I’ve always been stuck in the Middle of everyone fighting amongst one another or trying to fix issues ones had with each other in the past …
I chose to listen & SHOW that what MOST a thought couldn’t be done, COULD be done.
When PEACE is made within, ANYONE can make the
Impossible, POSSIBLE ..

I lead by example & proved it every single day ..

I’m sorry I upset her/Unicorn, The 1 thing EVERYONE didn’t see coming was me choosing to be A step father in 2 boys lives starting at the age of 17. Every detail was known but A LOT was kept hidden
From everyone ..
All of it was done as A TEST, A test showing how easy it is for MANY of you to judge books by their covers ..

The shirt has Red on it because I CHOSE with my own FREE WILL to care about lives NO ONE else cares about ..
I chose to run back & forth, IN & OUT
Of the woods, carrying as many as I could to doors That I knew if they walked through, they would see just enough to believe & to be able to walk through all the remaining doors on their own.

Not only did those who I ran in the woods for go through the remaining doors
With their eyes wide open being grateful, they did things they never used to do in their life & that’s pay it forward by picking others up they would have never picked up in the past, helping those individuals go through those doors who would not have been saved if I didn’t do
All that I have ..

Think about all the men & women who go out to the bar, get water & go have sex. A few days/weeks later the woman figures out she is pregnant, the two know they’re not meant for one another but try to be parents anyways. A child is born into the world with
Two individuals trying to be parents that are at each others throats day & night, never able to get along ..
God originally saw differently for them in their lives but with FREE WILL those two had to figure it out & bring themselves closer to God for them to get back on
The path that makes the both of them the very best versions of themselves for the life they brought into this world.

Who suffers in the mean time until the parents finally see the signs (smallest of details in life) placed in front of them pointing them into the direction that
BEST suits each of them, INCLUDING the child ?

How much pain has to be self inflicted upon ones selves before the smallest of details matter in life ?
In todays world, signs are placed in places where YOU have to choose, follow your heart not caring what others will think
Of you choosing to follow the signs or choose to ignore because You FEAR what others may think of you.
Many choose to please/entertain others thoughts/words spoken instead of being aware of those small details along way that put YOU on the path that makes YOU the BEST version
Of yourself ..
YOU being the best version of yourself will teach others how to see the signs placed in their lives.
When presented with the choice, I chose the 3 babies/Grand babies here instead of up & leaving them ..

I’m sorry you couldn’t understand that. Yeah, you have shown they wouldn’t have to worry about $ but money doesn’t solve everything ..

If you only knew what the ones
Closest to me have had to go through, it would have made A difference in the now for you & your mind set.
It does not matter what I have gone through in all this, I chose to suffer for others.
I would never just up & leave them or have someone else do for them what I myself is
Supposed to do for those girls & the boys.

Money is the problem & money is the solution, I refuse to put myself in ANY scenario that gives others the opportunity to say “he did all he did for money” .. Nope, I chose to suffer because so many of my people were suffering &
Because I would NEVER abandon those closest to me …
Maybe others would jump at the first hand that reaches down to them for money or abandon those closest to them for love, not me.
I love these girls way more & had to protect them from A abusive mother & hot head 22
Year old that was on the verge of taking his own life ..

Money is the solution & I will NEVER allow it to be the problem. .
Which is exactly why everything is happening in the world as it is, all the “get rich quick” schemes happening with crypto, [they] all thought I would
Jump at it if [they] made it easy enough to gain a lot of money in A short Period of time.

[they] failed & because [they] did all that [they] did by setting those traps I didn’t fall for, MILLIONS upon MILLIONS fell for the traps & are about to have A rude awakening when it
Comes time for the curtain to be pulled on crypto ..

There is Nothing that’s within the public eye right now or that the public has knowledge about that’s going to be there in the near future ..

It’s all getting taken away, the people will find out they’ve been funding their
Own demise pretty much this whole time ..

Crypto won’t look like it does now in the near future, there is nothing anyone can do or say to change that & I have not A care in the world if it’s believed or not.
The unicorn, she refused to understand/accept that I chose protecting the grand babies from an abusive mother & making sure their father didn’t leave this world taking his own life, which would have ultimately left 2 of the girls trapped in the hands of their abusive mother/
Family …

She takes her two daughter by one of her family members houses that isn’t supposed to have kids in that house at all apparently. I was told there is someone related to her dads side of the family who raped g-Babies mothers sisters kids at the age of 3 & 8 .. Her
Sister ended up getting her kids taken away because she kept putting them in bad situations apparently.. I’ve never met any of these people, I just heard stories & it’s #WHY I refuse to abandon these babies.
I’m all they have other then their father & he can’t protect them like
I can.
He got put on papers because of the kids mothers trying to start A fight with some girl on the internet, the girls mother told someone on the internet to come fight her, the people showed up as the father was leaving with the 2 girls. He had nothing to do with any of it,
He put the babies in their car seats while the mother was going back & forth with the people that showed up at his grandmothers house to fight her. He yelled at her to get in the car so they could leave because the babies were right there, she refused, didn’t care about
The safety of the babies & continued feeding into B/S.

As he was about to just pull off to get the kids out of there, clay pots were being thrown at the back seat windows PURPOSELY by these individuals who showed up to fight the mother. The mother talked shit about
The peoples kids who showed up to fight her, so in “retaliation” those people took the clay pots that were in the trunk & threw them at the back seat windows trying to break the window to hit the 2 girls at the time. (#3 wasn’t born yet)
He pulled out his fire arm to get these
People to stop throwing clay pots at his back seat car windows where his children were sitting..
They got in their car finally & drove away calling the police, lying to the police ..

Ultimately what ended up happening is, she caused A bunch of bullshit in his life. I’m the
Only one he has to protect these girls ..

I have them 25 days out of every month, on top of doing EVERYTHING else that I do in life.
Getting them out of here is what they need & until I can do that for them, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.


Nothing Or NO ONE can stop me from giving these girls the life they deserve !!!
They’ve been through enough already.

I’m not gone, Not going anywhere & I don’t care if Anyone remembers me or not.
Those who have fallen because of all that [they]/corruption within government/evil have done WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN ! #EVER !

Til The End, I will ALWAYS #HONOR the lives that are not here to see the brave new world that’s set to be unveiled shortly.

• • •

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