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I feel no way or any form of #disrespect towards #TheQueen when I say this to the @RoyalFamily but I feel it's time now to #AbolishTheMonarchy as #thequeeniscoming to the end of her last years of life and #QueenElizabeth is no longer here to rule.

What is she thinking
will happen to her son #PrinceAndrew and @SarahTheDuchess after @NSPCC @PeterWanless @InquiryCSA who have excluded from #iicsa denying #victims more importantly #BlackWomen altogether, knowing Andrew and Sarah being very close with #EpsteinIsland
for whatever reasons as @Keir_Starmer repeats the same @actionfrauduk when head of @CPSUK to protect @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory the whole world is still focusing on as the @RoyalHistSoc @APFactCheck has proved over and over and over again
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Part 6. ImageImageImageImage
Part 7.🤫 ImageImageImageImage
Part 8.🤫 ImageImageImageImage
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There is NO [NEW WORLD ORDER], there is only God & Gods people ! ..

This dude is not real & the rest of the evil child hurting demons
Are exposed now more then ever before..

He is an actor playing the role as biden SHOWING the world the plans that have always been in the works on the evil side & trying to make it seem like to the world that the light side are the ones planning A [New World Order].
And to think there are some who believe what this disgusting being has to say, it’s crazy there is anyone who believes A word any of [Them] have to say.

Those who are close to God & have educated themselves throughout life on evil (Know thy enemy) are able to/have been able to
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UKRAINE, China, Iraq, Iran, ...... opens the door far beyond the BIDEN family.
How do you protect your interests [shelter from prosecution _public awareness]?
Control [infiltrate] DOJ, FBI, State, Intel, News, ..... etc?
How many *fired*?
When Obama Left Ukraine Defenseless...…
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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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We were looking for this: the VAERS data shows heart damage even from reduced dose of Pfizer vaccine in 5-11 year olds. Unconscionable and unacceptable. #CrimesAgainstChildren…
“The CDC had previously said that reporting rates of myocarditis for boys aged 16 to 17 could be more than 69 cases per million second doses administered and around 40 cases per million second doses in boys aged 12-15 years old.”
“The CDC did not say whether it believes there is a link between the myocarditis cases and the vaccine, or disclose the rate of myocarditis in the age group without vaccination.”
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Do You Wanna See The Durham Report??

3) WHAT IF???

The thousands & thousands of #chidlren sex trafficked AFTER the Clinton Earthquake, Grew Up? What if many of these Haitian Victims made their way to our border(s) recently & tell us their stories? #RedHaiti #AIDS #ClintonCrimeSyndicate
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and if @jamaicannews had found out that there has been a gross miscarriage of @injusticewatch with a @BBC @injusticedoc #thisistottenham that was set up by @labour @DavidLammy senior members of @MetTaskforce to mislead the public in hopes to not force a #NationalUprising
by burying #thetruth to #ProtectTheProtectors the @RoyalFamily and the few #PoliceOfficers who failed both #AmbroseGGBall and his mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell as confirmed by head of @BarnetCouncil Mr & Mrs @CllrCornelius n the email sent to family within days of Toni's
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representing #TheQueen, am I right in saying this?

So it is the representation of the @RoyalFamily that needs to reassure us that what is the #RuleOfLaw is followed by the guidelines and process that follows, am I right in saying this @wabbey ?
Just as @BBCCareers have a process they have to follow as set out by @Ofcom, right?

Just as #CPS has a process they have to follow when investigating a #CrimesAgainstHumanity carried out by anyone be it a member of the #civilsociety or a #PoliceOfficer as
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May 5, 2021, Canada: "BREAKING - Health Canada says #Pfizer #vaccine can now be given to kids aged 12 and older"

"Typically, the #vaccine submission review process can take much longer, but because of an emergency order, #HealthCanada has been able to expedite the authorization process."

The vaccine is an #mRNA vaccine.

July 5 2020: "This is the greatest science #experiment in vaccinology that's ever been done"

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⚠️Contains graphic content⚠️

Innocent children do not deserve the bullets. They have future. They have a long life ahead of them.
Save the children. Save Myanmar.


Tw // blood
5 years old child was shot with live ammunition.
@UNICEF @save_children

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You can really count on the Finnish #GreatReset gov to pay millions for a 'suitable report' for UN and BBC:
#Finland is world's 'happiest country' - UN | 15 March 2018…
World Happiness Report | 2018 #keskusta #demarit ImageImageImageImage
#RuleOfLaw #HumanRights @osce_odihr #Finland have been years under the auspices of the European Committee of Social Rights.
- It adopted reports concerning Finland in 2008, 2012 and in 2017.
#OSCE2021SWE @SwedeninATOSCE #SocialRights #CrimesAgainstChildren The destruction of Finnish families with children has nothing to do with viruses.
- This was caused by a catastrophic gov that ‘won’ the 'selection' with zionist Cabal's 7,666 extra votes.
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Well said Hun.

To many are turning their backs.

What is worse than #csaqt to know #TwitterCensorship is not a safe haven for destroyed soul's to turn to even on social media platforms no matter what people lead you to believe, there is no such olive branch
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#CrimesAgainstChildren #HumanTrafficking
- Jimmy Panetta=son of ex-c_a dir Leon Panetta

- Plasha Will="Plasha has served on the board of Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte"…
- Joe Gunter=died 6-20, ex-detective, Mayor of Salinas, CA…
- Steve McShane=councilman Salinas, CA
- Bruce Taylor=CSU, Monterey Bay…
Common denominator is Monterey Bay!
Mex. multinational cement company, CEMEX has since 1906 had mine operation in Monterey:…
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1) 2nd Thread on #Iran-#Iraq war: let’s discuss why Khomeini needed this devastating war &why did it continue the war for8 years and at what costs?
The #Iranian regime refers to Iran-Iraq was as"Holy Defense" trying to legitimize its biggest #CrimesAgainstHumanity
2) Let's start with some statistics only on #Iran's side. Obviously, the war was as destructive on #Iraqis. The losses and sufferings of families that had lost their loved ones, and their breadwinner could not be calculated.
3) Those who’ve lived in #Iran during the war, remember the overcrowded cemeteries,daily funerals, weeping& mourning of families and relatives in every street, becoming part of the daily life. Even in the most remote cities, no one was safe from the scourge of war and bombing.
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Trump should not be on the ballot. He should be on trial at the International Criminal Court for #CrimesAgainstChildren. #TrumpChaos Image
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#CrimesAgainstChildren #ObamaGate #HumanTrafficking
Are you ready for a roller coaster ride that will likely make you dizzy?
How does
a) Trump speech Ohio
b) FBI raid Cleveland
c) Kolomoisky & Boholiubov, Ukraine
d) Hunter & Joe Biden
e) Pharma
---connect with:...
f) Epstein & Maxwell
g) Les Wexner
h) Modeling Agencies
i) World-wide human trafficking
j) Mexican drug cartels
Let us dive into a complicated, convoluted rabbit hole!
Illustrate the enormity of a tangled web so complicated that it would take a minimum of 2 large volumes of books to list & present just the most crucial details of each part and how they connect.
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Why is Florida a hub for child trafficking? Could it be the underwater tunnel to the islands? Why are the elite & politicians so involved in the Caribbean? The below screenshots are from 2010. #ChildTrafficking #adrenochome #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity ImageImageImageImage
There are a few blogs saying this underwater tunnel is fake. Is it really?
Video showing satellite footage of some of the tunnel visible under water. Screenshots are needed as we are heavily censored & links disappear. Tunnel visible around Virgin Islands. You can see at least 1 offshoot to land underwater.

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13. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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12. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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