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Feb 20 33 tweets 6 min read

It amazes me how oblivious people are to the danger this mob has been to Canadian democracy and to the rule of law.

I’m watching some Ottawa citizen recommend we start a dialogue with this mob.

Clueless, absolutely clueless about the intent of the mob.
No. PMJT should not meet with this mob. They threatened his life because he dared to make decisions they don’t like.

What planet do these peaceniks live on? It’s an alternate reality & it’s as fantastical and magical as the occupiers alternate reality.
Those recommending the government meet with these seditionists are deluded.

A simple analogy elucidates the ridiculousness of their belief that we can all@just talk it out.
Say your neighbour, who lives a few houses away, is upset that you put up a sign on your lawn informing others to keep off the grass. They have informed you verbally and in writing a number of times. You’ve basically ignored them because it’s your house and you decide the rules.
Then they walk over to your house, rip the sign out of your grass, bang on your door calling you treasonous and demanding you be jailed. They send you a registered letter demanding you cease your grass mandate because it inconveniences them.
The letter also states that even though your name is on the title, they don’t believe you should own that property anymore. The bank should hand over the title to your property to them so they can remove the signs on the grass and invite others to trample the grass.
Every time you attempt to leave or return to your property, your neighbour yells threats, spits on you and literally shits on your lawn. Not their dog, the neighbour takes a crap right outside your front door. Your children are harassed and spit upon.
A portable hot tub and bouncy house are erected on your lawn and your neighbour mocks you and shouts death threats and uses their children as shields. Then your neighbour parks their vehicle across your driveway making it impossible to access your vehicle.
And you believe someone that unreasonable deserves the time and commitment from you to meet and discuss a truce? WTF!?

The presumption when you choose to meet with this neighbour is that their complaints, attitude and behaviour are valid, acceptable & appropriate.

They are NOT!
You’re choosing to validate their demands to remove your lawn sign mandating people keep off your grass.

Essentially if you meet with them you’re telling them & every other neighbour around you, that extortion, harassment & intimidation are acceptable to you.
Your willingness to meet with your neighbour is a concession of your authority to decide and enforce what happens on your property. Because you own the house. But you’re willing to concede your legitimate authority to appease them.
And that’s why we elect representatives to lead the nation. There are far too many people that don’t understand legitimate vs illegitimate power dynamics.

Canadians elected the current federal government mere months ago. No one elected the mob that occupied Ottawa.
While SoCon right wing political leaders and their supporters won the majority plurality of the most recent election, they DID NOT win the election. Their challenge of the mandate, demand for concession of power and death threats invalidate the legitimacy of their demands.
But more important, the largest plurality in Canada does NOT have the authority to challenge the legitimate legal and constitutional authority of the governing party. It doesn’t matter if this plurality doesn’t agree with mandates. They don’t get to decide for everyone else.
They may be the largest plurality but they remain a minority within the electorate. It doesn’t matter that they BELIEVE they have the authority to demand obedience to their demands. They don’t.

No more than your neighbour has authority to demand your lawn become public access.
Because while the neighbour has legitimate authority over their own property, they have no authority over yours.

The hostile mob and complicit opposition parties that support them do not possess LEGITIMATE authority to make final decisions in regards to public health mandates.
The convoy supporters’ rhetoric is focussed on legitimizing the behaviour and attitudes toward Canadian rule of law and constitutional authority.

They are currently attempting to validate and promote anarchy; a coup d’état.
Canada’s laws & the constitution are clear. The election winner, majority or minority, has the legitimate authority to make decisions on behalf of all citizens until the next election (or in case of a minority govt, until a vote of non confidence by a parliamentary majority).
That is the constitutionally legitimate authority being challenged by this mob and by all other opposition parties, federal or provincial, who supported the convoy’s occupation of Ottawa and the blockade of Canadian border crossings.
And that is why this convoy is an attempted coup d’état.

If you’re of the belief that PMJT should have met with these “protesters,” then you’re advocating for the federal government to concede its legal and legitimate authority and ignore the constitution (the highest law).
That’s means you’re desire to avoid conflict is a concession of your political agency.

You want to permit your neighbour to decide what happens on your lawn, that’s your choice.

But when you encourage the governing party (minority or not) to concede to the demands of a mob…
You’re a seditionist.

Just like the mob are seditionists demanding a change in government through intimidation and illegitimate claims to the constitutional authority of the governing party who comprise the federal government.

It’s that simple.
I don’t care whether you like conflict or not. Whether you agree with the mandates or not. Or whether you comprehend how the constitution assigns legitimate authority or not.

You are undermining the federal govt if you support this convoy or expect PMJT meet with them.
And yes, that means the CPC and Bloc are also currently displaying seditionist behaviour attempting to undermine the federal govt’s authority to make public health decisions to protect all citizens. Or any decision for that matter.

That’s the current state of political affairs.
Two federal opposition parties are openly challenging the constitutionally assigned authority of the governing party. So are 7/10 provincial premiers (all of whom espouse libertarian ideology).

This is an attempted coup.

Get that concept through your skull!
There are millions of people in Canada, with the help and encouragement of domestic & foreign adversaries, who are attempting to topple the federal government. Right now!

Please stop helping them because you don’t like conflict.
Please recognize your willingness to abandon the constitution and provide credence to this mob’s demands are killing our democracy.

You don’t like turmoil!? Tough. You have no legitimate excuse to abandon democracy when it’s being threatened because you don’t want conflict.
Conflict is a part of life. Put your big girl or boy undies on and gird your backbone. This is a fight for our political agency and the legitimacy of our vote. We chose this govt to lead, whether you voted for LPC or not. This is our duly elected federal govt being challenged.
No one wants conflict. But when conflict comes knocking on your front door, you don’t open the door and let them in and serve tea.

You defend your home. You defend democracy. Even when it makes you uncomfortable. Because the alternative is authoritarian illegitimacy.
You do NOT have the LUXURY or PRIVILEGE to abandon the rule of law because it’s enforcement makes you uncomfortable.
Get a fricking grip and defend this nation and all it stands for! Our democracy is in serious jeopardy from a well organized, well funded domestic and foreign authoritarian threat!

This mob and it’s supporters are domestic terrorists, attempting to overthrow the federal govt.
WAKE THE HELL UP CANADA! Just wake up and recognize the threat to us all.

We MUST push back on this gaslighting and insane attempt to overthrow our government.
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Feb 20
Ok. So I’m trying to watch CPAC and HOC debate about the EA.

In between aneurysms I’m foaming at the mouth at the level of gaslighting going on.

I so want parliament to change the rules of discourse. Extreme gaslighting should NOT receive Parliamentary privilege.
So what’s driving me mental? The attempt by CPC and Bloc to legitimize the people who performed an occupation of Ottawa and the blockades of border trade routes as legitimate protesters.

I’ve had it with gaslighting and people who try to create alternate realities.
I’m insulted by the unscrupulous mendacity that CPC and Bloc MPs are offering up as commentary. This level of deceit is beyond acceptable, focussed on altering reality for the Canadian public and on legitimization of a fringe hostile mob seeking to effect a coup.
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Feb 19
I just watched Noa Mendelsohn Aviv refer to the compromise of civil liberties like freedom of expression on CBC.

Not once have I seen occupiers be denied their right to peaceful protest and to express their opinions. But I’ve witnessed these occupiers torture Ottawa residents.
I’ve heard them make threats against a democratically elected government, attack journalists, flout Ontario mask restrictions causing an entire mall to shut down and put people out of work. I’ve witness horns honking day and night in an effort to torture residents and MPs.
Extortion of policy changes using torturous noise assaults is a criminal offence in Canada.

What about the civil liberties of Ottawans?

Do they count? Or is it just religious extremists & Q’Anon nuts who garner support for their civil liberty to perform a coup?
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Feb 19
@MichelletypoQ @VoiceOfFranky

Appealing to left libertarian’s sense of “lost freedom” is the latest recruitment strategy of CPC.

I just wrote a thread about that.
I keep trying to convey to people that left libertarians and left anarchists want exactly the same thing as far right libertarians. Anarchy.

Both want to eliminate liberalism as competition. And with that to eliminate democracy.…
Liberalism is democracy. The Overton window Canada had from 1950-2000 was a narrow set of acceptable beliefs and values based on welfare state social liberalism and humanism.

Where conservatives were progressive and socialists were centre left.
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Feb 19
What purpose does it serve to make this tweet?

How does it add knowledge to the situation currently unfolding in Ottawa?

It doesn’t it’s a distraction and an attempt to hijack the narrative to focus on race related problems.

And I’m getting tired of it. Real tired!
The Ottawa occupation is not racially motivated.

It’s been abundantly and blatantly clear that this truck convoy was a sloppily veiled attempt at a coup d’état by a bunch of delusional Q’Anon & Dominionists who live in an alternate reality who hijacked a truckers protest.
While many of the participants and most organizers are known racists or support racist nationalist policies, this is not a specifically racist gathering.

It’s an attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected government and create economic and political chaos.
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Feb 17
This is an old thread but relevant to the current situation.

It describes the mindset of the group occupying cities and blocking borders. It also defines the motives of those funding this nightmare.

While many believe this is a fringe movement, it’s not.
A large portion of rural residents and a significant number of urban residents have adopted this belief system and its values across Canada.

It’s called libertarianism: all restrictions should be removed & each individual makes their own choice based on personal responsibility.
This belief has been thoroughly adopted by The Liberty Coalition Canada among other organizations and ideologies. LCC has made removing Covid mandates one of its demands.

The vast majority of members are far right Christians.
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Feb 17
I see I’m not the only one frustrated by being ignored though writing warnings frequently over the past 6 years.

People require being personally inconvenienced to actually pay attention to threat. Otherwise it’s someone else’s problem.
Kind of like all the other issues the more vulnerable complain about.

Like racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia.

You want to know why it’s so difficult to make change on a society wide level?

Indifference unless it impacts the silent majority directly.
I knew this going in.

The public is fickle. Unless it directly impacts their social status, financial stability, privileges, or self image, it’s ignored.

People paid attention to Residential School injustice because it impacts Canadian’s self image and geopolitical status.
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