A society with a continuously increasing level of mechanization and automation will inevitably normalize homosexuality.

Large scale unemployment is largely a byproduct of industrialization. Humans are effectively rendered obsolete by machines.

Mechanized economies need lower birth rates, because they need a smaller number of technicians with specialized technical knowledge rather than a large number of laborers and craftsmen.

Specialized technical knowledge requires lengthy theoretical education, while labor...

...and trades can be learned by practice.

This puts those who are able to invest more in education at an advantage. This is a way of making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Those who cannot afford to spend the first 20 to 30 years of their life being totally...

...economically unproductive are put in a position where they are vulnerable to losing their job to a machine manufactured and operated by those who can.

The masses of unemployed, of course, resent this inequality, leading to social tension - crime, riots, and wars.

The solution to this problem (in the minds of these shayateen) is to get rid of these inconvenient masses before they are born, to save the trouble of killing them, imprisoning them, or putting them on perpetual welfare.

So they promote abortion, contraception, delaying marriage, monogamy, and homosexuality as well as the use of a host of fertility lowering chemicals.

The overarching logic behind all of this - replacing humans with machines, taking drugs to eliminate the menstrual cycle,

killing unborn babies, lacing pure food with toxic chemicals, and homosexuality - is the rejection of Allah's creation. In other words, it is attempting to replace Allah's creation with something they perceive as better.

Once someone is embedded in this economic order...

...they can't help but be affected by this utilitarian morality. It's clear that rejecting these evil practices has a direct negative impact on a person's success and standing in society, so how can something that is harmful be moral?

This is one reason why living in dar al kufr is a recipe for apostasy. The internal logic of Islam is simply not compatible with the lifestyle of a highly mechanized society with massive concentration of wealth and inequality.

If a person comes to view this way of life...

...as natural or desirable, the conclusion that Islam is harmful follows as a logical consequence.

This is also why Muslims who integrate into the academic, political, and economic institutions of the kuffar tend to come up with "revisionist" understandings of Islam.

So LGBT as a token issue is actually a signifier of integration into a particular economic order. It's important to understand this, because many Muslims want the wealth and status that comes with this legal/scientific/social/technological order, but they think...

...that they can somehow "have their cake and eat it too," and hold onto Islamic values.

Yet in most cases, the more a Muslim climbs the ladder of this system, the more likely they are to start adopting the values of the kuffar, including acceptance/support for LGBT.

On a fundamental level, it's not possible to embrace an economic order without accepting the social order that comes along with it.

This economic order is a meritocracy, meaning you are rewarded for serving it, and promoting or accepting LGBT is useful to it.

This is why economics itself is a form of deception. It trains people to think about finance and production without thinking about related subjects, leading them to think they can embrace a mode of production without embracing the degeneracy of those who developed it.


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15 Dec
Since the topic of the taifa mumtani'ah (abstaining sect) is so central to a lot of takfir, I'm going to clarify my understanding of why I have a lot of difficulty accepting IS's application of it, and maybe someone can correct me.

The abstaining group is a label that can be put on a group that accepts Islam, but then rejects the implementation of some aspect of sharia and actively fights against those that try to implement that aspect of sharia. It could be zakat, the prohibition of wine...

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Saudi's stance on jamaat at tabligh is completely hypocritical, but they really should not get a free pass on their mistakes out of solidarity/sympathy (nor should any of us).

Using hadith about the path of Allah to describe their khurooj is dishonesty against Allah...

...and Allah's religion. These hadith refer to fighting to defend Islam and the Muslims, killing and being killed to make Allah's word the highest.

That is an act with far more virtue and more hardship than traveling and verbal preaching.

This is also very destructive...

...to families, because when the sahaba (radhi Allahu anhum) went out in the path of Allah, they brought back wealth to feed their families with in the form of grain, weapons, slaves, horses and camels.

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Since this zindiq lives in the UAE, how about discussing how slavery would be better than the humiliation of Muslim Bengali workers who serve him.

The migrant labor system brings primarily male workers into Gulf countries. This leads to major gender imbalances...

...among the population, which causes and increase in the incidence of masturbation, homosexuality, prostitution, zina, sexual harassment and rape.

Furthermore, the sexual and emotional frustration of these worker populations leads to depression, anxiety, and other...

...psychological and physiological conditions, which lowers the overall quality of life for everyone.

Slaves in Islam are required to have living conditions and food equal to those of their owners, but South Asian workers in the Gulf commonly live in very low quality...

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The Cantillon effect applies to gold, which points to the importance of an economy based upon multiple commodity currencies rather than a single currency, whether fiat or gold.

If a new gold mine is discovered somewhere, the influx of newly mined gold into the market...

...will drive up prices, but before it does, the recipients of the newly mined gold will have a window of opportunity to buy things up at cheap prices before inflation kicks in.

The presence of multiple commodity currencies like livestock, grains, and spices protects...

...the economy from this effect being too pronounced.

This dynamic has a parallel in traditional vs. modern agriculture. In the past, farmers would produce multiple crops, and even multiple varieties of a single crop. This way, if one crop was affected by a blight or...

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Not only are currency systems affected by politics, they're also heavily affected by psychology.

Mainstream economists are trying to cast Turkey's currency crisis as Erdogan's foolish idea that lowering interest rates can reduce inflation, but the actual catalyst...

...for the recent rapid devaluation is investors and speculators closing their Lira positions in response to the *perception* that lowering interest rates will cause inflation.

This is why it's very deceptive to treat economics as a "hard science" like chemistry.

Much of economics is built upon the assumption that all phenomena can be understood rationally, but humans rarely behave rationally, especially when it comes to hers dynamics like panic selling a currency.

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26 Nov
One of the scary thinga about ayah which states

(و لا تطع من أغفلنا قلبه عن ذكرننا تبع هواه و كان أمرره فرطا)

is that it is the heart that remembers Allah, not the tongue. So it may be that we remember Allah with our tongues, but our hearts are closed to his remembrance.

What makes this even more disturbing is the hadith

اذا كان احدكم في الصلاة فإنه يناجي ربه

"When any of you is engaged in prayer, he is holding intimate conversation with his Lord..." [Muslim 551]

We've all had conversations with someone who was not focusing on us...

...instead checking their phone and clearly not paying attention, and it's very rude and unpleasant to deal with such a person.

Yet it's very easy to fall into similar behavior in salah, to recite the remembrance of Allah with our tongues, while our hearts are closed to it.

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