack of green space, trees,fountains & lighting makes it substandard for a city square. Had a chance to see many squares in cities around the world & I always desire to see Meskel Sq. with a better look
(3/7) Was thinking about we the people doing a face-lift if getting permission from the respective officials. We can make Meskel Sq. look beautiful by replacing the mud steps with stone (a standard used in city squares), build a fountain, create a green space & stand lighting.
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