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1/ The #Ethiopia/n government has informed the diplomatic community in the country on the “measures taken by the Government on human rights violations related to the conflict in the northern part of the country.”
#Tigray #warcrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #genocide
2/ One may argue however that it seems evident that PM #AbiyAhmed, #PP government, and #ENDF military leadership in #Ethiopia are ultimately politically and juridically responsible for the #warcrimes, #crimesagainsthumanity, and possibly #genocide for their war in and on #Tigray.
3/ ICRC in #internationalhumanitarianlaw commentary: “Commanders & other superiors are criminally responsible for war crimes committed by their subordinates if they knew, or had reason to know, that the subordinates were about to commit or were committing such crimes... (cont.)
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#COVID_SSA Update #Ethiopia - 13 weeks into their 2nd wave. 7,107 new cases last week, one-third⬇️on week 60. So it could be peaking🙏but caution indicated THREAD 1/8 @EPHIEthiopia @abebawfekadu @EthiopianNomad Image
Caution 1 - cases are falling in Ethiopia, but so are the number of tests performed. The test +ve proportion (>20%) remains much too high overall 2/8 Image
Caution 2 - regional data issued by @EPHIEthiopia (latest to 18/4/21) indicates that while incidence *may* have peaked in #Addis it is rising in most other regions (having taken off later) 3/8 Image
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THREAD on #Ethiopia & region IV: #Eritrea withdraws from #Tigray, further instability looms

After repeated anecdotal information that Eritrean soldiers who took part in #EthiopianCivilWar had returned home, there are credible indicators Asmara may have pulled out its forces.
We won’t know that if these withdrawals apply to all Eritrean mechanized, infantry & specialized units & advisors until there is adequate opening up of Tigray; & that is unlikely to happen until Eritrean presence ends or kis reduced to imperceptible/deniable levels.
Not clear if withdrawal means #Eritrean & #Ethiopian leaders r satisfied with #TPLF's ‘liquidation’ or if Asmara is cutting losses to preserve gains. Pr. Isaias could be recalling troops to secure home front from internal challenge, threats TPLF still poses, & destabilization.
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#Afroptimistic Sunday: (T)Horn of #Africa Edition

Looking at the #Ethiopia|n War in Tigray & the ensuing carnage--death, dismemberment, displacement--& #Eritrea|s "self-defense" foray, there is not much to be optimistic about, but there could be if we act as Citizens of the Horn
The Horn of #Africa has no citizens, just subjects.

Citizens are free and, collectively, own sovereignty. They hire and fire their leaders.

Subjects are powerless, looking up to The Sovereign, who demands total obedience. Dissent results in disappearance, death, exile.
While this is true of all the nations in the Horn of Africa, this thread is about #Ethiopia and #Eritrea, who have not been able to extricate themselves from wars (declared and undeclared) since at least 1961. It's from the perspective of a member of the #Eritrean opposition....
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The War That Should Never Have Been Fought

I need to get these thoughts off my chest. We now find ourselves in a war that should have never happened. War is ugly. War puts innocent people in danger. War is distractive. Most people know that.
Nobody needs to be lectured on how bad war is, particularly Ethiopians. You know who said no to war? Kinijit/CUD and Hibret/UEDF in 2005 when facing #TPLF-led EPRDF for an election.
You know who said no to war? Peaceful protesters who were met by live bullets on their heads and backs, in the aftermath of the bloody 2005 elections, which TPLF-led EPRDF rigged. You know who said no to war?
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(1/7) I took this picture last week when I was in #Addis. As a person who was born & grew up there, it brought a lot of childhood memories. Played soccer with friends, ran in the morning & rode a bike. The several festivities I attended there is a memory that'll stay with me.
(2/7)Saddens me to see how this landmark isn't maintained well. The mud steps,lack of green space, trees,fountains & lighting makes it substandard for a city square. Had a chance to see many squares in cities around the world & I always desire to see Meskel Sq. with a better look
(3/7) Was thinking about we the people doing a face-lift if getting permission from the respective officials. We can make Meskel Sq. look beautiful by replacing the mud steps with stone (a standard used in city squares), build a fountain, create a green space & stand lighting.
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#Ethiopia: As per @fanatelevision, Takele Uma, Mayor of #AddisAbaba city, "today visited condo dwellers at #KoyeFeche site", in the southern outskirt of Addis, off #Addis-#Adama expressway. "The residents have complained about lack of infrastructure, such as water & electricity."
#ContextMatters: As early as 2012, AS asked if condominiums in #AddisAbeba were becoming "Slums in the making"… "existing problem of infrastructure in some sites such as Jemo, the biggest condominium site hosting 10, 000 houses, is not an end in itself"
"So far, the issue of lack, or in some cases absence, of a functioning infrastructure has been widely discussed as a national agenda. In the past the gov has admitted, more than once,that a few essential things have gone terribly wrong while planning for the massive construction"
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