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Cognoscenti; a poet with verses
Cognizant; a taxpayer with miseries
Two friends met after five years. One has become a poet & an aficionado of literature. The other has become a businessman. They were happy upon sharing their experiences, they have had in past years. Poet, being excited to share his knowledge, asked his friend to say 'shayaris'.
Businessman: It's not my bailiwick; I couldn't know more except GST in past quinquennium.

Poet: I can understand but try to say something in response; let's go one-on-one.

Businessman: Ok.

Poet: Lemme share few shayaris of #MirzaGhalib.

Businessman: Go ahead!

Banter started.

"तोड़ा कुछ इस अदा से, तालुक उसने गालिब,
के सारी उम्र अपना कसूर ढूंढते रहे।"


"जोड़ा कुछ इस अदा से, कानून उसने साहिब,
के सारी उम्र 'कसूर दुरुस्ती' का प्रावधान ढूंढते रहे।"
Poet: Not bad, now respond to this.

"कुछ इस तरह से जिंदगी को आसां कर लिया,
किसी से माफी ली तो किसी को माफ कर दिया।"


"कुछ इस तरह से उन्हों ने, जीएसटी को आसां कर दिया,
विक्रेता की गलती पर, खरीदार का 'लेजर' साफ़ कर दिया।"
Poet: Here's one more.

"कैसे करूं भरोसा गैरो के प्यार पे,
यहां अपने ही लेते है मज़ा, अपनो की हार पे।"


"कैसे करूं भरोसा पोर्टल के किरदार पे,
यहां सारे प्रावधान देते है सजा, हर नेक व्यवहार पे।"
Now the Poet took the challenge with sobriety. He changed the mode of debate with a view to flabbergast the businessman.

Poet: "I would deliver some verses now, you continue responding."
This was quite tough for the businessman. However, he, being a one-trick pony, succeeded to respond with the rhymes those he made on the basis of his empirical knowledge and that too at one fell swoop.

Now, it's all about verses.
See how this debate goes further.

"दुर्बल को न सताइए, जाकी मोटी हाय,
मरी खाल की सांस से, लोह भसम हो जाय।"


"निर्धन व्यापारी को दबोचिए, जाकी मोटी आय,
मरे व्यापार की आय से, राजस्व द्विगुण हो जाय।"

Poet didn't stop; recited another one.

"धीरे-धीरे से मना, धीरे सब कुछ होय,
माली सींचे सौ घड़ा, ऋतु आए फल होय।"


"धीरे-धीरे हर दावा वो करे मना, सरल न कुछ होय,
नियत तारीखों का गढ़ बड़ा, जीएसटी न सफल होय।"

"साई इतना दीजिए, जा में कुटुम समय,
मैं भी भूखा न रहूं, साधु न भूखा जाय।"


"ताई को कीतना भी दीजिए, जा में जीएसटी न समाय,
आईटीसी छोड़ कर 'दुगना कर' भरू, बाबु न भूखा जाय।"
Poet finally capitulated saying with "you made me feeling your pain with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious combo of wit and euphemism."

Businessman: "The pain arising due to blunders & plunders of #GST can lead any businessman making poetry. Pain and poetry are correlated."
Poet: Such a melancholious ambience of #GST is persuading me to conclude it in two lines.

"'Good & simple tax' is a white lie;
and 'Ease' is just a pie in the sky!"
Ending here this causerie with an exact word that both the above friends told each other, at last:


Thanks for reading.

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Aug 11, 2021
A #pasquinade!

Title:- 'एक महफिल'

A macoranic, satirical #thread on #GST.

This is abstract of tête-e-tête of the guys, gathered for carousing. There are 4 partakers; all are businessmen. Thread has 4 parts. Consider each part as a number of peg.

It's not jabberwocky, but
their 'gravitas';
truth often comes out,
'in vino veritas'!

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Part 1: शायराना माहौल

All are ecstatic upon meeting business friends and hence they are in शायराना mood.

Rule of महफिल:

"महफिल में, मदीरा सब को मिलेगी दायरे में,
हर बात होगी ऐसे, जैसे होती है मुशायरे में।"

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Apr 17, 2021
"Can you describe the journey of four years of GST with melodious music, qua a tax payer?" - Asked by a music afficianado.

Thence, I excogitated this thread with befitting songs in background.

It's harmonious!
What - #GST Or Musical Thread?
Do read, watch & hear till end.


During the course of migration of #taxpayers from old regime to #GST, everyone was ecstatic.

#Taxprofessionals were reminding for migration and clients were reaching to them, happily.

There was a great hope for 'ease'.

This video 👇 represents that situation.

Nidus of abdabs:

After implementation, it was an adventurous task to face the ill-wille portal.

Tax payers constrained to pay hefty late fees due to such faulty portal.

By frequently paying the late fees similarly due to kitschy portal, taxpayers became kvetchy like...👇

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