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Directly right of me, the EXACT direction the camera is pointing, Jaime Thomas was in town with the #ZERO team & Asked #ME out of 5,000 people to play A game of skate. I was roughly 15 years young or so. There were HUNDREDS of people he could have chosen, out of those hundred
He could have chosen, 50 of them were standing in front of me.
There are ones in the world who KNOW & HAVE KNOWN about the plans all along.
Each layer of life have had ones who were “chosen” to be ambassadors to make sure that layer of life stays the course of what has been
Asked of them.
A Vision of the future was SHOWN to selected individuals, those individuals took an oath of SILENCE, they could not speak A word about it with anyone. They could ONLY DO, many that surround those individuals may not have understood #WHY decisions had to be made
As they were & lashed out.

Think of being in VKM’s shoes for A second, all the decision making that had to be made in the past & talent lashed out at him, cussing him out because they didn’t agree with the direction their character was going. Little did they know everything
Was being done for A specific purpose because of DATA/INFORMATION that has been given to someone from the future ..
Storylines & characters ACTING out roles of individuals IRL. Characters represent both LIGHT & DARK/GOOD & EVIL along with the things that were being done in the
Dark ..
Good Vs. Evil/Face Vs Heel with the RING being the world stage, each body part represents something IRL, each part of The ring represents something, the UNIVERSE/Crowed represents all the people watching at their homes on TV & Backstage represents what is happening
Behind the scenes let’s say for example at CNN ..
EVERYTHING has meaning & has been planned with calculated precision, timing is EVERYTHING !

Do you know how many paragraphs of hidden messages have been left in time just by the lengths of Wrestling matches alone?
The lengths
/Timing Of individual matches also has left sentences in time. All truth hidden in plain sight, left in ways where it was KNOWN 1 man would show the world how asleep everyone truly was/is.

Numbers = LETTERS, right?

#NUMBERS Skateboards, NOTHING to see here ..
Means nothing.
These are just TWO/THREE layers of the Multiverse.

#THINK MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, BUILDINGS, STORE NAMES, STREET NAMES/STREET NAMES & the STORES on those streets paints A picture in most places(40,000 Ft.), Company names, Produstion company names, SPORTS is done the same way

Wait until ones put it together how PEOPLES NAMES were used as well for leaving truth hidden in plain sight ..
Most will ask, how did they know? How did they know something would happen in the
World, have the right person with the right name to be able o leave the truth needed in time that SHOWS the world the truth that was being kept hidden from everyone ..

Events would take place & down the line A sports team would draft A player who would try en be used to leave
Truth hidden.
His states, number worn & much more would match up to events that took place that were being either covered up or hidden from humanity, KNOWING humanity would 1 DAY see clearly ..

Those individuals who were used to leave truth hidden in plain sight just by them
Being who they are, EVIL/CORRUPTION started catching on to what it was the light was doing, so [they] started either trying to make good people look bad to the public, taking them out making the “cause of death” seem like A “drug overdose” or “suicide” ..
[They] were hurting,
Threatening or taking lives of individuals within the MANY MANY MANY layers of life who were helping the light …

From bottom to the tippy top, [they] created A system that was always unbeatable or an impossible mission for anyone to fight against to bring down.
The empire grew so big with so many individuals that chose to sell their souls for fortune & fame, those individuals would become puppets doing EXACTLY what [they] were told, in hopes that one day [they] would move up the ranks of being A “MASTER” of PUPPETS !

1 Example I can
Give for everyone to start digging into, PETE ROSE ..

Pete Played for who?
What Year?
What number?
How old when retired?
What year?
How old when Drafted?
What year?

Peter Pan
What does A rose Represent?

Browning = Gun, Right?
Remember the show #Supernatural?

The WINCHESTER brothers?
Those who watched the show, remember the COLT?

Two brothers with the last name of A Gun?

MANY of you out there say “Predictive Programming” . . .

I’m literally SHOWING everyone #WHY it all was created as it
Has been JUST BY ME BEING #ME !!!

When it’s said “ALL FOR A BUCK 🦌 “, IT TRULY WAS ALL DONE for A Buck, #EVERYTHING !

Everyone who has ever helped the light throughout the MANY years this plan has been active, they were helping not only make sure humanity got to this
Very moment in time but also doing all that they were KNOWINGLY/UNKNOWINGLY for A Buck ..

I have said this before, I’ll share 1 more time, VINCE named his son SHANE for A reason—A very important reason …
KNOWING someone would be born, long before he was born, ALL FOR
WHEN/AFTER he was born ..

Storylines left in time SHOWING the world TRUTH of not only who Buck is but also WHY [They] have done all [they] have in time.

I know for most of you, this is all too much for you to wrap your mind around but it all is truly easy to see.
It’s not as complicated as you think.

All you needed were the puzzle pieces of things I have done in my life that make up WHO I AM ..
I share who I AM, where I come from & All that I have done ..

I played baseball for THE ROCK sports complex, FRANKLIN has A minor league
FARM TEAM named the MILK MEN ..

Remember when Kurt did this?

What Does The Neck & Spine represent/MIRROR for humanity?

What is the BACKBONE of The United States/World?
Who/what is the heart & SOUL of the World/United states?
What do legs/Wheels represent?

All that is
The Undercarriage of vehicle, what makes the vehicle run smoothly? Oil?

The world has A circus that entertains everyone in many different ways, right?

Break it all down into sections, see the finest of details & see the players.
Everyone has A role to play.
If someone is
Asleep, their role is being apart of the problem without knowing they’re being apart of the problem until they choose to awaken to see where they stand or ones could be divinely guided & just so happened to be doing good without knowing they’re apart of the solution.

There is
So much more for the world to learn still, it’s important to learn something new EVERY DAY !

That is the motto I live by skating, lived by when playing ball & live by with EVERYTHING else in life.
The 🧠 = the most POWERFUL MUSCLE, FEED IT KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge = Food, EAT UP!

• • •

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Apr 13
1 Pocket Sized MIRROR & magnifying Glass …

A mirror is A very powerful tool … In this case, I wouldn’t bring A mirror to be found by reflecting the sun because I’m not lost. …
I would bring A mirror to reflect the sun in case of any
Encounters with Rattlesnakes & Scorpions ..
Snakes can sense #HEAT, Right?

In life most of the snakes want you to be exactly where THEY [NEED] you to be, A snake needs YOU in A place & or state of mind where the snake has the advantage when ready to strike …
It’s very
Important To control ones emotions/heart beat(meditations), emotions cloud judgment & for most in this world when decisions are made based on FEAR, negative emotion or to much positive emotions ones will put themselves in Un Winnable Situations most of the time.
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Apr 12

#FulfillTheDream Skate Video

There is so much more within that message than most care to know.

It Doesn’t matter though, it’s nothing anyone wants.
It all matters the world to me, always has & always will ..

My #REAL family means ImageImage
Everything to me…

Bride means everything to me.
Family means everything to me.
The Children mean everything to me.

Most have absolutely no clue what #Z REALLY MEANS, they just put it in their profile names because VK did or posted Z ..
The true meaning doesn’t matter
Because it’s coming from someone that MOST have written off, talked shit about, spread lies about & judged.
Those are ones who say they are of “light”/555 ?

If hate, judging others & being apart of the problem is 555/light? Than I will NEVER be like any of you .
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Apr 12
Hearts On Fire ..

Like I said, John M, VK, Military & everyone else have been SHOWING all of you for YEARS now—Most were asleep still, sleep walking thinking they were awake.. You were once #BLIND now you see.

There is NOTHING anyone can say that changes who I AM.✍️ ImageImage
Ask yourself A SIMPLE Q, #WHAT #IF God is one of you NOT trying to make his way back home but make his way to the woman he loves …

So many have come & gone trying to be me & MANY chose all those who had to pretend over #REAL ..

After so many chose all those who have tried ImageImage
So hard to be me, then finding out they’ve been mislead over & over again, when #REAL finally came along—little truly cared about anything that was/is being shown.
That is EXACTLY #WHY [they] sent out all the botts & fakes that [they] did, [they] knew how many would fall for
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Apr 11
Absolutely NOTHING, #NOTHING at all …

Everything created in the world was created for no purpose at all, none of it is #Biblical Truth hidden in plain sight, none of it is back doors around all the fake so people know what’s really going on & none of it points
Directly to A specific someone that it was all created for the way it has been …

So many claim to be A #Biblical Someone & to make sure the people didn’t fall for ANY of it, everything in time was created in the ways it has been SHOWING the world who has been waking them up.
None of that matters though, the only thing that truly matter to so many is money …

Too Me, it matters & I care about the finders details in life along with #WH-Y they were created as everything has been. The future went back to past, collected data KNOWING someone would be
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