1/ A lot of #MeToo advocates are showing their asses about the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial and I have thoughts. Framing this case as a zero-sum game against Heard, women, DV/DA survivors, #MeToo, etc. is unhelpfully reductive
2/ The more dogged #MeToo crowd seems to be struggling to parse info presented thus far because they’ve backed themselves into a corner by saying “believe all women”/“‘due process’ is the patriarchy inflicting more violence and trauma”
3/ Many points being made about trauma’s effect on survivors, DARVO defense tactics used by perpetrators, etc. are valid, but could just as easily be used to support Depp’s testimony
4/ It’s also interesting to see how much psychological, emotional, or physical abuse tactics are downplayed based on gender. Seeing a lot of “Heard is a smaller woman, she can’t have physically abused Depp.” This is a badly decontextualized conclusion relying on gender dimorphism
5/ Afaict, at the Rum Diaries UK premiere (3/11/2011), Depp looks to be 5’8.5-5’10” and 155-165lbs and Heard looks to be 5’5.5”-5’7” and 110-115lbs: ImageImage
6/ Both parties gained between 5-20lbs over the course of their marriage until the present moment. At the Mortdecai UK premiere (1/19/2015), Depp looks approx. 12-15lbs heavier, Heard looks approx. 8-10lbs heavier: Image
7/ Please do not argue with me about the wide-leg pants making Heard look heavier lol. This is actually a good way to mask wider thighs/hips if executed well: today.com/today/amp/tdna…
8/ From 2011-2015, we have:
- Depp at 5’8.5”-5’10” (most likely 5’9”), 155-170lbs
- Heard at 5’5.5”-5’7” (most likely 5’6.5”), 110-120lbs

So, they’re roughly the same height with a 35-60lb weight gap
9/ Compare Depp and Heard’s size difference to the size difference between Heard’s Aquaman cast mate Jason Momoa (6’3”-6’4”, 195-215lbs) and his ex Lisa Bonet (5’0”-5’2”, 105-118lbs): ImageImageImageImage
10/ If you’re Heard, you could probably chance a physical fight with Depp who’s roughly the same height and only has a max weight advantage of 60lbs. If you’re Bonet, a physical fight with Momoa would be a literal death wish unless you’re a trained assassin
11/ Saying Heard can’t have physically abused Depp because she’s “a smaller woman” doesn’t hold water; there isn’t a substantial size difference between them. There’s probably some bias in who uses which tactics that’s associated with physical stature and relative size difference
12/ Maybe less physically powerful parties use psychological or emotional abuse more often. But, that doesn’t mean more physically powerful parties don’t also use these tactics or that “smaller” parties don’t also physically abuse their partners
13/ Regardless of its form or the perpetrator’s gender, abuse is still abuse
14/ Next issue I’m seeing is dismissing info based on its source. This is not a good look. Just because something is inconveniently opposed to your position, was posted on TikTok, or is viral content doesn’t automatically invalidate it as useful info (more on this later)
15/ Seeing claims that psych diagnoses are a tool for patriarchal oppression pitted against claims that a psych condition makes it *more* likely that someone is/will be a DV/DA victim. These aren’t mutually exclusive phenomena
16/ If you’re out here tweeting that no one has denied that Depp physically abused Heard, you’re either being dense or wilfully ignorant because that’s literally all we’ve heard thus far
17/ Also, if you’re thinking every witness who has testified thus far is lying to malign Heard and further the patriarchy/protect Depp, you’re also being dense, wilfully ignorant, or just like conspiratorial thinking
18/ Is the US justice system bad at dealing with nuanced DV/DA cases? Absolutely. Did Depp and Heard have a mutually toxic relationship with glaring incompatibilities and 🚩🚩🚩? Yes. Are defamation lawsuits used to silence victims? Sure
19/ Was it “mutually abusive?” (Is that even a thing?) Based on what’s been presented, doesn’t seem so. But this case isn’t about any of these things
20/ This isn’t a lawsuit against the diffuse, decentralized, sometimes over-broad #MeToo movement. It’s also not about if DV/DA victims writ large are/will be treated fairly in the justice system. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure this is a civil/tort claim about defamation
21/ “Defamation” has a specific legal definition with four primary aspects:
1. False statement presented as fact;
2. Publishing (libel)/orally communicating (slander) said statement to a third party;
3. Negligence;
4. Damages/harm to subject of said statement
22/ Because Depp is a public figure, his team also has to prove “actual malice,” i.e., statements were knowingly false when made or made with some reckless disregard for the truth. IIRC, the standard of proof for malice is higher than a simple preponderance of the evidence
23/ Presumably, it wouldn’t be defamatory if an op-ed were published (#2) where Heard claimed to be a DA victim (#1) if said claim was made without malice by Heard (#5), wasn’t negligently handled (#3), had no negative effects (#4), and couldn’t be shown to be provably false (#1)
24/ If I were a juror, here’s my logic: #2 (communication to 3rd party) is a given. #4 (damages/harm to subject) is probably gonna be circumstantial based on the timing of Depp’s firing from Pirates and other projects
25/ RE: #1 (statement not provably false), evidence of Heard’s physical abuse of Depp has been presented. Thus far, less backing for Heard’s claim aside from Depp calling her “Officer Square Head,” macabre texts, surreptitiously/illegally obtained video not depicting abuse
26/ The ACLU rep’s testimony seems pretty damaging since: (a) ACLU clearly knew Heard’s use of the phrase “domestic abuse” in the op-ed was referencing her marriage with Depp; and (b) a 2nd outlet easily made this exact connection soon after publication:
27/ Also notable that ACLU edited out details Heard wanted to include about her relationship with Depp. This might speak to #3 (negligence). It could also speak to #5 (“actual malice”) on her part as she didn’t attach these allegations to Musk, Franco, van Ree, or other partners
28/ As a juror, I’d be curious about what Heard used to support her claims for the op-ed aside from the TRO granted after she filed for divorce. Not sure if this is how that usually works. If you were a DV/DA victim, would you file for a TRO before or after filing for divorce?
29/ If DV/DA is a concern and divorce/the threat of divorce potentially triggers more DV/DA it’d make sense to get a TRO first to prevent this when divorce filings are inevitable. Curious to see if Heard’s team addresses this next week 🤔🤔🤔
30/ It’s also not clear whether or how the “cabinet battle, mega-pint” video (whether in its full-length or edited form) was a potential factor in Heard’s exchanges with ACLU:
31/ If Heard presented an edited version of the “cabinet battle, mega-pint” video to ACLU as evidence supporting her claim, this would call into question her credibility
32/ It’s sus if Heard made a claim (edited video as evidence) to 3rd party (ACLU) where the claim was verifiably false/made w/reckless disregard for the truth (not full video/no abuse shown), but was intended to damage another’s reputation (evidence of Depp as her alleged abuser)
33/ Which brings us to Milani’s color-correcting makeup palette: ImageImage
34/ Heard’s lawyer stated, "This is what Amber carried in her purse for the entire relationship with Johnny Depp.” while holding up Milani’s color-correcting palette:
35/ Allegedly, this or some other makeup was used to conceal injuries Heard claims Depp inflicted during their relationship. Where did Heard’s lawyer get this info? Presumably, directly from Heard. Why was her lawyer using demonstratives? Who tf knows
36/ Milani posted on TikTok that that palette wasn’t produced until after Depp and Heard’s relationship ended. This is fairly effective marketing, but may also be taken to imply where Milani stands on this case: tiktok.com/@milanicosmeti…
37/ Reactions to this have either been “aha! Heard is lying!” or “it was a simple mistake/Heard simply ‘forgot’ which product she actually used/it’s not that important.” It’s a $50 million defamation case – you’d think they’d try to keep errors and brain farts to a minimum
38/ So we either have a sloppy defense team (I mean, have you seen the trial footage 😂) or unreliable recall on Heard’s part which might undermine the credibility of this particular claim (regardless of whether you believe Heard was/was not a DV/DA victim)
39/ If Heard’s team pushes that it was that exact Milani palette, but info RE: the palette’s release date is later introduced, you might see something more notable as a juror observing the case through the lens of a defamation suit: Image
40/ You either have a defense team lacking credibility on this point, which might undermine credibility on other points
41/ Or, we may have Heard making a claim (used that makeup) to a 3rd party (lawyer) where said claim is verifiably false/made w/reckless disregard for the truth (makeup didn’t exist), but is intended to damage another’s reputation (evidence of Depp as her alleged abuser)
42/ The Milani palette snag could speak to Heard’s credibility or a pattern of making malicious statements. Evidence undermining the former might support the latter, which may be key in determining “actual malice” wrt defamation. So, yeah, the makeup is kind of important 💅🏽
43/ Will update this thread with more thoughts once Heard’s team presents evidence this week…
44/ Also, seeing a lot of Depp supporters dragging Heard for claiming makeup expertise, but showing up in court with visible undereye bags. I’m gonna assume this is preemptive as evidence Heard lost sleep for a countersuit alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress: ImageImageImage
45/ Watched some more trial footage. Afaict, Heard’s defense could be some combo of: (a) Heard consistently alleged that Depp abused her; (b) Depp had substance abuse issues which made him violent; Depp was abusive, but (c) no one knew because Heard was a makeup magician
46/ They might even pull out (d) any inconsistencies are explained by the effect the alleged DV/DA had on Heard; (e) Depp was once sued for alleged assault; or, if desperation levels are high enough, (f) “imagined thing is real in its consequences”
47/ We’ve already seen Depp’s team bring out witnesses to negate the “addiction means violent” thread and Dr. Curry’s testimony that Heard did not have PTSD/“grossly” exaggerated symptoms of PTSD to negate claims RE: psychological f/xs of alleged DV/DA:
48/ It’d be weird for Heard’s team to bring up that Depp was once sued for allegedly assaulting a crew member in April 2017…: rollingstone.com/movies/movie-n…
49/ …because Heard was arrested in Sept. 2009 for DV against her then-partner Tasya Van Ree:
50/ So, what’s left? Consistency of reporting by Heard? This could be countered by noting that Depp’s reporting (not blaming the abuser, obfuscating actual cause of injury, etc.) isn’t inconsistent for DV/DA victims
51/ Likewise, could also counter that contemporaneous witnesses (LAPD officers, security personnel, etc.) stated Heard had no notable injuries during some of the flagship incidents. At least two occurrences of this might be corroborated by photos/video footage
52/ Heard’s expert makeup skills? This could be countered by noting that if Heard was that skilled at concealing injuries, she could just as easily have faked them
53/ Heard’s perception that she was a DV/DA victim? I could actually see this being one of the stronger defenses, but only if presented as “two other courts (US court granting TRO, UK libel court) can’t be wrong”
54/ This defense is misleading if the bases for those judges’ decisions were flawed/inaccurate, so Heard’s team would have to show this isn’t the case. Not sure how they can do this without relying on the assumption of Heard being the DV/DA victim, which is the key issue here
55/ I can only assume Depp’s team’s cross-ex will continue points offered by Dr. Curry, especially RE: exaggeration as characteristic of Heard’s personality (see also Heard’s claim of donating $7mil to charity when in fact far less has been donated): people.com/movies/amber-h…
56/ Depp’s team could also focus on the lack of notable injuries vs. injuries Heard claims she sustained, other plausible causes for any documented injuries, Heard’s own recorded statements/depositions as proof of exaggeration (read: “reckless disregard for the truth”/“malice”)
57/ A hilarious defense from Heard’s team would be that Heard doesn’t have an issue with exaggeration, but being dramatic is a job hazard for being a good actor/actress. The problem is Heard isn’t a good actress:
58/ Lol, just watched a clip of Heard’s scenes from Aquaman 1. There’s a lot of water puking and the Mera character is basically The Little Mermaid dressed as Indiana Jones:
59/ Notes from
#JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial this week. Depp’s security guard, Travis McGivern testified that Depp and Heard’s relationship changed after the 2015 incident in Australia: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
60/ Allegedly, during 2015 Australia fracas Depp asked Heard to sign a post-nuptial agreement. Depp claims Heard refused, threw one or more vodka bottles at him. One of these bottles allegedly smashed onto a countertop and severed Depp’s fingertip: ImageImageImageImage
61/ Depp’s team has already presented an audio recording of the aftermath of the Australia incident. In the recording, Heard says, “Johnny. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to” and “I never meant to hurt him!” then later starts crying (start video at 3:53):
62/ McGivern’s testimony backs up testimony from Scottish security gent Malcolm Connolly. Connolly testified that he once saw a soda can thrown from upstairs/a balcony and that Heard was upstairs at the time, but Depp was downstairs:
63/ McGivern and Connolly’s testimonies support Depp’s claims that Heard would throw objects at him during disagreements/altercations:
64/ Heard claimed Depp was out-of-control/under the influence of alcohol/drugs in Australia. Heard described it as a “three-day hostage situation,” alleged that Depp’s cigarette burn wound was self-inflicted, that Depp caused property damage: m.economictimes.com/magazines/pana…
65/ Audio clips and parts of McGivern and Connolly’s testimonies will obviously be used to refute Heard’s claims since she was removed from the Australia location, both guards described Depp’s response to drugs/alcohol as “chill”/relatively unaffected:
66/ A lot of objections from Heard’s team during testimony from Depp’s agent Jack Whigham. Whigham would have firsthand (read: not hearsay) knowledge of damages to Depp which directly resulted from Heard’s op-ed being published
67/ Heard’s team brought up the TRO and the Sun article during cross-ex of Whigham. My spidey senses RE: the defense using Heard’s perception/“two other courts (US court granting TRO, UK libel court) can’t be wrong” logic was on to something:
68/ What I didn’t see coming was Heard’s team using UK case to deflect from WaPo op-ed as the primary reason for damages as Depp’s lost reputation/projects circa late-2018-2019. I guess they have a reason to parade around the UK libel court decision now?: bbc.com/news/uk-547794…
69/ Depp’s team called expert Hollywood Deals Dude Richard Marks for more on damages/reputation. On cross-ex, Heard’s team noted 2017 alleged assault of a crew member by Depp as evidence of poor reputation. Mark’s response noted Heard’s 2009 DV arrest lol:
70/ Obviously, the point for Heard’s team is introducing doubt about WaPo op-ed as cause of damages. Seems like a weak defense given how much they emphasized Depp’s substance use issues, which didn’t seem to have a notable impact on his ability to secure work
71/ Highlight of the day was definitely Marks for the following dragging of the UK Sun: ImageImageImageImage
72/ Depp’s team laying more groundwork for “reckless disregard for the truth” w/McGivern, Connolly, Jenkins (Coachella chauffeur), LAPD officers, Romero (vaping, 0-fucks-given doorman) testimonies stating Heard had no notable injuries after key incidents:
73/ This brings us back to the Serta Shitter incident in which Heard allegedly defecated on her and Depp’s bed after a disagreement with Depp. Heard then left for Coachella:
74/ Heard claims the feces were left by one of her teacup Yorkies. Depp disputes this, says the doo doo didn’t come from a dog. The average weight of a teacup Yorkie is 2-3lbs: Image
75/ I’m not reposting the Skidmark Sheet Set photo because 🤢🤢🤢
76/ There was an altercation between Heard and Depp prior to Bedtime Boo Boo events. There’s a video of Heard allegedly en route to Coachella 2016 afterwards. Video may support Depp’s team on Heard’s exaggerations as “reckless disregard for the truth:”
77/ Have you ever felt bad about your erectile dysfunction or yeast infections? Don’t worry, Depp and Heard struggle with these issues, too. Celebrities – they’re just like us!: ImageImage
78/ Heard’s defense may have cut off their nose to spite their face by prominently displaying med lists for Depp and Heard circa 2014-2016 and also this one random part about mushrooms and MDMA with a “high-profile male acquaintance” in 5/2016: Image
79/ If you ignore associations about ED and shame or assumptions that Gem Daddy is Heard’s psychedelic partner in crime, what stands out is Depp was mostly on mood stabilizers/downers. Can’t recall meds Heard was taking regularly aside from stimulants (Adderall) + anti-psychotic
80/ Based on psych nurse Erin Falati’s notes, Depp reads as generally compliant with psych team/nurse Falati, but Heard reads as non-compliant
81/ Not sure why Heard’s defense showed nurse’s notes to jury, but didn’t address them. Instead focused on these random photos from 5/2016 that Heard sent Falati with no additional context: ImageImage
82/ More from Falati testimony, Heard claims she once woke up at 3:00AM, accidentally took 40mg of Adderall XR, then slept for another 6 hours and 45 minutes. It’s called an “Adderall Nap” for a reason: ImageImage
83/ More from Falati’s testimony, Heard’s med regimen included anti-psychotics (Latuda, Seroquel); a lot of tranquilizers/drowsiness inducers (Ambien, melatonin, Neurotonin, Visitril, Xanax); a couple stimulants/uppers (Adderall XR, Provigil)
84/ Basically, it seems like they were medicating Heard to be less combative while conscious, but also to go tf to sleep
85/ Compare to Depp’s med regimen of mood stabilizers (Lamictal, Lithium); tranqs/downers (Ambien, Neurotonin, Xanax); anti-reflux (Dexilant, Nexium); anti-depressants (Lexapro); T2 diabetes/anti-weight gainer against anti-psychotics (glucophage); stims (Adderall XR); ED (Cialis)
86/ Basically, it seems like they were medicating Depp to be less sad/anxious
87/ Apologies for the blurriness in some screenshots. Some of these points were caught while the attorneys were scrolling lol
88/ Watching the vetting of Money Detective Michael Spindler by Depp’s team. This is the ad below the video; I guarantee you these two only use one position and that position is definitely missionary: Image
89/ Depp’s team had Spindler present evidence of financial damages. It involved one chart that was a very simple maths problem saying Depp lost $40.3million after 2018 op-ed was published. Literally, the fastest direct I’ve ever seen lol:
90/ Heard’s team cross-ex was again a very weak “could’ve been something else that caused lost work.” Rottenborn really likes repeating the 2016 Sun article’s description of Depp as a “wife beater.” Here’s a clip of his voice cracking (edited to play on an endless loop):
91/ Rottenborn is clearly a “Cs get degrees” lawyer. Live footage of Rottenborn presenting motion to dismiss premised on “we can only consider 2018 op-ed,” but immediately referring to Heard’s 2016 TRO against Depp:
92/ According to Rottenborn, if Heard suffered “even one” instance of abuse by Depp, “then she wins.” So this is gonna come down to who gets dibs on claiming DV/DA victim status while ignoring reactive abuse? See previous tweets on #MeToo losing its collective shit
93/ Why is it that Rottenborn can repeatedly say “wife beater,” but can’t say “cunt” even once?:
94/ Heard’s defense is presenting their side, called forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes. Dr. Hughes commented on role of size and strength wrt DV/DA, used example of 185lb man pushing 120lb woman as “feel[ing] different” than if roles were reversed
95/ Dr. Hughes mentioned wrestling/boxing weight classes as evidence that size differences don’t make for fair fights. Didn’t fully address difference between hand-to-hand combat vs. armed conflict, which seems relevant because any object thrown hard enough is an effective weapon
96/ Dr. Hughes didn’t comment much on relative size differences; just stated that any size difference is enough to benefit whichever party is “bigger and stronger.” See previous tweets comparing size gaps between Depp and Heard vs. Momoa and Bonet:
97/ Seems like Dr. Hughes is downplaying violence perpetrated by women as ESH/“situational couple violence,” reactive abuse, or self-defense, which reads as “okay, women hit sometimes, but men cause this to happen.” Curious if Depp’s team will note this during cross-ex 🤔🤔🤔
98/ Dr. Hughes’ testimony sounded so biased that I had to rewatch it to track gendered references. Most references to DV/DA/IPV, SV/SA/SH, trauma/PTSD/anxiety, substance abuse were neutral. Gendered references to “abuser/perpetrator” and “victim/target” break down as follows: Image
99/ Idk what purpose Dr. Hughes’ testimony serves aside from repeatedly priming “men = abusers, women = victims” or giving jurors with gendered bias clearance to use said bias in deliberations:
100/ Remainder of Dr. Hughes’ testimony: disagrees with Dr. Curry, claims Heard had PTSD and is the victim because her account fits the general DV/DA narrative, sees Heard as trying to “fix” Depp/help him with his substance abuse issues. Cue more pouting from Heard
101/ These post-2014 tests are kinda useless if we don’t know whether/to what extent Heard had any of these symptoms before her relationship with Depp. If she had anxious/avoidant tendencies, intrusive thoughts, and mood changes before, it’s hard to say alleged abuse caused PTSD
102/ Dr. Hughes stated that Heard had elevated measure for “defensive responding” which involves “an unwillingness to admit minor faults”/lowers validity of other scale measures. The conclusion is Heard has issues taking responsibility, but doesn’t have personality disorders:
103/ Dr. Hughes’ testimony could just as easily support Depp’s account or Dr. Curry’s note on Heard claiming an oddly high number of PTSD indicators/symptoms. Kinda wild how Heard’s team is leaning into her own statements about no one believing Depp: youtube.com/shorts/8yMBykP…
104/ Cringing at Dr. Hughes’ references to Depp’s alleged jealousy/wariness that Heard might cheat. The “you lose ‘em how you get ‘em” adage couldn’t be more apt here. If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it *to* you 🙃
105/ [TW: SA/SV] Oof, now we see why it was so important for Heard’s team to broadcast that Depp was taking Cialis. This defense is something else:
106/ Two more highlights from the rest of Dr. Hughes’ testimony were Bredehoft revealing her girl crush on Dr. Curry, and this: Image
107/ Depp’s team is not fucking around on cross-ex, went right for potential bias from Dr. Hughes 😂😂: Image
108/ Depp’s team will likely spin Dr. Hughes’ testimony as an example of what the jury should not do (read: use gendered bias/stereotypes in their deliberations)
109/ Might need a wellness check for Gem Daddy. From Dr. Hughes’ notes brought up during cross-ex, “Elon [Musk] – May 206[sic] – met them, Met Ball, dated after Johnny, ‘I [Amber Heard] was heartbroken, my soul was dead, felt nothing then,’ ended March 2018” 💀💀💀: Image
110/ More sus stuff from Dr. Hughes’ testimony: big gap between end of Depp-Heard relationship and Dr. Hughes’ eval of Heard, seems like PTSD diagnosis was assumed going in, PTSD test given last/multiple times:
111/ Alright, on to Heard’s testimony. You don’t need to be a body language or psychology expert to read this as a very bad performance of a victim character by Heard, but let’s put that aside and focus on what she actually said:
112/ Heard claimed she had to keep “A average” for Catholic high school scholarship, audited community college courses. However, she couldn’t calculate the amount of time that elapsed between filming Rum Diaries in March 2009 and press tour in fall 2011. My head hurts already: ImageImage
113/ Enough about the dirty carpet, Amber. Internet sleuths have also noted the similarities between Heard’s account and several book/film plots: ImageImageImage
114/ Histrionics aside, Heard’s testimony is frustrating due to many uncorroborated details, overlapping descriptions, being hyper-focused on her thoughts/feelings instead of what happened. Hard to make sense of it, but I’m assuming this is how they avoid perjury charges lol
115/ Did I miss something? Heard claimed 1st time Depp allegedly hit her was when she made fun of his Winona tattoo. Sounds like she’s describing it as happening in the “1st year” of the relationship circa 2011-2012. So in 2022, 1st incident happened sometime between 2011-2013?: ImageImage
116/ Heard said she’d “never forget” 1st alleged DV/DA event, sat outside in her car “forever” before “driving home” afterwards. This would imply it happened somewhere other than Heard’s Orange, CA apartment. So in 2022, 1st event in 2011-2013 somewhere other than Heard’s home?: ImageImageImageImage
117/ Heard said she and Depp hid relationship/had to sneak around before his 2012 divorce. Kinda implies she didn’t move to the LA penthouses until after 2012. If she drove home after 1st alleged event which happened in 1st year of dating, seems to imply it happened in 2011-2012?
118/ In the 2019 UK libel case, Depp was questioned about the Winona tattoo fight and, afaict, it was described as happening at “Heard’s home” in March 2013. So back in 2019-2020, what’s now described as the 1st incident happened in March 2013 at Heard’s apartment in Orange, CA?: Image
119/ So, we have the Winona tattoo fight happening in:
- March 2013 at Heard’s “home” or her apartment in Orange, CA (2019-2020 UK libel case);
- 2011-2012 on a dirty carpet somewhere other than Heard’s “home” or her apartment in Orange, CA (2022 US defamation trial)
120/ Heard then claimed Depp grabbed her hair/arm, repeatedly hit/slapped her at Orange, CA apartment while talking about events in 2012. Except she just described the Winona tattoo fight (which circa 2019-2020 happened in March 2013) as being 1st DV/DA instance circa 2011-2012: ImageImageImageImage
121/ If I’m Depp’s team, my first demonstrative on cross-ex would be a giant chart of Heard’s residency history, a list of all her past claims about when/where/what happened during alleged events, and also the release date of the Milani makeup palette
122/ If I were the raging coke head Heard is trying to portray Depp as, I’m not gonna leave four lines of blow unattended lmao: ImageImageImageImage
123/ More weirdness from Heard’s testimony. She started talking about drinking/coke bender Depp allegedly had spanning “an evening, night, and morning.” Next date she mentioned was 3/22/2013 AM when she took photo of coke head coffee table, sent to Rocky Pennington around 1:30PM: ImageImageImageImage
124/ Heard claimed Depp had to meet Keith Richards and Tom Waits to “film something” on 3/22/2013. Brederhoft then interrupted her to ask about Disco Bloodbath book texts on 3/12/2013, jumps to texts to Heard’s mom on 3/23/2013: ImageImageImageImage
125/ Eleven minutes later when Heard picked up coke head coffee table story (previously, very specifically in the AM on 3/22/2013), it’s now happened on “either the 22nd or the 23rd.” Heard said shoot was “something important” with “important people:” ImageImageImageImage
126/ Heard then remembered that the shoot was for a music video for a “single they were working on,” but only after prompting from Brederhoft about the “CD/DVD” on the breakfast table: ImageImageImageImage
127/ Per Depp’s personal website under the “Discography” section, Depp did record and film with “Keith [Richards] and friends,” but this is listed as occurring on 3/23/2013 in LA. I can’t find a 2013 music video featuring Depp, Richards (middle 2 screenshots), or Waits together?: ImageImageImageImage
128/ Depp has 1 music video credit for Paul McCartney’s “Queenie Eye.” Depp appeared alongside notable names like Chris Pine, Jude Law, James Corden, Meryl Streep, Kate Moss, Tom Ford. Per Wikipedia, the video was filmed in London in Oct. 2013. Richards and Waits weren’t in it: ImageImageImageImage
129/ Waits and Richards did collab on the song “Shenandoah” for the Son of Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys compilation album curated by Depp, but this was released in Feb. 2013. Y’all, I’m so confused and now my head hurts: pitchfork.com/news/49120-lis…
130/ Let’s set aside continuity errors in the alleged dog dangling incident. Heard claimed she was texting Rocky Pennington b/t 1:30-3PM on 3/22/2013, and Depp agreed to go to VIP “shoot” in early evening. So, they left Orange, CA for Sweetzer Ave. location sometime b/t 4-6PM?: Image
131/ 3/22/2013 was a Friday and the main options for their route would be the 5N to the 101N, then W on Melrose Ave OR the 5N to the 10E, then N on La Cienega OR the 405N to the 10W, then N on La Cienega and E on Melrose. That’s a 1-2-hour drive minimum
132/ So what I’m being asked to believe is that they left Orange County on a Friday between 4-6PM and took either the 5N or the 405N to WeHo, but this garrulous ghoul didn’t once mention traffic or how long it took to get there?? If you live in LA, you complain about traffic:
133/ Not her fat-shaming the dog: ImageImageImageImage
134/ Heard’s tell is when she says things like, “if I’m correct” or “if I remember correctly.” Does she doubt her recollection or is she just trying to verify that she has the “right” answer 🤔🤔🤔
135/ Oh, now she can guesstimate? Duly noted… ImageImageImageImage
136/ The MDMA shit is gonna send me over the edge. Heavy MDMA use potentially impacts the brain’s ability to make/use serotonin; this has unpleasant side f/xs. I hope there’s a Millennial or Gen Z juror to point out how bad it is for your brain to be rolling Molly 2-3x/mo lol: Image
137/ It’s really convenient that the corroborating witnesses Heard has identified thus far are either deceased (Paige Heard, Jerry Judge), were young children with unreliable memories (Lily Rose, Jack), or are probably hard to find now (Russian(?) flight attendant) 🙄🙄🙄
138/ On to Day 2 of #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard Heard’s testimony. May have to fast forward through SA bits because hearing accounts of SV is still triggering. I’m mainly interested in her account of the March 2015 incident in Australia and the May 2015 incident at the LA penthouses
139/ Heard’s defense seems to be using the “if you can’t convince them, confuse them”/avoid specifics approach. Heard’s testimony is overwhelming the jury with details that aren’t necessarily informative. Depp’s team will likely try to nail down specifics from Heard on cross-ex
140/ Some weird eye lines going on. Heard stared directly at Depp before her testimony, but later acted “terrified” while exiting the witness stand: Image
141/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard trial could not be more relatable lmao: Image
142/ Whenever Heard mentions or seems like she’s about to mention specifics (names, dates, etc.), Brederhoft intervenes and redirects her to comment on something else. Very sus and I’m only 5 minutes in: ImageImage
143/ Paused because I found a huge 🚩 in 2019 UK libel case judgment doc. Heard has made new SA accusations vs. Depp (2013 “cavity search” in Hicksville, CA; 2015 SA w/bottle in Australia). I can’t find any mention of either alleged SA in the judgment doc: judiciary.uk/wp-content/upl…
144/ Are either of these events mentioned in previous depositions or in the full 2019 UK libel case court files? If you’re arguing that someone is a DV/DA victim, 2 SA events seem highly relevant. Depp’s team is probably on pins and needles waiting for Heard to discuss 2019 case
145/ So, we now have events that according to Heard in 2022, happened at the time. Yet, these weren’t mentioned in the 2019 UK libel case where the DV/DA accusations were also at issue?:
146/ Wondering how Heard’s team will explain this if the UK case is brought in. Either Heard’s 2019 libel testimony was incomplete, her 2022 testimony is perjury, or her team is just strategically using SA accusations to sensationalize events/distract jurors from inconsistencies:
147/ Had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of allegations. Afaict, Heard has mixed up several dates/events vs. UK case; could explain why PTSD diagnosis was important (can argue “inconsistencies are due to trauma”) and why we’re seeing Brederhoft steer Heard away from specifics
148/ Using SA and a PTSD diagnosis as an out to counter credibility issues for a witness is quite possibly the scummiest move ever. Back to Heard’s Day 2 testimony…
149/ When discussing March 2013 events on Day 1, Heard said “Orange” referred to her “duplex apartment.” On Day 2, “Orange” refers to “[her] place in WeHo” 30-45min from downtown LA penthouses. Thus far, no discussion of her ever moving to Sweetzer or moving until after Aug. 2013
150/ Listening to Day 1 testimony, it wasn’t clear whether “Orange” was in LA proper or Orange County, so I assumed it referred to Orange, CA. Now we’re being given two WeHo locations. Let’s assume “Orange” refers to Heard’s duplex and “Sweetzer” refers to Depp’s houses:
151/ Per the 2019 UK filings, “Orange” duplex was on Orange Ave in WeHo/LA. Makes more sense why there was no mention of traffic, but Heard still seems dodgy about simple details. Could be confusing for the jury if Orange and Sweetzer are both referred to more vaguely as WeHo: Image
152/ On Day 1, Heard said she drove home after 1st alleged DV/DA event. UK reports indicate event described as 1st event in US trial was at Heard’s home on Orange Ave in WeHo/LA. Would referring to both Sweetzer and Orange as WeHo give Heard’s team an out for mismatch here? 🤔
153/ Shot:
154/ Chaser:
155/ Based on how much she’s looking at them and how her attempts at levity on Day 1 didn’t land, jury isn’t vibing with Heard at all lol. Probably doesn’t help that she keeps flaunting wealth (private island, yachts, helicopters, rented Malibu mansions, engagement ring, etc.): ImageImage
156/ Brederhoft seems really adamant about adding into evidence stuff damaging the character of Heard’s former assistant Kate James because otherwise they have little to defend against Heard allegedly stealing James’ SA story during the 2019 UK libel case: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8…
157/ Heard looking very concerned while listening to the audio she recorded of Depp puking in an airplane bathroom:
158/ Depp’s team has had it 😂:
159/ Law & Crime Network’s YouTube channel has these weird commentators during breaks. This guy was criticizing Depp for looking down while Heard was testifying. Tell me you’ve never experienced IPV without telling me you’ve never experienced IPV 🙄: ImageImageImageImage
160/ Sometimes the way Heard words things is really awkward. “This human being” and “it” were both referring to Depp: ImageImage
161/ Amber, you know damn well that’s not what “cuddle puddle” means: ImageImageImageImage
162/ Day 2 was super weird: ImageImage
163/ I read genuine emotion once when Heard said she “felt like luckiest girl in 🌎” after Depp proposed. Read I got from her “recounting” new SA allegations was rehearsed/melodramatic. Obviously varies, but I never relish retelling my SA/leave out worst details on 1st go-round
164/ Still don’t get why Heard’s SA allegations weren’t mentioned in the 2019 UK libel case, especially if these events were relevant to that trial?
165/ Maybe UK trial focused on physical assaults because The Sun said “wife beater?” Yet, some of the docs included a SA alleged by Heard (unclear if she was accusing Depp). We only know this because Heard’s ex-assistant Kate James came out, said Heard stole James’ SA experience
166/ Maybe Heard’s new SA allegations are new because there’s a massive conspiracy among Depp’s underlings to suppress them? Or, maybe these claims are new because they’re…not true?:
167/ Instead of aligning w/2019 UK case, Heard/her team may have added SA claims to address the use of “SV” in the op-ed’s title. This exploits SV/SA claims often being hard to prove/lacking eyewitnesses. Also co-opts current push by #MeToo to “believe all women” no matter what
168/ If Heard’s SA allegations are proven false, her hardline supporters are gonna have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of her claiming to be a DV/DA and SV/SA victim/advocate while exploiting how much these claims rely on credibility
169/ If Heard’s SA claims are false, she’s thumbing her nose & saying, “I can lie about a very sensitive topic, you can’t prove I’m not lying, you have to believe what I’m saying NO MATTER WHAT.” We’re in the realm of malignant narcissism/psychopathy now:
170/ If Heard’s new SA claims are somehow proven false, it’ll make it harder for survivors to be taken seriously. I think Heard’s ex-assistant Kate James sums up a lot of survivors’ stance on Heard’s new SA claims. Also, sick burn by James: ImageImage
171/ Heard’s account of DV/DA are horrific if true, but the same could be said for Depp’s account. Key issues for Heard are lack of witnesses, lack of corroboration for or congruence between injuries Heard claims were caused by Depp’s alleged abuse, and timeline inconsistencies
172/ Key defense from Heard’s team is Depp had a size advantage. However, given the alleged abuse, the photos shown often don’t match up w/injuries Heard should’ve sustained from someone “bigger and stronger.” She should’ve been hospitalized/looked like last 2 pics at some point: ImageImageImageImage
173/ It’s especially weird that Heard claims she had bleeding wounds/multiple other injuries after March 2015 Australia incident, yet wasn’t sent to ER by any of the medical professionals who showed up, walked around airports a few days later. It doesn’t make logical sense lol: ImageImageImageImage
174/ Inverse is also true. Many instances where Heard alleged abuse, but press photos show no evidence of injuries. Best example is 12/2015 where Heard claimed Depp head-butted, repeatedly punched her face/head. No signs of swelling during her James Corden interview the next day: Image
175/ No comments, just the same facial expression for every “emotional” experience: ImageImageImage
176/ TL;DR for watching Day 2 of Heard’s testimony: ImageImageImage
Lol, *is
177/ Everyone is wondering if James Franco will testify for Heard. Just wanna make sure this is the same James Franco who claimed he had a sex addiction, admitted to sleeping with students, allegedly invited 17 year-old girl to a hotel room when he was 35: latimes.com/business/holly…
178/ Seems like Franco is to Depp’s team what Marilyn Manson is to Heard’s team; kind of a distraction (infidelity and questionable associates aren’t DV/DA persay). I’m way more interested in what, if anything, Heard says about the 2019 UK libel case: ImageImageImageImage
179/ Heard mentioned Kate Moss on Day 2 – massive L. Either side could introduce past relationships/call mentioned ex-partners as witnesses. Depp has no prior DV/DA accusations. Heard has 2009 DV/DA arrest, claimed Depp pushed Moss down a flight of stairs:
180/ We might see some big name rebuttal witnesses next week…
181/ Found an extended version of the audio from after the March 2015 Australia incident that was recorded by Heard. The audio of Heard crying/apologizing in the background is also from this tape. The video is long, but worth watching:
182/ You could use the extended audio to establish a reliable timeline of events based on statements made by the late Jerry Judge (Depp’s bodyguard). This means you could probably also estimate if there was enough time for Heard’s 2022 version of events to have taken place: ImageImageImageImage
183/ Notable points from the extended audio are that everyone seems scared shitless (pun intended) of Heard, Judge warning Ben King about Heard’s habit of eavesdropping, Judge and Heard directly contradicting her claims RE: who instigated the fight, her own drug use: ImageImageImageImage
184/ Idk if what Judge said on the tape is admissible because he’s deceased now. Current witnesses can’t repeat what he said because that’s hearsay. So, the one person who could tank Heard’s account is dead and Depp’s team may not be able to use the parts when he’s speaking?:
185/ Apparently, Heard is or was refusing to sign a HIPAA waiver or give Depp’s team usable files for extracting photo metadata. So, Depp’s team might not be able to counter Heard’s claims about her “injuries” with any hard evidence: ImageImage
186/ Seeing reports that Ellen Barkin and Heard’s sister, now Whitney Henriquez, are planning to testify next week. Barkin testifying is a potential win for Heard’s defense given claims levelled by Barkin back in the 2019 UK libel case: newsweek.com/lverything-ell…
187/ Trial is back on. Within minutes of taking stand, Heard “clarified” the date of alleged “first act of violence” as 2011-2012. This is different from UK case where 1st DV/DA incident was in early 2013. Last week, Heard said she’d “never forget” the first time it happened 🤨
188/ Heard now claims police were also called in Dec. 2011, 2012, March 2013. Claims TRO filing included “last 2-3 incidents” of alleged DV/DA per advice from legal counsel, UK case included 14 acts of DV/DA + 3 acts of SA, 1st “detailed” account for US case given in Feb. 2022
189/ Heard also brought up her use of Dr. Laurel Anderson’s notes and mentioned she used her own “calendars, photos, text messages, journals/diaries” to refresh her memory. Letting someone dig their own grave with verifiable information is a weird strategy to get credibility
190/ Heard’s team clearly knows her credibility is shaky atm, keeps pushing consistency of having previously reported alleged DV/DA. Also, reiterated how “badly” she “got beaten up” in a December incident. Not surprisingly, the year of said incident wasn’t exactly clear 🙄🙄🙄
191/ Heard’s team showed “evidence” of injuries from March 2015 Australia incident. Scars line up w/English Estate Exec Ben King’s description + Head Honcho Security Personnel Jerry Judge’s assessment (inadmissible), i.e., thin, straight, uniform length, on non-dominant forearm: ImageImageImageImage
192/ Heard’s recounting of The Honeymoon Incident in Aug. 2015 doesn’t make sense. Alleged Depp was holding her by her neck, slamming her against side of sleeping car while she was kneeling above him on a bed. Again, her shirt got ripped, boobies were exposed bcuz of course lol
193/ Heard tried to explain The Serta Shitter Incident from April 2016, seemed legit embarrassed, based on her account the only culprits would be herself, Rocky Pennington, or Pistol or Boo (teacup Yorkies). Heard claimed Boo had bowel control issues, was taken to the vet a lot
194/ RE: The Serta Shitter Incident: Heard left dogs on bed so they didn’t go to the bathroom on the floor while she and Pennington packed a bag for Coachella. Here’s a list of all the things Heard could have done instead of leaving a dog with bowel control issues in their bed: Image
195/ Heard said she drove herself and friends to Coachella after Serta Shitter Incident, claimed she was beaten by Depp before leaving. We should all refer back to video (probs inadmissible) posted to social media allegedly showing them en route to Indio:
196/ Serta Shitter Incident is confusing. If: (a) Depp got abusive over small issues, (b) Heard knew/suspected they were both coming back, and (c) Boo had known bowel issues, why would she leave Boo in bed/risk Boo having an accident which might anger Depp/cause more beatings?:
197/ We’re obviously ignoring the glaring discrepancy between Heard saying Depp didn’t allow her to have a car and her very much having a car in April 2016. There are a lot of gaps/disconnects that need to be bridged here
198/ Was gonna give Heard the benefit of the doubt on PoopGate, but she seriously expects us to believe that a co-dependent Millennial went more than a week without a phone? Sus…:
199/ Dynamic Duo of Heard and Brederhoft tried poking holes in Nurse Falati’s testimony, claimed she got dates/info wrong or omitted stuff, esp. 5/11/2016 notes about Heard doing MDMA, 🍄s, drinking at Coachella and w/“high-profile male acquaintance.” Soo, everyone else is lying?
200/ Me whenever Brederhoft mentions metadata: Image
201/ Two things:
1. How the hell are you gonna say he “doesn’t have any property” in Penthouse 5 when he owns the entire floor??;
2. Holy shit. I can’t wait for this cross
202/ I think we can all empathize with Heard because this is how everyone felt watching her on direct 😂:
203/ Two words: Camille Vasquez:
204/ The theme of today’s cross-ex is “make it make sense.” Also, interesting how much leeway Depp’s team is giving Heard in her answers; perhaps to show a tendency for embellishment/exaggeration as per Dr. Curry’s testimony. Not looking good for Heard rn 😬:
205/ Tmw Heard claimed that she changed/attempted to change the locks at Depp’s LA Penthouses after filing for a TRO in May 2016: ImageImageImageImage
206/ Depp’s team has introduced Heard’s 2016 divorce deposition and the 2015 pup smuggling snafu in Australia. Can’t reiterate how badly this cross-ex is going for Heard 😬😬😬: ImageImageImageImage
207/ Depp’s team gave Heard’s lawyers little, if anything, to object to because today’s cross-ex was mostly them fact-checking Heard’s statements. Heard immediately left the courtroom after stepping down from the witness stand:
208/ After listening to this clip, I feel like Heard should’ve been 5150’d because this is not normal behavior:
209/ Boring video depo day today. Just fyr, in at least two SA accounts Heard claimed Depp grabbed her by or was pressing on her pubic bone. Here’s a visual of what that looks like: Image
210/ Highlights from Day 17 + 18 video depositions of Heard’s ex-friends iO Tillet Wright (currently “he/him/his,” previously “she/her/hers” in earlier declarations/court docs) and Raquel “Rocky” Pennington. Pennington seems confused about everything except what Heard told her: ImageImageImageImage
211/ Fyr, just in case you lost track: Image
212/ During Pt. 2 of Pennington’s depo, Rottenborn zoomed in on note allegedly left by Depp. You don’t need to be a handwriting expert to see how similar that writing is to writing on Australia mirror, Heard’s entries in Love Notebook, or another alleged injury photo sent to TMZ: ImageImageImageImage
213/ For ease of reference: Image
214/ Not sure why Rottenborn pointed out bathroom note/had Pennington comment on it; now I can’t unsee similarities between the handwriting. Also, not sure if Pennington is crying because she’s upset by “injury” photos, because she knows how absurd this case has gotten, or both
215/ Rottenborn went thru the Dec. 2015 Headbutt Incident. Spent time on hair pulled from Heard’s head during alleged assault. Afaict, strands don’t have hair bulbs. But, Heard isn’t a natural blonde; her hair would probably be easy to remove dt dryness, breakage, weak follicles: Image
216/ Side-by-side comparison of Depp’s handwriting in the Love Notebook vs. snarky mirror notes from March 2015 in Australia: Image
217/ More Day 18 testimony from Josh Drew (annoying “macho” man) and Whitney Henriquez (Heard’s younger sis). Suffice to say Heard’s witnesses are as annoying as she is, are parroting what she allegedly told them. If Heard isn’t credible, then neither is what she told them 🤷🏽‍♀️
218/ A lol moment + weird power dynamics during testimony from Heard’s sister; Heard is staring off in different direction, not making eye contact with sis. Depp’s team brought up Art of Elysium non-profit founder Jennifer Howell on cross. This could get real awkward, real fast: ImageImageImageImage
219/ Not sure if Heard was staring at Depp’s lawyer on cross or nah. At other points, she’d do that unnerving thing where she’d stare directly into camera/at whoever was on the witness stand:
220/ TL;DR: on the Whitney Henriquez (née Heard)-Jennifer Howell situation is Howell allegedly rescued Henriquez from Heard’s abuse, overheard comments from Henriquez when March 2015 Missing Fingertip Incident occurred, might have info on Gem Daddy and Heard’s frozen embryos: ImageImageImageImage
221/ Heard’s witnesses got weird on Day 18. “Self-love empowerment coach” (her words) Elizabeth Marz sat for a video depo about The Flying iPhone Incident on May 21, 2016 and claims she saw the infamous wine stain in the hallway. Afaict, the reconstructed timeline is as follows: ImageImage
222/ If Marz left gym/pool after Depp left, she’d take yellow or red-blue path. If former, she’d have seen damage b/t PH1&PH5. If latter, she’d have seen damage b/t PH3&PH5. But, LAPD footage might contradict her claim about seeing wine stain (3D floorplan cred: @ThatBrianFella): ImageImageImageImage
223/ So either Marz sat outside for several hours, she’s really confused, or she just perjured herself 🤔🤔🤔
224/ Heard’s ex-makeup artist (MUA) Melanie Inglessis noted experience in visual f/xs, “has created and covered” bruises w/makeup. Said she saw no injuries on Heard on 12/15/2015 (day of Headbutt Incident). Saw missing hair, “discoloration” under eyes/on nose bridge on 12/16/2015
225/ In photos Heard submitted as proof of “injuries” from 12/15/2015 Headbutt Incident, there’s only a small red spot under R eye, hard to see much else. There are altered versions of at least 1 of these photos that seemingly show discoloration under both eyes/on nose bridge: ImageImage
226/ Inglessis said she covered under-eye “discolorations” w/peach undertones and “split lip” w/deep red tint for Heard’s 12/16/2015 James Corden talk show appearance. Also said she used Amica to reduce swelling + “bruise kit”/color wheel to conceal marks:
227/ Inglessis gave deets on Heard’s skincare regimen, gave a makeup tutorial, and said she’s no longer friends with Heard because it was too much work lol
228/ Using Heard’s ex-MUA seems like a smart move by her team. They can submit it as evidence of witnesses to “injuries,” Heard reporting alleged DV/DA, and f/xs of alleged DV/DA while sidestepping multiple alternative explanations for Heard’s documented “injuries:” Image
229/ Heard claimed she now has “a lot of scar tissue” in her nose, also has “trouble breathing” thru nose. Aside from alleged nose injuries, other causes could be: sinus infection, sleep apnea, idiopathic or congenital deviated septum, deviated septum d/t excessive cocaine use
230/ More boring video depos on Day 19 to counter Depp’s damages claims. Heard’s team may be trying to bore the jury into forgetting how Vasquez’ cross-ex absolutely wrecked Heard. Only remotely interesting depo will be from Depp’s former co-star and ex-fuck buddy Ellen Barkin
231/ Can’t imagine Brederhoft’s questioning of Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman will do anything other than annoy the jury for wasting their time. Waldman can’t answer much of anything due to attorney-client privilege
232/ Also, just now realizing that it’s spelled “Bredehoft,” not “Brederhoft.” Since Elaine pronounces the “que” in Vasquez like “quell,” it’s only fair that I continue misspelling her name 💅🏽
233/ Heard’s team chose Tweet Detective Ron Schnell as a live witness for Day 19. Lol, wtf am I watching??: ImageImage
234/ Heard’s thirsty-ass expert Social Media Analyst said “graph shows these numbers [counts of hashtags w/outlier #JusticeForJohnnyDepp removed]…are correlated.” Not sure if this accounts for bots. Also, if he doesn’t stop staring at Heard. Bro, she’s not gonna fuck you 🤣: ImageImageImageImage
235/ Barkin video depo is kinda painful. Key takeaways: Depp did drugs/drank; Depp once allegedly threw/tossed empty wine bottle for no apparent reason at no one in particular, but also in her direction during “fight” w/assistant or friend; Depp ghosted after being fuck buddies:
236/ Another ransom note/handwriting reconstruction from the March 2015 Missing Fingertip Incident because insomnia and also why not: Image
237/ No court for #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard trial today. Some notes I still have: (1) I’m curious about why Team Depp hasn’t underscored how May 2016 “bruises” seem to move around as a way around missing metadata/implicit nod to DV/DA “hoax” (📸 cred: @ThatBrianFella): … Image
238/ … (2) The summer 2016 phone call was both hilarious and disturbing. Heard acted like a super villain, told Depp a very specific plan that she also had no idea about. Was unironically dressed like Dr. Evil that day: … ImageImageImageImage
239/ … (3) Why haven’t we heard more about this alleged March 2015 dick drawing in Australia? The people deserve answers 🤔🤔🤔: Image
241/ No thoughts, just the time stamps on these lol: ImageImageImageImage
242/ I have questions. On Day 15, Brederhoft submitted a bunch of photos as evidence for March 2015 Missing Fingertip Incident in Australia, claimed photos came from English Estate Exec Ben King: ImageImageImageImage
243/ UPDATED: The photo is Defendant’s Exhibit #1806 (5/5/2022), so it’s filed between *photos of wine splatter from March 2015. Can’t tell when/where photo was taken, but the newspaper underneath the weed is Sunday edition of The Independent (UK) from 9/28/2014: ImageImage
244/ Could be a simple mistake. Depp was in London in late Sept. 2014, but not sure why King would be photographing Depp’s weed or toting around a 6 month-old UK paper in a different country lol:
245/ Updates from part-time TikTok sleuths. The photos are Defendant’s Exhibits #713 (unsaturated) and #712 (saturated):
246/ More Internet sleuthing. Photo on the right (Heard claimed it was photoshopped) is from The Honeymoon Incident in July-August 2015:
247/ Day 20 started w/orthopedic hand surgeon Dr. Richard Moore. Dr. Moore said Depp’s injury from 3/2015 Missing Fingertip Incident not “consistent” w/described cause. Dr. Moore answering to “reasonable degree” of probability,” no significance level stated, so let’s assume 0.95: ImageImage
248/ Dr. Moore said he watched Depp depo/testimony, but used photos/X-rays to conclude it was crush injury. Said w/“hand lying flat,” likely would’ve injured nail/other parts of finger, showed jury assumed position. Rottenborn quickly moved on, had Dr. Moore explain some jargon: ImageImageImageImage
249/ Depp was entertained by Rottenborn’s (Freudian slip) mention of 🦈. Team Depp is riveted; probably because Dr. Moore did demo wrong lol. Cross-ex from Vasquez should just ask if sustained injury would be more likely if Dr. Moore had actually done the demo as Depp described: ImageImageImage
250/ Lol, Dr. Moore also said injury could’ve come from finger being caught “between two hard opposing surfaces.” Glass is harder than marble, but equally as hard as granite: ImageImageImage
251/ If jury discounts 3/2015 Missing Fingertip Incident, then Staircase Incident (3/23/2015 or May 2015) might be key event. Could be a problem for Team Heard if jury relies on 2 witnesses (Travis McGivern, Whitney Henriquez), 1 recording, some photos of Heard’s “damaged” closet
252/ If Henriquez is deemed unreliable/photos are questionable w/o metadata, then it’s McGivern’s testimony and the recording. These 2 things paint Heard as aggressor and closet “damages” could be read as reactive abuse because it happened after Heard threw objects/spit at Depp: Image
253/ Either way, Depp’s hand was injured and in a cast when Heard claimed he grabbed her hair with one hand and then punched her with the other. Heard later photographed “damage” to closet, but not any alleged facial injuries #DeppHeardTrial
254/ Team Heard wasted everyone’s time with Shady Dr. Spiegel as a redundant witness to sub in for Dr. Hughes: ImageImage
255/ Okay, I think we’re done here: ImageImageImageImage
256/ Not that it matters because he’s clearly biased, but Dr. Spiegel’s vibe was “Depp is too stupid/drunk to know he’s stupid/drunk.” Also, tried schooling jury on neurobiology. Frontal lobe is considered fully developed at 25yo, not sure what his excuse is for how Heard acted: ImageImageImage
257/ Dr. Spiegel said using downers (Depp, Heard- Seroquel, Ambien, Neurontin) to fall asleep and stimulants (Depp, Heard- Adderall; Heard- Provigil) to wake up is potentially due to Circadian rhythms being thrown off by substance abuse
258/ Dr. Spiegel also said chronic co-use of Adderall + cocaine could “predispose” to jealousy, rapid mood changes, poor self-control, mood disinhibition, psychosis, violence/self-harm, could require downers to reduce agitation/sleep. Adding alcohol could increase IPV/DV/DA risk:
259/ Heard claimed she “wasn’t into”/didn’t do coke after teen years, but had 4 lines on her coffee table and Pennington said they did coke together 🤔🤔🤔
260/ Lmao, Dr. Spiegel bringing up/describing narcissism and not even realizing he’s out here dragging Heard:
261/ Why can’t I unsee this 🤣: ImageImage
262/ Wtf is this testimony from entertainment industry “consultant” *Kathryn Arnold? Epic waste of time and lame way to introduce hearsay evidence by Team Heard: ImageImageImageImage
263/ Brederhoft asked Arnold who had the highest grossing film: Heard, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ana de Armas, Zendaya, Chris Pine. Arnold said Heard in Aquaman 1 ($1.15 billion), but Zendaya was the lead female role in Spider-Man: No Way Home ($1.89 billion) lol:
264/ My personal highlight reel for Hicksville Trailer Tailor Morgan Night’s @devilsnight testimony: him describing themed trailers as his babies, how entertained/befuddled he was by @ThatUmbrella’s Twitter handle, him remembering exact cost for pair of wall sconces 9 years later
265/ Honestly thought Art of Elysium CEO Jennifer Howell would’ve spilled more tea in her testimony. Not sure if her email to Whitney Henriquez made it into evidence. I guess we’ll see what each side makes of Howell’s statements during closing arguments:
266/ If I had to guess, the source of the mega-pint video is either Heard herself, Rocky Pennington, or iO Tillet Wright:
267/ Doodling and eating candy during #JohnnyDeppvAmberHeard silent sidebars like a true narcissist
268/ Day 22 rebuttal witness highlights for #JohnnyDeppvAmberHeard:
Depp’s ex Kate Moss » “Depp didn’t push me down stairs”
Psych Bae Dr. Curry » “Dr. Hughes didn’t follow standards, testing not robust, presented personal opinions/Heard’s self-reports as fact, acted unethically”
269/ No cross of Moss. Heard taking a ton of “notes” during Dr. Curry’s rebuttal. Brederhoft thinking about what, if any, questions she can ask about the Muffin Man: Image
270/ Dr. Curry on Dr. Hughes’ testing/findings about Heard: Image
271/ Wtf is Heard eating 🧐🧐🧐: ImageImageImageImage
272/ If you watch Day 22 #JohnnyDeppVAmberHeard trial coverage and don’t at least question Heard’s credibility because “bELiEvE aLL wOmEn,” idk what to tell you (screenshot creds: @bigbossboze + @Kitxunii): ImageImageImageImage
273/ The way Heard stared directly at Depp while he was recounting the March 2015 Missing Fingertip Incident in 🇦🇺 was legit disturbing: ImageImage
274/ Huge (but not surprising) yikes from ex-TMZ employee @MorganTremaine’s testimony 😬:
275/ Alright, made a spreadsheet for #DeppHeardTrial alleged events. Will update as needed: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…
277/ Day 23 #DeppHeardTrial is Heard’s rebuttal, but it’s just a reboot of stuff we’ve already seen:
278/ Day 23 #DeppHeardTrial Heard rebuttal witness Julian Ackert (computer forensics, not a 3rd-party) spent a lot of time explaining how Photos allows you to sort things, change sizes, etc. Doesn’t really acknowledge that you can also change time/date of photos in metadata. K…
279/ Not sure Ackert’s testimony does anything to explain away the fact that Heard submitted 2 versions of the same photo that he described as “visually different” or that you have to squint to see anything “injury”-like when looking at most of her photos: ImageImage
280/ Not sure anyone is buying Dr. Hughes again claiming that Heard has PTSD when Heard has been glaring and smirking at Depp the entire trial: ImageImageImage
281/ Duper’s delight or narcissist’s smirk? Why is it that Heard seems to enjoy being caught in lies/contradictory statements?:
282/ “I’m not sitting in this courtroom snickering. I’m not sitting in this courtroom laughing, smiling, making snide jokes.” -Heard on rebuttal in #DeppHeardTrial: ImageImageImageImage
283/ Heard’s reaction to her post-TRO giggle fest is lol. Nice catch by Team Depp RE: identical wine spill in “damages” photos from two different alleged incidents (December 2015, May 2016). Heard asked the court to unredact metadata and the court was like, “yeah, no” 💀💀💀: ImageImageImageImage
284/ Okay, so you did write it 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ #DeppvHeard:
285/ During rebuttal cross-ex from #CamilleVasquez, Heard said the quiet part out loud. #DeppHeard trial has come full circle:
286/ TL;DW for closing arguments in #DeppHeard trial:
#CamilleVasquez and #BenChew- “Look at the facts. Listen to the audio”

#Rottenborn and #ElaineBredehoft- “Hello. Please allow us to publicly gaslight you like our client did for the past 6 weeks:”
287/ Main takeaways from the #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard debate: ImageImage
288/ My humble contribution to the #AmberHeardDeservesPrison #EveBarlowIsAJoke #ACLU trifecta: Image
289/ My best interpretation of #DeppHeard jury instructions and legal requirements for various defamation aspects:
- Depp wins 1/3 claims
- Heard wins 0/3 counterclaims

Most poetic damages would be Depp winning either $57 or $107 million + legal fees and some adopted alpacas: ImageImage
290/ Theoretically, jury could decide w/o debating if Heard’s DV/DA claims are true or not. Based on the evidence, op-ed was published before she made SV claims and before anti-Heard sentiment was trending. So, online version’s title (which she quote-tweeted) is false and thus:
291/ Heard supporters will still declare victory if the jury rules in favor of Heard for Statements 2 and 3. These are moot points since a lot of the evidence presented negates Heard’s claims about institutions “protecting” Depp or being a “representative” of DV/DA survivors 🤷🏽‍♀️
292/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeardTrial jury sent back a question about whether the op-ed title is itself a statement. Judge Azcarate’s answer was, “yes, the title is the statement in question:”
293/ Jury has gone home after Day 2 of deliberations 😬😬😬
294/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard verdict is in and will be read at 3PM ET/noon PT. This is not a drill, people:
295/ Heard is present in courtroom, but not Depp. #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard Judge Azcarate sent jury back into deliberation room to fill out compensatory damages part of verdict form. Chew and Vasquez shake hands after going to the bench. Possible Depp win on at least one claim?: Image
296/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard jury ruled in favor of Depp on Claim 1 (“I spoke up against SV”), Claim 2 (“two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse”), and Claim 3 (“institutions protect men accused of abuse”). Looks like #JusticeForJohnnyDepp today:
297/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard jury awarded $10 million in compensatory damages to Depp, $5 million in punitive damages against Heard
298/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard jury ruled against Heard on Counterclaim 1 (“fake SV allegations”), Counterclaim 3 (“Heard continues to defraud Depp, #MeToo, real abuse victims”), but ruled in favor on Counterclaim 2 (“this was a hoax, an ambush”):
299/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard jury awarded $2 million in compensatory damages to Heard, $0 in punitive damages against Depp
300/ Basically, the jury’s take was, “we don’t buy Heard’s story,” but Depp-Waldman can’t say it’s a “hoax.” So, #JusticeForJohhnyDepp, but also, stop lying and don’t be a dick:
301/ Heard has already posted on Instagram and reiterated the “mountain of evidence,” implications for “other women”/taking “violence against women seriously,” the UK ruling (where she wasn’t subject to discovery), and First Amendment rights: ImageImage
302/ Lol, comments are off on Heard’s post
303/ Depp has also made a statement on Instagram after #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial verdict. Emphasizes the impact of Heard’s false statements, legal hurdles to prove his case, due process, how the truth helps “men or women.” Comments are not turned off: ImageImage
304/ Still trying to figure out why Counterclaim 2 (“this was a hoax, an ambush,” they “roughed the place up,” called cops twice) was ruled defamatory. May be because Pennington, Drew, Marz, etc. got info from Heard (who could’ve misled them), 2nd 911 call wasn’t played in court:
305/ Total #JusticeForJohnnyDepp award is $10.3 million (not $15 million as is being reported by some outlets). Punitive damages are limited to $350k
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp lol, why are typos 🤦🏽‍♀️
306/ Takes from each side of the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial after the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp verdict, 33% win rate for Heard’s counterclaims: ImageImage
307/ So, apparently Counterclaim 2 was for a longer Waldman statement about presumed 5/21/2016 events sequence. Makes sense that the jury ruled against Depp-Waldman here (2nd set of LAPD officers’ bodycam footage showed no damage at penthouses, 2nd 911 call wasn’t in evidence): Image
308/ Team Depp could file an injunction to prevent Heard from making the same or similar statements in the future. Team Heard may be planning an appeal to the #DeppVsHeard verdicts, but nothing filed yet. Not sure what they can appeal on since this was a pretty well-run trial 🤔
309/ Elaine Bredehoft making the rounds as Bargain Bin Gloria Allred wasn’t on my #DeppVsHeard bingo card, but here we are:
271.2/ Did some digging and the best guess RE: “wtf is Heard eating?” is Listerine Breath Strips:
310/ Twitter algorithms being shady af lmfao 💀💀💀: Image
311/ Latest #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard trial updates. Bredehoft made the rounds, claimed women were setback, blamed judge, jury, and suppression of evidence. Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez did interviews, reiterated Bredehoft’s claims as baseless, focused on positive outlook for Depp
312/ Heard is now doing interviews where she: takes no responsibility for lying, plays victim (😩 online vitriol), redirects to #MeToo (Depp as powerful man, paid employees testified, they don’t believe women), gaslights (Depp had more time), has contempt/arrogant body language:
313/ Lmao, everyone who was convinced Depp *actually* had scissors for hands:
314/ Some highlights from Part 3 of Heard’s #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #TodayShow interview. First up, this inexplicably dramatic pause:
315/ Then, some more gaslighting from Part 3 of Heard’s #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #TodayShow interview: Collage of a screenshot fro...Collage of a screenshot fro...Collage of screenshots from...Collage of screenshots from...
316/ Lastly, some dodgy and absolutely nonsensical gems from Part 3 of Heard’s #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #TodayShow interview: Collage of screenshots from...Collage of screenshots from...Collage of screenshots from...
317/ Say what you will about Amber Heard, but she’s doing a master class in how to spot a compulsive gaslighter #TheGiftThatKeepsOnGiving
318/ Team Heard filed a form in #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard case. They’ve requested hearing transcripts from October 2021 and January-April 2022 be placed under seal and thus not be available in the public record: fairfaxcounty.gov/circuit/sites/…
319/ Team Heard requested a bunch of depos be placed under seal. Some are from doctors (Dr. Anderson, Dr. Blaustein, Dr. Cowan, Dr. Kipper) or other medical professionals (Nurse Falati, Nurse Lloyd), so perhaps some retroactive doctor-patient privilege applies 🤔
320/ Team Heard has also asked to seal depos from Terence Dougherty (ACLU rep), Walter Hamada (Zack Snyder hater at Warner Bros.), Jessica Kovacevic (Heard’s agent at WME), and Joel Mandel (Depp’s ex-business manager), the only reason I can think of is protecting “trade secrets”
321/ There’s a subset of depos from private citizens that Team Heard wants to seal (Josh Drew, Rocky Pennington, Anthony Romero, acting coach/involuntary therapist Kristy Sexton, iO Tillet Wright). Not surprisingly these depos have info directly contradicting Heard’s testimony
322/ Team Heard wants other depos that weren’t admitted placed under seal:

(a) Heard’s ex-therapist Dr. Amy Banks who Heard allegedly reported violence to. Bredehoft referenced Dr. Banks, but self-reports are only as credible as their source 🤷🏽‍♀️:
323/ (b) Publicist Robin Baum who Depp allegedly had an affair w/in 2011. Should be noted that 2011 is around the time of Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ separation, but before Depp and Heard’s relationship officially started. This sounds irrelevant and more prejudicial than probative
324/ (c) A nurse or receptionist named Lisa Beane who Heard alleges saw/offered her help during or after a visit to Dr. Kipper’s office. Heard submitted texts with Beane during the UK trial. Not sure of relevance here if Beane didn’t do an exam/no records of exam can be produced: Screenshot of a tweet from ...
325/ (d) Depp’s ex-lawyer Jacob Bloom. Depp sued Bloom and his law firm in a $50 million malpractice lawsuit in 2017: variety.com/2019/biz/news/…
326/ (e) Heard’s friend circa 2016 Rami Sarabi. Sarabi was involved in some stolen baby photo op for Heard in Syria and was allegedly with Heard during or after Coachella 2016. Interwebz rumors have circulated that Heard, Sarabi, or others staged photos of Heard at a BLM protest: Screenshot of a 2/25/2019 I...
327/ (f) ACLU rep Ben Wizner who attested to ACLU’s involvement with Heard’s 2018 WaPo op-ed. Unless there’s something new in Wizner’s communications, this seems like redundant info given that Terence Dougherty’s depo was included:
328/ So, Team Heard is asking to include, but seal depos from a bunch of randos whose info may be redundant or irrelevant? Yeah, that tracks:
329/ Latest #DeppVsHeard updates:
1. NY judge wants Depp and ACLU to sort out ACLU’s “please pay us for man hours and photocopying things” request;
2. Hearing set for 7/24 in VA case;
3. NBC was up to some shit with editing;
4. Heard was up to some shit with lady in the elevator:
330/ Heard needs to find a lot of money real fast 😬:
@threadreaderapp unroll, please
331/ #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard trial updates:
1. Final judgment has been entered
2. ACLU will get some money for their very expensive photocopies:
332/ Team Heard submitted documents from a July 22, 2021 plea in bar hearing arguing that the UK verdict should stop #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial in the US. It includes the most glorious sass from #BenChew and a true work of art by #ElaineBredehoft: Excerpt from pg. 89 of corr...Excerpt from pg. 117 of cor...Excerpts from PowerPoint ha...
334/ Updates on Team Heard’s claim about The Imposter Juror. They’re requesting a retrial. This could be a father and son with the same name, but the supplemental memo is vague on this point. Seems like something to note during jury selection instead of saving it for insurance:
335/ Latest #DeppVHeard updates:
1. More unsealed documents on the way?
2. Heard’s insurance said, “better hit up Mollusk for that $10.3 million, you intentional tortfeasor”
3. Team Depp brought the sass in response to Team Heard’s Imposter Juror motion:
336/ Judge Azcarate said, “absolutely not:”
337/ Judge Azcarate is spilling the tea, ordered unsealing a bunch of documents, and destroyed Team Heard’s Imposter Juror claim with Juror #15’s jury questionnaire from Aug. 2021. Also, apparently Heard tried to settle before trial lmao: Page 1 of Juror #15’s jury ...Page 2 of Juror #15’s jury ...Snippet from Judge Azcarate...
338/ The second-to-last paragraph of Judge Azcarate’s denial of all of Team Heard’s post-trial motions is a whole ass mood: Page 1 of Judge Azcarate’s ...Page 2 of Judge Azcarate’s ...
339/ It’s appeals all the way down:

• • •

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