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good morning from unceded Darug lands🥶today on #Insiders are Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, Canberra Times columnist Professor Mark Kenny, and 9fax (AFR) politics editor Phil Coorey. The interview is with Arts and Workplace Minister Tony Burke.
opening spiel: the new parliament is about to sit. I shoulda said Burke is probably the interview as new Leader the House. Speers then lists a roll call of disasters. #Insiders
there will be plenty of focus on the new parliament, says Soeers, of his colleagues. He then equivocates cost of living with the plagues and climate catastrophes. #Insiders
the montage is purportedly about economic management under the incoming government but is really about interest rates and inflation ie monetary policy which is largely RBA purview. #Insiders
#MakingNews biosecurity stepped up to safeguard against FMD. Real wages still falling ie rises not keeping pace with inflation (or profits, natch). Breaking news is that Labor will deal with the union-busting vehicle that Turnbull pulled a DD to re-install, the ABCC. #Insiders
panel starts with Coorey spelling out that “real wages is the difference between wages and inflation”, with slippery dip hands going up and down like a kindy teacher. #Insiders
lol Murphy thinks people have reasonable fluency about what is happening. And why. Nobody mentions the sky high business profits driving inflation tho, so punters relying on press gallery journalism might not know why. #Insiders
the good news is low unemployment, says Speers, an article of faith that ignores the butchered numbers, the lives destroyed, the mental health conditions created by the multi billion dollar job agency industry. #Insiders
RBA clip, Treasurer clip. Professor Kenny says it is a bit of a conundrum and a difficult situation for “both institutions”, the government and the RBA. Speers says buffers or something - this is for people with mortgages - and plays a clip of the PM. #Insiders
has the RBA not made mistakes before says Kenny we are sitting in the middle of one now. A lot of people don’t have buffers he says, not of people on the breadline but people who took out 0% interest mortgages. #Insiders
the blokes furiously agree that Albanese’s language on the RBA was “loose”. This was Albanese saying the RBA is “on notice”.
Ed: either the RBA is independent or it is not.
Murphy says well look Labor have been out of government for nine years. #Insiders
prime ministers do the politics and treasurers do the hard policy on the economy? I missed who said that sorry. That was the Hawke-Keating model it was not the Morrison-Frydenberg model. Josh never did policy in his life. #Insiders
the RBA review timeline (this year) and then re/appointment of the board. The big call is whether to extend or replace Governor Phil Lowe, says Speers. No pressure, chuckles the panel #Insiders
clip of Chalmers in inflation expectations to lead into the interview. Burke opens with a Splendour joke. Less mud here, says Speers lol maybe literally I guess #Insiders
Burke says labour hire is being used as surge capacity and spare a workforce - legitimate - and to undercut wages and conditions - not acceptable. Inflation is not. Being. Driven. By. Higher. Wage. Growth. he explains #Insiders
because we do not have higher wages, says Burke, on wages not causing inflation. Some of it is overseas, some of it is domestic. But will there be more inflation??? asks Speers. Nobody says the P word. #Insiders
where we can put pressure on for higher wages we will, says Burke. He needs convincing on the “better off overall” test, he says.
We all know who pays for others to be better off under Pareto principles - Ed. #insiders
there is flexibility but not security in the Fair Work Act, says Burke.
That’s because “flexibility” is for bosses and “security” is for workers and the workers-hating Howard government wrote the Act, says me. #Insiders
there is a place for casual work, says Burke, we are interested in promoting secure work through pathways to permanent part time and full time work with leave entitlements. Nobody mentions BOSSES paying pandemic leave. #Insiders
should all gig economy workers be on the minimum wage? Burke says pizza delivery workers have no control over their conditions. So a minimum number of hours, says Speers. LEAVE ENTITLEMENTS says Burke. Still no mention of the pandemic. #Insiders
the CFMMEU busting vehicle, which Speers calls “the building industry watchdog”. Their powers will be stripped to the bare legal minimum, says Burke. There is no need to waste taxpayers money on what stickers workers wear on their helmet. #Insiders
so you can fly a CFMEU flag on a construction site, says Speers.
Recall that the ABCC was supposed (and failed) to increase productivity. The Liberal Party are so desperate to shift construction union members to business-believer Liberal voters they called a DD over it. #Insiders
I missed the next but but we have moved on to the number of publicly funded staffers (Speers says advisers) allocated to cross benchers. Burke says backbenchers do have to be across legislation and can use their electoral office staff. #Insiders
have parliamentary library resources been increased as promised? Burke does not know. He is “not responsible” for that but is “confident the resources have been put to work”. #Insider
what is the safeguards mechanism you mention today about? No says Burke, I was talking about the Greens position. We took the safeguards to the election. Our policy is all polluting industries be “on track” for net zero by 2050 is Labor policy. #Insiders
Labor bring it in the Coalition take it out says Speers of the ABCC. Other way round says Coorey, and they reliably recite the usual tropes. CFMEU. Drink. Sneaking around the building, says Coorey. Union militancy. Drink. #Insidere
kabuki play role playing theatrical nonsense says Professor Kenny, of QT. He compares the tempo of the UK parliament (which is like 6x the size of our parliament). It feels more accountable, says Kenny. It is much more real, says Speers, of Westminster. #Insiders
the ratchet mechanism. Bowen is saying there is already a ratchet in the Paris agreement, according to Murphy, which requires governments to review targets every five years. She says the Greens want “boilerplate language around this”. #Insiders
why not legislate to make the 43% a floor rather than a ceiling says Coorey. If the ratchet exists why not make it explicit. He tries to move in but Speers wants to talk Liberal Party room disunity (he calls it “situation”). #Insiders
clip of a Lib who, shamefully, I do not recognise. He wants a “debate” in the party room. How unreasonable! says Kenny. Sarco, obs. Kenny says Archer (the only Lib who increased her margin, from memory) has signalled voting for the government’s 43% target bill. #Insiders
they had their head handed to them at the election, says Coorey of the 22 Liberal Party politicians who lost their seat in the House of Reps. Dutton’s call was too quick, the panel agree. Murphy says the Liberal Party has said the last ten years doing the wrong thing #Insiders
the Coalition is a party of government, says Murphy, and they have been Doing. The. Wrong. Thing. on climate, she repeats. They need to learn the difference between right and wrong, says Murphy. Yes but politics, say the blokes, emitting odd, breathy snorts. #Insiders
Coorey gets the last word on Liberal and Nationals politicking on climate. He does not openly reject the deontology spelt out by Murphy but he may as well. #Insiders
the “boats for votes” as the AFR put it yesterday. It reflects extremely poorly on the prime minister, says Kenny, of Scott Morrison, and the PM (Micallef voice: Scott Morrison) was giving a press conference before the statement was released, says Kenny. #Insiders
no Murphy on the NSW Liberal Party election day strategy. Coorey does his regular schtick, equivocating and ambiguating and trivialising diabolical politics. Dirty pool, he says, but he is not a lawyer. He has a science degree, says Coorey. We move on to FMD. #Insiders
a clip splicing shut the border do not shut the border, partly shut the border, politicians and journos. The blokes all talk over each other advising federal Labor on border closures and the bio security act because foreign affairs is always Serious White Man matters. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures bring the first mentions of the SOE report and its catastrophic record of mass extinction and ecocidal destruction sat on by Morrison - and now-Liberal deputy Sussan Ley - for six months and released by Labor Environment minister Tanya Plibersek. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is up. Love these laydeez. They are so delightfully irreverent. Back to you studio/cowboys lol. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Coorey saying the SOE is a “shocker” and we have cleare an area the size of Scotland in five years and there should be more pressure on the states too. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Murphy saying the state of the environment and climate are connected and that will become increasingly apparent this term #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Kenny being “caustic”, he says, about the same people in “high dudgeon” about Albanese putting the RBA on notice were also highly critical of him mentioning a 5.1% wage increase goal. #Insiders
the outtake is free advertising for a mining corporation on the public broadcaster, featuring a failed Liberal Party politician with no acting or comedy skills and whose former seat the Liberals lost at the last election, despite her best efforts. #Insiders
the lead in comment to the outtake was Speers saying Frydenberg landed a job at Goldman Sachs before “almost certainly” trying for a return to politics. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
while I feel for the kids at Splendour, pls consider contributing to families just an hour away who have been dealing with mud and sleeping in cars since February.…
thank you fact checkers. The Liberal Party politician I did not recognise is Andrew Bragg.

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tuning into #TheDrum for some US insurrection discussion.
“the secret service has final say over the presidents person” is one for the West Wing brain crew (I was West Wing brain crew once upon a time) #TheDrum
“it’s the presidents job constitutionally to defend every law in America” is West Wing brain swoon lol #TheDrum
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good morning from unceded Darug lands🥶today on #Insiders are 9fax cultural editor Osman Faruqi, 9fax (AFR) columnist Jennifer Hewett and embattled ch10/murdoch politics Professor Peter van Onselen.
The interview is with Greens leader Adam Bandt.
this thread is not fact checked. It is not neutral nor unbiased. IANAJ. All tweets hashtagged for your muting convenience✌🏼
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Jul 9
good morning from unceded Darug lands 🌧🌧today on #Insiders are TSP corro Karen Middleton, ABC Canberra newsreader Dan Bourchier and murdoch reporter Clare Armstrong. The interview is with health minister Mark Butler.
opening spiel is foreign relations - with China, in the Indo Pacific, the Wong meeting with Chinese foreign affairs minister and Albanese talking China threats at NATO #Insiders
the montage is floods to a soundtrack of these days by Powderfinger. Lots of opposition sniping and journalistic voice from nowhere “Albanese facing criticism” etc #Insiders
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Jul 8
australian political journalism studiously comparing Johnson and his random relationship with truth to Trump and only to Trump lol say it cowards.
there are no access implications when confining the convo to foreign leaders is why.
the way their systems can lock up our kids on a swear and a whim but apparently removing tyrannicidaires from power is just so complex lads.
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Jul 7
god this speech. Their “brilliant and Darwinian system” is going to deliver services thru tax cuts for the rich. Get a load of this piece of shit.
he thanks Carrie, their children and *all* their family lmao how many tho Boris. Remember what you said about kids of single mothers mate?
old problems and new solutions or was it old solutions and new problems he caused himself personally who can say. What a fucking farcical tory tool. A blather of bullshit. A blithering of bluster. These people.
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Jul 7
there is no data on Aboriginal and Tortes Strait Islander women so your report is jeopardised - Veronica Gorrie👏🏼👏🏼 #QandA
and what about police violence, says Gorrie. Aboriginal women are falsely identified as perpetrators by police.

This happened to my niece. She was thrown in the wagon - it was a wake - and driven 90 kms away “for her safety”. She was terrified. They could have killed her.
it’s because they don’t give a shit about us they do not care about Aboriginal women - Gorrie.
Yes it is.
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