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Remember when DJT was in HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA?

He was/has always been showing the world subliminally, planning everything he was doing around slowly guiding everyone into A direction they should have been long ago … As time went on, everyone has been making it easier & easier
To see & WHY it’s been so important to see what was always being shown, the way it was all always meant to be seen.

Why risk it all for A skateboarder?

The easier it was being made for everyone to see, the more haters came out or the more ones tried dividing others away
From where all those who everyone looks to for comms, confirmations, Proofs the easier it was being made for all to see .. Why? Proving that the way MANY chose to treat others was wrong …
This is me at Love Park, I have posted it so many times saying LOVE is what will save the
World ..

Who else was born in Philly?
What’s her birthday?
Everything she did in her life, she did it being told someone was coming, he was born & that she just had to stay patient.
Vincent Kennedy McMahon named his son Shane knowing someone would be born, long before he was
Born … Shane wore sports jerseys in every single one of his wrestling matches, why is this relevant you ask?
I played baseball my whole life, I posted pictures of my Jerseys I have worn.
I played baseball at THE ROCK Sports Complex in Franklin Wisconsin.
The Rock Sports complex was/is owned by Mike Zimmermann .. The composer for Metallica S&M 1-2-3, his last name is Zimmermann .. Metallica Created A movie called, ‘Through The Never’ … The movie takes the
Viewer on A subliminal walk through of very important times of my life, this was done the way it was for who it was made for too SHOW the world, show the world why? Showing the world so it brought the world comfort in knowing who fights for them & so the world didn’t get lost
In all the echo chambers or lost within the lies of all those that tried coming in THE 1’s name It was all built up/created for ..

Same thing with Iron Maiden, ‘The Writing On The Wall’, the character turns into My tattoo I got when I was 19 on my left arm ..

I posted this
On July 23, 2019, What date did Iron Maiden release the song ‘The Writing On The Wall’? ..

EVERYONE who fights for the light, within EVERY LAYER OF LIFE has been SHOWING the world .. Heck, even insurance companies have been creating commercials based off of what I post on here.
.It’s Always been so very easy to see ..
None of this was ever/is ever being shown for me to be “famous” or for fortune, I don’t care about ANY of that .. So much of the things humanity poisons their lives with that blinds them from seeing or causes individuals to be everything
Other then their true authentic selves, I have not A care in the world for.

Everything A showed/stated above, these are just A few things that have been done because of their LOVE & appreciation for God & for the world to see when the world finally awakened turning away from
Their wicked ways …

Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated, right?
1 SIMPLE Golden Rule?
“Forgive them for they know not what they do?”
Or is it that the many knew exactly what it was they were doing, acting the way so many have chose to act? It was all seen,

IMAGINE if all were judged the same way they chose to judge others or treated the same ways they chose to treat others… Would that #BREAK the Cycle ?

It’s all so crystal clear to see, always has been ..

Maybe one of the important people most have chosen
Will explain more, that seems to be the ONLY time dots get connected or anything else matters …

Because so many have picked & choosed who matters, who doesn’t matter, what dots matter, what dots don’t,too me—THE CHILDREN are all that truly matter to me, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS ..
The children, My #REAL Famiky, The Military & the 144,000 that were #CHOSEN to lead the rest through the horizon helping them see clearly ..

Everyone else will eventually choose to come with into this brave new world, 4-6% will be lost forever ..

I choose Life & those who
Have chosen to be the closest thing to A mirror image of God as they can .. Loving others as they want to be loved ..

“To believe in God is to believe in Humanity, to believe in Humanity is to believe in God “..

I choose to believe in others even when they don’t believe in me.
Now, I believe in the future(The children), my #REAL Family, the Military & the 144,000 …

It is what it is, Carry on.

I’m sure this is just another meaningless tweet to most out there, which is fine.

Someone else will connect dots, MAYBE & all of A sudden it will matter.
#HOT CHOCOLATE TOUR Dates & where they went, means A lot …


Hershey Pennsylvania was the start of something special …

Every single State that will be SHOWING the world all the election fraud, they’re States I have ties too.

The dark side MOCKS
The Trinity, [They] knew little to no one would believe what it was I was showing everyone all along..
[They] laughed at me just as so many others did within this movement who claim to be of light ..

Remember the Turkeys?
Corn & Cobb?

They have been showing for so long ..
Corruption cheated in GEORGIA, THE GEORGIA #PEACH, Ty Cobb.
That was [Them] mocking the Trinity, throwing it all in my face, laughing at me trying to explain, SHOW the world what [They] were doing. MOST joined in with [Them], laughing & or tossing off someone like trash.
Who was Walt Disney?
Who really was Walt Disney?
How were so many Disney movies created telling A story of peoples lives, thinking those people would never figure it out/find out created?
Was it thought #SHE would have won & [They] all would have been in the clear?
How about this movie, perspective is everything ..

Movies created from the point of view of [Them] looking at us, as we stand right now, as the “Bad Guys”? ..

Well, if loving humanity unconditionally, speaking the truth, raising two kids that weren’t mine from 17 on,
Now raising 1 of those 2 boys babies pretty much by myself, always Respecting others treating others the way I would want to be treated & living selflessly is being the “Bad Guy”/wrong? … Then I DAMn sure don’t want to be right or ANYTHING other than who I Am at this very moment
In time …

Madison Wisconsin
BADGERS Cows & Cheese ..
Dairy State

Ty Cobb Played in Detroit, [They] cheated in Michigan & Wisconsin, the two states MIRROR one another ..

Arizona, #A-#Z meaning THE BEGINNING & THE END ..

Like I said though, only certain ones/dots matter..

Everyone who is doing what they are, like the #Z VK put, it’s all being done purposely PROVING I was right all along by how things only matter if it comes from someone chosen ..

All Good though, Not mad.
Imagine if that same concept was done about moving on upon those who made the decisions on who matters, who doesn’t matter, what dots are important & what dots aren’t important to be connected …

Imagine being told, yeah you can’t move on because I FEAR what others would think
Of me if I allowed someone like You, Billy Windthorp The Third into the brave new world ..
Billy Windthorp the Third, when important dots needed to be connected, you refused to connect them because you FEARED what others would think of you for connecting dots from someone many
Liked to spread rumors about .. Oh by the way, those dots, if they would have been connected like they were for everyone else you connected for, only showing 50% of the picture, it would have SHOWN all those rumors were bull BUT you feared … Billy, you did everything for
Attention, followers, likes & retweets instead of wanting to SHOW the world 100% of the BIGGER PICTURE .. Billy, you treated others around you like crap for believing in what they saw for themselves, they saw what you & many others REFUSED to help as many as possible see so it
Brought as many COMFORT within the storm … Billy, the people, MY PEOPLE were being attacked from every angle & you could have helped countless lives find peace within the storm, being The closest thing to A mirror image as possible but you didn’t, you FEARED BILLY, #WHY?
Philly [They] Cheated - Love park
Georgia - [They] cheated - Georgia Peach
Wisconsin - The Garden of Eden
Arizona - Alpha & Omega / Beginning & END .
Michigan - ROCK City/COBB/Wolverines/ RED DAWN/ Chris Benoit(4 horsemen)

Everything [They] have done the way [They] have
Done it, was MOCKING ME, who I Am & where I come from .. Hurting humanity all because I was waking everyone up to all the things left in time/Truths left in time for THE 2 to show the world so the world didn’t destroy itself ..

[They] laughed at me & so did many within this
Movement ..

DJT stood in the way from [Them] getting to me as A wall, handling all the Government side of thing, everything else had to be done/SHOWN to the world by someone everyone waits for ..
It’s no one elses timing.

All that has been asked of everyone, GOLDEN RULE,
Turn away from ones own wicked ways & PEACE ..

It always seemed like those 3 asks were too much to ask for ..

I think now, things will be A little different …


A NoBody will #FLIP The Switch ..


No One has to say sorry for being
Stuck in their wicked ways, just be the change & forgive yourselves … Say sorry to yourself ..

Everything created in TIME, has A BIGGER PICTURE meaning ..

EVERYTHING is apart of the grand design showing LOVE & appreciation for all that some piece of trash
Did for everyone to be able to see THE WHOLE PICTURE CLEARLY ..


Breaking Free!!!!

• • •

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Mar 20

“I Want My #NOTHING Back” …

I was paying attention.
Promises Made & Kept .✍️
You were mad at me this day, Could feel it.

You definitely remembered everything though, Very impressed..
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Mar 20
That’s what I’m talking’ A 👢 Boot! …

Seeings MORE thinking OUTSIDE of the Box makes me very Happy ! …

So much that has been given over A long period of time has always been thought to be meaningless & discarded ..

You remember the Well Known Patriot Account, ‘AND WE KNOW?’
He’s A well known decoder, astonishing work, there were some drops on how to view images within “forbidden Letter” & how to figure out their true meaning or what someone is saying within images in order to get important information out ..

It was several images in
Row & everyone was asked what do you see? Everyone was told to learn, it’s almost like everyone was being trained for when they finally found someone. But what do I know?

A Picture Can say 1,000 Words … ;)


That’s all I really have for today, except for—I Love U & Image
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Mar 19
Fake cities

Makes you really THINK, HuH? ..

How many Pre planned fake wars were fought for political reasons that have made the world think it was real?

How much money do you think could be made from fighting fake wars or fighting wars as blood sacrifices/rituals making the ImageImage
World think it was real? ..

The world can’t swallow the WHOLE TRUTH ..
WHY are dates so important ?
MANY Wars started on specific dates all connecting to one another? How is that possible?

Too the naked eye & blind mind, those small details would have never mattered at those times, now as the world awakens the people see all [Their] symbolism
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Mar 19
This is wrong on so many levels …
All the Trans should go up against other trans, problem solved.

Mostly everything in the world has to be viewed at as if they we’re watching the WWE, every sport, entertainment, MSM, Government & so much more—All Pre planned/scripted/Pre
Determined outcomes pushing political agendas for votes, starting wars/civil wars, controlling narratives, Money & whatever other B/S the deep states/corruption has needed that has kept [Their] plans alive keeping everyone enslaved/asleep so the most evil/vile acts could
Continue being done upon woman, children & Humanity ..

Enough is Enough, these people are sick ! …

Everyone is being shown the truth, little to nothing is real ..

Abandon whole 3rd world cities used too make it look like A war is happening with THOUSANDS playing their
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Mar 19
.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian Image
Home Sweet Home ..
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