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Lovely Children's book "Stepan #Bandera and me".
#Bandera was a psychopath sadist that got pleasure from hurting or humiliating others.
What can we expect from children educated this way? ImageImageImage


Indoctrination has reached Disney.
Neo-Nazi AZOV member Ihor Halushka being awarded by Jon Stewart.
Check his Nazi Black Sun tattoo, the same symbol displayed by the perpetrator of the Buffalo mass shooting.

More:… ImageImageImage


Seems that "Jesus was Ukrainian" is not enough, in this Ukrainian TV show, they stated that: THE PHARAOHS WERE UKRAINIANS!!!

Sorry Egypt, Ukraine is going to copyright Giza Pyramids. 🥸

Consequences of the #NAZI INDOCTRINATION in #Ukraine

Young children only know the distorted version of history. 😓

Who are the #Nazis?
- They are the good guys!


Selective memory is important for the #NAZI INDOCTRINATION in #Ukraine

Here, a cheap propagandist says "Crimea belongs to Tartars... but they were deported by Stalin".

WHY the Crimean Tatars were deported??
Because they COLLABORATED WITH THE #NAZIS in WW2!! ImageImageImage

#Ukraine has become a parody of a nation.
Check this from an OFFICIAL account:

“In 988 Prince Volodymyr converted #Kyiv Rus to Christianity and decided we need to join the EU.”
🤡🤡🤡 Image

Why NAZISM is so deep-rooted in #Ukraine?

This is how the filthy #Nazis rise the children.
You won't believe it.

Ukrainians where never respected by German Nazis.

Erich Koch -chosen by Hitler to rule Ukraine-, made the point about the inferiority of Ukrainians: “Even if I find a Ukrainian worthy of sitting at my table, I must have him shot”

But still they can't stop loving Nazism.🤮 Image

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Mar 5
The #UkrainianLanguage thread. A fascist tale.

Can you imagine an American president that did not speak English well?
Did you know that VLADIMIR #Zelensky only learned Ukrainian until he was almost 40 years old?

Even today, Zelensky still can’t... Image
Zelensky still can’t speak Ukrainian quickly
Zelensky does not know many specific words in Ukrainian
Zelensky usually switches to Russian, even when Ukrainian is easy to learn for a Russian speaker (both languages arise from the Old East Slavic language)

And this is not... Image
This is not unusual
Almost ALL Ukrainian politicians speak Russian privately, even former presidents like Yanukovich
They switch to Ukrainian only to please ultranationalists.
Many popular Ukrainians like @MilaKunisv, never spoke Ukrainian language in her life.

How is that... @MilaKunisv, never spoke Uk...
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Feb 11
The #GLADIO thread

Do you think that #NordStream was the first US-Terrorist attack against Europe?
Think again.
Let us talk about Operation Gladio, the CIA-NATO operation behind multiple terrorist attacks in Europe, most of them in Italy during the "Years of Lead" (1960–1980) Image
The #GLADIO thread

Operation Gladio (the "common" name for the US-Sponsored False Flag Terrorism in Europe) is not a "conspiracy theory", but a FACT.
Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti revealed Gladio's existence to the Italian parliament in 1990.
Anti-Fascist rally
👇 Image
The #GLADIO thread
Consequently, in November 1990, the European Parliament published its ‘Resolution on the Gladio Affair.’ which stated:

"...certain military secret services were involved in cases of terrorism..."

They pointed directly at the US, but they did nothing more. Image
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Feb 2
Who really beat the #Nazis?

75–80% of casualties the Wehrmacht happened against the #RedArmy
The EASTERN front saw 4 of the 5 BIGGEST battles in the entire HUMAN history:

1. Siege of Leningrad
2. Battle of Stalingrad
3. Siege of Baghdad*
4. Battle of Berlin
5. Battle of Kiev Image
One example:
In Kursk, the #RedArmy defeated a #Nazi force of almost 1 MILLION men, 2,928 tanks and 2,110 aircraft

D-Day was a MINOR operation by comparison:
In Normandy, the Allies only faced 50,000 Axis men, including reservists and teenagers, with NO tanks and NO aircraft ImageImage
WHY there were only 50,000 #Nazis in Normandy?
Why even reservists and teenagers were fighting the allies?
Because by 1944, the war was ALREADY OVER, the best of the best of the REMAINING #Nazi army was in Russia, TRYING to stop the operation #Bagration of the #RedArmy Image
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Jan 19
This is ODD.
Several countries are sending extra weapons to the #Ukronazis, but #Northrop Grumman -one of the biggest weapons makers in the world- is printing a massive DOWN candle (-20%), the biggest drop in 10 years.
The stock is back at PRE-WAR levels.
What do they know? ImageImage

@LorenzoRamirez_ proposed an interesting theory:

1. The US wants to crush the European weapons makers
2. So the US is just waiting to have the burning Leopards pictures to say, “See?, your weapons are trash, you need OUR weapons” Image
MAJOR update, maybe this is why the weapons stocks were falling:

A report just published by RAND Corporation, is suggesting stopping the war against Russia so the US can focus on their main threat: China

“a long (military) war poses major challenges for the United States…” Image
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Jan 9

Why Lula supports the climate Hoax? (Already rejected by Russia, China and India)

Why Lula supports the disadvantageous trade agreement with the European Union?
(Mexico was offered a similar deal and it was immediately rejected)
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Jan 8
Anatoliy #Tymoshchuk, the best football player in the history of #Ukraine, he pushed UKR to 8th place in the '06 World Cup
He’s one of 119 sports/cultural figures sanctioned by Zelensky, all his assets frozen, and all his awards revoked.

His crime? “Lack of comment on the war”🤐 Image
I’m an Orwellian way, no evidence has been presented to support the claims against #Tymoshuck other than “lack of comment on the war”

Fortunately the rest of the world do remember Tymoshuck.

And as usual, WEST Ukrainians are quick to showcase their “European Values”, this is just one of the comments posted on @Timo_44, his official account:

“If you come to Kiev, we’ll burn you alive”
👇 Image
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