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When Paid Media, Liberals & Commies are bought by opposition to defeat a successful leader Modi, it's time to sit back & see what Modi has done in this little time.Will this progress continue if we ignore him & let vultures come again? Pls read the thread below!๐Ÿ‘‡
1. #Demonetisation
Without bothering that his popularity will decline & his Govt might fall, He took this bold step. We all had inconvenience but everyone knew it was for the betterment of India. Country united in ATM Queues but the Corrupt screamed from rooftops
2. #GST
We had been hearing about GST since years but it wasn't possible to bring every state, business, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha agree on it! Jaitley & Modi made it possible. Businesses were down temporarily but now everyone is reaping benefits of 1 Country 1 Tax
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Hardik Sex CD! To divert attention from the censorship they pumped into my Internet Connection. ~ Shehla Rashid (2017)
Wifeee sent me this.
โ€œRaGa txt to Hardikโ€ - Sorry Dick no Hardik

~ Tehseen Poonawalla (2017)
Good Sex CD Hardik .. listened to people demand .. but also some credit to OfficeOfRG ... ~ Pallavi Ghosh (2017)
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Some thoughts on today's #GST decisions. 1. Glad the Council and Finmin have heeded feedback from consumers and taxpayers.
2. Given the magnitude of changes and suggestion of more to come maybe today marks the real #GST implementation day.
3. But no clarity yet on whether revenue neutrality will be achieved after these cuts. Or was this a case of overestimation at the start?
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Gujarat is blessed by having extremely enterprising people who have done exceptionally well worldwide: Former PM Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
Modi often says nothing was done in 70 years before he became the PM. Does he really mean that? Asks Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
Life expectancy was 31 years at independence, now it is 70 years. Is this not progress? Asks Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
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I don't know about elections. But last week in Rajasthan - I have heard innumerable stories about small businessmen just wrapping up their companies. All impacted by #Demo and #GST. You guys can make a mockery of people's problems - but truth is people have been impacted.
My husband and I were in a car discussing GST and Modi along with Gujarat election - our driver suddenly says - Are Modi jee ko toh bas karna hai 'Mere Pyaare Bhaiyon aur behenon'. Madame humara mehendi ka business tha - band kar diya. Ab gaadi chala rahe hain.
My husband's cousin starts chatting up GST and how our company is handling filing. I gave him a lowdown on how we have hired a firm to manage.

He says - For TWENTY TWO days no business happened for us.

Do you understand what is 22 days without work?
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He did it,
So you can also do it! #ArnabDidIt
Chitra madam's whataboutery journalism lessons continue..
She sees a better propagandist than her in prodigal Arnob! Birds of same feather!
QN is why wearing masks? Just shed that journalist tag! ๐Ÿคฃ
When I see the way she is now peddling propaganda & selling her bigotry covered with sophisticated words, serious doubts about that Bofors
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