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Rose, Hepzi, and Julian are three of the top five targets for the #Nazis and they each have a symbol they relate to - Julian relates to an 😇 (don’t ask lol. Jules, you aren’t an angel lol🤣), Hepzi to the three finger salute from HG, and Rose related to a wolf. So in one week,
their symbols appeared in the clouds - the angel & wolf were posted by some random twitter account and Hepzi’s three finger salute cloud she saw after a movie she went to with her parents. I take these as a sign that God is watching over the three of them so much. Truly amazing.
We need an unicorn cloud for @RogueCinderella hahaha
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Newsday --- August 12th, 2018 --- Sunday
Prayer #Charlottesvile and DC "Unite the Right"

Please have
1-Undercover FBI Guys in AR
2-Hero Cops
3-Paid Soros Actors
6-Idiot AR

.... be safe

f you are a Normie or MAGA
if you attend rallies - Antifa will Dox and Ruin your Life
This is a Darwin Test
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Trigger warning - thread: several of you have asked us to write a thread explaining programming. What you heard today in New Mexico is just a teeny bit of what will come out. My team and I are working on busting several other similar situations. And with the #TrumpRussia
investigation, you will soon be hearing more about #programming, so I thought a thread explaining it would be helpful. But be warned, this topic is VERY triggering so please use caution while reading. The Collective/luciferians stole their programming info from WWII Nazi Germany.
Adolf Hitler was doing experiments and testing on children to make them the perfect army of mind-controlled people and when the United States heard about that they wanted to adopt Hitler’s ideas to create a nation of children who would be completely controlled by their leaders.
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Um @sseagalofficial threw a concert for Putin's #Nazis in occupied #Crimea
In Russian occupied Crimea #StevenSeagal sang alongside Night Wolves leader Alexander Zaldostanov aka The Surgreon
#StevenSeagal threw a party for Putin's Bikers. They're his hired thugs & helped him annex Crimea
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1/Thread - #QAnon BS amplifiers

#OpDomesticTerrorism #WhiteSupremacy #ConspiracyTheory #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere

Let's dig in.

"A list of the right-wing amplifiers of the QAnon conspiracy theory"…
2/Thread - #QAnon BS amplifiers


Here's what I have to say about Alex: _______________

"#AlexJones is almost certainly the most prolific #conspiracytheorist in contemporary America."…
3/Thread - #QAnon BS amplifiers


Founder of @NewRightUS

Pic with #OmarNavarro (running against #MaxineWaters in CA-43) and #BakedAlaska (twitter banned for Nazi hate speech and dated #LauraLoomer). We know your friends too.

Great Article -->…
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Seit ca. 1 Jahr belässtigt ein Twitteraccount Frauen und Männer, indem er sie stalkt, bedroht und Lügen verbreitet. Er eignet sich Wissen an und veröffentlicht dieses in Verbindung mit haarsträubenden Lügengeschichten auf seinem Profil und seiner
Gelingt es ihm nicht, an Informationen heran zu kommen, denkt er sich Namen, Wohnorte und weitere Informationen aus.

Er tut dies mit dem Ziel, unserem Ansehen zu schaden, uns zu verletzen und grundlos strafrechtliche Ermittlungen gg uns zu veranlassen.
Für die, deren persönliche Informationen er tatsächlich hat, hat dies nicht nur auf Twitter Konsequenzen, sondern auch massive Auswirkungen auf das reale Leben, sowohl für uns persönlich als auch für unsere Angehörigen.

Der Account vor dem wir warnen wollen, ist @thorbrauser
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1. Ahad voted against permission for a new @marksandspencer store because he felt that M&S are "Zionists who kill Palestinians" Dipu is quite unpleasant, he also hounded the members of the Holocaust Memorial Day org so badly, the Jewish members walked out…
2) Lord Ahmed, blamed a "Jewish Conspiracy" for his imprisonment for a fatal motorway crash. Ahmed resigned from @UKLabour…
3) Cllr Aziz urged Jews to “stop drinking Gaza’s blood,”. He has also compared the actions of Israelis towards the Palestinians to the actions of Nazis towards Jews & said Jews in the Middle East could move to the U.S. He is still an @UKLabour Councillor…
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From the beginning, Zionists advocated a "Jewish State" not just in #Palestine, but also in #Jordan, southern #Lebanon, and the #GolanHeights as well.
As it will be proved from the quotes below:
#ICC4Israel #EthnicCleaning #Occupation #BDS #Gaza…👈
#Palestinians are not indigenous to #Palestine👈This propaganda has no other purpose than 2 further dehumanize Palestinians & justify #Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing & murder
In #BenGurion own words👇😡you'll see how that outrageous claim is far removed from historical reality
“We must expel the Arabs and take their places…”~#DavidBenGurion
Born in 1886 as David Green (Gruen) in Plonsk, #Poland. He is considered one of the three founding figures of Zionism beside #ChaimWeizmann & #Herzl.
#ICC4Israel #BDS #Palestine #Gaza…👈
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* Ob wir uns im Kampf gegen Rechts selbst entwaffnen ?? *
#Thread zu #PoliticalCorrectness

In einem Theaterstück zum Thema #Rassismus tut ein #Nazi-Darsteller eben das, was #Nazis tun - rassistisch beleidigen.
Resultat: Shitstorm.
Klingt komisch? War aber so.
Was aber ...1/x
...soll er denn sonst tun?
Soll er den Baseballschläger beiseite legen & sagen "Gehen Sie bitte nach Hause, Sie Person of Colour"?
Solch ein #Nazi wäre eine Witzfigur.
Solch ein Nazi macht keine Angst.
Solch ein Nazi vermittelt nicht, was der Schrecken seiner Ideologie ist.
Wie will man also den Schrecken und den #Terror von #Rassismus & #Faschismus vermitteln, wenn man diesen nicht mehr in Worte kleiden kann?
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When Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, the Nazis controlled less than three percent of Germany’s 4,700 papers.

The Nazis then created a defamatory word "Lügenpresse" meaning 'Lying Press' with an aim to create distrust about Media. Slowly the Press was subjugated.

#India #Nazis
The first step of Fascism is to discredit journalism and create confusion before they could takeover a distracted nation.

The newspaper 'Munich Post' was notable for its decade-long campaign against Adolf Hitler from 1923-1933. Munich Post was shut down by Hitler in March 1933.
How many Munich Post's are there in India now? How many had the guts the publish the CobraPost details?

The Munich Post lost and Germany came under Nazi rule — but in historical terms Munich Post won; bcse they were the only ones who had figured out just how sinister Hitler was.
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A Surprising Thread of Tweets: To discover who are the attendees of the #US Embassy celebration in #Jerusalem

#US Embassy celebrations: A who's who of the Israeli arms trade… via @972mag
Only 30 countries took part in the #Israeli Foreign Ministry’s gala celebrating the new #US embassy in #Jerusalem last week. Not coincidentally, Israel’s ties with most of them are based on arms sales used to carry out gross human rights violations
Following 1967 War, #Israel began a diplomatic campaign to convince countries to oppose resolutions demanding it to unilaterally withdraw from the occupied territories. Israel attempted to buy votes of "murderous dictatorships" & military juntas in exchange for weapons & training
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As some of you may know, I was one of the main figureheads for the #Nazi movement for years - I forced my #WhiteSupremacy beliefs on everybody I met. I did some horrific things - things I won’t dare to mention publicly - when I was still in the Nazis.
What you may not know, however, is that there is a shadow #Nazi army, recruiting top military men and women, which was usually made up of trained #blackops from #BlackWater. For a long time, I was one of the trainers for these Nazis. We established a large network of trained
soldiers to be ready at our call. When I got out, I knew they were planning to put a #whitesupremacist in the WH. I just didn’t think they’d get away with it. #Russia didn’t steal the election from #HillaryClinton, the #Nazis. My old group paid #hackers to do whatever it took to
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Es folgt ein #thread. Ein Wut-thread. Am vergangenen Sonntag wurden in #Fretterode und #Hohengandern im #Eichsfeld zwei Journalisten von #Neonazis gejagt, mit Messern & Schlagwaffen angegriffen, beraubt und schwer verletzt. Es gab ein paar Zeitungsartikel, die #Polizei ermittelt
Es gab keinen Aufschrei, kein Innenminister bezeichnete den Übergriff als „empörend“ oder erklärte „Diese Dinge müssen mit aller Härte und Konsequenz verfolgt werden.“ Kein(e) Justizminister(in) sagte, es müsse "harte Konsequenzen" für die Angreifer geben.
Kein(e) Ministerpräsident(in) erklärte, "Jeder Mensch muss sich in unserem Rechtsstaat an Recht und Gesetz halten. Wir dulden keine rechtsfreien Räume und dieser Angriff auf Journalisten muss geahndet werden."
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Thread: #DonaldTrump is a #Nazi and I should know - I helped train him. This thread is about my relationship with #Trump and how I trained him in #whitesupremacy and #Nazism. First of all, I use a fake name for my friends and I’s protection, but I was one of the most famous Nazi
members in the world. I got out actively pursuing #Nazism about two years ago. I began training #DonaldTrump in 1997. I had known him for a while but he expressed interest in the #Nazi Movement to me in 1997. He asked me to train him. I accepted. We started out slowly, I led him
through subliminal #mindcontrol techniques at first. I told him that repeating things over and over - especially short phrases- #brainwashes people to do your will. He learned how to repeat things over and over in a way that would control the masses. From mind control, we began
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1) Today we start with a long thread, detailing the Labour Councillors and Officers who have made antisemitic racist claims. Note that these are NOT rank and file members, but, people in authority.
2) Ahad voted against permission for a new @marksandspencer store because he felt that M&S are "Zionists who kill Palestinians". Dipu is quite unpleasant, he also hounded the members of the Holocaust Memorial Day org so badly, the Jewish members walked out…
3) Lord Ahmed, blamed a "Jewish Conspiracy" for his imprisonment for a fatal motorway crash. Ahmed resigned from @UKLabour But, he is still in the house of Lords.…
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A thread about what has caused the rise of #Corbynistas and why we must never ever let them near power or those who have facilitated it ever be able to hold positions of power either. #Corbyn is an extremely dangerous man. 1/14
The brainwashing of his now supporters began in school & subsequently found favour within Universities too with their pandering to Palestine whilst totally demonising Israel’s right to exist. The wilful ignorance of the Hamas Charter is symptomatic of the propaganda problem. 2/14
It is this unwillingness to see #Corbyn’s past with any sense of critical thinking which sets #Corbynistas apart from others, they're like the mindless fools at a #Hitler rally, incapable of anything other than group-think. A huge problem as history has already demonstrated. 3/14
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As yesterday was Israel’s National holocaust memorial day where six million Jews were sent to their deaths, it seems appropriate to write a thread explaining both the real #FarRight and the #FarLeft in Britain and their obsession with the Jews. 1/17
Why have #Labour under #Corbyn got so much in common with the #BNP under #NickGriffin that both he and the Daily Stormer have endorsed the #Labour Party? They must undoubtedly now be the broadest of broad churches. 2/17
Most of my followers will have heard of the horseshoe theory. The theory is both the #FarLeft and #FarRight at the extremes are so alike they almost touch. Both are totalitarian, authoritarian, anti-Semetic and hate filled. 3/17
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1) #Olympics2018

Yes, #SisterKim is “stealing the show”, as her family’s regime has stolen the lives and souls of the people they and their family have brutalized for decades.

Why don’t we talk about THAT, you #Clowns #ClownsInAmerica?

Let’s start with the official #UN report
2) Here’s the official report from U.N. Observers on #NorthKorea ‘s #PoliticalPrison #ConcentrationCamps, which includes drawings depicting “life” in said #DeathCamps from prisoners who have managed to flee the totalitarian regime, such as #JiSeongHo…
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Es folgt ein längerer #Thread zu einem ziemlich drögen historischen Thema das aber dennoch Relevanz für heute hat, nämlich der #Wirtschaft & #Finanzpolitik unter den #Nazis. Aber auch der Geschichts-Nerd in mir will ab & an mal raus... ;-)
Anlass ist ein populärer rechter Mythos der in Grundzügen aber von vielen geglaubt wird, nämlich über den wirtschaftlichen "Aufschwung" in D 33-39. Sogar Bernd #Höcke fabulierte unter seinem Pseudonym Landolf #Ladig in einer NPD Postille darüber im Grundtenor dass
die NS-Wirtschaftspolitik angeblich so erfolgreich gewesen sei, dass über kurz oder lang ganz Europa von D abhängig geworden wäre. Allein deswegen hätten "dunkle Mächte" (wen könnte er bloß meinen?) D in den Krieg gestürzt um es zu schwächen. Von der kruden antisemitischen
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Thread 1) #Nazis / #fascists have a victim-complex ideology, meaning they need someone to blame or it doesn't work.
2) Standard right-wing ideology demands victimhood so much that they'll invert reality to get it.
3) This is why you'll see *any criticism whatsoever* of fascist ideas can be answered with "this is why I voted Trump".
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