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Lovely Children's book "Stepan #Bandera and me".
#Bandera was a psychopath sadist that got pleasure from hurting or humiliating others.
What can we expect from children educated this way? ImageImageImage


Indoctrination has reached Disney.
Neo-Nazi AZOV member Ihor Halushka being awarded by Jon Stewart.
Check his Nazi Black Sun tattoo, the same symbol displayed by the perpetrator of the Buffalo mass shooting.

More: thegrayzone.com/2022/08/31/jon… ImageImageImage


Seems that "Jesus was Ukrainian" is not enough, in this Ukrainian TV show, they stated that: THE PHARAOHS WERE UKRAINIANS!!!

Sorry Egypt, Ukraine is going to copyright Giza Pyramids. 🥸

Consequences of the #NAZI INDOCTRINATION in #Ukraine

Young children only know the distorted version of history. 😓

Who are the #Nazis?
- They are the good guys!

Via. t.me/UkraineHumanRi…

Selective memory is important for the #NAZI INDOCTRINATION in #Ukraine

Here, a cheap propagandist says "Crimea belongs to Tartars... but they were deported by Stalin".

WHY the Crimean Tatars were deported??
Because they COLLABORATED WITH THE #NAZIS in WW2!! ImageImageImage

#Ukraine has become a parody of a nation.
Check this from an OFFICIAL account:

“In 988 Prince Volodymyr converted #Kyiv Rus to Christianity and decided we need to join the EU.”
🤡🤡🤡 Image

Why NAZISM is so deep-rooted in #Ukraine?

This is how the filthy #Nazis rise the children.
You won't believe it.

Ukrainians where never respected by German Nazis.

Erich Koch -chosen by Hitler to rule Ukraine-, made the point about the inferiority of Ukrainians: “Even if I find a Ukrainian worthy of sitting at my table, I must have him shot”

But still they can't stop loving Nazism.🤮 Image

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Jul 10
@hpnot1q @martian_lore @cirnosad Do✡️s worship Satan?
You decide.
This is what they believe:

Satan is bribed with a gift, which he accepts, thereby becoming a defender of Yakov (Israel).
(cf. Rabbenu Behaya 25:28)
The Zohar makes clear that Israel must always give a portion of "the profits" to the "other side". Image
@hpnot1q @martian_lore @cirnosad 2/
That gift was actually "the sins of Israel", loaded up on a goat.
So the gift was the sacrifice of a living animal adorned with sin (very attractive to Satan).
What stops them from using a CHILD instead of a goat?
They see it as an act of obedience and Kidush HaShem.
@hpnot1q @martian_lore @cirnosad 3/
Bribing Satan?
Yes, the DO believe that "The Other Side" (the forces of impurity, the egoistic needs, the Sitra Akhra) also need to be fed.
"Giving a “portion” to the Other Side is necessary in order to keep it from harming us."
(cf. Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky). Image
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Jul 10
Sexual services.
A person who engages in sexual activity for money.

Textual services.
A person who engages in textual activity for money.

In the last few decades, the ENTIRE mainstream press became TEXTITUTES at the service of the ✡️s.
Blackrock/Vanguard Image
And who owns Blackrock?

Blackrock is the main shareholder of Vanguard.
Vanguard is the main shareholder of Blackrock.

Vanguard owns Blackrock owns Vanguard.
The snake that eats itself. Image
So, let's ask.
Who founded Blackrock?

Susan Lynne Wagner - Jewish
Larry Fink - Jewish
Robert S. Kapito - Jewish

With money from The Blackstone Group. Image
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Jun 17
Most people outside of America have no idea of ​​the ABERRATIONS that #Dispensationalists pastors preach, let’s make a 🧵:

John Hagee
“Israel is not just a state. Israel is the apple in God's eye. Israel is the shining city on the hill. Israel is the first born child of God.” Image
#Dispensationalists pastors thread 🧵:

Gary Hamrick:
“4000 years ago, God gave the Jews PROPERTY TITLE to this land (white area). But the (dumb) Nations have only recognized a portion (the blue part)” 🤡 Image
#Dispensationalists preachers (Clowns) thread 🧵:

Gary Hamrick:
"The Jews are the only people, who have received a title to a region "directly from God". And if other nations try to take that land, God will RISE UP in anger 🤡 against those nations." Image
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May 31
1/ Book burning 🧵
Jews are instructed to burn, publicly if possible, any copy of the New Testament that comes into their hands.
In 1980, a ceremonial burning of the New Testament occurred In Jerusalem under the auspices of Yad Le'akhin, and the Israeli 🇮🇱 Ministry of Religions. Image
Jews incinerated the book of prayers at Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey, shortly after Pope Francis visited the site.
The abbey is next to the Cenacle – the site of Pope Francis’ visit, said to be where the Last Supper took place. Image
Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in Jerusalem
The same year, the teenage son of a prominent Christian missionary was seriously wounded when a package bomb delivered to the family's West Bank home went off in his hands. Image
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Feb 25
Is the Jewish messiah the antichrist?
In Judaism, the messiah (Moloch Mashiach / מלך משיח) is not a savior of the world, but a KING of Israel who will lead Judea to world domination.

This is what the Midrash notes:
"When the banner of the annointed king shall be lifted-up..." Image
"When the banner of the annointed king shall be lifted-up, all the masts of ships belonging to the nations of the world shall be broken... all the languages belonging to the nations shall be made useless, and their customs shall be rendered null and void" Image
And remember, this has nothing to do with Jesus, the Jews hate Jesus.
According to Maimonides (one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars), Jesus was:

"The most influential, and consequently, the most DAMAGING of all FALSE messiahs." Image
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Feb 14
For centuries, Jews🇮🇱 have been accused of child sacrifice (Blood Libel)
They say it is false, that it is not part of their history, that it is an anti-Semitic accusation, etc.
But then, thousands of Jews stage a CHILD SACRIFICE (Chicago 1933)
Seriously WHY would they be celebrating this?

In the Hebrew Bible, there is mention of an "entity", Moloch, to whom sacrifices of children were made.
But curiously, the Hebrew word for Moloch is Mlek (מלך), and that means KING. Image
Thats why many scholars speculate that Moloch was Solomon or even YHWH himself. ("Melekh Yahweh")
In the Hebrew Bible, Tophet (תֹּפֶת) is a location in Jerusalem, where worshipers engaged in a ritual involving "passing a child through the fire"
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