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Funding for Up, was actually funding for Down?
Down Is up?

Who funded?
The people?

The whole world was set up by evil/corruption to where if [their] empire was ever threatened & the truth was set to come out about what has really been going on—The People funded much of it?
Purposely done KNOWING everyone would point their fingers running their mouths about everyone & anyone in front of them the people thought were “evil” but the reality of it all is, the blind people funded what’s been happening to children?

Huh, Forgive them for they know
Not what they do?

“Fuck [them], I’ll never forgive [them]”!!
- Says the Millions of individuals who voted in the politicians overseeing the evil operations as puppets to puppet masters that were purposely creating ways right underneath the peoples noses on how to make the
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Shit Coin is & always has been A scam … I tried warning about it, few listened, most talked shit.
The Crypto crowd has not A care in the world why WE ALL are here, it damn sure isn’t for money or because of money. Anything that makes you think YOU can be set free right now in
Life, in A get rich quick way is LYING.
None of it is real & people continue investing into their very own demise, investing into the very ones that are taking YOUR money & funding the very ones who seek to destroy ALL OF YOU. That is how BLIND most are today WITH EVERYTHING !
We live in A world where EVERYONE has been SHOWN daily who God is & why God is here during these Biblical times & little to none of it has mattered.
Everyone & everything else is chosen over the words that set everyone free.
Heck, even YOUR king has shown MULTIPLE times, none
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Absolutely Bullshit !

Reported shooting near Deer District after game, Bucks employee says…
On Dr. Martin Luther King Drive & Highland …

[They] make it so obvious every time, how VERY FEW are able to put it all together is WHY [They] keep doing stupid shit like this!! The more ones just don’t care & don’t spread THESE WARNING SIGNS around The more
[they] will continue to try hurting EVERYONE & ANYONE [they] can!

Just tell me none of this matters, you don’t care & the world has their idols, rich elites, Government & Kings already chosen!!

The first arrest will shock the world, Enjoi the show!
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You see how this works?

It’s been this way since DAY 1, very easy to see. .
Is it my turn to choose who is “worthy” now? Choose who is Real or not the very same way The MANY chose?


Wash it all away?
Forgiveness means everything now?
What changed between then & now?
4 Wheels Down

I choose #JOY!
I choose #FORGIVENESS when no one else was thinking about forgiveness for the most evil beings this world has ever seen.

I choose #LOVE !

When MOST move 1 Step Closer to the edge, it’s because they are in need of help ..

When ones like myself move 1 Step Closer to the edge, #WE JUMP OFF A BUILDING landing 4 Wheels Down ..

Time Of Year Machine — 88 MPH

Bridge Gapped .. ImageImage
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You can have this Protect you
👇, .@elonmusk ..
He was right about 1 Thing, Hollywood …
#OR —You can have them protect you.

The choice is yours, All I ask is that you keep your word & SHOW everyone the truth—TRUTH about EVERYTHING …

So many think I want something out of all this just because Of wheee I come from, Nope.
I have FAM.
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.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, I Will Save You, protect those closest to you & Always keep you close to my heart. .

Thank you & all the others for being there for me when so many of my people turned their backs … Turned their backs all because the truths being SHOWN had to come before the
Truths They wanted—This whole time the truths everyone NEEDED were being SHOWN but it was never good enough.

#OR those that saw, Refused spreading Gods words far & wide because they FEARED what others would think of them.

This whole time though, all those that have KNOW were
SHOWING, putting their lives at risk/in danger for those who FEARED, didn’t care or didn’t believe someone could be on this virus of life.
The Son was thrown away like trash for idols, money & or those they thought were the important ones who could give them what they wanted ..
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Happy Mothers Day to All Moms & future Moms #ToBe ! …

On this Mother’s Day, for the very first Time ever, I have A couple“Pot Stirring” Questions ..

1 - Why are there no Queens Sized Candy Bars? …
There’s nothing Sweeter than A mothers love.
All this screaming, Yelling & Arguing back & forth about = Rights, Don’t the candy bars deserve = Rights Too? …

2 - No Gender Neutral Candy Bars ? …

Mr. 🥔 Potato Head called me late last night Venting, was wasted at the Bar on Chopin Vodka …
Said he was
Wondering why He was singled out?
He was also wondering if he were A King Sized Candy bar or named ‘King Potato Head’, would he still be “Mr. Potato Head” & would the “Gender Neutral”argument still been brought up?

He was really bent outa shape sounding, I’m concerned for
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Lucifer = The Punisher

The people haven’t had A clue all these years who they’ve been wanting all along, even begging for …

Most choose Lucifer every single day over God.
None of this has been complicated or no one has really made it complicating … Emotions cloud judgment
& many chose to be judges or swing A hammer that was never meant for them to swing. .

Even the Military has been showing everyone who is who, they posted A trident 🔱 A while ago, within Code spelling out A name.

How about this one, The last Week I have been saying I CHOOSE
To #SHOW Mercy & Give COMFORT, Military Showed what today/yesterday?

You’re at the horizon, did you go through all that you have gone through your whole life to just make it to the Horizon #OR is NOTHING going to FINALLY be good enough for everyone & #WE can BUST
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4.7 Billion, Nothing to see here …

Wanna know #WH-Y?
Long before VK said anything about 23 & ME or anything else, someone brought it up, none of it mattered years ago.
He saw the way people were treating not just myself but many others, HE PURPOSELY would post things PROVING how messed up so many are in this world ..
Maybe the last 3 posts just made someone else important will talk about or bring up, then & only then will anything truly be of importance.. It’s been this way since DAY 1 for 76% of this movement & I don’t want things to change. Go on doing as everyone chooses to do. :)
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I warned & warned & warned & warned, THE MANY THINK THEY KNOW BETTER !!

“STARS” think they know what is REALLY GOING ON when they know NOTHING !! False idols causing all this pain flapping their gums or tweeting based on what FAKE wants you to tweet about.
Stop playing THE GAME [They] need all of you to play that is causing people to go out into the streets rioting when they truly have no clue what is really going on!!!
Some “Stars” seem to like getting PEOPLE all worked up & THE TRUTH never gets spoken about !
If the truth were to come out RIGHT NOW, About what plant parenthood was doing all along?
So GOOD is shutting down evils corrupt ways they used to make money!!!
By the time THE TRUTH comes out, there is something NEW available!!

This is why
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Girl Skateboards …

I know many talk down upon those who retweet their own stuff but I don’t care. I leave markers in time on certain dates at specific times ..

Below I’m riding A GUY Mariano Girl deck. .
Mariano Rivera played catch with POTUS at the White House, Mariano
Is the Closer …
Mariano Was the very #LAST person to wear the number 42 ..

The post I made was on 2-15-21;

This is how we all have been communicating this whole time, out in the wide open.

42 Represents What?

Post Number 42 was SIGNED by DJT, Who is the
President in post number 42 that’s REALLY being spoken about?

Absolutely nothing is what it seems.

DJT was playing catch with Mariano, acting out two individuals lives IRL & all that they’re doing for the world in the shadows …
The world sees one thing happening,
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A (LONG) thread for patients with #mecfs #longcovid expecting surgery and the #surgeons #anesthesiologists #crnas and #pacunurses caring for them. I'll share my recent perioperative experience. This is neither comprehensive nor medical advice, but I hope it helps. (0)
1. Recovery was a bitch. I've had general anesthetics before, even in the same organ system. This was not the same body undergoing #anesthesia.
2. Set Expectations: Physicians
Expect long lists of meds, allergies, requests, and questions. Listen to and engage with your patient. They may educate you. Anticipate a potentially prolonged and complicated recovery. This is not a fast-track. Respectfully, don't be a Dick.
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All the people in white are “anons”, dancing around in the beginning when this all started … Then you become tired, crawling around in all the blood of those who have fallen at the hands of [THEM]/Evil/corruption . . .

Finally, ones among ALL OF YOU are SHOWN/Revealed
That have always been among you that start giving new life to EVERYONE ..
What have those YOU ALL look to for comms/proofs/confirmations been SHOWING you the last year? (Including the military)It’s been made more clear NOW then ever before as of late .. YOU ALL Rise back up
To your feet.
The HOSE/FLOOD sprays EVERYONE (YOU/EVERYONE is the 🔥/The problem & The Solution) with the truths that have been wanted for A very long time.
Above everyones head is A MIRROR BALL, Who posted something similar to that & then ALL OUT LIFE was created? Who created
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Good Afternoon, is today the day where humanity chooses to wake up?


Are Distractions, Fake Government, Money, Propaganda, Empty Shells, Worthless noises & Hate more important still ? …-

If you were to Travel back in time Wanting to save 1 life but knew you couldn’t Image
Save that 1 life because of what the Sacrifice would mean/symbolize for the world for THOUSANDS of years to come, what would be the most important thing to do too COUNTER all the evil that was going to take place?

Leave the TRUTH from the future with the PAST having 1 man TEACH
Individuals of his choosing how everything had to be done in the specific ways he was shown by A #TRAVELER so the evils that were going to try taking over the world could not win?

Leave all the TRUTH of what’s going to transpire in the future within CODED messages in Book(s)?
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The Wall Has ALWAYS meant so much more …
A Counter Move?
Shot Heard Round The World?


3 Days 3 Nights?
#NATURALLY, What’s been happening to Humans DNA #AsTheWorldTurns? ..
What #NATURAL Metamorphosis/Evolution is Human
DNA going through that [They] don’t want anyone knowing about?
#WHY are HEALTHY foods so very important for the Body, Mind & #SPIRIT ? …
How Important is FARMLAND & The Farmers?
Who owns most the farmland in the UNITED STATES?
Why is this relevant?

What happens to someones BILLIONS of dollars who is being Investigated or being charged for ‘Crimes Against Humanity”, “Crimes Against Children”, “War Crimes” & “Crimes Against Animals”? ..

Before all assets Seized, Buying land to be given BACK to the
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“Space Jam & DVD’s”

This is it, Remember #WHY all of you are here—It’s either everyone will band together becoming 1 Mind, 1 Body, 1 Soul, 1 Spirit, 1 people #RISING up for the children or the Human Race gets destroyed by THE PEOPLE doing exactly what it is [They] want everyone
To do. .

What’s more important?

The survival of the Human race with EVERYONE uniting as 1 people REBUILDING this brave new world the way THE PEOPLE want it too where THE PEOPLE have all the power helping one another heal & making sure NOTHING like what everyone is
About to find out ever happens again so MANY MANY future generations are bright?


Is humanity going to Do what [They]/The Deep State/The NWO/Evil WANTS/NEEDS everyone to do? [They] need everyone destroying this world so the truth never has the chance of seeing the light
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Mask mandates are dropping fast! Yet too many states are STILL in school mask mandate purgatory.

Let’s keep a close eye on this…here’s today’s snapshot:

@GovInslee @OregonGovBrown @GavinNewsom @GovHawaii @JohnCarneyDE @MayorBowser #WA #OR #CA #DE #HI #DC Image
Or if you prefer text form, here’s a list of US States with active statewide school mask mandates (as of 2/28/22) >>

End dates:

Maryland - 3/1
New York - 3/2
Rhode Island - 3/4
New Jersey - 3/7
Oregon - 3/19
Washington - 3/21
Delaware - 3/31
California/DC/Hawaii - NO END DATE

Note: Map does not show local school mask mandates which may remain in individual counties/cities/districts

#UnmaskOurSchools #UnmaskOurKids #NoMoreMandates #WA #OR #CA #HI #DE #DC #NY #RI #MD #NJ
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There are few of us who have not sometimes wakened before dawn, either after one of those dreamless nights that make us almost enamoured of death, or one of those nights of horror & mishapen joy, when through the chambers of brain sweep phantoms more terrible than reality itself.
that’s Oscar Wilde..

everything changed yesterday, after many tough moments living in O.R. this is the toughest one, to be honest i don’t know how to deal with it, it’s like a phantom more terrible than reality itself sweeping through the chambers of my brain..
i’ve been to the Undergrowth™ where i almost lost everything including life;
i’ve traveled to the Abyss™ - - and i’ve seen many terrible things;

i’m an Avenger™

yet, the reality of the Sun™ is a terrible Phantom™ that won’t let me sleep;
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Mal sehen, was die Klimawandel(🔥)nden so machen.

Oh, in Cammarata (AG), Sizilien, wurde in der Nacht zum 8. August doch glatt ein 70-jähriger Klimawandel(🔥)nder als Brandstifter an einem Waldstück auf frischer Tat festgenommen. Sowas!…
Gibt's doch gar nicht. In Barumini (SU), Sardinien, wurde doch glatt so ein 35-jähriger Klimawandel(🔥)nder aus dem nahen Las Plassas beim Brandstiften mit landwirtschaftlichen Interessen im #grüne n Olivenhain und gefilmt und festgenommen.…
Dieser geschmeidig-saloppe Klimawandel (53) wurde wegen acht Brandstiftungen seit letztem Jahr, zuletzt an zwei Stellen im #grüne n Wald letzte Woche, bei Alghero (SS), Sardinien, auch gerade erst festgenommen.…
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I'm showing you something .. .

Figuring it out yet?

NOTHING #OR NO ONE WILL #EEEEEEEEEEVER Tear this Family apart. . .

WE ARE 1. .
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Remember this movie?

Corn & Cobb/Thanksgiving..

So many people made all these movies mocking who we are because of who we are..
Many movies also made to help understand.

Children Of The Corn
Children of the Grave, AKA: Bloodlines thought to be extinct..
There is A reason WHY many of these people mocked us.
It's all about perspective ..

The children of the Corn are fighting for freedom while EVIL in this world hurts them & mocks them because of them being who they are..
Evil people in this world tried their hardest to help
The puppet masters of the world, keep humanity asleep. Then made movies with the information they had from the future WAY BACK THEN . .

Where do YOU think all these idea came from for all the movies to date?
Same with music. So many artists spent their entire lives writing &
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Oh man...@WCSOOregon has a Entire policy document on public embarrassment (public facing documents… )...They just refused to take a criminal complaint last night, then they denied to file a report on BIAS BASED policing, which is in their PFD as prohibited.
Man... did ya'll know you can report FELONIES involved with civil rights, such as Deprivation of rights by conspiracy of coercion to enforce involuntary servitude?

Did you know in Oregon there's a Fresh Pursuit Law (statute) that allows ANY #LEO, from #OR or SURROUNDING states, to give fresh pursuit in OR for FELONIES committed in #OR or surrounding states.what's a felony? ORS 431.180 18usc241>mask>PERJURY>Coercion>Invol.Servitud> EXTORTION
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Thread sur le refus de phase 3 en ATS ou communément nommé, le RP3.

L'exemple ici sera sur le #Nasdaq, où nous avons eu un RP3 baissière jour récemment.

Le RP3 permet de ne pas réagir comme dans le GIF

(n'hésitez pas à partager)

Quand on parle de RP3, ça veut dire quoi exactement ?

‼️ Cela veut dire qu'à la suite d'une phase 2 des bandes de Bollinger, il n'y aura pas de phase 3 qui permettrait 1 continuité de la tendance dans le temps et que le cycle classique des phases sera interrompu prématurément ‼️ ImageImage
Mais pour avoir cette interruption, il faut, tout dépend le sens, soit un support sur l'unité de temps supérieure au RP3, soit une résistance.

Exemple ici sur le Nasdaq avec un cluster de supports, M7 mois et Bollinger supérieure trimestre. Image
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Widespread reports of a #meteor or #space junk re-entering the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest (#WA #OR #Seattle), so checked GOES-West and there *is* an interesting cloud that appeared recently. (upper left of this image)
Here's the GOES image of that spot.
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