The worst thing you could do the GOP would be to abandon the Electoral College in favor of a direct popular vote, because the current version of the GOP has all but abandoned the notion of creating policy with broad popular support.

They have forfeited the marketplace of ideas.
“But if we abandon the Electoral College, the GOP will just change their strategy accordingly!”

Yes, but that would still mean they’d need a message that appeals to more than 50% of the voters, and not just cement gains in three swing states. That strikes me as an improvement.
The GOP is fully aware that the Electoral College regularly gives them an advantage; this is why they would inevitably fight tooth & nail to protect it. it’s why their last two Presidents won their (first) elections, despite losing the popular vote.
My response to a Mark Hamill post went the Energizer Bunny route last night & crept into quadruple digits, so I’ve been hearing all kinds of weird denials based on cherry-picked data that no, the EC does not give an unfair advantage to the GOP

(Yes, the “Energizer Bunny”. Kids, ask your parents what I’m talking about.)
Posts like this are excellent reinforcement of my original point that the GOP has abandoned much hope of ever capturing the popular vote again. Sure, they’ll blame “handouts” & whatnot, as if somehow only one side considers self-interest as a motivating factor.
I’ll say the quiet part out loud: The GOP feels no obligation to appeal to “urban”(nonwhite) voters because they feel in their gut that those types of people shouldn’t count as real Americans.

It’s why they equate a direct popular vote to “mob rule”. Because brown people = mobs.

• • •

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11 Jan
Oh, how could Rachel Maddow possibly defend herself against this granite-skulled entitlement meatsuit and his lethal Word Salad Six-Shooter Image
CAWTHORN: As a conservative, I insist that Trump won the election, COVID is no worse than the flu, and anyone who claims differently has been brainwashed by the liberal media

D: Jesus, please shut up

CAWTHORN: And the worst thing is that LIBERALS WANT TO SILENCE US

D: Can we?
R: So you admit it?

D: Yes; when people repeatedly tell dangerous lies & are impervious to any facts that would persuade a rational person otherwise, the next best option is for them to stop polluting the discourse with bullshit


D: Yes

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10 Jan
Something’s gonna happen now, I can just feel it
Wheel of Fortune board reads:

- - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - -

CONTESTANT: I’d like to buy a vowel, please
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7 Jan
We’re acting like we know who the enemy is because Donald Trump told us in no uncertain terms that he refused to accept the results of the election unless he was declared the winner.

No generalizations liberals make about conservatives should overshadow this undeniable truth.
There was no “good faith disagreement” about the Presidential election. It was a coordinated propaganda campaign stemming directly from the former President and his allies in conservative media.

They lied to their followers, shamelessly and repeatedly.

I’m not sure what good it does for us to know that most GOP voters support policies that few, if any, of their preferred elected officials have any intention of implementing. Whereas virtually no Democratic politicians support the extreme policies they use to taint our side.
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6 Jan
So I’m genuinely undecided about Merrick Garland right now. I’ve got pro- and anti-Garland voices in my feed, and believe there are legitimate arguments on both sides.

Of course, Democrats have to make their case above ground and by the book. And it’s probably naïve to think that we can land the big fish without convicting many, many intermediate perps along the way.


It is also naïve to suggest court outcomes are objective, or that they are immune to external factors such as urgency, or the perception thereof.

In layman’s terms: the longer this drags out, the less likely that anything will happen to Trump.

Does anyone dispute this?

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5 Jan

(Political Orientation and Perception)

Note: These are rhetorical questions, so I assure you that it is absolutely not necessary to respond with your answers. And it’s not as if my Notifications need any more traffic.

We commemorate the anniversary of January 6, 2021 because:

(D) the followers of a sitting U.S. President violently attempted to obstruct election certification
(R) brave patriots took to the streets in a valiant effort to restore their true leader to the seat of power

There are circumstances under which the U.S. Congress has little choice but to impeach a sitting President. That time is when:

(D) he abuses the tremendous power at his disposal
(R) we have a Congressional majority and we fucking feel like it
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4 Jan
Welcome to life in 2022, where the lion’s share of what passes for political discourse consists of Explaining Extremely Obvious Things to People Who Refuse to Listen
- Despite what many angry and misinformed people will tell you, Twitter is a private platform with the right to enforce their own standards as they see fit. Nobody is entitled to post here. And being deplatformed is not equivalent to being silenced.
- If Twitter warns you not to say certain things on their platform, and you deliberately and repeatedly choose to say them anyway, you are not a victim. Rather, you have willfully contributed to your own deplatforming from Twitter.
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