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May 3 15 tweets 4 min read


Cognoscenti; a poet with verses
Cognizant; a taxpayer with miseries Two friends met after five years. One has become a poet & an aficionado of literature. The other has become a businessman. They were happy upon sharing their experiences, they have had in past years. Poet, being excited to share his knowledge, asked his friend to say 'shayaris'.
Aug 11, 2021 8 tweets 4 min read
A #pasquinade!

Title:- 'एक महफिल'

A macoranic, satirical #thread on #GST.

Contd. Foreword:
This is abstract of tête-e-tête of the guys, gathered for carousing. There are 4 partakers; all are businessmen. Thread has 4 parts. Consider each part as a number of peg.

It's not jabberwocky, but
their 'gravitas';
truth often comes out,
'in vino veritas'!

Contd. Image
Apr 17, 2021 8 tweets 4 min read
"Can you describe the journey of four years of GST with melodious music, qua a tax payer?" - Asked by a music afficianado.

Thence, I excogitated this thread with befitting songs in background.

It's harmonious!
What - #GST Or Musical Thread?
Do read, watch & hear till end.

-2- Euphoria:

During the course of migration of #taxpayers from old regime to #GST, everyone was ecstatic.

#Taxprofessionals were reminding for migration and clients were reaching to them, happily.

There was a great hope for 'ease'.

This video 👇 represents that situation.