1. #BarkhaDutt was not in Mumbai on 26/11 evening when the attacks started.. nobody really knew what was happening... everybody in authority was groping... The CM, HM, Police chief too didnt know what was going on... @Bdutt rushed to Mumbai on 26/11..
2. @Bdutt reached the Taj zone on 27/11 & immdtly started her pathetic histrionics & "Shoddy journalism".. she was foolishly talking to victims families asking them where their near ones were hiding.. Chaitanya Kunte described it as "more goats to slay"
3. Late evening on 26/11... Hemant Karkare & co rushed to Taj area.. they didnt know what was going on.. He was fully on to the camera.. donning his vest and gear for the camera.. an hour later he & his team was gunned down.. died without firing a bullet..
4. Nalayak Arnab @Republic who was then with @Timesnow was ranting and raving as if he would go out kill all the terrorists.. he was shouting "WE WILL NEVER FORGET"...In a few months TOI was doing the "Aman ki Asha" nonsense with Pak outlets... Such are the hypocrites of media..
5. The long & short of GOI .. NOT ONE TERRORIST was killed in any retaliatory action... Even after @narendramodi took over ... Pak Envoy was holding lunches for haramkhors of India...What kind of country tolerates killing of 160 in 4-5 places in ORGANISED terrorism? ONLY INDIA..
6. Every govt shamelessly mollycoddles Pak just for Muslim votes .. @NarendraModi went one step worse than stupid Congress.. He invited the ISI to Pathankot.. India should not have any relations with Pak.. but GOI needs balls from Israel.. No PM cries for 26/11 victims.. END!
Correction... In the tweet above... Please read the last line as "@Bdutt rushed to Mumbai on 27/11"....
PS: I watched 26/11 continuously from the start till end.. On 27/11 evening.. I repeatedly called @NDTV office to complain about the nonsense of @Bdutt.. Nobody answered.. That was one among some of the key reasons I started writing about the criminals in media..
Hemant Karkare was killed .. thats all.. there was nothing he actually did during 26/11... someone must have tipped off the terrorists at the hospital or someone else just bumped him off.. That mystery has never been solved... on who really killed Karkare & co..
That is correct... Barkha was NOT in Mumbai on 26/11... She rushed to Mumbai on 27/11 afternoon... I have the memory of an elephant and dont forget things... Maybe she deliberately stayed back in Delhi.. to ward off any suspicion...

• • •

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27 Nov
The Kashi Kaand – Kashi is not a barren desert. Its the living proof of Hindu civilization.. @NarendraModi's passion for beautification comes by destroying Hindu temples & heritage.. It matches the brutality of Aurangzeb. Nobody wanted Las Vegas in Kashi.. mediacrooks.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-ka…
LOL! Lord Vezooo has gifted all the brains to Modi and to doderlings like you... we are just writing stuff from thin air.. STFU you dodo.. Sell your stupid peanuts elsewhere...
Foolish statement... Nowhere does anyone say dont clean up or dont beautify... That can be done without wanton destruction too.. Are you assuming we are bigger mortals who love filth and garbage?..
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Thats because India had the highest number of typists when the Constitution was being copied from many countries... Each typist was assigned to copy from one country... Ambedkar used 13000 Fevisticks to stick all the pages together..
At over 1 lakh words.. the Constitution is the equivalent of SIX paperback books of around 200 pages each.. LOL!
I wanted to download the Instruction Manual to a Canon DSLR camera and print it... When I downloaded the PDF... that itself was 324 pages... Hahhaaa.. Who the hell will read a manual of 324 pages.. I decided to browse only a few pages.. @sri9011
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An "Eco system" is created over a long period by political powers... Unfortunately... Modi too is a Commie & therefore subscribes to the eco system of Commies... he regretted not winning over Lutyens.. So this Commie eco system survives by DEFAULT...
Read tweet above.. Eco systems survive because those in power feed and nurture it... Modi, BJP and RSS talk more like Congress eco system (that of Commies).. Thats why you dont have another eco system.. cuz BJP is a Commie pig too.. Padma for Johar? LOL!
The Congress rewarded their coolies like Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar, Teesta, Teesta's grandma with Padma for services rendered... Which decent journos from the opposing camp were given Padma?... @kanimozhi Barkha was waltzing army, navy, airforce even after Modi became PM.. LOL!
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Dear Ancient Mariners at @Republic.. Please explain to your cosmic anchors that in INS Vela... its NOT "Velas"as in Kelas... LOL! That "Vela" has another meaning... Its pronounced "Veela" (as in Neela)... Allegedly English educated journos..
1/2.. Heres some #Trivia.. I had heard of the "Vela" constellation long back.. but its not something you discuss anywhere so never bothered how its pronounced... I first heard it being pronounced in the 1995 song by Enya "Anywhere Is"...
2/2... Enya songs are a must for children learning to speak English.. Songs are essential tools for "Spoken language skills"...and Irish singer Enya offers a great collection to practice.. "Anywhere is" is one of the best there is...
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Why do Hindus invite Christlamists to any Puja.. and then whine about them not accepting Prasad?.. Why should they?...
Hindus are mass doderlings who even like using Chislamic terms as regular expressions... You will NEVER find me saying "OMG" or "Hai Allah" to express anything.. Many Hindus find it fashionable.. @db_is_db ...
Why should the idiot take it to office in the first place?... Office is not a place to distribute prasad... Limit this to your known Hindu friends and families.. Only morons offer prasad to Chrislamists.. I wouldnt even give my thook as prasad to them..
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23 Nov
1. Dont go by what the media dodos tell you about BCCI and Halal meat and such crap... These LIARS will make it all about "Halal meat" and completely overlook the backstory of such crimes... It starts with @NarendraModi and none else..
2. During the 90s or so.. The UAE.. esp Sharjah was famous for cricket matches which became the driving force for gambling, betting and "Cricket crimes" & harboring criminals like Dawood.. It reached a point where AB Vajpayee Cricket in UAE by BCCI..
3. The Sharjah nonsense was a heady mix of "Anti-nationals, Dawood gangs, Bollywood, Cricket criminals"... all of turned bigger and bigger till Azharuddin paid a price... It was good that the UAE masala cricket was ended by ABV..
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