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This thread has alarming info about rising covid-19 infections along with the mRna-vaccinations. If these vaccines do not create more disease, this correlation should be nonexistent. But it is not. It does exist and it is evident.

Please, share.

Source: ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinat…
Our modern day religion, has in it's core a belief that the nature has made an terrible error. Now the whole planet prays that the all mighty big pharma fights for us to save us from dying.

The truth is, they made the poison to look like a cure.


21 days.
Australia beat the hell out of it's citizens, but still was unable to stop the covid from spreading. Nice correlation with the speed of jabs injected to the people. Cases follow jabs. Now cases are pointing to the sky after the booster round started. Seems to be very effective. ImageImageImage
Vietnam had almost like "zero covid case policy" for 18 months from the beginning of the pandemic. Something went terribly wrong around the same moment when vaccinations were launched as cases started immediately rise big time. Hopefully they can figure out the cause. 🐒 ImageImage
Ireland. Covid cases and mRna jabs skyrocketing to the moon hand in hand. Boosters are like rocket fuel. ImageImageImage
Portugal. First starts the vaccinations then comes the wave of new cases. As vaccination mania ends so ends the cases. What a sync. Then starts the boosters and boom we got record cases. Huh. How come the vaccine is never early enough? ImageImageImage
Austrians were forced to get vaccinated under the extreme tyrannia. The most recent first dose wave was highly correlated with the case wave. Unvaccinated 21 days from the first dose. Statistics really support the fact that unvaccinated are at more risk to get the covid-19. 🐒 ImageImage
Azerbaijan vaccinated ~40% of the population with the leaky vaccine to get the cases down. Great. That haven't been the case in some places even with 99.9% vaccination rate. I hope they already figured out how to keep the cases low.
Uruguay. First covid-wave and first mRna-dose-wave. What a weird coincidence. The trick of 21 days. All unvaccinated. I wish they even avoided the long covid symptoms. ImageImage
Japan. Highest peak of disease right after highest peak of vaccinations. ImageImage
UK. Did covid-19 cases peak there 11 days after strong slow down in vaccinations? Or maybe 50% of the citizens boosted with leaky vaccine did the trick? Who knows. We'll see what happens. ImageImageImage
Israel had two large vaccination waves and third one(second booster) has just started. How can they always be ahead of the covid wave?🤔Oh yeah they can calculate when the efficacy decreases. Science. Hopefully fourth dose can prevent cases more efficiently. To the moon baby! ImageImage
Thailand survived so long without covid cases. Young people, good genes etc. Unfortunately medicine was brought in a bit too late as cases start to skyrocket straight after vaccinations. The critical 21 days probably did not fill up so all cases were in unvaccinated group. Damn. ImageImage
Cambodia suffered from the mRna-vaccination wave. How the heck they can repeat this same shit everywhere and not get caught? Unbelievable. 🤮 ImageImage
Belize also had the same pattern. First comes the jab then comes the disease. So much bad luck with this safe and effective vaccine. ImageImage
Russia. Pattern here? I don't know maybe just a coincidence. ImageImage
Latvia. Nice pattern. This far my conclusion from all the data I've seen is that first dose is creating more disease than second dose. That's clever because then there are always more cases in the unvaccinated group because of that critical 21 days. ImageImage
Saudi Arabia. ImageImageImage
Some flaws in the vaccination data. If Italy had already in Feb 9, 1.26 million fully vaccinated people it means that if there was 12 weeks between doses first doses was given during November when there was a major "covid" outbreak. What a coincidence. Truth is hiding. Image
Spain. No connection no correlation. Just randomness. ImageImage
Japan started it's booster round. Just unbelievable. No words.

How can human be so evil? Or is it just evil?

🤮 Image
Curacao island started booster round at Dec 13th to save it's people from dangerous respiratory syndrome. It was very moronic idea. Like clockwork. Now relative cases over 4800/million!

Lights on. Wake up! ImageImageImage
Canada had vaccination waves and Canada had covid-19 infection waves. If jab has nothing to do with the new infections, there should be no correlation. No correlation. Zero. Nada. Boosters working like wonders. Efficacy^2. Covid to the moon! Hodl. ImageImageImage
Botswana first omicron case found Nov 11. For next 30! days; nothing. Even 90% were unvaxxed. No epidemic in Botswana. Until up in vaccinations.🐒

Finland. First "omicron" cases Nov 29. Immediately cases to the moon. 80% vaccinated + 5% boosters. Something doesn't match 🤔 ImageImage
Algeria had large covid breakout in Jul-Aug, but Algerians itself started receive vaccines big time just after that. So who suffered the covid then? Could answer be tourists. Jul-Aug is Algeria's busiest travel season and two largest origins are Tunisia and France. ImageImageImage
Luxembourg. ImageImageImage
Boosters of hell.
Also French people have been enjoying the miracle of medicine. Just insane. C'mon. Can someone still with a straight face tell me that the omicron really came from Botswana and caused that last kaboom in France, but did nothing in Africa? Please people open your eyes. ImageImageImageImage
Neph suspected spoof. Thanks to him some errors found in Israel and Ireland dates. Here are fixes. Nothing new came up.
Egypt. Coincidental correlations with covid dosing and covid cases. Egypt fully vaccinated this far ~20% and no boosters given to anybody unlike Ireland who fully vaccinated ~80% and boosted ~50%. Efficacy measure must failed at some point. 🤔 ImageImageImage

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Jan 14
This is a second thread about the data showing rising covid-19 infections along with the vaccinations. Disturbing content continues.

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Ask your self, if vaccines gives protection why the hell more vaccines equals more covid cases? Why? This is not just random. This is a straight correlation! This data should be upside down! How fucking stupid one must be to claim something else. Sample size 2.717 billion people. Image
And if some idiot even tries to claim that yes but at least it gives a protection for severe case then c'mon, if you have 200x cases you can make many kind of calculations how relative severe cases are actually down. Fuck you. These injections CREATE more disease. Period.
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Uusien tartuntojen kasvuvauhti on nyt taittunut. Mutta kas kummaa, niin on taittunut myös rokotusvauhti. Miten ihmeessä ne nyt taas onnistuvat korreloimaan keskenään noin? Ai niin, ne hyvin ajoitetut rajoitustoimet tietenkin.
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Onkohan Romania ottanut opiksi ja ymmärtää nyt olla nopeuttamatta rokotustahtia pitääkseen tartunnat alhaalla?
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