73.01/ Week seventy-three, Dec. 4-10, 2021, thread here. #ShavuaTov #ChodeshTov #ChanukahSameach

Week 72 below.
73.02/ Find someone who loves you as much as a self-appointed gabbai loves banging on the bimah before shemona esrei to remind us to remember Al-Hanissim (or yell out "Asher Yatzarta!" at mussaf)
73.03/ I must have spent half of my waking hours over Shabbas in shul or benching. And as a synagogue enthusiast, I like the rarity of needing 3 sifrei Torah, but holy schnitzel it takes a long time.
73.04/ Short Shabbatot lead to long Saturday nights which have become movie nights. First one was The Maltese Falcon, last week was Raiders of the Lost Ark, and tonight is Singing in the Rain.
73.05a/ There are two official #Hanukkah songs in my house. The first is "[I'm Spending] Hanukkah In Santa Monica" by the incomparable Tom Lehrer. Anyone who can find a plausible rhyme for "Shavuos" is a genius. Enjoy it immediately... that's immediate L-Y.
73.05b/ The other #Hanukkah song, as I've mentioned over the past few years, is "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard. The title is a homophone for the standard translation of "Ma'oz Tzur" and I mixed the songs up back in 7th grade. Hijinks ensued.
73.06/ Got my #COVIDBooster! Woop-woop! Now I get an easy excuse to get out of everything for the next few days! "Sorry, can't do it, booster." Thank God for the miracle vaccine, and for my rare opportunity to have access.
73.07/ #Steelers win! For a team that has the Immaculate Reception we now a full on #Hanukkah Miracle Win. I'm exhausted, and I don't think it's because of my #COVIDBooster shot :)

73.08/ In addition to attacking women for many years, evidently Steinhardt has been stealing artifacts. Including this "death mask" which is a euphemism for basically a smiley face. A spooooky smiley face.

timesofisrael.com/avoiding-prose… This is the "death mas...
73.09/ It was no surprise to me that Aaron Rodgers was an anti-vaxxer because anybody so daft to not just hawk B*tcoin but accept his OWN salary in the money-laundering Ponzi scam-garbage will fall for every self-destructive nonsense imaginable. Screenshot of a tweet: &quo...
73.11/ Very much agree. It's actually a useful litmus test of any group: do they use children as props/pawns. If so, then they are immoral.

73.12/ I've noticed broadly that there are two types of people who fight for minority rights (1) those who want to eliminate the concept of structural advantages/disadvantages, (2) those who want to keep that system and just substitute their identity group at the top.
73.13/ Equality is the root of all ethics, I've come to believe. See this clip that came rolling across my feed from the holy Sesame Street, and I had them add captions to this very powerful, and necessary, message.

73.14/ I know I shouldn't take it personally but the #Steelers are definitely trying to kill me. Go down 29-0 in 3rd quarter. Score 20, give up another TD, score again, get ball back on our 4 with 2:16 left, no time outs and almost manage the greatest comeback in NFL history.
73.14b/ As it is, after coming within a few seconds of pulling out an upset, there was no way I could fall asleep. Was up for hours, just keyed up and that's why I think it's malice not incompetence. I was hoping for a #HereWeGo win & 2+ TJ sacks. What they do to me instead:
73.15/ Being Shomer Shabbas means knowing that the shortest day of the year isn't the winter solstice but the day when sunset is the earliest.

Just like Shomer Kashrus means you're constantly judging food whether it's "worth" being fleishix or "worth" washing/benching over.
73.16/ This is good research and information re: comparing the price of guns vs. cookware. It's useful for the good guys & that's important. The KH critics won't care, of course, because they fundamentally don't recognize her equality/validity as a person.
73.17/ I'm imposing a #Vayigash tax: for each Dvar Torah you write about the wagons you need to craft two about Serach bat Asher. You heard me: two.
73.18/ So many unrestrained anxious people in my feed screaming that Biden isn't doing anything & I totally get the pain but I'll repeat: there's no basis for the accusation b/c as we see below the DOJ moves quietly. I hate it too, but know your limits!
73.18b/ One source for the anxiety is comparing similar feelings we get from the current DOJ with TFG's. But IMO it's likely that Rosenstein purposefully sabotaged the investigations & hamstrung Mueller; add onto that the fascist & corrupt Barr and we get a false-positive deja-vu
73.19/ Have a fun early Shabbat everyone. Get boosted if you can, and please stay safe. #ShabbatShalom

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28 Nov
72.01/ Week seventy-two, Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 71 below.
72.02/ Schoolhouse Rock is on Disney+! I couldn't resist going through all the grammar episodes the instant I found out.

72.03/ Re: the embarrassing #Steelers loss and the state/fate of the team going forward; this thread is pretty much on the money. This is one year in the midst of a rebuild. (I'd like to see the DC go too, though. He's coasted on talent too long)
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71.01/ Week seventy-one, Nov. 20-26, 2021, thread begins here.

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71.02/ Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz @Doc_RPS is speaking in my community tonight! Very much looking forward
71.02b/ Dr. @Doc_RPS Press Schwartz's talk was excellent and we had a pretty good crowd for a Saturday (night). We all learned quite a lot and I'm proud to have had my children there to listen and absorb. The Q&A was pretty raucous though, but nothing she couldn't handle.
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14 Nov
70.01/ Week seventy, Nov. 13-19, 2021 thread begins here.

Week 69 below.
70.02/ So many self-appointed smart guys told me that Garland was doing nothing. They were wrong & caused panic because they are impatient Dunning-Kruger cynics seized by the #Literalist fallacy that if they didn't see DOJ's work, it didn't exist.
70.03/ I’m just one man, but if the supply chain problems are caused by not enough little packets of soy sauce/spicy mustard/duck sauce then I can help out immediately.

I’m also willing to propose they be functionally considered currency instead of bitcryptocoins.
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11 Nov
1/ Some #Vayeitzei thoughts. First, Prof. Nahum Sarna translates the "sulam" (usually translated as "ladder") as "steps" likely of a Ziggurat, a human-made 'mountain' which in Mesopotamian culture simulated the mountains where gods lived (e.g. Olympus).
2/ Sulam cont: Here's an entry for the one at Ur, which a city identified with Abraham

This means, yes, that the "sulam" was a stairway to heaven. Hey, sometimes words have two meanings.
3/ Second: Possibly the most important, overlooked, character in the Chumash is Leah.

She's mother of half 6 of the 12 tribes, step-mother to 2 more, and the only daughter. Her children are the kings (Yehudah), priests (Levi) and scholars (Yisacchar).
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7 Nov
69.01/ Week sixty-nine, Nov. 6-12, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 68 below.
69.02/ Barukh Dayan ha-Emet. Feuerstein was a baal-chesed and tzadik.
69.03/ #HappyBirthday to all who celebrate!
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31 Oct
68.01/ Week sixty-eight, Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 67 below
68.02/ This is right in my wheelhouse: scholarship laden pop-culture analysis. This is of #Dune

68.03/ #Dune is an incredibly flawed book that's nonetheless fascinating. Also, as a kid I thought the (pseudo) Arabic was Hebrew. e.g. "Kwisatz Haderach" which I eventually recognized from Midrash (from last week's parsha! God "shortened Eliezer's way"):
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