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Hawaii Police Bulletin comms
Today 3/30/20
Big Island, HI News comms 7/7/19 Claiming Plantation Mall FL explosion the day after.

Each has
7 Magic Square

First, the matching occultism numerology 7 Magic Squares.


2+6+2=10 1+0=1
2+9+4=15 1+5=6

262+294=556 5+5+6=16

10.9% same line, omit zero
🎯 COVID 19

"seven fatal" ('spell'ed)
"7 fatalities"

D stacked, 4th letter, 44/BHO/HI

See "Plantation Closed" X2
above pic of HI News 7/7.

Here's Another Plantation 77° w/ Crescent Moon / Islam symbol.

"23 injured"
23 designates False Flag attack.

"23 injured" 'lava bomb' tour boat, 7/16/18. Islam New Year, John Jr Anniversary.

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1/10 Today we are going to talk about #PAIN Not pain for Patriots, pain for the bad guys. How do we know there is going to ever be pain for them? #TrustThePlan Let’s take a look… #TheStormIsUponUs ThankQ @realdonaldTrump CQmfort4Us=GITMO4Them
2/10 When is POTUS 30 day travel ban over? Starts Friday the 13th of March, ends Good Friday. #Dark2Light 4/10/20 Donald J Trump. D-J-T alphanumeric = 4-10-20
3/10 When is PAIN coming? I believe it has already started for Black Hats but lets look at some interesting #Qposts…9,10,11 #PAINCOMING
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(See pic: 2007❗)
“the CHINA virus”
Worth remembering:

Wuhan Institute of Virology [geo location]?
[1st biosafety lvl 4 lab – 2015]
City/Province origin – hot zone [geo location]?

Cont. >


(< follows #3896)

“Unbeknownst to Harvard University beginning in 2011, Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at [Wuhan] University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant...

Cont. >


(< follows #3896) China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017.”
[rapid spread]…
>End POTUS rally(s)?
>End POTUS econ gains?
>End POTUS unemployment gains?
>End POTUS [A, B, C, D, ……]?
Cont. >
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1)Its been botherin me that all these celebs are gettin that ChinaVirus.

HOW? WHY are THEY getting it?

Its a hassle to go out in public like normal people (food shopping, the gym, dining - they're too famous)...They live in their castles with everything done for them.

So HOW??
2)And then it hit me...its WHO they interact with, specifically bodily fluids.

Prepare yourself, this part is sick, but Q keeps telling us:

"THESE people are SICK"

So how are these isolated idols getting infected if they barely interact with us peons???

It finally clicked...
3)We have a pandemic from a country with poor, and high amounts of trafficked children.

Remember how Hillary tried to have her pal Laura Silsby gobble up those 50 NON-ORPHANS after the Earthquake in Haiti?

(the one where the Clinton Foundation kept 98% of the money raised)
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OK - this story is connected to everything

#Assange, #Vault7 , pedophilia, bradley manning,

the @CIA , #Wikileaks, etc.

This article has new, and weird, details at the end.


more on the vault 7 leaker / pedo / etc.

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Erdogan gives up everything south of the #M4 with a 6km buffer zone to both sides.
Not a word about the 8 besieged Turkish observation posts.
Not a word about regime withdrawal from ANY city.
Again a "buffer zone" like in Astana (below), which was used by Assad, Putin & Iran to recapture most of the zone.
Erdogan surrendered.
Plain and simple.
A f*cking MILLION of civilians was forcefully displaced by the #AssadPutin offensive since December.
This agreement will make them IDPs for decades or forever.
Simply unbelievable.
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JFC‼️Trump Offered Assange a Quid Pro Quo IF He Covered Up Russias Role in the Hack of Clinton’s emails.😳He offered him a pardon via ⁦@DanaRohrabacher⁩‼️JOHN KELLY knew‼️#AidingAndAbetting Russia’s attack on our election = #TREASON 🔥…
🤔Remember when Pompeo insisted he get in sideways w the unit of the CIA that was investigating Trump and that they report DIRECTLY to him⁉️
🔥....And then... Pompeo kept briefing General Flynn even though he was considered to be vulnerable to blackmail⁉️
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@cspanwj #QAnon
February 17, 2020
Q: The Silent War Continues
We’re living in dramatic times that are difficult to understand. One way to try to interpret them is through the cryptic clues provided by Q.
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon
"Q is a new weapon in the game of information warfare, bypassing a hostile media and corrupt government to communicate directly with the public.”
@cspanwj @cspanwj #QAnon
"In almost 4,000 posts, Q has painted a disturbing, multi-faceted portrait of a global crime syndicate that operates with impunity. In recent weeks, President Trump has grown more explicit about some of the syndicate’s crimes. "
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The impeachment effort was an orchestrated #coup against the President of the United States, with the fake whistleblower, Adam Schiff and company. It was conspiracy to overthrow the President from before he even took the oath of office!
#QAnon #WWG1GWA #KAG2020 #TheStormIsHere
Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities! Treason is punishable by death!
Trump names names for #Treason! The highest offense in the land!

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Donald J. Trump: “There's such corruption. Before I got here, It's from the @BarackObama administration. When everybody sees what's going on in (the not) @TheJusticeDept, I always put “justice”now with quotes, it's a very, very sad day.”

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New #Qanon thread January 30th - Q post 3806: Q links a post of #LindseyGraham explaining how the #President was completely in his legal right to pursue actual crimes committed by high ranking politicians. He also stated the #Bidens are being looked at outside! #ImpeachmentEnd
Q post 3807: Q points out Sept 19th, 2018 to watch the opponent who decide to run in 2020 because they will say @realDonaldTrump cannot go against his political enemies. See #JoeBiden & #HunterBiden. Also see #TomSteyer #MichaelBloomberg all running out of the blue.
Q post 3808: Q posts a link to an article about #JeffSessions opened 27 investigations into leaking w/ political motives in the gov. Q is stating that the whistleblowers to be revealed in these investigations were 2 sources on the #NationalSecurityCouncil…
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#Bolton Sold Missiles to Iran — #HunterBiden Ran Guns w/ Patrick Ho Chinese Tycoon - MIL ENCRYPTED BBs - PAIN COMING
#qanon #DeepState #democrats #trump #TREASON #traitor
You will not believe this shit.
2. You will not believe what Webb goes thru in this one. He goes into detail about how John Bolton is now reminding all of his co conspirators of all of the questionable and possibly illegal side deals they were involved in. Oh and Bolton and some others sold missies to Iran!
3. Also he claims that bolton would be a good witness and poses absolutely zero threat the President Trump.

Of course there is more detail about Hunter Biden’s illegal schemes, gun running this time. Supposedly working with Patrick Ho, a Chinese business tycoon.
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Q Drops with Game Over!!
Soros takes orders from P.
You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.
Fight, fight, fight.
Day of days.
Game over.
#ThesePeopldAreSick #ThesePeopldAreEvil
#GameOver #QAnon
[Reminder - HUSSEIN EO]…📁
Executive Order 13526
Sec 1.7
"Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
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Tom Cotton, Mike Braun, and Ted Cruz just

sent a letter to AG Barr urging the DOJ

to investigate the National Iranian American

Council (NIAC).

NIAC has an intern in @Tlaib's office gggrrrrrhh

*rockefeller funding…

Here's the actual letter :…

Who is this Patrick 'Disney' ?

This guy basically represents iran

his specialty is nuclear non-proliferation LOL

HE lobbied for obumnut's iran deal #JCPOA

We smell #Treason


I'm not going any deeper in this rabbit hole

It's all here though

Patrick Disney / NIAC / obutnut / nuclear weapons /

@RashidaTlaib / @Yale / rockefeller / #Treason

Lots of dems support @NIACouncil .......…
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!!Decode (1/22/19 3:40 PM EST)

This Decode is based on POTUS Tweets; T-12123, T-12124, T-12125, T-12126

TimeStamps: 11:27, 11:28, 10:43, 10:47
Time Deltas: 2:30, 1m, 11:15, 10:47

Dems, Impeachment, Hoax
Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff
2nd Amendment


Vote Republican
John Bolton
US House of Representatives

The Impeachment Hoax and The Great Awakening


@realDonaldTrump 2.

The TimeStamp 11:27 Clue
Leads us to Q-Drop 1127

Here we find ...

Comms Must be Cryptic (National Security Laws)

“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”

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Did you know:

#Ptech Now #GoAgile
Al-Qaeda used Ptech as a front business

Ptech Client list Include all US Agencies & Military
Silicone Valley Big Tech

Ask yourself why would US gov do business with Al-Qaeda?

Especially before, during & after #911Attack

Shortly after 9/11, #Ptech primary investor, Yassin al-Qadi (al-Kadi)
Identified by the US Gov. as a specially designated global terrorist.

Officials describe al-Qadi as 1 of Osama bin Laden's "chief money launderers" & say he transferred $3+ billion to al-Qaeda during the 1990s
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New Q 1/19/2010 The Great Awakening
Senate impeachment begins 1/21/2020
What's happening this week?
Senate begins impeachment trial-GOP senators considering 'kill switch' option
Gen Flynn-“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!”-Sidney Powell
Trump Legal Defense Team ready
Socialists Agenda #Virginia2A is being exposed
THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD may refer to Q drop 659- FREEDOM DAY: When Abraham Lincoln signed a resolution for the U.S. Constitution's 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery
(Q) POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened & enslaved
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Hmm.....I seem to recall @carterwpage saying somewhere that there was a professor at Georgetown who used to (and still does) employ the term "Soviets" instead of Russians.
Name of the professor escapes me at the moment. Don't think it was said during a tv interview.

Might've been included in a letter, as an aside or a footnote.

Ah, oh well.
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Obama killed Gaddafi and turned Libya into a nightmare
Pelosi says, Obama did not need authorization from congress on Libya
Hillary "We came. We saw. He died." #TuesdayThoughts
President Trump talks about how they killed Gaddafi
They didn't respond to #bengazi
They took out Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do with 911 #Trump #DemocraticDebate
Benghazi never had to happen Admiral James "Ace" Lyons (RIP)🙏 #Treason was Committed
👉Gaddafi was working with the Pentagon for truce negotiations
👉Obama/Clinton were training and funding of terrorists
Full Video👉 👈#Expose2020 #ThursdayMotivation
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(1) Several weeks ago two really creepy individuals came into my workplace (one male & one female).

Both were in their late 50s or early 60s. They had a 5 or 6 year old girl in tow with them.

She looked petrified, skinny, malnourished & had huge circles under her fearful eyes.
(2) I alerted my manager that "something was "off" with the couple & that the child looked exhausted & terrified.

They looked like they could be the grand-parents of the little girl, but the woman made a comment to the girl about her "father."
(3) We frequently gather some personal information from the members of the public with whom we interact as part of our business protocol.

After the man left, I googled him and was stunned.

He is highly educated, maintains he was a hacker in the military and also alluded to ....
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BREAKING 'Iran cyber hacks American government website and gives chilling warning' FDLP
American Federal Depository Library Programme (#FDLP) are greeted with a hacked image from ' the Islamic Republic of Iran' #CyberSecurity 👉…
Former EMP Commission chief believes Obama-holdovers and "deep state" operatives could undermine America's ability to protect itself from an #EMP
National Defense Authorization Act was signed by President Trump on 12/20/2019, EMP -Executive Order…
Iran Deal Agreement Calls on the U.S. to Help Iran Develop Its Cyber Security Capabilities
👉Assisting Iran's ability to defend against cyber weapons (like Zero day) that the US or allies may want to use against #Iran #Treason
Full Video👇
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A former Iranian diplomat said US John Kerry has hailed General Soleimani during a meeting with Arab foreign ministers. @realDonaldTrump…
#Soleimani #Traitors #Treason
@realDonaldTrump Soleimani had planned an attack on a Washington DC restaurant to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador. Soleimani was taken off the sanctions list after the Nuclear deal.
These people are sick...…
@realDonaldTrump October 2011: Commander Qasem Soleimani was one of Five Individuals Tied to Iranian Plot to Assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States…
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