So @stellacreasy continues her campaign to stigmatise photography.

We already have laws against voyeurism and harassment, which all of us should support, and I do.

Has she ever tried being a male photographer? Routinely we are abused, threatened,
chased ... I've been casually catcalled as a pervert for taking a photo of an empty beer bottle, I took a photo of a dog burying its ball in the sand and was asked if it was "better than taking pictures of other people's kiddies" and am endlessly challenged, glared at, chastised.
This comes from police, security guards, shopkeepers, youths, parents, passers-by ...

Sovereign-self philistines like @stellacreasy and @JeffSmithetc feed this.

It's easy to see how a photo of a breastfeeding mother could be a powerful work of art.
Whether exploring the mother-child relationship, playing against a contrasting background to accent vulnerability or perhaps for comic effect ... As a real photographer said, today's is the first generation of children that will not be pictured in art. And so too today's women.
Why can we not simply illegalise non-consensual images for sexual purposes?

Instead, by targeting a *pictured situation* we a) feed the idea that photography is comprehensible from outside the viewfinder (no, Stella, you don't know
what I'm taking because tiny shifts put things outside the frame, out of focus renders things indecipherable, and focal length reduces either the frame or the size of elements within it) and b) feed the self-righteousness of aggressors by giving them a base in law.
"Chilling effect" doesn't begin to describe it. We already have to pray there aren't any skirts above the eyeline, now we have to hope there's no-one breastfeeding anywhere vaguely near us. It's not prosecution that's the concern, it's us being aggressively harassed in public.
Yes, the new law includes sexual intent. But by naming a pictured event it opens the route to *challenge and abuse* purely on the basis of that situation, not on the basis of proof of intent (that's only for Court, not the man in the street).
It takes time to compose. I was once harassed for a very long time by someone whose child cycled into my shot from miles away, of whose existence I was unaware when I lifted the camera to my eye. I witnessed another photographer being accused
of taking pictures of someone stood at right angles to him, a physical impossibility, as well as the fact there was a self-evidently interesting subject in front of him, a gosling, of which the complainant was aware as she was looking at it too.
But, @JeffSmithetc and @stellacreasy are members of the Eternally Blameless Labour Party, so they are inherently morally superior on all matters, and impervious to criticism or argument.
The only response they know is hectoring moralism.

Stigmatising art is philistinism. Which fits well with a Brexit party like @UKLabour.

Progressive? Tolerant? Intelligent?

Forget it.

No-one wants sexual exploitation. Labour hasn't a clue how to combat it other than by
stigmatising swathes of the population and banning legitimate activities.

It's all about divisionism, anger, hatred and blame with Labour.

#VoteLabourGetBrexit #VoteLabourGetIntolerance

@TPGallery @theRSAorg #photography #photographers #photographylovers #photographicart

• • •

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Labour's defeatists are out in force today, following Saint Keir's latest affirmation that #VoteLabourGetBrexit is true.

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2: The EU has a fixed interest in getting UK back.
It would represent an historical defeat of Euroscepticism and a 14% expansion of their market.

3: Politics is about leadership. With the consequences of Brexit so real now, it is feasible to argue for Rejoin more effectively than pre-2019.

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These include:

Difficulties, which are
Economic, societal or environmental, and
Liable to persist, or
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Thought for Follow Back Friday.

I'm still seeing people who are concerned about feasibility of #RejoinEU on the basis of misunderstanding the accession process.

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2: no applicant is ready to join when they apply.

Two whole stages, screening and negotiation, are devoted to identifying gaps with EU law, and closing them.

Accession can be thought of as the process of becoming admissible.
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But am I the only one to have some concerns about the current football tournament?

Stay with me ... there's a non-trivial point to this.
It's the second in a row, after the World Cup, to have a lopsided draw, and the second in which England are one of the principal beneficiaries.

It's supposed to be a perambulatory tournament, I believe because it's an anniversary edition. Yet one country hosts both ...
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OK. Forgive the thread.

Remember @AstraZeneca, the UK company that mysteriously lied about its contract with @EU_Commission, @vonderleyen & @SKyriakidesEU?

At the same time they said EU must get 30m not 80/100m doses they offered vax directly to 4 member states @ higher price.
That's according to Czech PM @AndreBabis 11 Feb 2021.…
Now we all remember how @nadhimzahawi was curiously well-poised on how to frame this when the story broke. I mean the pseudo-story, of course, how poor little AZ was doing its best & horrid old EU was doing vaccine nationalism. We remember how UK press jumped to frame the issue,
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