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so no one is going to like my take on this,
& I hope to share more officially with an article

But people are being a little misled here… #chronicpain #opioids #westvirginia #drugs #opioidcrisis
reason we're seeing opioids lawsuits being overturned is not about the validity of what the companies have done but how they've been sought after by AG's & litigators

TDLR: Public Nuisance lawsuits are IMO garbage that works by intimidation & not merit…
Public Nuisance lawsuits mean plaintiffs don't have to prove intent or specific ways that the defendants' actions led to damages

good scare tactics for an issue w/ lots of public feeling & can push judges & juries to do things they might otherwise not
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🚨Important thread 🧵

major collection of wisdom

You must dig to apply the knowledge you can gain

#FlatEarth #Christians #Jesus #christ #Truth #Trump #elon #elonmusk #joerogan

Hearts electromagnetic field

Important to understand how valuable this is.

Water 💨🧊💧and frequency amplitude reveal precise geometric expressions ❄️ of the Aether

Sound and light are the same, waves, distorted descriptions manipulate the unity.


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Reddit has a secret tier of rules

where Reddit Administration pushes moderators to ban users & protect topics they want to controlled without the public knowing of it… @andysignore @emzanotti @YellowFlashGuy @Grummz @BillyM2k @TheCriticalDri2 @erikkain
Heres the story of the banning of r/TumblrInAction & r/SocialJusticeInAction subreddits for letting users post “identity invalidation” content… @TheQuartering @AbbyJohnson @ConceptualJames @neontaster @BlueBoxDave @chadfelixg @EthanVanSciver @realchrisrufo
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1/🧵 Hacked on Twitter - what did I learn⁉️

I & other physicians’ @verified @Twitter accts were hacked last week…
This “micro-dose” of being silenced reminds me to do all I can to amplify the voice of others.
And it made me want to share a few thoughts about this platform…
2/ How did it make me feel?

📍At the mercy of others
📍Out of control

Of course, it’s just social media

But how we handle ourselves here prepares us to fight #Testimonial #Injustice

No one wins if we stifle the voice & truth of another person.
3/ Detachment

I’ve been working on detachment from the lure of worldly things.

When the hackers stole control of my account, my 1st thought was that this was a perfect opportunity for me to practice detachment.

If I’m truly detached, my pulse should remain a calm 46 bpm 😎
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Complaining about the right to choose?

Why wasn’t that right taken advantage of the night at the bar to NOT have Sex with someone ones barely knew?

A woman or man could EASILY say, “you know what I’m not going to sleep with this man/woman because if something were to happen
I’m not ready to have A baby, especially with someone I barely know” …

Same goes for pretty much EVERY OTHER SCENARIO that could be brought up.

If A woman is carrying A child from being rapped or some other Circumstances, there should be some kind of Exceptions.

Get to
The #ROOT of it all, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

The people have this world have been programmed & Hardwired to self destruct from birth on …

What ever happened to THAT side of life, sex & relationship being sacred?

It’s like there’s BILLIONS of Adams & Eves running around the world
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1. Dr. Proudman is a spokesperson for the multi-billiion dollar government funded, non profit for profit Ponzi scheme industry. They don’t care about victims and they don’t care about the truth.

Lily-Rose wrote on Instagram in 2016…
2. “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same.” Image
3. Lily-Rose was used by #AmberHeard friend iO for his “Self-Evident Truths”photo shoot celebriting LGBTQI ppl & cleverly mislead the public to wrongly assume the 15 year-old was gay/bi essentially outing her. This is what caused #JohnnyDepp to ❌ iO…
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Allow me to introduce myself. I am a former scientist who stood up and declined to take the vaccine. My approximately 20-year career, most of which was in pharma and biotech came to an end Oct of last year. Since then, I’ve been fighting back. #Truth #Courage
Been given the opportunity to share the #Truth on numerous podcasts and for that I’m grateful. Started a community of scientific truth tellers called Scientists for Health Freedom and soon I’ll be launching a new resource to make science more approachable called Science Defined.
Here's where you can find me spewing #truth across social media as well as my substack, S4HF communities, and soon Science Defined.

I humbly ask that you join me in this fight and if you find this valuable to please share. Thank you and God Bless!…
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When your keynote talks about beer goggles you know it’s going to be a good talk! #APIC2022
If we are on autopilot in our choices then we are missing the opportunity to connect. #apic2022
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Man-made famine, coming soon to America, courtesy of the @JoeBiden Regime.

Doubt me?

Since he took office some 42 food processing facilities have been torched soon after he announced there would be food shortages at the G7, the most recent a chicken 🐓 processing facility.
Yet another bizarre fire 🔥 that will threaten our food supply.

I’m sure that in the mind of @JoeBiden Vladimir Putin is somehow to blame.

Wait for it.

I would say #Google it, but when I actually USED @Google vs @DuckDuckGo the results were obviously censored with pro-Biden narratives.

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#TRUTH ✔️ It —See for yourself.
#PEPE 🛹 s & Is/has been all along, hidden in plain sight right in front of everyone but everyone thought they knew who is who …
Kinda A little bit funny if you REALLY think about it.

Saving Private RYAN .
Only God could bring down the 1 eyed monster ..

#JackassForever !
The 1 eyes monster in Jackass blows it’s load all over the people, don’t believe me? Go watch the opening skit for yourself, quite hilarious!
8=D class
Resident 44 = D class !
44 = 8=D
44 = The 1 Eyes Monster !!!

Eight Equals Dick !
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.@bullyray5150, yourself & .@davidlagreca1 we’re talking on Busted Open about Cobra Kai & how “no one saw it coming … If anyone did see it coming, you both call bullshit”…

I know & see all.

As far as the 24/7 championship,
Either Dave truly has absolutely no clue of the hidden layer/storylines being told of what’s going on IRL #OR No one can be #REAL with their listeners who do know about the hidden storyline layers #OR Controversy creates cash & the more everyone keeps silent “Kay fabe”, the more
Talk shows like .@BustedOpenRadio keep their listeners on the #HOOK without showing/talking about the hidden biblical layers of life the .@WWE/.@AEW are secretly showing the world/Country but the world/Country is pretty much clueless …

So which one is it?
Afraid to speak
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Control is the very purpose of Intelligence Agencies and all the Intelligence Agencies join into International Operations for the One World Government aka the Empire.

The Intel (Intelligence) has always been run by the Vatican and Jesuits have definitively taken over the Vatican. Jesuits know how to educate Gentiles (in charge of the "Education", Lyon in France has always been a Central Jesuit Educative Hub and goes on with the WHO Academy)
The information was collected on papers so far (archives and the well-known "files"). Now they use the power of quantum computers, facilitating International Op. They strike coins for each new Op, hiding the Agency and a way to unite & federate their teams in a new dark project..
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It’s official.

Rebekah Jones, the fired Florida Department of Health dashboard designer, is NOT a whistleblower.

The walls have closed in.…
In response to her defeat, Rebekah Jones records a video while she's driving.

She cries, falsely says that the report confirmed some of her allegations, falsely claims that the original investigator was fired, and promises to file a lawsuit anyway.…
Rebekah Jones claims that she will sue the Florida Department of Health, a government agency, into bankruptcy. Image
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Rassegna Stampa
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni #eretico_l
A proposito del Re Vaxinatore della dinastia Rockef.. Chi controlla la Salute, il Cibo, le Fonti Energetiche e il Denaro.. Controlla il Mondo.
Lo capite vero cosa stanno facendo?
Rassegna Stampa
Via @eretico_l
La vera storia di un Paese che è stato tradito e svenduto ai banchieri dai tempi di Cavour
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Therapist Tip for your #mentalhealth: How to spot a #narcissist We are in a #narcisstic #psychopathic and #sociopathic epidemic. Look for these 🚩🚩1. Mirroring your interests 🚩 2. Love Bombing you at first. Feels like bliss 🚩3. Early obsession. Go too fast in any relationship
Fall in love with you in first week(s). 🚩4. Feels too good to be true 🚩5. They are idealising you & you can do no wrong. You are perfect for them. This is the 'honeymoon' period 🚩6. Them comes drama out of the blue 🚩 7. They come from a position of "how am I?" #psychology
Wanting others attention 🚩They do not care about how you are or how your day was. Do they ever ask you how you are, how was your day, say "that sounds like a tough day for you", show genuine empathy) Watch for 'false' empathy. Does the conversation always go back to them? #narcs
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"The best relationships and the right opportunities handle the truth. The ones that can’t were never reciprocal. They were never real. They were never honest. Be honest. You won’t ever regret it." -- Eve Barlow @Eve_Barlow…
After the Zeitenwende: Jürgen Habermas and Germany's new identity crisis - New Statesman…
#RussiaUkraine, #GermanHistory, #InternationalRelations, #PostReunification
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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A Goofy 🐮 🐄 Movie …
Scooby Snack Time …
kPEPermit The Frog …
SIMON says ..
Mickey MOUSE Skate Video .

Cow - Wisconsin
Scooby - doG
PEPE - Skateboarder
Peter Griffin - Pan/Jesus/The Griffin
SIMON - Take Care Of My Sheep
Mouse - PAW PAW
I AM & This is my Command, LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!

Everything you hav been taught is A lie, it’s A Throne of lies ..

I Command you give my people the biblical truths with COMPASSION, LOVE & EMPATHY , EVERYTHING .

Everything that has been kept from humanity, Show them
Who has been right in front of them this whole time ..
SHOW the people All That has been kept hidden from them & WH-Y !

Shock the world awake, MY people are ready.✍️

1 Jesus Nick Name - Pan
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Operation 40, a CIA sponsored hit squad in the 1960s, was a “mixed group of Cuban exiles, Italian wise guys, and square-jawed military intelligence types.” Created under Eisenhower in March 1960, controlled under VP Nixon, #Truth THREAD 👇🏻…
Taken in a Mexico City nightclub in 1963, this is the only known picture of the original members of Operation 40.
The man hiding behind his lapel is Frank Sturgis. Before he became known as the Watergate burglar, Sturgis was a CIA operative for Operation 40. He moved to Cuba in 1956 & in 1958 offered to train Castro’s troops, including Che Guevara, in guerrilla warfare, to overthrow Batista.
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Young Disney joined DeMolay in 1920, as the 107th member of the original Mother Chapter of DeMolay in Kansas City, Missouri. He was 19 years old.” DeMolay International, founded in 1919, is an international fraternal organization for boys 12 to 21. #Truth Thread 👇🏻
It was named for Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. DeMolay is considered to be part of the general “family” of Masonic organizations.
Commemorative coins are available for purchase to this day, featuring Mickey, Walt, as well as the DeMolay and Freemason emblems.
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Thread about how Judges examine a document when a doubt is expressed about genuineness of that document.

1/ The question was about genuineness of a Will.

The man claimed "He was servant of the deceased. All his relatives had left him in his old age.
#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ He was looking after all court cases between deceased and his sons. Being pleased with his service, the old man, before dying, signed one page typed will, in which one property was given to him."

There was doubt about genuineness of this Will.

3/ Judge examined the Will like a Detective.

It was possible that this man may have obtained signature of old man for purpose filing some case and then he may have misused this paper for making Will in his favour.

Judge carefully looked at Will.

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Das Trump-Netzwerk "Truth Social" ist nach einem miserablen Start plötzlich die meistgeladene App im Apple Store. Wir haben uns auf "Truth Social" umgesehen – damit ihr es nicht müsst.
Zuerst erfinden wir einen Alias: Ron Roger, einen überzeugten Trump-Fan und Wahrheitssucher aus New Jersey. Wir hoffen, dass wir uns so unauffällig umsehen können. Foto von Ron Roger. Ein von...
Wer "Truth Social" nutzen möchte, braucht ein iPhone – die App gibt es noch nicht für Android. America first gilt auch im Apple Store: Man muss in den USA leben. Mit VPN-Tunnel und amerikanischer Handynummer ausgestattet, lädt sich Ron die App herunter.
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