2 weeks ago I was airdropped some meme coins.

Now, I am dropped literally hundreds of crap NFTs & such daily. So at first, I paid no attention.

But now, I'll now share the peculiar story of how $35m worth of tokens may hopefully over the next few months, change the world👇
1/ @LITWTF is a meme coin, but when I was contacted by the dev, I was told it had a special twist...

“LIT” had a plan.
2/ As a first surprise, a snapshot of early holders would be taken.

And those holders would be airdropped the first readable book NFT on the Ethereum blockchain – a new work by 10x New York Times Best-Selling author @neilstrauss.

Here was the 2nd surprise:
3/ One LIT holder was to receive the copyright of the book, which is potentially worth a great deal, should they sell it to a publisher or whatever.

What drops would come next?
4/ I promised not to reveal the full plan, but much of it involved pushing innovation both technically and socially via NFTs.

I found this cool and exciting. But was struck with a bigger idea...
5/ What if the holders were the center of this, not just the dev team?

And they received more value than just books and the other planned projects?
6/ What if they received an unreleased NFT from a legendary crypto artist?

What if they were whitelisted for an impossible-to-get clothing drop?

What if they got to preview the new hit song by the artist of their choice, before anyone else?
7/ What if they got to go to their own festival?

What if they became an organization that supported arts, culture, and entertainment?

What if holders could vote on what perks they wanted to see next?
8/ What if the $LIT token was actually a DAO token, and holders would have a say on what experiences the DAO would bring about?

What if $LIT wasn't just a memecoin... but the world's first Cultural Currency?
9/ And what if I sent them back the 50% of the supply they had airdropped me... which was now worth $35m USD, because of strong reception to the book drop...

And over time, this could help fund it all?
10/ And in addition, what if a percentage of these tokens were earmarked to support charities and orgs that support new artists, art in schools, or future novelists and playwrights?

Such as - hint hint - the artist-in-residence program I’m starting with @anonamovement?
11/ What if $LIT not only supported and molded current culture... but became a breeding ground for those who would shape it tomorrow?
12/ What if $LIT's holders became the stewards of merging metaverse culture & IRL culture, for the next decade, & the next generation?

What if the arrival of $LIT was the ushering in of the new digital renaissance, and anyone who felt compelled could become an active part of it?
13/ Well short story long, they liked my idea.

And agreed to execute on it.

Which with their connections and acumen, I believe they are in a unique position to do.
14/ So I sent them back the 50 billion tokens they airdropped me.

And purchased a handful on my own - around the size of my typical venture investment - to be along for the ride (Not investment advice, do your own research).
15/ I then connected them with one of my favorite young artists, @rata_yonqui, to create a unique work to announce what would come next.

Rata's "The Degenaissance" was airdropped to 2,500 $LIT holders...
@rata_yonqui 16/ Along with a note that said:

"A revolution is here. One you are an essential part of. Our culture is changing. We can all feel it. Now is the time to lead that change.
@rata_yonqui 17/ Today...

We announce that 50 billion $LIT has been bequeathed to the $LIT community to fund and administer a Cultural DAO. Designed to lead the arts & entertainment into the future. With the world's first cultural currency."
18/ The @LITWTF team will be awarding the copyright to the Neil Strauss book soon.

And the next thing they have planned, called "Project 2", I suspect will be remembered as being just as revolutionary.
19/ I'll note that I am not "officially" involved with LIT.

But I'm now an investor, will be participating in the DAO, and will be staying in touch if I have new ideas, or if they need guidance on this vision.
20/ As I write you today, what I hope will become the world’s most impactful Cultural DAO is being built.

I'm thrilled to see where it goes.

Sound on!🍷⚔️🕊️

21/ P.S. This is an extremely bold vision and will take time. Any crypto token can go to zero, esp a new one. Nothing I've said is to be taken as investment advice or a recommendation to purchase $LIT, invest in LIT, etc etc. But I do find it interesting, & I believe you will too

• • •

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But today I'm thrilled to announce a passing of the torch of @XCOPYART's "Right-click and Save As guy" from @2Yeahyeah to The Collection Medici
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CryptoArt has also been attacked, from the beginning.
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Grazie to all who responded to me about what do with the memecoins I've had dropped in my wallet.

There were some excellent suggestions, and over the weekend I had an intriguing chat with the dev of one memecoin, @LITWTF 👇
It turns out LIT is a real project, disguised as a memecoin.

They recently had a surprise drop to holders, of an unreleased @neilstrauss book, as an NFT on Ethereum. The first of it's kind.
This got me thinking. And in our chat, I realized perhaps together, all of us, can create something quite innovative in NFT.

More to come🍷⚔️🕊
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29 Oct
Once in a great while, the sky parts & an opportunity appears, to acquire a historic relic from the early days of NFT

Presenting "AI Imagined Portrait #2" by @VanArman
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Here is the story of it's acquisition👇 Image
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In his words:

"When I began with my first machines fifteen years ago, they were only capable of simple tasks, like connecting dots and painting by numbers..."
"... My most recent robots, however, use deep learning neural networks, artificial intelligence, feedback loops and computational creativity to make a surprising amount of independent aesthetic decisions. "
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27 Oct
🍷Fun announcement🍷

A special NFT drop, that benefits kids & art, and honors some of our favorite twitter frens, will be live tomorrow at noon PST!

I have commissioned the talented @SketchaOfficial to create portraits of:

None of them know we did this, and none of them have seen their portraits yet! 😂
Each work will be a 1/3.

1 edition will be dropped to the collector it honors, the next 2 available for purchase.

Sketcha has worked hard on these, and they are incredible. He will be donating 10% of sale proceeds to kidsandart.org, to help kids with cancer thru art.
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