Since this zindiq lives in the UAE, how about discussing how slavery would be better than the humiliation of Muslim Bengali workers who serve him.

The migrant labor system brings primarily male workers into Gulf countries. This leads to major gender imbalances...

...among the population, which causes and increase in the incidence of masturbation, homosexuality, prostitution, zina, sexual harassment and rape.

Furthermore, the sexual and emotional frustration of these worker populations leads to depression, anxiety, and other...

...psychological and physiological conditions, which lowers the overall quality of life for everyone.

Slaves in Islam are required to have living conditions and food equal to those of their owners, but South Asian workers in the Gulf commonly live in very low quality...

...accommodation and eat food that their employers would not give to their own families.

Many of these workers are Muslims from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but they are humiliated day in and day out, while British and American kaffir expatriates are honored.

This exalts the status of kuffar, while degrading the status of Muslims. Islamic slavery, on the other hand, degrades shirk while elevating Islam.

Migrant workers in the Gulf have effectively zero chance to ever become part of the society they are working in.

It's understood that they will be used for a number of years, and at some point will leave. This leads to a number of negative dynamics between expatriate workers and citizens.

One is that people don't even bother to build good relations with the workers, because...

...they are viewed as expendable. They can be treated like trash, and if they ever cause problems, they can just be deported and replaced with someone else.

This also means the workers don't care about doing excellent work. They just want to do the bare minimum...

/7 get paid, and go back to their own country where they can live a normal life with some level of dignity and respect.

This also means that there is no accumulation of intellectual capital. Workers build skills over a number of years, but then leave, never to return...

...and because locals have not been doing the work, they are locked into a cycle of dependence, needing to hire more expatriate workers.

Many of the expatriate workers in the Gulf spend 10 or even 11 months a year in the Gulf, but have children in the Indian subcontinent.

They are not allowed to bring their families with them unless they earn a salary above a certain level (and salaries for most are a few hundred dollars a month, well below the minimum to bring a family), so millions of children grow up effectively without fathers.

Lots of statistical evidence shows that children who grow up without a strong presence of their father in their lives are more likely to perform poorly in school, become criminals, and develop mental illnesses like homosexuality.

This dynamic helps to maintain cycles of poverty and inequality which are preserved by means of the national boundaries between these countries.

By contrast, in the case of slavery, slaves permanently become part of the Muslim society, and if they embrace Islam...

...they are entitled to full rights, equal to any other Muslim. They have the option to request a plan from their owners to purchase their freedom, after which they have full residency rights in the country.

This means that both in their professional work as well...

/13 their relations with others, they can very much try to build a good reputation, and benefit from their reputation throughout their lives. The intellectual and social capital they build up over time stays within the country after they attain their freedom.

Female slaves that provide companionship to Muslim men can no longer be sold once they become pregnant, and the children born of the union have full maintenance rights and inherit from the fathers, preventing the buildup of class disparities.

In the prostitution system which the zindiq Parrott is supporting, prostitution and adultery fill the role of slavery, leading to the rampant spread of disease, the murder of countless babies through abortion, and the destruction of families through extramarital affairs.

It doesn't matter if he disapproves of prostitution, abortion, and zina - these are all natural consequences of the system which he thinks Islam should be modified to resemble.

Some class disparities are necessary for the functioning of society.

Islam ensures that class disparities work for the spiritual benefit of everyone, whereas the liberal world order works for the material benefit of those who are most adept at serving it - and clearly Parrott is a major beneficiary of the dominion of kufr.

It's too bad, because I've benefitted from his work in many ways, so I hope that he will repent and stop working for the enemies of Allah. When you receive a salary from kuffar and munafiqin, you will consciously or unconsciously be compelled to serve their interests.

That's exactly what this kind of thinking does. It props up and solidifies a social order which prevents the emergence of genuine Islamic government.

The slave trade has always been integral to the Islamic economy, and it can be done in a manner which is far more...

...compassionate than the prevailing international labor norms.

Western hegemony was constructed with slavery, and constructing any alternate system will also require slavery - that's why they banned it.

Categorically opposing slavery is thus one of the most effective ways to ensure the continued dominance of the kuffar over the Muslims, and those who take such positions are consciously or unconsciously fighting against the rise of Islam.


• • •

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A society with a continuously increasing level of mechanization and automation will inevitably normalize homosexuality.

Large scale unemployment is largely a byproduct of industrialization. Humans are effectively rendered obsolete by machines.

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One of the scary thinga about ayah which states

(و لا تطع من أغفلنا قلبه عن ذكرننا تبع هواه و كان أمرره فرطا)

is that it is the heart that remembers Allah, not the tongue. So it may be that we remember Allah with our tongues, but our hearts are closed to his remembrance.

What makes this even more disturbing is the hadith

اذا كان احدكم في الصلاة فإنه يناجي ربه

"When any of you is engaged in prayer, he is holding intimate conversation with his Lord..." [Muslim 551]

We've all had conversations with someone who was not focusing on us...

...instead checking their phone and clearly not paying attention, and it's very rude and unpleasant to deal with such a person.

Yet it's very easy to fall into similar behavior in salah, to recite the remembrance of Allah with our tongues, while our hearts are closed to it.

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What is actually the problen with preventing girls from going to school?

Formal educational level is strongly correlated to divorce, and divorce is strongly correlated to (generational) mental illness, criminality, and more divorce.

It's a straightforward issue.

This doesn't apply of to religious education, but education designed to build up the formal labor force.

Still, many of the women of Islamic history who memorized Quran and books of fiqh, mastered Arabic grammar, etc. would be considered uneducated by "modern" standards.

This also doesn't apply to traditional vocational training, which is how most medical knowledge was passed down in the past. Again, highly qualified female doctors and midwives would also be considered "uneducated" by "modern" standards.

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Whoever wants to #Stand4Uyghurs must know that there are Muslim mujahidin who are fighting to liberate our brothers and sisters in Turkestan, but they are tortured, killed, and prevented from the path of Allah by rulers the kuffar have allowed to rule over the Muslim lands.

These mujahidin are often labelled as extremists, terrorists, or khawarij by the servants of traitors seeking to hold onto the scraps the enemies of Allah have given them at any cost.

It is without a doubt an obligation to come to the assistance of Muslims who are imprisoned, tormented, and forced away from their religion.

Thus, it also becomes obligatory to remove whatever impediments stand in the way of fulfilling this obligation.

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