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There is NO [NEW WORLD ORDER], there is only God & Gods people ! ..

This dude is not real & the rest of the evil child hurting demons
Are exposed now more then ever before..

He is an actor playing the role as biden SHOWING the world the plans that have always been in the works on the evil side & trying to make it seem like to the world that the light side are the ones planning A [New World Order].
And to think there are some who believe what this disgusting being has to say, it’s crazy there is anyone who believes A word any of [Them] have to say.

Those who are close to God & have educated themselves throughout life on evil (Know thy enemy) are able to/have been able to
See right through all the lies & deceit …

Every single play evil makes is known about LONG before evil makes their moves ..

Seeing how many blindly follow evil who have did the most evil/vile things to children is sad & it should have never gone this far because HUMANITY has already been through/seen the storyline/
Script already !
Everything happening to date was acted out within the squared circle within WCW Wrestling & WWF/WWE ..
Many layer of life knew that there would be A semi large number of people who would fall for all the schemes & tricks that were going to be played upon them,
So the light planned accordingly for when the world was going to be awakened .. ALL DONE SO [THEY] HAD NO CHANCE AT WINNING ..
The Hangover I II III
The world has been theoretically DRUNK not knowing which way is up, being mislead by evil.

Remember when I posted #ClawsOut & then the Milwaukee Brewers shortly after Started Tweeting “Claws Out” ..

I was shown long
Ago where someone stands/where MANY STAND but so many who were blind continued to show their true colors hating on others in the world, being apart of the problem & not any kind of solution … Seeing how many who thought they were flying high, they weren’t & ones who truly care
Like myself tried helping/warning others of their wicked ways ..
Some caught on, many just continued on not taking anything said/shown seriously ..
ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling)


This is NEVER been about government parties left or right, this has always been about GOOD Vs. EVIL !!!

These people who aren’t real that are on television daily that people are supporting, they’re the worst of the

Call Of The Wild

Standing In The Light

White Wolf
The BEAR gets out of my way, .@taylorswift13 ..
She was letting me know about the Bear that stands in the way the first time around, first time around which was right around this time .. Now, the second time around, the Bear moves out of the way ..
Step on all the Pan Cakes, Cross The River into arms wide open …

Then she replied ..
Dates & Timing, means EVERYTHING …

No one has to sell their soul ..

• • •

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Mar 23

You know me by name.
When you’re ready it’ll be there, waiting …

VK even knows, he has been trying to SHOW everyone for A very long time now, unfortunately so many of his followers chose to start drama, talking shit becoming the problem … Image
Those many that refused to see what has ALWAYS been shown to them that stir pots, start drama or divide—Take the .@USNavy advise below …

If you’re A builder, build the right way. .
A child’s mind is A 🧽 sponge, A world reborn is A world with BILLIONS of minds that have
To be sponges sitting back LEARNING of the world that’s been kept hidden & that has ALWAYS existed ..

The #PROOF has always been in the PUDDING, You want pudding? EAT YOUR #MEAT & SPIT OUT THE BONE … 4143

Everyone falls, it’s about how you get back up.

Pauls Dad is Funny, ImageImage
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Mar 23
Good Morning everyone!

Remember those whole GINORMOUS cities that have not 1 person living within them?

These “Abandon” (by design) Cities were built up for A reason, they’ve been built up for A VERY VERY long time …
All purposely built up to make the world/masses think
Something Real is happening when in reality it’s two “sides” trying to PUSH the Worlds population into whatever direction [They] #NEED the worlds population to go, A direction that benefits ONLY [Them] …

How many past wars were done this exact way?
How many past wars were
Staged, Pre planned & done specifically as Blood Ritual Sacrifices to [Their] false gods?

Do you think the world can handle the whole truth?

All I have mentioned above, it’s A larger % of truth but is still on the lower end % of all the horrific things that have been done
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Mar 23
Each one of [Them] is A player on the players board, each individual has A number attached to [Them]. The whole time the Military was “prompting” vaccines, posting all the picture they were, was always telling A story/painting—They were SHOWING everyone who was already cuffed &
Sentenced to death ..

There were pictures of A SHOT (firing squad) being loaded up & injected .. Everything within EVERY post has ALWAYS been A coded language showing everyone what was really happening ..
I talk to them all, EVERY DAY for the last 6 years going back & forth
Waiting for ones who chose to see..
I feel like I broken record repeating myself but whatever, it is what it is, all most could do was judge or cast their stones ..
It was & still kind of is A popularity contest. . Hate, pot stirring, childish games & drama seemed to be more
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Mar 23
3 + years later it finally matters, after 1 person showed the world what all of this was about & all so many could do was NOT CARE, judge him for knowing or judge him for the way he did things ..

All these years later, it finally starts to matter, matter the way it should have
From the very beginning ..

Even when Humanity doesn’t deserve my love, humanity is loved every day ..

#Repent, I saw EVERYTHING & I Remember #EVERYTHING .. Image
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Mar 23
Shock N Awe …
Cutter ..

-#Scarface / GF III / RAZOR #Scooter
-Step Brothers—Wine Mixer, finding A Happy Medium & playing music PITCH PERFECTly !
-Redeeming Love, Beauty & The Beast are no longer colliding—Same page. . (little m)
-Hancock - Hero Flying around
Saving Grace … #SMITH
- A League Of Their Own—Hanks For Playing …
- 17 Again, No one comes to me until they go through Him …
- Precious—Wings Of A Butterfly, In Bloom …
- The Five Year Engagement—It’sTime100 …
-My Girl—The 🐝BEES!! (BEE MOVIE) Enough Is Enough
The bees just needed A little SMOKE & MIRRORS, that’s it. Story line changes, the twist no one saw coming, Save Ferris/Saving Private Ryann …
- The PUNISHER—The Beginning
- The PUNISHER War Zone—The End

-#HOT FUZZ—From this point down, things get A little interesting ..
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Mar 22
Nothing to see here, Nothing at all ..
💧 #SAFE.✍️
Now for miracles.
First things First, We find the Happy Medium Between Water & Wine.
—‘A Happy Medium’ meeting in the
|MIDDLE| bridging the gap for those who have committed no crimes, see the light & want to be apart of the light but feel like they’ll be rejected. Image
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