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A thread de coisas que certamente seriam proibidas no Brasil pelos novos puritanos da esquerda

#1 South Park

É piada com todo mundo - e isso inclui trans, negros, minorias religiosas, e o Partido Comunista da China. Image
#2 Dave Chappelle

Não, não é o show, a existência do Chapelle seria proibida no Brasil.

Negro que não reza a cartilha? Não dá. Image
#3 Ricky Gervais

Imagina um maluco de esquerda (que sabe fazer piada) criar um show inteiro zoando os atores da Globo e suas "causas". Image
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Hey😉, Are you a gaming enthusiast searching for a vibrant and engaging gaming community?

Look no further than @rushbhub!

Let's discover what makes @rushbhub so special.

BTW, You might wanna put your seat belt on..😁

LFG🔥🚀🚀🚀⚡🔥☄ Image
♦️What is RushB Hub?

@rushbhub is a blockchain-based platform that enables gamers to trade in-game items without intermediaries.

As the first decentralized marketplace for Esports gamers, it offers fast, easy, and secure trading.
Accordingly, it appears to solve outstanding problems and provide solutions when applying more Blockchain technology, with the following main features:

🎮1. Marketplace: This is a prominent feature and one of the strengths of RushB Hub.
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[🧵] Il presidente della regione #Sicilia, Renato #Schifani, ha annunciato una #moratoria sul #fotovoltaico. La Sicilia, dice, è esportatore netto di energia. Ha ragione? Ha torto? Ha senso sospendere le autorizzazioni? Andiamo con ordine… 1/n
Schifani pone tre problemi: 1) le rinnovabili hanno un forte impatto paesaggistico, specie nelle regioni caratterizzate da un elevato volume di richieste di connessione; 2) creano poca occupazione (e poco qualificata) sul territorio; 3) non producono benefici per i cittadini 2/n
La logica di Schifani è sbagliata ma ci sono due ma. Il primo è questo: il suo approccio è involontariamente legittimato dagli stessi sostenitori delle rinnovabili. Il secondo: c’è un punto specifico su cui Schifani ha ragione a sua insaputa 3/n
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The best way to learn copywriting?

Study the greats.

And I’ve spent 4hrs curating the best sales pages, sales letter & copies for you.

You can steal them all here ( & build a personal swipe file):

1/ ship 30 for 30 by dickie bush:

Dickie is a great writer & so is his sales page.

This page was great at emphasizing benefits over features:
2/ Vip coaching program by Jay:

Jay used compelling storytelling to write his copy.

Great writing style & easy flow of words.

Here is the resources:…
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The Avg Business degree costs $80,000 per year.

That means you’re $80,000 in debt by the time you graduate!

(Before you’ve even started your career!)

Or, you could spend less than $250 and read these 8 legendary books on business
"The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries @ericries The Lean Startup
"Start with Why" by @SimonSinek Start with Why
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#IA - La tecnología #disruptiva que está cambiando todo 🧵

🟠 Key notes

🟢 Analistas / Grupos de #Research

🔴 Teorias relevantes indirectamente relacionadas al tema.
🟠 La tecnología disruptiva no busca "replicar".Usualmente, se elude y hace redundantes los viejos estándares y procesos.

🟠 Tendemos a subestimar el poder de la tecnología para convertir el trabajo en persona en trabajo escalable.

🟠En muchas profesiones “creativas”, menos personas ya pueden capturar una mayor participación del mercado que nunca. Considero que veremos lo mismo en las industrias donde IA logre desarrollarse más.
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US-based soccer journalist Grant Wahl dies in Qatar, a day after criticising Qatari World Cup organisers for their lack of empathy towards migrant labourers.

“They just don’t care. Qatari World Cup organizers don’t even hide their apathy over migrant worker deaths, including the most recent one,” he had written on December 9.


Grant Wahl had criticised Nasser Al-Khater, the CEO of the Qatari Supreme Committee, for downplaying the death of a Filipino migrant worker.

A day later on December 10, he collapsed during the match between Argentina and the Netherlands at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.
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My contribution to the #electricity market debate, today at @voxeu
Thread 🧵…
1/Von der Leyen “Current electricity market design is not doing justice to consumers They should reap the benefits of lowcost renewables We will do a deep and comprehensive reform of electricity markets”…
Which should be the building blocks of the reform?
2/ On the objectives:
➡️*Productive efficiency*: demand must be met by the plants with the lowest marginal costs 📉📈
➡️*Investment efficiency*: investments must take place at the right scale, mix, and locations 🌞🍃
➡️*Equity*: prices should be cost-reflective 🪙
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One of the least known aspects of the #MumbaiTerrorAttack of 2008 was the religious profiling of victims & selective targeting of non-Muslims by Pakistani terrorists.

This reflects in the dossier sent by the then-UPA government to its Pakistani counterpart.

Thread (1/n):
Here are the details of conversation between an LeT terrorist and his Pakistani handler:


Check how the lives of two hostages were spared by virtue of their Faith (3/n)
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Puisque les archives sont coffrées avec l'ancien compte (dont on espère retrouver un jour l'usage) réuploadons quelques thread majeurs qui n'ont pas vieilli. C'est la Séquence #thread #replay du vendredi. Vous venez, c'est The Great Robbery aujourd'hui (une arnaque majeure) 👇👇
Aujourd’hui, le #thread du mercredi vous plonge dans l’histoire, en 1972 exactement. Et pourquoi donc ? Parce que c’est l’année du Great Grain Robbery. Père Castor étant confiné, c’est Sesame qui vous raconte l’histoire du soir… 2/n
Alors, il faut déjà préciser le contexte, pour les plus jeunes d'entre nous. On est en 1972, la guerre reste froide maison en est au stade « détente ». Si vous avez besoin d’un rafraîchissement historique… C’est là. 3/n…
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#3minutes #debonmatin #minithread Forte de réduction de la sole de blé en Ukraine, les agriculteurs temporisent et se rabattront sur le tournesol ou le maïs. 1/5…
La dinde plus petite et plus chère cette année, le combo inflation x influenza #thanksgiving 2/5…
Sous le rond de serviette, le soft-power de l’assiette au G20 3/5…
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Los 10 “No Puede” de William J. H. Boetcker.
1️⃣ Usted no puede crear prosperidad desalentando el ahorro.
2️⃣ Usted no puede fortalecer al débil debilitando al fuerte.
3️⃣ Usted no puede ayudar a los pequeños aplastando a los grandes.
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The woman in the picture is Thenmozhi Soundararajan, an activist known for her anti-Brahmin views.

She is the one who designed the infamous 'Smash Brahmanical patriarchy' poster.

Recently, she went on an unhinged tirade against the ancient Indian Hindu practice of #Yoga.
(1/n) ImageImageImage
On November 10, Thenmozhi Soundararajan cast aspersions on the history of Yoga & claimed that it was used by Brahmins to oppress the Dalit community.

She made the remarks during a podcast titled ‘Conspirituality’, hosted by one Matthew Remski.…
I sat through the 'atrocious' 1.5-hour-long podcast (so that you don't have to) and noted down some of the points by the anti-Brahmin activist.

She claimed that the practice of Yoga embodies centuries of oppression and conflict.
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#bearmarketgrind - meaning do it now, reap the benefits in a bull market.

📚#3 Learn #web3 for #free📚

A list of 6 websites where you will learn skills useful in web3 (mostly development) for free.


A place where you can find free courses and community and when you complete a course you will receive an NFT. The service is backed by @a16z and @ycombinator.

Learn and earn platform for languages such as: Python, Rust and Golang.
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top 6 posts about #growth, #business and #web3 I read last #week41


Do you want to develop yourself? Use the list of the best youtube channels to help you do so prepared by @mishadavinci.


If you want to be a better manager, you should definitely check this cheatsheet made by @heykahn.

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“We are after their fake 33 crores Gods and Goddesses (referring to Hindu deities) and they are roaming around with our golden Buddha.”

- Rajratna Ambedkar, religious supremacist and the great-grand-nephew of BR Ambedkar
This fanatic abused Hindu deities and now planning to play the victim card on the world stage.

“I will meet representatives from Buddhist nations and expose the true plight of Indian Buddhists to them. They will rally after us,” he threatened to defame India abroad.
Rajratna Ambedkar lamented how the socially backward communities have not completely disassociated from their Hindu identity.

"Flaunt your Buddhist identity. In that way, you can connect to the global audience," he suggested.
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On Sep 25, extremists abused Bangladeshi Hindu cricketer Liton Das for sharing greetings on Mahalaya.

They denounced idol worship, mocked Goddess Durga as an object ‘made of clay’ & hoped that Das would convert to the supposed ‘One True Faith.’
In a Facebook post, the Bangladeshi batsman shared a picture of an idol of Goddess Durga with the caption, “Subho Mahalaya! Mother Durga is arriving.”

Soon after, the usual suspects descended on his timeline and abused Das for being an adherent of the Hindu Faith.

KR TuRan wrote,“These stone idols cannot be sacred to anyone. Any rational individual will not worship an idol carved in stone. I welcome you to the fold of Islam. Come to the right path.”
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The Tech industry is one of the biggest opportunities to build wealth.

... Even if you don't like coding.

Here are high-paid 10 non-technical roles in the tech industry:
#1 Account Manager

Account Managers manage and nurture customer relationships.

They can also help identify new opportunities to satisfy the customers and grow the business.

Avg Salary: $131,759
#2 Finance

Finance managers work internally managing the tech company's finances:

- Managing budgets
- Creating finance statements
- Interpreting financial reports

Various positions, but the average salary ranges from $100-125k per year.
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.@actionofcreate —Down the road after 1.0 Drops 9-22, it would be really cool to see Polls asking the community which DLC characters should be added to #Session ..

A #Legends Poll, A Newer Era(Those who have been on the scene for at least 15 years) Poll & A Grom Poll of up N
Comers climbing the ladder into the industry …

My Top 13 Legends I would be stoked to see as DLC 1 DAY ;
1 - Guy Mariano
2 - Stevie Williams
3 - Steve Caballero
4 - Ed Templeton
5 - Jamie Thomas
6 - Mark Gonzales
7 - Natas Kaupas
8 - Marc Johnson
9 - Sean Sheffey
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Dear Investors friends, creating a master #Thread documenting all #Important Links, Sites, Knowledge sources, Stocks currently I'm #Bulish on, etc. (1/n)
#Sharewolves #Educational #TechnicalAnalysis #LearnTechnicals #LearnnEarn #ProTrader #NiftyBullWave
Top websites for Fundamental & Technical Screener:
Best sites for #TechnicalAnalysis Studies:
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Bizar (en onjuist) antwoord @MinVWS op kamervraag… vorige week:

"8. Nee, van de in Nederland gebruikte mRNA-vaccins (van de fabrikanten Moderna en Pfizer) is geen relevante demping van de immuunrespons op andere ziekten bewezen of aannemelijk." 🧵 1/
Een onderzoeksgroep (o.a. Radboudumc) betwist dat:

"The BNT162b248 (Pfizer) mRNA vaccine reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses"

"The response of innate immune cells to #TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was lower after BNT162b248 vaccination"… 2/
Het omzeilen van de immuunrespons is zelfs een design feature van LNP/mRNA vaccins en in dit onderzoek wordt een demping van de immuunrespons niet uitgesloten.

At higher concentrations, both L5 and DOTAP inhibited LPS-induced TLR4 activation

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How much actual money you have won during the #bonus feature affects the jackpot's size. The possibility of a mystery win on the Egypt Sky Egypt Quest #slotmachine is one of its main attractions.
This can be valued between 5 and 500 times the line bet and is activated randomly during one of Egypt Quest's free spins. Check out the games below if you're seeking for more of EGT's best real money games.…
Find Additional EGT Magic on the Reels: Big wins are available on other EGT slot machines besides this one. The original Egypt Sky video slot is what we advise. It is a little less volatile but still has the same fantastic. @AFrantzie…
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The top prize for finding 2 to 5 Scattered Dragons simultaneously is 50,000 coins, and finding 3 or more of them will start 10 #Bonus Spins during which all payouts are doubled. To master the Wild Dragon.…
you must spin all five reels simultaneously on a single play line to earn the top prize of 100,000 coins. You can also win big when the Wild Dragon consumes other paytable symbols to add bonus payouts.…
You have the option to double your winnings at any time during the game by using the "Double-Your-Money Gamble Feature." Correctly anticipating whether a playing card will be red or black entails this.…
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Goed punt van #pointer #stikstof. Het laat zien dat ook na het #pasarrest ruimte gevonden is voor verdere toename van uitstoot.…
"De situatie bij FrieslandCampina is anders. Deze melkeiwitfabriek bestaat al bijna 100 jaar maar vroeg pas in 2019 een vergunning aan om de natuur te belasten. Uit berekeningen bleek dat de fabriek volgens de toen geldende provinciale regels een gaswasser zou moeten installeren,
om de stikstofuitstoot te verminderen. Echter: tijdens de aanvraag werd de wet veranderd. In de Spoedwet Aanpak Stikstof kwam de vergunningplicht te vervallen als je je kon beroepen op oude uitstootrechten. En dat kon de zuivelgigant.
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