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(1/x) Sheesh, ngl it’s been a hot second since we’ve gotten to work on PXN. Now that we minted out, think it’s time for a little story about my own journey in both Nano and PXN. Buckle up, this is gonna be a long 🧵
(2/x) To start off, for those of y’all that don’t know, I started off in @nanoverseHQ back in late October, but didn’t start popping off till Early November when I came back home from a family vacation.
@nanoverseHQ (3/x) Due to the jetlag, I was out here crashing at 7 pm and waking up at 3-4 am, so what did I do? Hop on Discord ofc and chat it up with da boiz. I still remember those late nights at demon hrs with @GT3NFT and recounting some fun stories with @veezyvangogh and @Yuri_ramen.
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[24 hours ago:]

"Well, the way you should be playing is— Image
I guess that everyone yesterday who was thinking that the word was a repeat was thinking of...foray? We'd done foray, right?
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Thread on #Monerun


According to the Monero community, exchanges are using Monero’s anonymity to conceal their trading of ‘paper contracts’.

This Reddit thread summarizes the issue.…
#Monerun thread


In short, exchanges are accused of selling $XMR they don’t have, which suppresses price.

Today, all #Monero users are supposed to withdraw their XMR from exchanges to create a bank run and force exchanges to buy and increase its price.
#Monerun thread


This financial sleight of hand happens with cash, too - it’s called fractional reserve banking.

Banks are permitted by the Federal Reserve to lend 5 to 10 times more than they hold in cash, creating money out of thin air – inflation. Image
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I went through DOZENS of crypto slang guides to distill a Best Of.

99% water down their guides with technical terms and don't explain the memes.

This is the only guide to #crypto slang and #web3 slang you need.

43 Crypto Slang Terms and Memes to understand this space.

1. #HODL

HODL stands for hold on for dear life and expresses the intention to not sell under any circumstances, no matter how bad the volatility gets.

Often used in relation to #BTC. The origin of the expression is said to be here:…
2. Diamond Hands & Paper Hands

Related to HODL

Investors that HODL have diamond hands=not prepared to sell their holdings for any price

Possibly originated during the Gamestop short squeeze

Paper hands=investors who quickly sell their position when facing decreasing prices.
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My life's work has always been about trauma & healing.

I’m a survivor - I don’t endorse violence in any form.
Let’s talk about what it’s like to live with #alopecia. The deeply vulnerable & difficult moments that our families see. Appreciation post for those who hold us down & support us when we’re at our lowest points. They see us, fully. #IYKYK a bald Black woman (Ayanna)...
Our bodies are not public domain. They are not a line in a joke—especially when the transformation is not of our choosing.

I’m a survivor of violence. I'm a proud Alopecian. The psychological toll we carry daily is real. Team Jada always. That’s that on that.
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I’m watching The Power of the Dog and……


Rose reminds me of Wyatt’s wife from Tombstone. #IYKYK
Oh sh*t. Homie played the long game?
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I made a post about Javelins, and got a ton of new followers today.


Welcome, new Doctrinistas. I hope you love @USArmyDoctrine, because that’s what I love.

Let’s interrupt your doom-scroll with some lunchtime doctrine.

You know what you should check out for your lunch hour professional reading today?

ATP 4-48, Aerial Delivery, from @SCoE_CASCOM!

I mean, you could also try TC 3-22.27, but that’s 260 pages and rather niche. #iykyk #subtweet

2/ Image
So, why Aerial Delivery?

Great question!

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A quick 🧵 on the state of POL and OHM V2.


I’m basically burnt out right now and this thread will be too short.

Fact of the matter is that the discussion is happening now, with or without me.

The following info is critical and time sensitive, so here it is:

I wrote a lot of words in a lot of places but never left a summary of my thoughts in one place.

I’ll link my first mega 🧵 that explains a lot. Sadly, I am too tired to explain what’s new or been refined. Sorry 😢

1️⃣ POL system and market dynamic is a monetary system.

To make that clear: they have their own unit of account (backed by RFV), that’s OHM for Olympus.

POLs also control the supply of the UoA (indirectly) via the policy that they set.

Real world monetary authorities do that today but I won’t call it what it is. #IYKYK
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You don't need to get to politics to make the case that Jason Bateman > Ricky Schroder. Bateman's next show was the all-timer "It's Your Move." Schroder: doing a bad David Caruso imitation while getting outclassed by orders of magnitude by the rest of the case of "NYPD Blue."
"We're the Dregs."

#IYKYK. And the only person On Here I've ever encountered who knows is @StaceGots.
This requires some reconstruction, but I have a DISTINCT memory of the second Dregs episode being preempted by a Reagan speech. And I was MAD. Not saying that's why I became a socialist, but not NOT saying it either.
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You know what else is essential?

Conversion, kyunki farz hai, to bring kafir to the right path
Prayers, so schools should accommodate their timings for scheduling classes (seen protest for happen in the US college too)
Gender based seggregation
Stone Pelting must be some essential part as well. How soon before the administration takes the knee on this?
No one in the media will see the stone pelting or the fact the students are being adamant going against the uniform. No one will point out the fact that it is a full blow tent, not just a 'hijab'. No one will find patriarchy in this. Only, JSR chanting mob
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Professional Update: This is my last week in the Prime Ministers Office & in the 🇨🇦 Government.

As a Kid from #Scarborough, my 16 year old self would not have dreamed this 👇🏽
I wouldn't say my journey is unique. But here is my story of a young brown kid who wasn't sure if he would graduate high school to working in the highest office & whose love for serving people & 🇨🇦 grew.

A few reflections & many people to thank 🙏🏽.
Born to immigrant parents 🇮🇳🇧🇧🇬🇧 in the diverse neighbourhoods of #ThorncliffePark & #Scarborough there were moments growing up my life could have taken a different path.

A postal code shouldn't determine access to opportunity & success, but it remains the reality for many.
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I disagree w/ the CDC Director’s upshot because the data doesn’t allow for an apple-to-apples comparison. The study acknowledges this limitation, but the Director seems to have skimmed over the footnotes in the supplementary data ImageImageImage
Cringe #IYKYK Image
Make this make sense: the study is trying to compare clinical severity (e.g. hospitalization rates) of Delta vs. Omicron by using a proxy marker (SGTF)...but SGTF data is collected from hospitalized patients a third as often as it is for non-hospitalized patients 🤦🏻‍♂️ Image
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#Heros are fighting the most hardcore underworld war to destroy the monsters


🤜🏻❤️WWG1WGA ❤️🤛🏻
@ #AZAZEL 🤜🏻🤛🏻


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Monday, December 27, 2021
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...☕ Image
Steve Bannon is a scumbag and an idiot, but even a broken cuckoo clock is right sometimes. Marc Elias is doing an excellent job.

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New week, New Recap. We're back with #StarTrekDiscovery S4EP03 - Choose To Live

Recap Blitz includes clips from last episode as well as snippets from The Season 3 season finale "That Hope is You Part 2". If you missed last weeks and want to catch up that thread is here:
If you missed my recap of the Season 3 finale that thread is here.
#DemTreksTap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

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✨The Ryan Eggold & Freema Agyeman (aka Goldman aka the Co-captains of the #Sharpwin ship) Thread✨
Pictures from the first table read (of the Pilot) and first cast dinner. #AndSoItBegins

🗓️ March 7 and March 8, 2018 ImageImageImageImage
Ryan recalling the day he met Freema for the first time. #StruckByHer

🗓️ Interview from September 2018 Image
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What you know about living in an abandoned house with a younger brother, younger cousin, and having to steal food outta grocery stores, just to feed all of us, and I was only 10 or 11yrs-old myself. Til the police kicked in the door, and they ended up in foster care.
I ended up at a family members house. My uncle took me in, the same one that just passed a couple days ago. I stayed with him until I about 15, and I jumped off the porch full speed ahead, hustling. Still took my ass to school, and hit the block soon as the bell rang.
I had a pocket full of stones (UGK voice), making more $$ than I knew what to do with at that age. Had an adult get a house in they name for me, but I paid all the bills as youngn. Connected with some older family members that had the city on lock.
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Yesterday was payday. Tomorrow is game day for the #WNBA playoffs. But everyday WE NEED MERCH!

So open up your wallets, enter your card number, and tap in…

(cc: @TheSkyShowCHI)

First of all, this is absolutely a @DICKS Stan Account and they are my #1 recommendation for team gear!

Not only do they have @Candace_Parker’s ACE merch, but they’re @GrowTheGameW’s biggest supporter when it comes to giveaways!

Isn’t it beautiful?! 😍
@Playa_Society may be their name, but they definitely didn’t play about these sweatsuits! (When y’all see me in it again on Wednesday, mind your business. 😂)

Y’all better cop from this restock before it’s too late!

So stop playing and head on over to
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Not that it should be a shock at this point but for those who are outraged and tripping over the racist comments towards the Black players on the English National Football Team, let’s be clear…..
Throughout history, there have been countless white folx who only loved our Black athletes when they PERFORM & WIN or SHUCK ‘N’ JIVE. They love them when it’s mutually beneficial and convenient for them. When they lose though, that’s when they really show their true colors.
They did it to the 1st Black heavyweight champion in Jack Johnson over a century ago! They did it Jackie Robinson when he broke the color line in baseball! They’ve done it to Serena Williams and they’re doing it to Naomi Osaka, Sha’carri Richardson, and so many Black athletes.
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Unpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is to work on the weekends.
1/ I’ve worked countless weekends since I started my career 10+ years ago.

Just like every other poor immigrant kid who has become successful in tech. Nobody handed us anything — we had to will success.
2/ People talk about work feeling like play when done right. In the best of times, this is 💯 true.

But even when it was a slog, I still worked my ass off day in, day out. Only quitters quit.
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I wonder what they told it? Image
@Grady_Booch why the self declaration for OOP?
If anyone tells you that you can't ignore your problems forever, just remember that they are quitters.
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Ok so last week #BlackfullaTwitter was yarning about the erasure of Aboriginal women *coughs* @QandA and....(yes it’s a thread)
I shared part of a speech by Audre Lorde that she delivered to a conference in Melbourne in 1985 where she rouses them for ignoring Aboriginal women - it’s in A Burst of Light and what annoyed me was...
It got a lot of attention and RTs which reminded me again how we are only visible as Indigenous women when others deem us worthy. BTW Aunty was clearly ahead of her time cause we have had race scholars here since who don’t think they can learn from us here.
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OMFG #iykyk what it was like to be targeted by this prick.
could not have happened to a bigger piece of shit. Enjoy MCC, asswipe. I am unimaginably happy to hear of your misfortune.
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