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How to recognize Soros-funded NGOs...

1. Identify the person who purchased the U-Haul for Antifa.
2. Find her on the Soros-Funded, "The Bail Project" website.
3. Make note of other "non-profits" she lists in her bio.

Can you follow the money?
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More proof that #Soros is directly behind these riots! The #Uhaul tied to giving aid & gear for the rioters was tied to #HollyZoller of the #BailInstitute which has multiple employees who were #SorosJusticeFellows. Bingo! #GeorgeSoros is a #DomesticTerrorist! @KerriKupecDOJ @FBI
What?! The #BailProject that provided the Uhaul was initially funded by grants from #JackDorsey!…
Damn, Anons even hunted down the Uhaul contract? 🤣 This truth network is mega powerful at cutting through the BS, that’s for sure.
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At that time, the Egyptian lodges were under the direct control of the British Secret Services and the Egyptian King Farouk was a freemason. What we still need to clarify is whether Sayyid Qutb was a CIA Agent.…
The link between Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS
That is why they are considered as a terrorist organization in most Arab states. However, this brotherhood was created by British intelligence, then went into the Nazi fold, and finally in the hands of the CIA.…
Links between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama administration
In April 2009, an official Brotherhood delegation was secretly received by president Obama at the White House, according to Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.…
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1. News: US Marshals Recover 35 Missing NE Ohio Children Ages 13 - 18, being located & recovered in Cleveland, Euclid, Akron, Mansfield, Columbus, Miami, Florida & other cities in Ohio -Thread 9.22.2020… #TG #ThankTeam #ThankPresidentTrump #SaveTheChildren
1b. News: US Marshals Recover 35 Missing Northeast Ohio Children Ages 13 to 18… (Video) #ThankGod #ThankUTeam #ThankYouPresidentTrump #SaveTheChildren
2. News: President Trump: "I'm so angry at Republicans. I am so angry. They spied on my campaign, we caught 'em. And by the way, that's Biden, that's Obama ... it's treason. Comey & alll the slease-bags spied on my campaign. Let's see what happens. #Spygate #Treason #Ohio #Rally
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BOOM!!👇🏻 enjoy the ****ing show. #Assange proves the #DNC had the motive to kill #SethRich. DNC paid Google’s Crowdstrike 100k to investigate the hacked emails that WikiLeaks published 1 day after Seths murder. Google then blamed Russia to frame @POTUS of collusion & impeach him!
I cannot put into words how massive this revelation is towards the plan. It’s all coming to fruition of the stuff we’ve been exposing for years. It proves there is a legit DeepState cabal who have been operating above the law. Wow Bigtime #Justice4SethRich
The #MSM is trying to get ahead of the story that #JulianAssange will be pardoned for testimony about how he received the #DNC emails, which he already said had nothing to do with #Russia. The media knows they’re ****ed. Rats are scurrying!
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On @TuckerCarlson's 9/16 show:
#DarrenBeattie of #RevolverNews shows us Democrats are using the old C_ I .A 🤡 #Playbook written by Dem Impeachment Lawyer Norm Eisen TO OVERTHROW A GOVERNMENT. Their RESIST = #ColorRevolution Tactics.
Old playbooks still used today?
Affirmative. The Democrats are using the old 🤡 "How To Overthrow A Government" #Playbook by Democrat Operative Norm Eisen. You might remember him from their Impeachment & Obama's Administration...
The see eye aaa IS ......…
Found their #OldPlaybookBeingUsed...
Read the sections in it! It describes 2015-2020 to a T.
T as in #TREASON.

(FYI, when Demz say Democracy, they mean
Communist-Totalitarian!) ImageImageImage
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1. News: AG Bill Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Consider Bringing Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan For Allowing Anarchists to Establish CHOP/CHAZ - Thread 9-17-2020…
2. News: Subpoenas Authorized For Spygate Figures:
Sidney Blumenthal
Denis McDonough
Lisa Page
Joe Pientka
Samantha Power
Bill Priestap
Susan Rice
Peter Strzok
Kevin Clinesmith… #Trump #Russia #Spygate #TREASON
3. News: The Portland Riots Just Stopped...Why?

Since May 29th, Portland has been back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist & BLM terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, intimidated people, threatened to burn them alive in their homes…
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#Cheating #Treason #MAGA2020 #ThePlaybook
THIS IS IMPORTANT - for prepping election aftermath!
Watch & listen to YT embedded in cue-post! Dems 'playbook' is mentioned, Norman Eisen!
HERE IS that Playbook, 2019 (100p):…
Now, be CAUTIOUS, when you read "The Playbook" - it is written from [their] viewpoint! So, what [they] regard as 'fair' may not be same connotation as yours! So, ASK yourself along the way, "what does this & that mean"?
For example, on p13, it is written:
"Even in well-established democracies, measures must be taken to guard against partisan efforts to manipulate the vote."

That sounds fair enough, right? Now check, what they DO mean (for there is a tiny note-ref 17 to it)
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The revelation that Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS comes after the Clinton Foundation admitted that the Kingdom gave millions of dollars in donations during Hillary Clinton's term as Secretary of State. The Saudi funding of both ISIS and the Clinton Foundation at the same time
raises questions as to when did Secretary Clinton become aware of the Kingdom's backing of ISIS, why she did nothing to stop the Saudi funding of terror, and why her foundation still took money from Riyadh.
Clinton noted in her email to Podesta, "With all of its tragic aspects, the advance of ISIL through Iraq gives the U.S. Government an opportunity to change the way it deals with the chaotic security situation in North Africa and the Middle East."
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6 tweets from @realDonaldTrump in a row about federal ruling that PA gov’s COVID restrictions were unconstitutional. I’d say COVID is over America. #Winning
COVID restrictions were unconstitutional from the start. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law👇🏼 We didn’t need a federal judge to tell us that but TY just the same! #OpenUpAmerica #TakingOurCountryBack…
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Facebook wqas a tool used against the Syrian people and the Assad regime as ISIS was used..calling for:

Indeed, the platform has relayed, for several weeks, pages calling for the lynching and murder of citizens and Syrian
officials accused of being favorable to their government, which is described as "bloodthirsty".…
On their way to a replacement populace of the Syrian people using ISIS for Genocide...those that deny ISIS support ..such as Kerry, Brennan.. should be brought to trial for Aiding and Giving Comfort to the Enemy..#TREASON
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Allen/Clinton/Feltman/Petraeus clan on one hand, and the Obama/Kerry administration on the other, as being concerned with the question of whether or not to support Daesh. This interpretation was wrong.
Both sides had no qualms about organising and supporting the most fanatical of jihadists. Their disagreement concerned only the recourse to open warfare — and the risk of potential conflict with Russia — or the choice of secret action.
Only Flynn — Donald Trump’s current security advisor — is opposed to jihadism.
The support that Kerry offers to Daesh violates several UN resolutions and constitutes proof of his responsibility and that of Obama in the crimes against humanity committed by the terrorist org.
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Yesterday’s 9/11 #Brennan-48 #Comey-50 drops pointed to a #BillClinton follow-up?🤔

Got it 9/12!➡️#4682


2 Q drops: 193846-193444 =
402➡️ #42➡️42nd Pres= #Clinton

Q drop: 193444 -
Anon: 193421=23=BC

🛑Indicted for 9/11 not #Epstein?

2nd Q drop: 193846
Anon: 193814 = 32 (#FDR?)


Why FDR? His 9/11/41 speech by radio was abt rights/freedom being stolen by people wanting “to acquire absolute control & domination”

Began w “My Fellow Americans”

@IngrahamAngle @seanhannity
If #BillClinton is indicted/arrested for 9/11 instead of #EpsteinIsland that will definitely be a “future direction” I didn’t see coming😳


#WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @POTUS #NeverForget911 #GeorgeWBush #SomePeopleDidSomething ImageImageImageImage
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#TheComingCoup (new thread)

💣Democrats LAYING GROUNDWORK for REVOLUTION right under our noses~our #Patriotic NOSES

💣#Globalists & their #Illuminati masters openly talking about staging a coup


💣#Treason ImageImageImage
@sjorolan @MissesJ3 @d5iza @DaSikDude @Craneger @slavewar @Maca691 @groth1945 @DFBHarvard @damien_shark #TheComingCoup

💣It STARTED when the MILITARY BRASS told the TROOPS that they should NOT follow a PRESIDENTIAL ORDER😳

💣Former GENERALS, including Trump’s 1st Sec.of Def. James Mattis


💣And cheeks smote w his own glove Image
@sjorolan @MissesJ3 @d5iza @DaSikDude @Craneger @slavewar @Maca691 @groth1945 @DFBHarvard @damien_shark @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @volarconalas #TheComingCoup

💣As RIOTS reached FEVER PITCH, Sec of Def MARK ESPER all but PUBLICLY told POTUS not to invoke the INSURRECTION ACT🤯

💣The message? “Mr. President, don’t tell us to do that, because WE WON’T & U know what happens after that”

💣Talk about a DAGGER in the back ImageImage
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September 11th, 2020 post thread.
The days first post is a reminder that tyranny is not easily conquered. That we’ll have ups and downs but as long as we keep fighting against the powers that be we will prevail.
Q tags a bunch of articles relating to arsonists who have been arrested during these wildfires. The map of the fires show how coordinated and evil these people are at sowing confusion and chaos in our unsuspecting society...
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I started my journey 5 years ago- Twitter was the battlefield to vote in Trump who is an amazing man fighting to save the US from the evil clutches of Satan and the Luciferian ran world-

I hope to help others around the world to keep their #EyesWideOpen and know the #Truth.
The #Q operation was started by JFK- who was assassinated for trying to expose that the CIA / Deep State was in reality the one running the world. Black hats thought they won that day but actually the #QAnon operation continued......
In actuality Trump was recruited by Military Generals and asked to run for President against the evil one Hillary Clinton. Trump ran to save America and finish what JFK started. There are many similarities in how Melania Trump & Jackie Kennedy dress....
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The real “evil doers”. #Treason #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Tyranny Image
We are the Light of the World 🙏🏼#TakingOurCountryBack #FaithInHumanity ImageImageImage
The quintessential false flag. #911Truth 👉…
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[Cabinet]... #SeditiousConspiracy
What key positions of power would
be critical to the operation?
#ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
#EnemyOfThePeople #Treason
🔹️… ImageImage
WOULD LOSE [Sloppy] #PanicInDC
Seek & destroy [lose] incriminating
evidence? #MuellerReport
Andrew Weismann claims to have
"accidentally" wiped, via wrong
passwords at least 2 phones
detailing his activity during
antiTrump probe. ImageImage
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Kasich let it slip. Those who know...


Money and guns for ISIS.


McCain brokered the deal.

Obama approved it.

Americans killed by taxpayer funded terrorists.

Military Industrial Complex.

Endless war.

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1.) Look who is defending & protecting Antifa... 🤔
Apparently, users aren’t allowed to hurt ANT🖕FA’s feelings or request justice in accordance to the #Treason laws as they continue to burn & destroy our cities, & rob, rape, beat, harass, threaten, & murder innocent #Americans. ImageImageImage
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