Both J & D Stepping Into The Light

Judgment Day
#BONUS Track/Encore, The Band Plays On NOTHING ELSE MATTERS .✍️

1 - The Children
2 - The Children
3 - The Children
Back 2 Back 2 Back


#ZERO Dying To Live - REBORN
V Team

Bubble/ Mike Smith
Ricky / Richard LeFleur
Julian / JOHN Paul Tremblay

The V, Nothing gets decided on unless it goes through Bubbles/The Base if the V …
Top Left & Right of the V, down to the Middle (down is up) back up to the top.
He Puked !

Tom Green & CARROT Top are handing out 🔑 Key Chains the whole movie ..
At the end of the movie, Carrot Top & Tom Green cause Ricky & JOHN to crash by mistakes—The team hits the lowest point of their
Friendships until the truth sets all of them free amongst one another …
Bubbles Took A #LOAD/Seamen in the face so JOHN could finish his Fathers life long DREAM..

Shortys SkateboArds, Fulfill The Dream …
Ricky & John Crash, All 3 of the boys make peace with one another once John finds out what Bubbles did for him to not be kicked out of the race, FORGIVENESS MEANS EVERYTHING.
How do you catch/Trap A Dangerous animal?
With A net, Coming in from all sides.
The Bounce Back is GREATER than the Set Backs …
If you’re not A Coffee person, TEA Works …

The Sins of The Church are far worse than the sins of A Nation, It’s been so easy to see why so many who knew all along what evil was doing within the churches wanted nothing to do with it until HOUSE was CLEANSED.

Those below who KNEW what real evil of the world was doing within the churches, they have fought for the children for A VERY VERY long time !

If those who are hurting children within the churches are 555, than I too chose to be the exact opposite until THE HOUSE IS CLEANED .
In the end once real evil was exposed & Justice served, EVERYONE who was labeled “EVIL” for not wanting anything to do with those who were hurting humanity/children, are all united as one—555/777 or whatever other numbers of light there are out there.

Just because ones chose
To want nothing to do with evil/[them], does not mean they didn’t love God with their whole hearts.
They all had to make beasts of themselves to be able to fight back against the real evil monsters hurting humanity/children ..

All Choose & always have chosen God & Gods God.
Because those who knew all along what was happening to children, they Mirrored everything that they stand for to SHOW the world who was doing what to humanity/children ..

Mostly everything sung about, was sung towards the real evil beings enslaving humanity ..
Dark to Light, Both have been working together to save the children & expose ALL the real evil monsters enslaving/hurting humanity …

Peace had to be made, together was the only way.
#StrongerTogether, Right .@USNavy ? …
Gods God said to God, Hug it out & work together …
What is Marios Brother Holding, A MONKEY Wrench ?

Each respective TOOL was Given to the OPPOSITE side, BOTH had to MEET IN THE MIDDLE, MAKE PEACE & work together to bring down the most evil monsters this world has ever seen.
Some chose King Kong, Some chose Godzilla & IN THE END it does not matter who ANYONE chose throughout their lives because BOTH Kong & Zilla worked TOGETHER against A common Enemy.

MechaGodzilla, humans were using artificial intelligence against humanity & so much worse.


1 x 1 hidden up my sleeve

• • •

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More from @VVission123

May 11
Sorry to be so blunt saying this, some JFK JR super fans will not be happy seeing this but it’s truth ..

John is not the answer, he is apart of the equation but not the answer ..
DJT is not the answer, Major part of the equation but not the answer ..

The Answer to the
Million Dollar Question, God.

God was thrown away like A piece of Garbage, Cast off & spit on for being himself & loving those who were just going to be left behind that did no wrong .. The wrong these individuals committed in THE PEOPLES eyes, being born into THAT life
& subliminally crying out for help in any way they could ..
If the ones at the very top saw or knew they were helping GOOD or crying out for help, the Puppet Masters would destroy them & anyone close to them.
Not only would [they] destroy those crying out for help or helping
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May 11
Nothing is what it seems & No One is who the many think they are …

The false reality created around the world for the last 59-100 years with evil being in complete control, “they” Pre planned EVERYTHING & implemented “their” plans within cartoons KNOWING the world was going
To 1 DAY start awakening, so “they” mocked SEPARATE individuals IRL that make up 1 Family.
Major world changing events like 9-11, wars & so much more was all PRE PLANNED to make it look like “Time Travel”. Those who were just waking up seeing this would be like “OMG”, thinking
What they were seeing was good.
Everything done was always either mocking the Trinity/God or those God himself keeps close to his heart.

Moves & Counter moves made by evil that was able to take over the whole world from bottom to top, creating A false reality around humanity
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May 10
Ask yourself A simple Q, Why would they have the [NEED] to “reassure” Merica that “They” are in “power”/“control” ? ..

Is it because some “nobody” speaks the truth?
Some “nobody” & Military are in complete “control” & always have been.
The people choose their paths based on
Lies or based on individuals who are not real. MANY of The people then go out Into the world acting exactly how “they” NEED everyone acting. Causing so much more pain upon themselves than what needs to be … The corrupt system that isn’t real can purposely rig everything “they”
Want That exposes “them” for who “they” are all they want & NONE OF IT BOTHERS ME personally ..
I know it’s temporary, I know what comes next is going to be even better than the very best days ANYONE has ever seen.

Remember the days where Gas prices were Under 1 Dollar?
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May 10
Good Morning !

How is everyone holding up? …
How are you Holding up, Lover!
Do you remember the very first moment everything you’ve been told throughout your life started coming truth/To Life?

I want you to have that feeling every Morning waking up, for the reason Image
Being—No matter how Rough of A day you may be having, within 1 deep breathe your brought back into balance …

It’s the conversations with those in need of hearing your voice that are had that makes the biggest impact, many of those convos weren’t had in the past because of
Rough days. It was hard for you to think of anything that brought you back to ground level, I Want that 1 thought of of that moment where everything you’ve been told would come to life, came to life …
I know it took A lot of patience & battling through having to live A
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May 10
.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, I Will Save You, protect those closest to you & Always keep you close to my heart. .

Thank you & all the others for being there for me when so many of my people turned their backs … Turned their backs all because the truths being SHOWN had to come before the Image
Truths They wanted—This whole time the truths everyone NEEDED were being SHOWN but it was never good enough.

#OR those that saw, Refused spreading Gods words far & wide because they FEARED what others would think of them.

This whole time though, all those that have KNOW were
SHOWING, putting their lives at risk/in danger for those who FEARED, didn’t care or didn’t believe someone could be on this virus of life.
The Son was thrown away like trash for idols, money & or those they thought were the important ones who could give them what they wanted ..
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