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One year ago today, October 28th 2018, #WWE held the first ever live cross-brand all women's event #WWEEvolution.

What was your favourite match? What was your favourite moment?

.@hurricanenita and @LZZYHALE opened #WWEEvolution one year ago today
On this day 28th October 2018, @NiaJaxWWE won the #WWEEvolution Battle Royal for a future Women's title shot opportunity.
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Do (supposed) parallels between #Christ and some #pagan #gods prove that #Jesus was based on pagan gods?
Um, NO, and the #Undertaker will show why:
#Debunking about to commence...
Jesus Mythicists will try to find whatever parallel they can with Christ in order to make him a mythological figure, in order to cast doubt on his existence, his historicity.
As many have noted, these parallels are faulty at best, absurd at the worst. Indeed, many of the
supposed parallels are clever lies, intended to fool a public that is poorly educated on history and generally not willing to check their sources.
But let’s look at their logic, shall we? Let’s look at their argument, expressed as letters:
B has many similarities to A
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Thread Alert: To all my #WWE fans starting up a #GiveWWEWomenAChance, let's broaden the discussion. The wonderful and talented ladies of WWE deserve more television time in the ring and on the microphone each week. Since Wrestlemania, the Women's Division has taken a nosedive.
However, our women shouldn't get television time to fill a slot or a weekly quota. Our women should be fully fleshed out characters on television that other women can relate to in a meaningful way. I don't want lip service for the sake of it. #RAWReunion
You can't put our women in a 24-minute match when their win-loss record says they don't deserve a title shot based on what's transpired in storylines. It does a disservice to fans and the ladies who bust their asses for our entertainment. #RAWReunion
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Dear @iamjohnoliver & @LastWeekTonight team,

I want to express my gratitude for covering an often ignored topic among #WWE and its fanbase, the working conditions. While the average layperson may be focusing their attention on the jokes, I wanted to address one issue you either
avoided for time constraint or because it was a sensitive topic: the death of wrestler Chris Benoit and the murder of his wife and child. As unforgivable as this crime was, it is important to understand that he too suffered many chair shots during his career and multiple
concussions. A former wrestler and co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation Chris Nowinski, convinced Benoit's father to run tests on his son's brain. The results showed that Benoit had the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient.… The WWE may
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Morning! In response to some of the tweets we're seeing online about @WWE and @WWERomanReigns we wanted to have a little chat about leukaemia/leukemia, relapse and perceptions of cancer. #WWE @davemeltzerWON
Firstly, incredible news about Roman Reigns. Relapse is a scary reality for all leukaemia patients. Either fear of your cancer returning or having to face treatment for relapse. It's great to hear some positive news from a leukaemia patient.
The tweets we are seeing mainly centre around the idea of what a cancer patient should look like.

"How can he have hair?"
"How can he have not lost weight?"
"Why doesn't he look like a cancer patient?"
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Nia Jax #WWE thread - a history of botches.

Nia Jax botches a shoulder breaker on Charlotte Flair, dropping her face first onto her knee.
Even the referee reacted to Jax's botched shoulder breaker to Flair.
Same match, Nia Jax fails to catch Charlotte Flair's moonsault, and Flair crashes face first to the outside.
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🤔 The mass market media, by and large, have leveled the criticism that @realDonaldTrump is a 'reality TV' president... Yet they seemingly expect a #WWE style throw down at the joint press conference with #Putin
It's a public press conference... Can read between the lines a little a little, but everything said are 🐂💩 formalities and pleasantries... That's how these these things works.
Of course pointing out this kind of irony is akin to pointing out water in the middle of the ocean. #justSaying
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THREAD: I went back and watched the 2014 Royal Rumble and compared it to testimony in the CM Punk-Colt Cabana libel trial vs. WWE’s Dr. Amann.

Here are some notable points:
Footage of Kofi Kingston clotheslining Punk from the Rumble is shown in court. Punk confirms the clothesline gave him a concussion.

[this was the only Kofi-Punk clothesline I saw. It took place 10 min into match]
Amann recalls that about 30 minutes into the match, he came to Punk’s side and knelt on the ground outside the ring.

[I didn’t see this on cam. Looks like it happened here — 20 min after clothesline. At this point, it appeared Punk had communicated a handful of times w/ refs]
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My thought's on the current state of #qanon #greatawakening.

I've followed #qanon from the start and believe that it's legit.

1) We're entering a period of high stress. Good things are happening but mostly going unreported.

#Fakenews MSM is being distracted by shiny objects like stormy and the mueller probe. #qanon
2) Generally i've agreed with @jeromecorsi The money side doesn't bother me as income allows more opportunity to further the message. #qanon #WWG1WGA
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To me the dirt sheets have been really blatant with their favoritism the last month or so. In a job where its hard to get straight answers
(and your allowed to NOT name sources) its hella difficult to tell whats what. Most people can see the spins but most people are also bias.
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