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Day 124 of #Russia war in #Ukraine: 4 #HIMARS in Ukraine - "All indications are they are employing them very well" per senior US defense official

Says US working to get the additional 4 HIMARS in country, training wrapping up soon
#Russian missile strikes vs #Kyiv - "We're not quite sure abt the #Russian objective of the strikes", per senior US defense official

Says could be protest vs #G7 or due to introduction of #HIMARS to #Ukraine
Little #Russia|n movement out of #Severodonestk, per senior US defense official
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The attack with cruise missiles in Kyiv, 26 Jun 2022 - GeoConfirmed Thread 07

Where? What ? Why? From Where?

We don't know how long this thread will be and additional information later on will also be placed in this thread, so we number it "xx/"

First the GeoConfirmed locations.
(Special thanks to @hengenahm - @Cen4infoRes, who did most of the geolocations)

Impact 01: WHITE APARTMENT building:

50.46237, 30.4873


(White building is new, not visible on street view)

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In #Kyiv, early morning on Sunday, a Russian missile hit the roof of a 9-storey residential building, destroying several upper floors. A fire is being extinguished now. Number of casualties TBA. ps. Late at night, Putin was seen heading to the Kremlin. #StopPutin
2nd hit of Putin's "high-precision" rocket: a kindergarten. The playground is now a funnel, 7 meters diameter. 14 missiles launched at #Kyiv Sunday morning.
A 6 y.o. girl and her mom are rescued from underneath the rubble. A man, presumably the father, is found dead. It was an early Sunday morning. Summer. #StopPutinNOW
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Day 121 📌 Today marks exactly four months since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Four months of struggle by the people of Ukraine. Four months of unprecedented solidarity. Read more about the current situation in Ukraine in the update ⬇️…
EU government leaders holding a 2-day summit in Brussels approved a recommendation from the @EU_Commission to grant candidate status to Ukraine & Moldova 😍 The landmark decision immediately delivered a tremendous morale boost in both countries and was cheered widely there.
Ukrainians took to the streets twice, in 2004 & 2014, to force the government to root out corruption & come closer to the EU. 8 years ago, 🇺🇦 calling for closer relations with the EU during the Revolution of Dignity were shot & killed by police from the pro-Moscow administration
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NEW: #Ukraine forces retrograde from #Sieverodonetsk - "putting themselves in better position" to defend themselves, per a US senior defense official, saying US #HIMARS, artillery assistance will help

"The Russians are just eeking out inch by inch of territory" per the official
US training in place to make sure #Ukraine forces can use the #HIMARS & other "@NATO-standard systems", per a senior US defense official
Latest US aid to #Ukraine result of "extensive consultations" w/Ukrainian officials, per a senior US defense official

Says US officials consulting w/Ukrainian officials on aid & "moving heaven & earth" to get it to them
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#Ukraine is weathering significant attrition in the battle to defend #Severodonesk in the #Donbas.

Given the losses in lives and the relatively static front line, some are beginning to dismay that perhaps the tide is turning to #Russia.

That could happen. But it hasn't yet. 1/
#Ukraine is still winning the war strategically. It survives as a state & a people & has secured its capital. It has denied #Putin his ambition to seize the entire country & has forced Putin to fight extremely hard for a limited goal of seizing the Donbas, at which he may fail 2/
Operationally, Ukraine is nearing a grinding stalemate in the East. As we @TheStudyofWar warned in March, stalemates are bloody & dynamic at the tactical level. This is already on display in the brutal attrition battle for incremental advances in #Severodonesk 3/
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Day 120 📌 ‘It is the only country where people got shot because they wrapped themselves in a European flag. 🇺🇦 has gone through hell and high water for one simple reason: and that’s their desire to join the EU,’ – @vonderleyen said. More in our brief ⬇️…
@vonderleyen EU leaders will decide today whether to grant Ukraine candidate status, following a positive recommendation from the European Commission last Friday 🙏 Ukraine’s president, @ZelenskyyUa, said he had spoken to 11 EU leaders on Wednesday about Ukraine’s candidacy.
@vonderleyen After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, the #Czech government decided to suspend the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and later to Belarus, except for humanitarian causes, till March 2023 🤷‍♀️
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Day 119 📌 Russian occupational authorities proposed introducing the death penalty, the mayor of occupied Melitopol said. BTW, he was abducted at the beginning of the war but later exchanged. More on the situation in Ukraine is in today's brief:… Image
As a result of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 592 🇺🇦 children have been injured, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on June 22. The figures are expected to be higher since they do not include casualties in areas where hostilities are ongoing 😔
Decisive battles are taking place on the territory of the #Sievierodonetsk and #Lysychansk agglomerations, and the 🇷🇺 leadership demands that its troops reach the administrative borders of the #Luhansk region by June 26, – says Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.
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Hindsight on #Russia-#Ukraine: "We did an enormous amount of diplomacy in advance, trying to give #Putin an off-ramp so he would not have to make this absurd & tragic decision" to go to war in #Ukraine, @DeputySecState Wendy Sherman tells #EUDFF22
Unity in face of #Russia's war in #Ukraine - "I've rarely seen the kind of unity that I've experienced...this sentiment is very much there" @SanninoEU tells #EUDFF22

But "the work that is needed is more intense"
#Russia's Vladimir Putin - "Understand that Putin really in his own words has really said he wants to be 'Peter the Great' of the 21st & 22nd centuries" per @DeputySecState
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"Incredible footage of what is said to be a Kamikaze attack by Ukrainian loitering munition on Novoshakhtinsky oil refinery in Rostov region, Russia." -- via
"A car of a collaborator with Russians, former director of local bus station Yuriy Turuliov was blown up by a mine near Kherson, Russian media reported. They said he was not seriously wounded." -- via…
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L'immagine è quella che è, ma #DiMaio tutto impettito accanto a #Draghi, che ha appena iniziato a parlare in #Senato, penso lo riconosciate benissimo.
#Draghi: "Nel mio viaggio a #Kyiv ho visto da vicino le devastazioni della guerra e constatato la determinazione degli ucraini nel difendere il loro Paese".
#Draghi: "A #Kyiv ho ribadito che l'Italia vuole l'Ucraina nell'UE. (...) Il governo italiano è stato tra i primi a sostenere questa posizione in Europa e in Occidente. E se non mi sbaglio la prima volta che ho affermato questo punto è stato proprio in questo Parlamento".
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Chi vuole seguire in diretta la visita a #Kyiv di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz può farlo seguendo questo thread. Lo aggiornerò prontamente durante la giornata. Buon viaggio a tutti i lettori.
Notizia importante: alle 14 ora italiana è prevista una conferenza congiunta di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz con il presidente ucraino #Zelensky.
Video abbastanza impressionante. L'arrivo della delegazione guidata da Mario #Draghi in hotel a #Kyiv. Guardate il dispiegamento di soldati, imbracciano i fucili, si guardano intorno nervosamente.
Non è una passerella, è una visita in un teatro di guerra.

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An interesting report states that the #Russian special services, through shell companies, began to massively buy satellite images of #Ukraine abroad, including #Kyiv.

They are especially interested in oil-related facilities and transport hubs.
There is information that the #Russian special services received satellite images of #Kyiv, #Brovary, #Lyutizh, #Bila #Tserkva, #Lviv and #Volyn region, in particular the #Rava-#Ruska and #Ustyluh checkpoints; #Zhytomyr region, #Chernihiv region, #Cherkasy region.
In #Ivano-#Frankivsk and #Lviv region they're mostly interested in energy industry.

Sneaky f#cking #Russians.

Glory to #Ukraine 🇺🇦✊🏻
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1/ Really interesting report here! have a look.
Just released - directly from Vadym Skibitky.
lots to unfold here.
Mil #intelligence of #Ukraine #GUR
Ru Plans are updated and still focused on East (we kne about that) but the rest of plan would depend on this success or failure
2/ We knew from Gerasimov himself that they claimed to have 187 Bataillons just before the war (maybe not all complete and same level of readiness etc) also at one point we had confirmation (April) that about 126 BTGs were in Ukraine (before the retreat from #Kyiv area) and we
3/ have counted about 22 to 26 BTGs that would have been destroyed. (some with 85% attrition)
I also reported that (info was given several time by Gen staff etc) that 20 BTGs were "rebuild" near #Belgorod and 8 more in the area of #Koursk and 3/5 more near #Briansk and we have
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Italian deliveries to Ukraine: to report them or not? A (small) thread:

I often read in the comments to my tweets that perhaps I should not post about our delivery flights to Ukraine. I understand the writer's fears about the safety of our flights and our guys, but they are 1/7
unfounded fears. For these reasons:

- The flights I report have active transponders; anyone can log on and check the status of the flights;
- our flights (like those of the allies) follow safe routes, there is no risk of anyone getting strange ideas about them; 2/7
- even though we follow secure routes, additional security measures are taken on every single flight (everyone does it);
- some of our flights (the most important ones) are not detectable by me, or anyone else publicly (ok, it's a bit more complex talk). 3/7
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Preserving and sharing #Ukrainian culture is an act of resistance against #RussianColonialism, erasure and genocide.

Today we'll talk about the traditional dance: #hopak !
There are many traditional Ukrainian dances including the hopak, kozachok, metelytsia, kolomyika and hutsulka. 

Hopak, kozachok and metelytsia derive from central #Ukraine, specifically around #Kyiv and #Poltava, while kolomyika and hutsulka are from western Ukraine.
Hopak is a traditional Ukrainian folk dance that originated in the 16th century with the Zaporizhzhian #Kozaky; returning from battle, the hopak was a celebratory social dance to the sounds of #Kobzari and local musicians. 

Reflecting the mood, the music was joyous.
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1/ Just as thanks go to #Putin for injecting life into @NATO, kudos to #SergeyLavrov for giving the kiss of death today to #OpenBalkan. This #Trump Administration brainchild advances the agenda of #Russia’s strategic partner in the region, #Serbia, under @avucic. 🧵
2/ #Russia’s main outlet in the country, Sputnik Serbia @rs_sputnik, has supported #OpenBalkans consistently. And why not?
3/ #OpenBalkan is open invitation for #Vucic to exploit #Serbia’s economic size for political advantage – free from political constraints or values of #EU. #OpenBalkan = ‘Serb World’ via the marketplace for Serbia’s smaller neighbors.
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1/ Update infos for general informations about both #Ukraine -nians losses and #Russian ones, of the day (image below) and week (Excel tab in following tweets)
- Pertes Russes estimées et tableaux recap de la semaine. (mini thread)
2/ on notera que j'ai mis à jour les tab aussi pour les "assertions" russes... qui sont de l'ordre du grand délire, mais bon... je fais ça "bien". (NB les prisonniers Russes ne sont pas à jour et ceux prétendus UKr sont non confirmés par @UNHCR ou @CroixRouge )
3/ tableau perso recap. (for the new comers but i've explained a lot about this specific "mind game" here - tableau d'attrition & potential limits) i'll put a link of a short explanation if needed - this is only on the current situation/nb troops involved not all Ru potential).
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🛑🛑🛑 #Ukraine railways head says that this morning the #putin regime terrorists had struck the Darnyts’kyi train car repair plant , wounding 1 civilian
🛑🛑🛑Video from social media showing 1 of the #putin regime terrorists strikes in #Kyiv this morning on the Darnyts’kyi train car repair plant , where train cars that are used to transport grain were repaired
#Ukraine #russia
🛑🛑🛑Video from #Ukraine army of #putin regime terrorists ammo depot detonating after getting hit
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🧵2424+7 hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 3026? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine
Another day of war, russians keep attacking, shelling, bombing, terrorizing ppl on occupied territories. Hit #Kyiv w/ missiles hard...
On the frontlines, what's the point in writing as usual, when it's happening there's no up to date info, and then it's seen in couple of days after usually, but apparently there were counter-attacks in Sievierodonetsk, but I'd wait b4 claiming how far russians were driven back...
Since last "daily" twit - aside of missile attack on #Kyiv, ruscists hit #Mykolaiv port (if the sea is unblocked they hope to destroy our ports capable of shipping grains), destroyed #Lysychansk center. Generally a lot of blood and senseless destruction for the sake of destrucion
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🛑🛑🛑Explosions have been heard amidst an air raid siren alert in the Dniprovs’kyi and Darnyts’kyi districts of #Kyiv this morning , black smoke seen , details being verified
#Ukraine #russia #putin
🛑🛑🛑Video from social media this morning showing 1 of the #putin regime terrorists missiles overflying #Kyiv
#Ukraine #russia
🛑🛑🛑Aftermath of the #putin regime terrorists shelling in the town of Druzhkivka , overnight
#Ukraine #russia
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🧵#100daysofwar. They said, #Ukraine would fall in max.3 days, but we surprised the whole world. Maneuvering defense, sophisticated tactics, top-level military skills. Huge motivation and spirit in the army and society. In this 🧵 some major conclusions so far 1/
Military summing up:
1A)#Russia failed in majority of attacks: #Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv.
1B) RU “success” in major part of #Luhansk region isn’t due to RU offensive, but rather bcs of tactical step back of #UAarmy. 2/
1C) Where UA army seriously fought in Luhansk obl (#Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Rubizhne), Russians can’t take the towns for 3 months already!
Their only tactics is to destroy city to zero (Popasna, #Rubizhne), to occupy this empty land 3/ #ArmUkraineNow
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🛑🛑🛑Aftermath of the #Putin regime terrorists shelling in Mykolayiv yesterday
#Ukraine #Russia ImageImageImageImage
🛑🛑🛑Aftermath of the #Putin regime terrorists shelling in Mykolayiv yesterday
#Ukraine #Russia ImageImageImageImage
🛑🛑🛑Aftermath of the #Putin regime terrorists shelling in Mykolayiv yesterday
#Ukraine #Russia ImageImageImageImage
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1/4🔞 "What, did he fire a salvo? Monster! Call the ambulance! Where is my wife? An ambulance, call an ambulance! Guys, help!"
Exactly 8 years ago, on June 2,2014, #Kyiv committed a cold-blooded murder - a military aircraft hit the administration building of the #Lugansk region.
2/4 8 people died,28 were injured. The strike had no military meaning,it was an act of intimidation. An ordinary terror.
At that time, the cynical phrase "the air conditioner exploded" was born. This is how social media in #Ukraine reacted to the death of civilians in #Lugansk.
3/4 And no one from the "world community", the current 'no war' activists and 'ashamed' Russian liberals, noticed this crime of the AF of #Ukraine. Because Russians were killed. And it's OK. They themselves are to blame. Image
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