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Did you know #WWE Licensed A deal to have A WWF ( WWF At The Time) Roller Coaster @ Niagara Falls back in June, 2004? …

‘BEWARE OF THE #PileDriver’ !!!

Everything ever done in time has been CALCULATED & Has deeper meaning.
‘BEWARE OF THE PILE DRIVER’ was open for 1 whole day, 1 DAY!

It was apparently shut down for “Safety Violations” ..

Also, did you know—VKM has wanted to open A WWE/WWF Theme park for MANY years now?
All the rides in the park would be named after PAST/PRESENT Wrestlers.
Think about what’s happening in the world today when it comes to Disney . . .

VKM also tried working out A deal getting WWE/WWF into existing themed parks in California, he was denied …

PARADISE #GARDENs Park, Adventure Park & Disneyland?

Knowing what everyone knows now,
A pretty clear picture is painted on #WHY WWE was denied & ride shut down for “Safety Violations” …

Important Questions to ask:
-What Technology did Hitler have access to?
-What Kind of History was Hitler into?
-What “Ancient Of Days” History?
-What Symbols was Hitler into?
-What was Hitler trying to Reverse Engineer?
-What Happened in 1945?
-Where did Hitler Go?
-What was the trade off?
-What happens when you follow the money ?

There are A few more very important Questions to ask, along with dots that can be connected …

How do you prove
To ones self if someone is corrupt?
Friends close, enemies closer?
Try to get your LEGIT company within/behind enemy lines? When declined, Questions answered?

Why did the GOVERNMENT/(FBI?) go after VKM?
Pre planned?
Who testified against VKM?
Define Chess, Time Travel.✍️
If you start A game of #Jumanji/Chess in 1945 & Finish in 2022/2023—What year is it when THE GAME IS OVER?
Is everything connected ?
Connected in A way of SUBLIMINALLY #SHOWING the world what is really happening in the world ?
Cries for help?
Warning signs?

72 Seconds is A production company working in the shadows that no one knows about that oversees 80% of ALL movies
That have EVER been made.
It’s all put together & connected JUST LIKE Q, BOTH “SIDES” co-Exist & work together ..
MSM (enemy of the people) PROVE how [THEY] influence people into hating things/ones that are actually helping ..
72 is “Them” working with 17 for the last 100 +
The same way Q is put together is the same way 80% + of EVERYTHING else in life has been out together !

This is #WHY the common enemy NEEDED to infiltrate EVERY layer of life, because every layer has been working together !
Seeing all the hate, division & childish
Games so many have chosen to play over the years is disappointing. All those that have come & gone MANY have chosen to follow blindly that have said they are “Q” or someone “important”, why have they never shown any of you these things?
All these important details
have made it very easy to see all those who have tried infiltrating or ones trying to say they’re God …
It also has shown ME/WE/US all those who would go to the shiniest objects being shined at everyone …
The “Diamond In The Rough” everyone has been waiting for/looking for
Has been SHOWING the world this whole time but MOST chose to judge A book by it’s cover, not believing A word said or what was being SHOWN.
Nothing was ever good enough.

#EVERYTHING is know about before it happens, EVERYTHING!
It was known about 20 years ago, what I would do
Present day.
All the things I would do for everyone, TEACH EVERYONE, SHOE EVERYONE so everyone would know what is really going on & #WHY it’s happening, it was known 20 years ago.

Even “THEY” show everyone, why?
To stop the common enemy from making ALL OF YOU destroy yourselves & This world ..

Most continue feeding into all of the things that aren’t real & because those who feed into things/ones who aren’t real, people get hurt or
Worse, lose their lives ..

The same way everything was/is created the last 100 years is the same ways the books in the Bible were written. These are all different kinds of truths that were taken out of the Bible, truths [They] didn’t want anyone ever knowing about ..
Imagine the world knowing Time Travel had A major play in the past around the time of Jesus & the teachings ..
Imagine the world finding out [they] took drinking blood LITERALLY & altered so much so that when the truth came out, the 1 thing/person everyone NEEDED, no one wanted.
[They] did everything this way, mocked the Trinity & created everything in A way that when/of the world ever started catching on to what [they] were doing, the People would turn their backs & betray ..

It’s sad but true.
Q = Bible/Life decoded.

Every day is known about & given to the world to decode the coded messages left within the decode of layers everyone wants answers on. The most important stuff has to be EARNED ..
The things that are cared about within Q the most are things that
Truly don’t matter, The only reason why they matter so much is because it was always known of how many would fall for all the fakes/infiltrators, propaganda, ones trying to be God/Q, Hate, pot stirring, the focus on government/worship of government & money ..

Those who
We’re/are able to rise above it all, they were SHOWN, they seen what was being shown & who was BACKING all of it, they found PEACE within the calm before the storm & are at PEACE WITHIN during the storm ..

So many showed their true colors & have proven why this world is the
Way it is, now is the time to stop the childish games & stop feeding into what is being shown on TV …

The truth sets the world free, I AM #TRUTH ..

The choice is yours, it’s A simple choice ..

I don’t ever expect anyone to take what I say seriously or care but it’s here.
I know of those who see, care & show all the love/appreciation they do because they know what’s been done for them.

I love & love is all I Am at the end of each day.


• • •

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Apr 11
Directly right of me, the EXACT direction the camera is pointing, Jaime Thomas was in town with the #ZERO team & Asked #ME out of 5,000 people to play A game of skate. I was roughly 15 years young or so. There were HUNDREDS of people he could have chosen, out of those hundred
He could have chosen, 50 of them were standing in front of me.
There are ones in the world who KNOW & HAVE KNOWN about the plans all along.
Each layer of life have had ones who were “chosen” to be ambassadors to make sure that layer of life stays the course of what has been
Asked of them.
A Vision of the future was SHOWN to selected individuals, those individuals took an oath of SILENCE, they could not speak A word about it with anyone. They could ONLY DO, many that surround those individuals may not have understood #WHY decisions had to be made
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Apr 11
Absolutely NOTHING, #NOTHING at all …

Everything created in the world was created for no purpose at all, none of it is #Biblical Truth hidden in plain sight, none of it is back doors around all the fake so people know what’s really going on & none of it points
Directly to A specific someone that it was all created for the way it has been …

So many claim to be A #Biblical Someone & to make sure the people didn’t fall for ANY of it, everything in time was created in the ways it has been SHOWING the world who has been waking them up.
None of that matters though, the only thing that truly matter to so many is money …

Too Me, it matters & I care about the finders details in life along with #WH-Y they were created as everything has been. The future went back to past, collected data KNOWING someone would be
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Apr 11
All the people in white are “anons”, dancing around in the beginning when this all started … Then you become tired, crawling around in all the blood of those who have fallen at the hands of [THEM]/Evil/corruption . . .

Finally, ones among ALL OF YOU are SHOWN/Revealed
That have always been among you that start giving new life to EVERYONE ..
What have those YOU ALL look to for comms/proofs/confirmations been SHOWING you the last year? (Including the military)It’s been made more clear NOW then ever before as of late .. YOU ALL Rise back up
To your feet.
The HOSE/FLOOD sprays EVERYONE (YOU/EVERYONE is the 🔥/The problem & The Solution) with the truths that have been wanted for A very long time.
Above everyones head is A MIRROR BALL, Who posted something similar to that & then ALL OUT LIFE was created? Who created
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Apr 10
1122, the first thing we should do together is go to Area-58…

Password Accepted ImageImage
[A]pril Showers ImageImage
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