"How to close 15k LTV clients on autopilot with 100% automated follow-up messages and the Robert Collier Principle"



"Why you need to consistently follow-up with all your unconverted leads ...until they buy or tell you to stop."

This is a true story...

A client of mine got a new customer last week with a lifetime value (LTV) of at least 15k

Let's call the customer Laurie

...because well, that was her name.

Laurie clicked on a Google ad and became a lead back in Sep'21

She was added to a 14-day automated product drip sequence of 5 emails, 2 SMS and 1 ringless voicemail...

Lots of value ...and lots of chances to sign up.

BUT - she didn't buy...

So here's what we did

Around every major holiday event we add all unconverted leads into a 10-day sequence counting down to a 'special offer' deadline.

The offer is themed to a current holiday event...

Black Friday / Cyber Monday
Labor Day Weekend
4th July Weekend
New Year

These are called 'Lead Reactivation' campaigns...

They work because they follow 'The Robert Collier Principle'

If you don't know him, Collier is a famous direct-response copywriter and persuasion master.

Stated simply, his principle is that...

Your copy should...

"Enter the conversation in the prospect's mind..."

Holiday events are EASY for this...

Everyone knows when its New Year or the 4th July w/end... ๐Ÿ˜…

So in November Laurie was added to a 'lead reactivation' campaign for Black Friday / Cyber Monday...

including another 4 email and 3 text message sequence, this time with a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer.

...Btw, all emails this time included high-engagement personalized images.

The result?


Here's the thing...

By now, most businesses would've long since given up on Laurie

She'd be classified as a 'dead lead' that was 'never gonna buy' and was 'wasted ad spend'

But we don't quit on Laurie

We still have a GREAT solution to her problem

And she hasn't TOLD us to stop following up...

You see we have no idea what's going on in her world

- Maybe she got sick...
- Maybe other priorities took over...
- Maybe she went on a long vacation...

Therefore, we keep going...

The next event reactivation campaign was in January for the New Year.

So in early Jan Laurie was added to ANOTHER 10 day sequence of 4 emails and 3 sms messages with a special 'New Year offer'

Btw, the New Year offer was EXACTLY the same as the BF/CM one

With one critical difference...

It was themed to the 'conversation going on in the prospect's mind'

Laurie KNOWS its New Year... so when our 'New Year' offer arrives, it automatically gets greater consideration

Because its RELEVANT to her right now...

(not just Laurie, of course)

As you can tell, you DON'T need to be the world's greatest copywriter to produce a sequence like this.

You've just got to focus on the things that MOVE THE NEEDLE

Like 'relevance' to the prospect... :)


- We know she was interested in the product/topic before
- We know she knows its a New Year

So we refer to both in the sequence.

Its not ALL we do, of course...

But it definitely moves the 'persuasion needle'...

This time round Laurie called back on Jan 10

Here's what she said 100% VERBATIM

"At first I was annoyed by all the messages...

But you were the first person I called when I finally came round to looking into finding a solution."

That in a nutshell, is marketing.

Its our moral duty, responsibility AND right to follow-up with leads F.O.R.E.V.E.R - or until they say STOP.

Doing so will make you the first person or company they think of when they're ready to buy.


Not when 'you're ready'...

When 'they're ready'...

Read that back 10 times over until its ingrained in everything you do with YOUR marketing campaigns.

Final thing

Another little-understood but massively important fact about follow-up is this...

People automatically assume your product or service will be EXPENSIVE


Because cheap-ass, brokeboi businesses don't do lots of smart marketing follow-up to peddle their cheap offers...

(There's a lesson there in itself if you're paying attention - hint, do the opposite of whoever is not successful)

One more thing, doing consistent follow-up with leads is considered to be highly PROFESSIONAL...

...and who doesn't want to look like a pro?

So, back to Laurie one final time...

Her EXACT words were:

"I thought it was going to be more expensive"

The price point for this service is 6k per year... [LTV=2.5*=15k]

...but she thought it would be at least DOUBLE that

...and probably would've paid up too.

(There's another lesson there too - raise your prices - for another day...)

So let's SUM UP what we've learned...

If you want to:

- Maximize revenue and profit from every single lead you generate, regardless of where it came from...

- Stay 'front of mind' with your leads so they come to you rather than you chase them...

- Minimize price resistance by automatically appearing to offer a premium product or service at a premium price

Then you need to FOLLOW-UP with your leads...

[again and again and again]

...PLUS if you 'enter the conversation in your prospect's mind' (full respect to Robert Collier) by using timely events...

Your results will go through the roof...

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