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I just have to say something about the Impeachment debate!
We all want to Impeach the idiot and we all want to see him arrested and in handcuffs. Thank goodness clearer heads are in charge. He enrages us every single day and just imagine what it is
like when you have to deal with him. Just imagine how you would react if someone challenged you with the statement “did you bring your handcuffs”. Not sure I wouldn’t have slapped him or something worse. The disrespect for our Democrats makes us want to jump right on them.
Remember how we all stuck together for the blue wave of 2018? We were focused and together because we ARE stronger together. What I am seeing lately is just making me physically ill. I do mean that. It is really hard not to sink into a depression because I see this
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To my fellow women on Twitter, please be careful men who approach you in a romantic manner. Many are #Incels in disguise, especially in #TheResistance. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting one, myself, who was posing as a Resistance member. He made my life hell. Read on...
What is an incel? Traditionally, it is a man who is involuntarily celibate, a misogynist who blames women for their issues. They are threatened especially by strong intelligent women who are social justice warriors. They are dangerous and can be deadly.
Many are part of the alt-right & have infiltrated social media using alts disguising themselves as liberals to target women like you and I.…
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@SenKamalaHarris Altho @KamalaHarris wasn’t specific, she’s referring to the new #PAVEAct, which:
*Gives voters the right to #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* Bans machine-marked barcoded paper ballots from hackable ballot marking devices & Hybrids
* Bans DREs
*.Requires manual Risk Limiting Audits! 1/
@SenKamalaHarris @KamalaHarris 3/ And thank you to @RonWyden, who took the laboring oar on the #PAVEAct!
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Trump and his MAGA followers like to call themselves "patriots" but in fact, this "president" and his followers do not love the United States of America, instead, they love their distorted and hateful vision of what they think it should be.
In Trump's America, there is no American Dream, the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to ALL Americans, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. MAGA's vision includes only White Conservative Christians full of hate, anger, fear, and ugliness.
Trump fuels his base, feeding their fears, legitimizing their distortions of what it means to be American. He disparages Syrians, Muslims, Immigrants, People of Color, Women, The LQBTQ community, & incites violence against them. The GOP enable and encourage him on this mission.
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Over the past few months, as I've been trying to reach out to more Resisters, I've been noticing a LOT of accounts that have blocked me or I've blocked. People who I can't remember having contact with plus also others that I've known
2/ for quite some time. This has really thrown me as I really CANNOT remember having cross words with any of them at all! Normally I just block back without giving it another thought. However, after finding myself doing that frequently over the past few of weeks, it's really
3/started to bother me. I generally don't like blocking Resisters. Admittedly I do have approximately 6 or so people that I have blocked but for very good & documented reasons-I'm certainly not perfect! Other than that those I just think blocking Resisters without having had any
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Ahead of Workers Day on Wednesday this week, I would love to share about the amazing Team of people working to ensure health security in #Nigeria
This tweet by my brother & colleague @chukslassacare has several RTs! Grateful that people are learning more about the extraordinary efforts done by health workers in managing infectious diseases in #Nigeria. The growth of #FMCOwo is an amazing one to tell
Nearly every week, we have colleagues deployed as NCDC Rapid Response Team members, away from their families and 'comfort zones', working in states to support outbreak response, with no extra benefits but the personal fulfillment each person feels
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🚨 New York! The NY Elections Bd votes TOMORROW on whether to decertify the Dominion ICE Hybrid voting system. Email them at & ask that they vote YES on decertification bc, w/ the ICE, manual audits can’t confirm election outcomes! Reply ✅. TY! 1/
This urgent Call to Action was initiated by the new #SmartElections project just launched by @LuluFriesdat and @FilmsForChange. It’s an important project and impressive coalition that they have assembled, and I’m honored to be on the outreach team! 2/
This fantastic graphic was created by the very talented @Jodi______! #StrongerTogether 3/
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1/ Warning: Incoming metaphor alert. Do not be alarmed, the feeling will pass shortly.

Meta4: Electrical power.

Republican "oversight" of #TeamTreason is like one of those little AA LED "tactical" flashlights. Gives off some nice light using about 1.5V with sub-amp current.
2/ Democratic Oversight (House) is like those ginormous transmission lines carrying hundreds of thousands of Volts and Gahddess knows how much current across the freakin' continent. 😳

Con: Takes a while to re-build the sabotaged and destroyed towers.
3/ Pro: Once up they are *charged*. One of those lines touches something it's like Gahddess's own giant bug zapper. 😳🔥

And IMHO Dems have been working like Ivanka's child laborers to get them rebuilt.
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This is a Jan 2019 Bloomberg article with some things to consider when we look at AG Barr's decisions with Trump.

"As AG Barr once orchestrated a pardon strategy to spare the president from an independent prosecutor. Would he do it again?"…

Here's an article from Jan 2019 via HNN:
"[Barr] also firmly supported Bush’s use of pardons as a means of self-protection. Are we to believe that Barr’s relationship with President Trump will be any different?"

What Does Barr Have to Do W/Iran Contra?
Here's an article from NPR Jan 2019:
"It demonstrates that powerful people w/powerful allies can commit serious crimes in high office," said Lawrence Walsh, at the time of the pardons.

Barr Supported Pardons In An Earlier D.C. 'Witch Hunt' Iran-Contra

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I have a few helpful hints for newer resisters or anyone who cares to listen. I’m not a “twitter censor” as I was called earlier this evening
I want to help resisters build their accounts and I’m tired of seeing friends suspended.
🔹When you @ someone in a tweet or reply, it’s called “snitch tweeting”
Some people do it intentionally. Some do it to cause chaos. Some do it because they don’t realize that every time you @ someone, it notifies them of the thread. It also attracts trolls.
They are everywhere
They LIVE to mass report us. Please, think twice before you invite them into any thread. You can refer to someone without @ them.
🔹Retweet each other. Twitter is designed for us to amplify each other’s voices
🔹Don’t call ANYONE names. Any name. Easy suspension to avoid.
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This is happening now. If you're interested in heritage collecting around experiences of terror and conflict, there's a Zoom presentation going on with people who have worked in this area in other countries.
Hearing first from @kostis43 about his work in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attacks of May 2017 at an Ariana Grande concert. 23 people lost their lives, most of whom were young people and their parents. Kostas is telling us about the resulting archive of the memorials.
Archive is titled "Manchester together", coming from the #StrongerTogether slogan that the city came up with in response to the attacks.
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I have a prediction:

Multiple victims of child sexual assault will file lawsuits against @realDonaldTrump + friends before the 2020 general election.

In fact, I'd say they'll be filed by August 14, 2020.…
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a line of process servers outside the White House on August 14, 2019.

And THAT is why he's talking about the oranges of the Mueller investigation, and his father's birth in a country his parents were exiled from.
It's knowledge of his looming fate.

That's why he's starting to talk again about rigged elections - even if we don't get our hands on the Mueller report (we will),

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Let's play a game, shall we?

No, I am not attempting to make light of today's news.
But it feels like we're already screwed, so let me throw some wild theories out there.
Today was a 'test' for William Barr.
A test given by Robert Mueller.
For weeks, people have been speculating about whether Barr's loyalty is to Trump or to the American people. I have followed people who say he wrote his memo to get the job specifically as a ruse to get into position to protect Mueller. He was definitely a white hat. Trust him.
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So far the only one that hasn’t shit on Hillary is Kamala. And I know what you’re thinking Oh Chris Let it go.

I can’t. Sometimes I wish I could. But it’s personal. We think so often that politicians are just in it to win it but I never felt that with Hillary. I felt like...
Someone was speaking a language I often long to speak myself. Inclusive, patient, and bighearted. Things I’m not. And I know I’m not.

I felt like she spoke to me and I’m just a simple country gay kid who still in his 30s hasn’t really found his voice.
I felt like Hillary was reaching out to me. Speaking to me directly. That must sound crazy. I’ve never felt it with another public official—around my parts people generally tolerate their public officials, I mean Jim Jordan is my MOC. Distant respect is a phrase too warm tbh.
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Running the weekly early this week.

Shameless plug: The featured cards will be launching on kickstarter. They're our pink hats and how we are protesting. Get project updates by clicking the link:…

#Resist #StrongerTogether
This list is LOOOOOOOOOOONG. So keep checking back.

If you want to be added (or removed, no hard feelings), DM me!

I did my best to vet everyone on the list, but vet your own. If you see any hidden MAGAts, let me know.

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Will you join me in a BOYCOTT of #Starbucks if Starbucks billionaire
.@HowardSchultz runs for #POTUS as an Independent?

#Resist Spoilers who help Trump.
Plz vote in this Poll So #Starbucks Sees the Percentage of Business Revenue Losses that Starbucks can expect from a #BOYCOTT.

Do the Math
.@HowardSchultz .@Starbucks.
Can you Afford a National Boycott, just to boost a Billionaire ego?
#Resisters #UniteBlue
.@starbucksprtnrs @Starbucks

It looks like Starbucks can expect a 93% DROP In Reoccurring CUSTOMER REVENUES if .@HowardSchultz runs for President.
#Resist Billionaire egos
#VoteBlue2020 #VoteGOPOut

#ReSisters #ReMisters MATTER
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Yesterday, I flew. There were harrowing moments: A hole patched with duct tape, terrifying wind.
Then there was the TSA. And we should talk about them, the #TrumpShutdown and why it's time for a national strike or sickout.
Are you part of a group? Tag or share. Let's talk.
Doing their job, checking the bags, doing their best to keep things moving in the face of a terrible government that is FORCING them to work without pay. I thanked every one. And to the one they knew: What choice did they have? If they struck, they'd be fired.
That is why others with the ability to strike - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics... ANY union that allows the wheels of America to keep moving in the face of 800,000 people and their families suffering need to pick a day or a week and "get sick." /3
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My husband’s boss worked for @realDonaldTrump as a contractor for his golf course in South Florida.

Trump poached his employees, didn’t pay him, and told him that’s what happens to “backwoods po-dunks”.

Just in case you wondered what he really thinks of people here in Florida.
The best part of this story is that I know it’s 100% true because EVEN THOUGH Trump completely fucked him over he STILL voted for him in 2016. His boss is over 70, openly racist/sexist, and said every other word out of Trump’s mouth was a swear/slur.

They’re two peas in a pod.
Just another reason why #ImpeachtheMF is trending!!
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Over 50 club here, & I am a much more effective activist now than I would have been in my 20s or 30s. Experience is power, as is the protective instinct that comes from having & raising children. Youth has its benefits, but these other things should not be de-valued. 1/
PS. I do very much appreciate Ocasio’s willingness to PUBLICLY question “business as usual” in DC. I suspect this quality is as much or more about her character than about her age. She may not even realize that herself. 3/
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National Prayer Breakfast (attended by Russian spy Maria Butina & Alexander Torshin) & perhaps Cambridge Analytica are tied to a well connected businessman, John Yenason, in Pennsylvania, where Alfa Bank repeatedly pinged a Trump server in the run up to the 2016 election. 1/
"[D]uring an interview with The Citizens’ Voice in March, Yenason acknowledged he tried to arrange a meeting between the Russians and Trump’s campaign — although he maintained it was not at the behest of the Russians." 2/…
3/ "Yenason, a former Harveys Lake councilman who describes himself as a devout Christian, said he first met Butina and Torshin after he was invited to attend a prayer breakfast in Russia in 2016."
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1. I don't know how much cheer or genersl goodwill exists out in the world this holiday season, but in less than three weeks what's there will disappear.

Americans once used this time of year to shake off our collective national tension.

But now?
2. There are many reasons why we can't have nice things anymore, and more than a few why we shouldn't even be allowed them, but at the heart of the matter are some very basic principles that we would do best to revitalize for the sake of, well, all humankind.
3. Life becomes much harder when we lose sight of the simplest truths. Even harder when those very simple truths become purposely, almost officially even, obsfucated at every level of civic life.

But those simple truths will never disappear no matter how well they're obscured.
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Look for @dbongino to launch a new program on @CRTV. No inside information, I'm just not stupid. 😅

Very obvious, I'm assuming Dan has spent a while waiting out the fulfillment of his contract to @NRATV.
CRTV, now Blaze Media, originally @LevinTV has taken the country by storm in the past 2 years. It's the platform to be on.
I wouldn't be shocked to see a @CRTV and @NRATV merger within the next couple years. #StrongerTogether
@foxnation has taken the idea and ran with it, subscription based television news/entertainment content. On that tip, I get my propaganda via cable television, no need for an extra subscription to it.
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