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It's strange to think it's us against them again! you know the ones who are supposed to be public servants, the ones that want to take us back years to the dark times, so many remember, one of lost hope, of cold, of hunger, little children suffering, a time when workers were
nothing but slaves for big corporations, families under so much stress worrying how they were going to be unable to pay their bills, feed their children, they have destroyed everything we've strived so hard for years and years, they've done this in 13 years can you even
imagine if they win the next general election,😱
Time to show this 💩 Government what we do and don't want for this country's future, get ready it's going to be brutal leading up to the May elections, we have to fight for this country, this government won't! , they have shown us
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy 1st February have a great day 😀
Brexit will forever be the thing that destroyed this country, along with the stinking rotten Tories who care for no one but themselves and their donors, never have we had a more corrupt, lying, selfish,
self-serving government than this who spend so much time gaslighting this country I'm surprised they have time for anything else, we must not give up, and we must not become overwhelmed we are #StrongerTogether we must #SupportTheStrikes we need a #GeneralElectionNow
Along with stopping the #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry because they are #ToriesUnfitToGovern we need the #ToriesOut209 Now! #EnoughlsEnough #NotMovingOn
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This government can blame unions for these strikes, we know the truth. we have NHS workers striking, railway workers, royal mail workers, teachers,civil servants now the fire service and NHS consultants are considering strike action, what about these strikes don't the
Government understand, people have had enough! #EnoughIsEnough 12 years of pay going down and down while this happens, 👇
people aren't stupid, we are at a pivotal point now, this government think they can just wait, we have to show them we are #StrongerTogether
People can't pay their bills and feed their families, imagine going to work everyday and then not being able to feed your family. This government should be ashamed how dare they treat our citizens like this. Time for a #GeneralElectionNow we've had enough we are at breaking point
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The problems in the NHS are NOT caused by covid,yes they were made worse but the NHS were already in trouble before the pandemic,( if only this government were prepared for the pandemic,didn't they do some training to get ready?)the NHS worked so hard during the beginning of the
Pandemic and everyday since.
The lack of money spanning 13 years of underfunding has cause this,the Tories have been in government for 13 years ,how can anyone question who is at fault.
The total disregard and disrespectful language and behaviour this government is continuing is
So disgusting.
Prolonging the strikes by refusing to negotiate.
Blaming hard working NHS workers,talking about productivity.
The clapping on the doorstep means nothing!,every single person who clapped was showing respect,but for the Tories It was all a ruse to make us believe
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Das kann sich sehen lassen! Rekordbeschaffungen. Rekordaufwuchs. Rekordausgaben. 2022 war ein sehr gutes Jahr für die polnischen Streitkräfte. Machen statt reden. In Polen kann man sehen, wie man Zeitenwende richtig macht. #WeAreNATO #StrongerTogether💪
Natürlich ist auch in Polen nicht als Gold, was glänzt. Die vielen Panzertypen sind eine Herausforderung. Unklar ist, was bald mit den F-16 der Luftwaffe passieren wird. Und woher zukünftig das Personal für die größte NATO-Landstreitmacht in Europa kommen soll, wird schwierig.
Aber die wagen wenigstens etwas. Geben sich Ziele und investieren für ihre Verhältnisse auch sehr viel. Ausgaben des Modernisierungsprogramms der Streitkräfte aktuell 135 Milliarden Euro. Aktuell etwa 3 Prozent des BIP Verteidigungsausgaben, sollen steigen auf etwa 4,8 Prozent.
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Evidence is emerging that the government intervened just as a deal was being agreed with the rail workers that stopped the deal going ahead,why would they do that?
Why does the government want these strikes?the unions aren't greedy their defending
People who literally can't afford to live,the gasligting is increasing we need to be very aware,we are #StrongerTogether it's going to be harder in the coming weeks/months. #SupportTheStrikes #FairPayForAll #FairPayforNursing
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Good morning everyone 🌸 🌞🌸
Today is another cold day with little hope of our government doing what's right for this country,they just want us to suffer don't they.
The government repeating the lie that it would cost £28 bn to give these payrise's when a fiscal study says it's
Actuslly £8.5 bn, why do they do they do this?,why are they using everything available to stand behind and blame,the unions,review body,why won't they just do their job and negotiate,they want this country divided,division causes weekness we have to stay strong #StrongerTogether
#SupportTheStrikes #FairPayforNursing #FairPayForAll
MSM reporting and interviewing people against the strikes is yet more gaslighting,don't fall for it,stay strong.
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Morning everyone. So people are complaining about strikers. Do they think people want to strike. These people are doing this so they can fight for a better living wage. So they can support their families. The @Conservatives have driven people to this.
This only happens under a Tory Government, where they've created a #CostOfLivingCrisis, another recession, poverty, low wages, fuel crisis and food banks. Nobody wants to strike. I fully support anyone choosing to go on strike and fight for better way of life,
Something the @Conservatives are determined to take away. Whatever they tell you about being the "party of the people" is just a lie. Enough is enough. It's time they were held accountable for bringing about poverty, another recession, forcing people to use foodbanks.
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Good morning everyone 🌸 🌞🌸
Yesterday was both a happy and sad day for me.
What an amazing response to #FoodBankDayNov30 👏❤️
but how sad that we need it in a modern Britain one of the richest countries in the world,the one thing that stood out for me was how many amazing kind
People there are in the uk,caring, compassionate kind people highlighting the failure of this government.
"Compassionate conservatives" they are not!.
"Compassionate community" is something to be proud of.
We are #StrongerTogether ✊️ spread the ❤️ spread the kindness
No matter
How small your donation it all matters,we should never accept people being cold and hungry.
#EnoughIsEnough #GeneralElectionNow #ToriesThisIsOnYou #ToriesOut146
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NATO’s new Strategic Concept identifies Russia as the main security threat in Europe and brings NATO back to its roots: territorial defence in Europe.

I wrote for @nupinytt what 🇫🇮🇸🇪 NATO accession & future of Nordic security looks like in that context:…
🇫🇮🇸🇪 membership application came just at the right time: without the two new Allies, NATO would be hard pressed to deliver on the promise to “defend every inch of Allied territory at all times” in the Nordic-Baltic region. Now, we are looking at a unified strategic sphere.
While it is important to address e.g. the Southern flank Allies’ concerns about a “Nordic(-Baltic) club” within the Alliance, a certain degree of regionalisation will likely be even unavoidable, when making defence plans for the Baltic Sea and Arctic.
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Used my energy for the day visiting the nearest @ucu @aberdeen_ucu picket line with Dr Blinky in support of their ongoing #Strikes 👊🏻💪🏻

Sadly #royalmailstrikes had packed up by the time i was on my way back so i couldn't say hello👋🏻

#Solidarity #StrongerTogether #JoinAUnion 3 people, one man and 2 wom...
Got too excited seeing people, this 1 hour at a picket has been the most socialising and energetic thing ive done in 20 months. Already feeling the effects, but so nice to see folk and show solidarity to the first #union i ever joined (even though im no longer a member)
The work unions do benefit all of us. Employers want your labour, workers want to have a life outside of work.

If you like your holiday pay, sick pay, parental leave, maximum work hours, minimum wage, pensions, safety at work etc, then you support unions.
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Looky Looky Looky what I have here. A circle full of absolute gorgeous creatures. Total badass Justice Warriors. If you want to see the #ToriesOut113 and agree we need a #GeneralElectionNow why not smash the follow button on these sexy beasties ❤️✊🥰 Image
Circle 1
@GuttridgeAndy aka Mr Flipper
@LGalloway77 aka Little Whisky
@AlexSpindlow aka Dr Spendlove
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I'm starting this tweet with a photo this is my brother he died during one of the lockdows,he died alone and scared #ToriesThisIsOnYou ,while he died alone and scared you @Conservatives partied #AreyouReallyATory do you condone this behaviour? If you don't
#LeaveTheNastyPartyBehind,stand up for what's right for the people of Britain,for what's good and honourable #ToriesComeHome.
When my brother was dying I struggled to do the right thing I wanted to be with him so much,but I did the right thing so he died alone and scared
#ToriesThisisonyou #LeaveTheNastyPartyBehind I was a fool,@Conservatives don't respect lives not even in death,@Conservatives couldn't even respect our queen in one of the most difficult times of her life.#ToriesDestroyingOurCountry our pride,our dignity,our families
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Ukraine hat in vielen Auslandseinsätzen, auch zusammen mit d. Bundeswehr, ihre hohe militärische Professionalität bewiesen. Sie verteidigt sich u. unsere gemeinsamen Werte in einem verbrecherischen Angriffskrieg. Wir sind mit ihr solidarisch. Es ist Zeit für Ukraine in der #NATO.
Hinweis: Ein Beitritt wäre im ordentlichen Beitrittsverfahren natürlich in Jahren realistisch und keinesfalls sofort. Aber schon jetzt gilt: #StrongerTogether
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.@actionofcreate —Bravo ! … 👏

I have nothing but great things to say about #Session & have been seeing nothing but great things said!
Truly the GREATEST Skateboarding Game/Simulator of all time …

Thank you to all the Devs who’ve worked tirelessly day & knight the last 6+
years bringing the community,
Greatness ! ..
WE HAVE ALL BELIEVED IN YOU SINCE #DAY1 & Knew this Game would be nothing short of A Masterpiece!
You have given us A #Session Game that has everything you could ever want in A Sim with so much more on the way in the future,
all JAM PACKED into one extraordinary Skateboarding Sim experience!
As of today—DAY 1, I give it A 8.9/10 …
There are endless possibilities & Limitless Skies—The Horizon that was always thought to be IMPOSSIBLE to reach, you DAMn near broken through on #DAY1 ! ..
I speak for
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Development, Delivery and Determination

25 🇪🇺 states have committed to jointly plan, develop & invest in shared capability projects under Permanent Structured Cooperation.

With 60 ongoing projects, how is #PESCO moving ahead?


🧵on PESCO progress👇
6⃣0⃣ | 4 waves of PESCO projects have been launched across 7 military domains

⏳Each project has a unique timeline, combination of project members & complexity

#PESCO Projects Progress
⏩18 in the penultimate phase of development
⏩21 moving forward in their development cycle
2⃣projects have reached Full Operating Capability
📌European Medical Command
📌Cyber Rapid Response Teams

3⃣ third states have joined a PESCO project
📌Military Mobility 🇺🇸🇳🇴🇨🇦
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🇫🇮&🇸🇪 are not just idly waiting for the remaining 6 ratifications (🇵🇹🇪🇸🇬🇷🇸🇰🇭🇺🇹🇷) but continuously conducting exercises to further increase interoperability with NATO & with each other.

This week, 880 🇸🇪 personnel came for an exercise to Northern 🇫🇮…
Also 80 personnel from 🇬🇧 participated in the exercise (please take a moment to appreciate the name #VigilantKnife 🙂)
The Swedish troops were under Finnish command during the exercise. Here some 🇸🇪 artillery power
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Peace = The Prize


“Vengeance” means destruction of everything & never breaking the Cycle ..

So if the “GOAT” Was someone who has never done any evil in life, lives selflessly & Loved unconditionally—Just because the world was brainwashed/lies too to destroy the “GOAT”
That is what should happen? …

The world still has no clue who or what they’re fighting for it seems. .

Upside down world with most thinking they’re right side up.

Sad but true.

So in [their] eyes, God would be the “Goat” & [they] taught the world the “goat” is bad/evil
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The @COVID_19_Canada Canadian Excess Mortality Tracker is now up.

Data are current up to today's update from @StatCan_eng (to Jun 4/22)

Link to webpage with all the data and visualizations:…
@COVID_19_Canada @StatCan_eng Please bear with us as we tinker with display settings. We're in the middle of converting the website to a simpler version, and there are glitches.

I'll do a thread summarizing some of the major insights from the excess mortality data here.

cc @DFisman @cdavidnaylor @AshTuite
@COVID_19_Canada @StatCan_eng @DFisman @cdavidnaylor @AshTuite First, the Table of Contents.

It lists the sections of the Canadian Excess Mortality Dashboard, with links, as well as brief descriptions of methods and (linked) sources.

We still have to translate, add ALT-text and explanatory text more geared to non-scientist readers.
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With Germany’s ratification today, 🇫🇮🇸🇪 membership has been ratified by 9/30 NATO members already !

✅ Canada 🇨🇦
✅ Denmark 🇩🇰
✅ Norway 🇳🇴
✅ Iceland 🇮🇸
✅ Estonia 🇪🇪
✅ UK 🇬🇧
✅ Albania 🇦🇱
✅ Poland 🇵🇱
✅ Germany 🇩🇪
And this only 3 days after 🇫🇮🇸🇪 accession protocols were signed !

What an amazing show of solidarity and understanding of both the security situation of the two countries and that Sweden and Finland will make NATO stronger

Also a really cute aspect is a little diplomatic dispute between Canada and Denmark which one was the first to hand in the ratification docs in Washington DC 😂
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1/5 From the North to the South of #NATO airspace, Allied and Partner aircraft like these from @BeAirForce🇧🇪are ensuring the security of Alliance territory #SecuringTheSkies
2/5 Working and training together, improving interoperability and strengthening bonds as @Armee_de_lair 🇫🇷 & @FinnishAirForce 🇫🇮 did recently, demonstrating we are #StrongerTogether
3/5 Ensuring NATO is ready to protect every inch of Alliance territory from any threat, bolstering defence on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance with Allies including @Armee_de_lair 🇫🇷
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