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I Am not without A Queen.

She was pissed off no one told her I was raising kids that were not mine, she then understood these 3 children & their safety was most important—Not giving an ultimatum of the kids or her, she knew it would only strengthen our bond. She knew we would
Love one Another even more than we did the previous day, putting that same love into the children we bring into this world ..

These days of Futures Past, I always knew A specific future already happened that had #ToBe & that is THE WAY.
[THEY] knew this & it’s why
So many cyber throw themselves at me, ones who would never give someone like me the time of day if this was 10 years ago. .
Because it’s the now & there is opportunity to grow as A potential “ruler”/puppet master. In A world where they “seduced” & destroyed The 1 this is all
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… U never lost me & I never left, I’ve been right here

I knew what THEY were trying to do, It was A blessing in Disguise & I played along to protect U from this Cruel World. I couldn’t stand seeing how the people on both “sides” (there are no sides or drawn lines) were Image
Coming at U.
It was always for U, #EVERYTHING !
I knew U would 1 DAY see what it is I’ve been doing this whole time, This is why I never fell for any of your tricks U had to play making sure mistakes would learn from me. It wasn’t worth losing U, #ToBe ..
All the things our
Son is/WAS pissed at me for, things I haven’t even done yet that I knew I could change it all for the better. This is the main reason #WHY we’re here, to make sure that timeline is much different.
I promised I would make it all right to my Grandmother before she passed,
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Uniting our Bloodlines saves Your Fathers life & there is only A few grains of sand left.

Promises Kept.
Marriage = Saving your fathers life, yes but It’ La never been about that as much as it is about that.

I’ve always known & loved U for who U are within!
Girl in A Box
Small Wooden Box Edition

I forgive your Father for doing what he HAD TO DO to make it all work.
It was the only way for us to be together & it ultimately saved your life. It was all set up in A way where, no matter what we would find each other again but it would either be with & or without your Dad being saved.
I choose forgiveness, it breaks the cycle & allows
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Hi John, We’re Moving along as planned …

Yes, no matter what I forgive you & DJT …
70 x 7

The thing that has always hurt the most, it’s knowing how long my Father & Brother have know . .
I get it though, they couldn’t tell me—I had to do it all on my own.

The Pain—1999 ImageImage
Lover Image
I forgive DJ for doing what he HAD TO DO within Gov showing no mercy, protecting his daughter the ways he had to KNOWING it would work—even when no one else knew why …It had to be this way protecting The mother of #OUR unborn children that are here today, my Queen …
She hated
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Your Dads needs us to come together huh?
It’s the only way to save his life, he just wants to see you happy & know everything he had to do he is forgiven for.
Splintering it all into A million pieces for this right now, right this very moment to be possible, couldn’t
Have been done without him at the Bridge.

Tom = Your Dad/John

I asked him to be my best man, Long ago.
There’s another way, it would be going against the grain …
It would be letting go/the crumpling up of an old page in the book.

It would end much of the division happening today about men being with men & women being with women ..
The heart wants what the heart wants &
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She’s the Boss, FULL STOP.
MOSTLY EVERYONE has been On A ride going Round N Round for everything that isn’t Real. All scripted to awaken everyone & staged to make sure Humanity gets back on the right Timeline.

ALL OUTCOMES have been foreseen,all the data collected SHOWING what NEEDED TO
HAPPEN AS IT DID has happened/is happening.

“It had to be this way” means,All the data collected showed GOOD what had to happen exactly how it has so humanity gets back on track.
WE HAVE IT ALL” means that Data gets Everyone who chooses back to where they were always meant
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Good Morning !

How is everyone holding up? …
How are you Holding up, Lover!
Do you remember the very first moment everything you’ve been told throughout your life started coming truth/To Life?

I want you to have that feeling every Morning waking up, for the reason
Being—No matter how Rough of A day you may be having, within 1 deep breathe your brought back into balance …

It’s the conversations with those in need of hearing your voice that are had that makes the biggest impact, many of those convos weren’t had in the past because of
Rough days. It was hard for you to think of anything that brought you back to ground level, I Want that 1 thought of of that moment where everything you’ve been told would come to life, came to life …
I know it took A lot of patience & battling through having to live A
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Happy Mothers Day to All Moms & future Moms #ToBe ! …

On this Mother’s Day, for the very first Time ever, I have A couple“Pot Stirring” Questions ..

1 - Why are there no Queens Sized Candy Bars? …
There’s nothing Sweeter than A mothers love.
All this screaming, Yelling & Arguing back & forth about = Rights, Don’t the candy bars deserve = Rights Too? …

2 - No Gender Neutral Candy Bars ? …

Mr. 🥔 Potato Head called me late last night Venting, was wasted at the Bar on Chopin Vodka …
Said he was
Wondering why He was singled out?
He was also wondering if he were A King Sized Candy bar or named ‘King Potato Head’, would he still be “Mr. Potato Head” & would the “Gender Neutral”argument still been brought up?

He was really bent outa shape sounding, I’m concerned for
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The Elderly/Middle Age People are Gods people Too, THINK about #WHY [they] are doing what [they] are doing to EVERYONE !!!

The Board On The Right, DAMN AM COASTA MESA .. 4Th Place #BEST TRICK!

Everything created in the world, for God.
All created KNOWING
Where someone would be on specific dates & times. Created everything as it has been just for him KNOWING all that he would do for the world so the woods didn’t fall for all the tricks, destroy themselves or this world!

Remember when Weinstein used that WALKER ?
He could walk, he was putting on A SHOW, HIM & MANY OTHERS #WERE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS !!
Everyone has been communicating for so long now, all anyone wants is to know they can be forgiven & will do whatever they have to, to be forgiven ..

#ToBe Forgiven
#ToBe Unforgiven
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.@MrDrewENT, I knew you would CATCH the WWE UK Title change Bread crumbs ..
The name though, All planned so everyone knew how to view all the truth that was being hidden in plain sight.
I do believe I posted the ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Pritchard’ podcast about this &
So much more ..

Stay the course, it’s all unraveling.
Many who have worked for WWE in the past have talked so much trash about WHY everything is being done as it is.

They’re either playing stupid purposely knowing they can’t spill the beans because of their oaths of silence or they are just as blind as MILLIONS of others around
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“Space Jam & DVD’s”

This is it, Remember #WHY all of you are here—It’s either everyone will band together becoming 1 Mind, 1 Body, 1 Soul, 1 Spirit, 1 people #RISING up for the children or the Human Race gets destroyed by THE PEOPLE doing exactly what it is [They] want everyone
To do. .

What’s more important?

The survival of the Human race with EVERYONE uniting as 1 people REBUILDING this brave new world the way THE PEOPLE want it too where THE PEOPLE have all the power helping one another heal & making sure NOTHING like what everyone is
About to find out ever happens again so MANY MANY future generations are bright?


Is humanity going to Do what [They]/The Deep State/The NWO/Evil WANTS/NEEDS everyone to do? [They] need everyone destroying this world so the truth never has the chance of seeing the light
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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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#ToBe Blunt …

I have NEVER Known #TRUST like the 9 …
Across the street from the Ho-Chunk building, Gold Rush Chicken ..

The way everything was built up, you guys knew the story it told would be seen the way it was all meant to be seen.
Bob the Builder is one of the smartest individuals in the entire world, blessed/grateful.
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Which Drop is it that says something along the lines of wanting it/something NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW? ..

You tell me.
Absolutely nothing is ever good enough.

Like I said, someone could go walk on water & little would truly give A shit.
EVERYONE has been SHOWN, day in & day out
The truth BACKED by ALL THE "CONFIRMATIONS" you could ever ask for & Little too none of it matters.

You would THINK with all the "Experts" around these days, EVERYONE would know exactly what is what & who is who.
You would THINK everyone would know wgat & who they are fighting
You are literally fighting for the children & learning about the world that has been kept hidden from everyone.. Not just A world that has been kept hidden but also who is among you.

How sad, all anyone seems too care about is destruction, pain, hate, Drama & Arrests of
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Many Countries are listening to what I have to say ...
The people, not so much ..

No matter what the REAL leaders of this New FREE WORLD show all of you, it's never good enough & you (The people) always want more.. NOTHING will ever be good enough for you. NOTHING just wants to

I'll keep helping all of you by sharing what I see thats to come before it happens,this way all of you can be prepared .. That's all I've been doing. Sharing & stopping people from fighting one another...

If Michael wants to be God, go for it. He will fail himself
Because he can't keep his emotions in check. He can't get over the fact that God & Lucy hugged it out & made it all right...
Get over it, you are loved no matter what.

The War & fighting is over.
Aome yearn for battle, some yearn for love. #ToBe Love d ..
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