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About 15 minutes until the Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Studios panel at #D23Expo. Should be some good/fun stuff though I do think people are going a bit crazy predicting, well, ten million things for this.
Safe Marvel predictions: First footage from The Marvels, Echo, and Loki Season 2. Full Blade cast announcement and imagery (if they're not actually filming to show footage). I do wonder if they'll fill in the three lingering "Untitled Marvel" dates in Phase 5 and 6 yet? #D23Expo
But at least one of those movies is probably centered on something/someone we haven't seen yet and shouldn't know about yet, so maybe not...
Yes, some more TV shows will be announced for sure I bet. (and maybe a renewal or two? I would like more Ms. Marvel, please)

Also, can I please get some Armor Wars updates?!

Heh, I would love if in the last 48 hours they greenlit multiple new Madisynn projects.

Oh yeah, that's 100%. (it does amuse me when they pretend they haven't filmed something they've filmed like when Black Widow wasn't announced until SDCC 2019, even though it had been in production for weeks, with the photos from afar to prove it)

"Hooked on a Feeling" just came on and it's notably louder than the songs playing pre-panel up until now, so think this is gonna lead into the panel like they used "Almost There" to do yesterday. #D23Expo
Yep, lights just dimmed. I feel a montage coming on!!! #D23Expo
Oddly, it was the same exact montage from yesterday ending with the new Disney 100th anniversary logo. You'd think they'd mix it up but oh well! Alan Bergman now intro-ing. #D23Expo
Bergman mentioning how at the first D23 Expo in 2009, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios were all not part of Disney. I still have a hoodie from that event and it funny to now see it "just" be Disney animated characters on it. #D23Expo
We're gonna begin with Lucasfilm. Kathleen Kennedy now onstage for this portion. #D23Expo
Andor first starting with a montage from Rogue One as a "here's how he ended up" recap before it said "five years earlier" and showed a quick shot of Cassian. Diego Luna, Genevieve O'Reilly, Adria Arjona, and Kyle Soller here. #Andor #D23Expo
Diego says that when we meet Cassian in #Andor, you won’t believe he’d be capable of doing the things we know he will eventually do in Rogue One. #D23Expo
Bix (Adria Arjona's character) has what Kennedy calls an "on again/off again relationship with Cassian." Not clear if that has a romantic side. Adria says you can feel there's been trust that has been broken and rebuilt and years of a friendship. "It's complicated." #D23Expo
Heh, Diego Luna, as lovable as he is, tests TV Twitter by saying Andor "is like a 12-episode film." #D2eExpo
Ending Andor portion with debut of the final trailer which should be available to you... now? In a minute? #D23Expo
Andor continues to look rad. Now onto Willow. Warwick Davis is here. #D23Expo
The whole main cast of Willow is here. Warwick and Joanne Whalley are excited that this time, unlike in the movie, they get scenes together. (Crazy that yet another big fantasy series is coming this year)
Christian Slater is here because it turns out he’s in Willow! #D23Expo
Christian Slater was surprised to find they were open to a healthy amount of improv on Willow. Warwick by the way introduced him on the heels of noting we won't see Madmartigan in the show - but implying there's a connection to Slater it sounded like? #D23Expo
As someone who was never really into Willow, the new trailer they just debuted was fun. (gotta rewatch that movie soon - been a few decades) #D23Expo
Dave Filoni here for more Star Wars chat. (amusingly, the teleprompter was on pre-panel briefly and accidentally showed us an innocuous bit about Tales of the Jedi - but would have been a big oops if it was some crazy reveal). #D23Expo
Dave mentioning Bad Batch Season 2 and now Tales of the Jedi and the opportunity the latter allowed to give more Ahsoka backstory. Trailer for Tales now #D23Expo
That great Tales trailer was shown at Celebration but think/hope it'll be released wide this time. (again, I'll let you see if that's happening at this very second!). Now onto Ahsoka. #D23Expo
Jon Favreau now joining Filoni and Kennedy on stage. #D23Expo
Favreau says he talked to Filoni about how he'd longed hoped to put Ahsoka in live-action and how The Mandalorian allowed them to test the waters, find an actress to play her and see how the audience reacted to the live-action version of the character. #D23Expo
Filoni laughs that many of the #Ahsoka crew grew up watching The Clone Wars - "that's how long I've been doing this!" #D23Expo
Veer into Skelton Crew. Favreau recalls asking Jon Watts if he'd want to do something w/ Star Wars while making one of the Spider-Man movies with him, thinking maybe he'd want to direct an episode or something, but Watts said "oh no, we have a full idea we want to do." #D23Expo
Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Jude Law briefly hype Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. First look at Law’s character revealed. #D23Expo
They're gonna make us wait for Ahsoka's actual spotlight it seems (but they had the logo up earlier! Trickery!) as we talk the Mandalorian: Season 3. Rick Famuyiwa, who has an elevated EP role this season, now onstage with Favreau/Filoni/Kennedy. #D23Expo
The Mandalorian cast are here. #D23Expo
Emily Swallow says she is freaking out because she just met Amy Sedaris for the first time backstage a few minutes ago. Time for The Armorer and Peli Motto to team up methinks! #TheMandalorian #D23Expo
Amy Sedaris says she will sometimes improv something and they'll tell her "They wouldn't say that in space" and she'll find something they WOULD say. "Would they say grandpa?" She is hysterical saying how none of the Star Wars dialogue makes sense to her. #D23Expo
Katee Sackhoff notes she's now been playing Bo-Katan for about a decade and sing songs that Mando Season 3 "is crazy!" but that's all she can say. And now... teaser trailer time. #D23Expo
That new Mando Season 3 teaser included many of the same moments from the mega-trailer shown at Celebration but this was a very recut version of it. Looks pretty, pretty badass. #D23Expo
Huh, so we're going into Indiana Jones to wrap Lucasfilm. Which yay, but no new Ahsoka footage at all is surprising. James Mangold now here for Indy 5 (title reveal in... a minute or five?) #D23Expo
Maybe they'll call it "Indiana Jones: Henry Jones Jr." to follow the new Maverick style. #D23Expo
Okay, the Indy 5 teaser was rad. Sallah! The classic Indy sound effect when he punches someone! Indy riding a horse through a subway tunnel! #D23Expo
Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge here and Ford is super choked up by us all going crazy cheering. He’s super emotional. This is very sweet! He promises “A very human story that will kick your ass!”
When fans make noises of protest about this being Ford's last Indiana Jones movie, he jokes "I will not fall down for you again!" But wow, still no title reveal! Unless it's just... Indiana Jones? I mean could be! (but don't think so?) #D23Expo
We're doing Marvel Studios now, so this is all gonna end with Avatar and The King of the World. Kevin Feige now here. Says he's a little shellshocked because we just saw new Indiana Jones footage. Agreed, Kevin! #D23Expo
Feige said he was jealous of Disney movies getting to do musical numbers -“Why can’t we?” And then… they did the full song and it ruled!!!! “I can do this all daaaaaaay!” #D23Expo
Cooler just intro'd exclusive Wakanda Forever clip. Great stuff with Ramonda speaking to UN about why they don't trust sharing Vibranium with others intercut with the Dora stopping a group trying to steal vibranium. #D23Expo
Ramonda says she knows that other countries think they are more vulnerable without their protector ("Our king is dead") as we cut to the disguised Dora Milaje kicking the asses of the crew trying to steal from them - who are then brought in before UN as prisoners. #D23Expo
Wakanda Forever clip then led into new sizzle reel with more Namor and ending with another glimpse of someone in Panther costume leaping down (close up on boots). Cast now here with Coogler. #D23Expo
Cast leaves while Coogler stays onstage to talk Ironheart with Feige. #D23Expo
Teaser shown for #Ironheart. Riri has a suit of armor (Tony's? Rhodey's? Other?) and says "I want to build something like that, but better."

Anthony Ramos revealed to be play Parker Robbins, AKA The Hood.

Heh, and Jim Rash back as his MIT character from Civil War.

Ramos here. The Hood uses magic and we’ll see magic vs. tech in a big way in Ironheart. #D23Expo
Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Jonathan Majors here for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. #D23Expo
Rudd says Quantumania is very different from other Ant-Man movies. "This thing is bananas... this is going to be unlike anything you see from us." Says Majors/Kang "throws this whole thing in a different territory." #D23Expo
Quantumania footage shows more of Scott loving celebrity (named "Employee of the Century" by Baskin Robbins!) and how he and Cassie are taken to a separate part of Quantum Realm from Hope/Hank/Janet. Kang trying to force Scott to help him after "Have I killed you?" #D23Expo
Michael Giacchino, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Laura Donnelly here for the finally officially announced Werewolf By Night special which is indeed called… Werewolf by Night! #D23Expo
Wow on the Werewolf by Night trailer! It's in black and white! Harriet Sansom Harris is in it! It has a fun new Marvel Studios Special logo! And Giacchino says he wanted it to feel like something (Films, shows) that scared you as a kid. Yay! #D23EXpo
Don Cheadle here for both Secret Invasion and… Armor Wars! Secret Invasion will set up a lot of Armor Wars which will film next year. #D23Expo
Another cool Secret Invasion trailer. Continues the really paranoid/spy feel of SDCC footage. Really different vibes on all of these I'm digging. #D23Expo
Loki Season 2 now with cast onstage. Ke Huy Quan is in it! He jokes “I’m so confused! This isn’t the Indiana Jones panel?!” #D23Expo
Fun Loki Season 2 trailer - as cast leaves stage and, we're told, flying RIGHT back to England to film more. Feige notes Matt Shakman is in audience because of Fantastic Four... but nothing else to say right now. #D23Expo
Great Echo trailer shown! And hey, there's Kingpin at the end with his eye bandaged over. See, it's all good, people! #D23Expo
Echo cast here, including D’Onofrio. No Charlie Cox confirmation for now it looks like. #D23Expo
Graham Greene says he's loved learning ASL for Echo. "You can speak to someone from a half a block away... You can say anything you want to a police officer and they won't know." #D23Expo
D'Onofrio says "To bring Fisk and Maya back together was just an absolute thrill. I saw Alaqua's capabilities when we did Hawkeye but I didn't understand the extent of her talent. We have some crazy scenes." #D23Expo
Charlie Cox here for Daredevil: Born Again. #D23Expo
I wanna talk about the great She-Hulk clip with Daredevil shown, but they're moving too fast. Tim Blake Nelson is back as The Leader in Captain America: New World Order! #D23Expo
Carl Lumbly back in New World Order. Sabra is also going to be introduced in it. Missed the name of who's playing here, alas. (not a star - but, you know, she's about to be!) #D23Expo
Captain America: New World Order cast. #D23Expo
Thunderbolts time! Cast announcement! #D23EXpo
Thunderbolts lineup!
Valentina, Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena, Bucky, US Agent, Taskmaster!
Most of the Thunderbolts cast are here (No Florence but she sent a video). #D23Expo
Nia DaCosta, Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani here for The Marvels, which will wrap up Marvel Studios section. #D23Expo
The Marvels footage brought joy! Kamala didn't swap with Carol, she went into the spacesuit Monica was in floating outside a space station!!! So much fun stuff. All set to "Intergalactic." Beastie Boys always the best, of course. #D23Expo
Kamala's horrified reaction to seeing Goose do his tentacle mouth thing to people is amazing. #D23Expo
Avatar time. Cameron here via satellite from New Zealand but the cast here in person. #D23Expo
Stephen Lang asked about how his character is back given he died in the first movie jokes "He regrouped in hell." #D23Expo
RealD 3D glasses are being handed out so we can watch some scenes from Avatar: The Way of Water - because Cameron isn't showing this to us in no 2D! #D23Expo
LOL, the underwater sequences in Avatar 2 look so good in 3D it's stupid. Which is to say it's amazing. It's true "you're swimming among them" stuff. No idea if I'll care more about the story but yeah, everyone's once more gonna want to see a 3D movie because of this. #D23Expo
And that's it for all the movie stuff! Back to the floor... #D23Expo
Oh, and while it would be cool if Abomination was in Thundebolts, it’s no deal breaker if he’s not. As for Zemo…
Guys, he’s gonna be in the movie in some capacity I bet. I’d be surprised if he’s not.

We still have no idea who they are fighting btw.
Other scattered thoughts… So yeah, Kamala, Carol, and Monica are all swapping places with each other in The Marvels. At one point they’re all playing rock papers scissors and keep swapping places in their circle when they finish.
Richard Schiff plays one do the UN folks in the Wakanda Forever footage. We didn’t know he was in it, right? #D23Expo
More Quantumania: Hope & Cassie turn on Scott's car radio and he's been listening to his own audio book he performed, Scott and Jimmy Woo having lunch, old man clerk yelling, "Thank you, Spider-Man!" as Scott walks out of store. Cassie reveals she studied quantum realm post-snap.
Cassie has been sending signal to Quantum Realm. Janet hears her say that and freaks out - portal opens sucking Cassie in and Scott leaps in after her. As mentioned, Hope/Hank/Janet pulled through too but moments apart, sending them elsewhere.
More extension of the "Have I killed you before?" question Kang asks Scott as he says "they all blend together." Kang has captured Cassie and needs Scott to help him with something. When Scott says he won't, Kang seems to fling him through air (telekinesis? Armor? Not sure)
Cool Wakanda Forever moment where someone comes at Namor with a spear or blade and he holds up his arm and effortlessly deflects with one of the golden gauntlets he wears. #D23Expo
The Marvels: Fury's on space station monitoring Monica's spacewalk. Something happens and she suddenly hurtles towards him through viewport... except this is when Kamala swapped into the suit and she freaks out seeing him as she hangs upside down in space: "NICK FURY!?" #D23Expo
I was very happy to see Kamala's family get to interact with Carol and Monica, as everyone arrives at her house at one point. #TheMarvels #D23Expo
We got a full scene from Secret Invasion pre-trailer. There's a glimpse in trailer: Fury going to meet Rhodey. There's tension between them as Fury asks how much he knows about his security detail and tells them every one of them is compromised. #SecretInvasion #D23Expo
Rhodey also reveals that 15 years ago he was part of a group who looked into possible ways to counter an alien attack. #SecretInvasion #D23Expo
Something I totally missed watching it just once in the #D23Expo panel: The freaking Man-Thing in the Werewolf by Night trailer!
Another The Marvels footage memory as it hits me. Monica saying something about all three of them having “light-based powers” I think, as they ponder what’s going on causing them to be linked/switch places. Also Kamala gushing “We’re a team?!” as Carol says they are not. #D23Expo
Also an awkward/maybe tense moment with Carol and Monica meeting, as Monica calls Carol “Captain Marvel.”Carol says she doesn’t need to call her that and reminds her she used to change her diapers, calling her Monica. Monica says “Actually, it’s Captain Rambeau now.” #D23Expo
Oh wait, maybe Carol tries affectionately calling her Lieutenant Trouble and gets the Captain Rambeau reply? (Like I said, it’s all a blur!) #D23Expo
More Echo: Footage includes her with her family and looks like a big look at her people including flashbacks to centuries before. Echo gets a new golden metal leg (I think made by Graham Greene?). Kingpin's eye is covered in white medical bandaging, not a black eyepatch. #D23Expo

• • •

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Disney Live Action, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Animation Studios panel (which is to say all big movies that are NOT Lucasfilm/Marvel Studios/20th, which is tomorrow) about to begin. Only Murders in the Building theme playing, because Disney owns everything. #D23Expo
I should say all big movies and series from those divisions, since Disney+ stuff will likely be part of these panels too. #D23Expo
"Almost There" plays and goes into big ending as lights dim and everyone cheers, because Disney knows about SHOWMANSHIP! #D23Expo
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Alright, Disney+ #TCA21 kicking off with a sizzle reel - and then Kevin Feige to talk about some shows people are interested in.
Hmm, I wanted to ask a question during Feige’s chat but there is work being done on our bathroom right now and it’s SUPER loud right outside this room so maybe not?
We have a video from Teyonah Parris welcoming us, saying they’re loving all the #WandaVision reactions and theories, and intro-ing Kevin Feige. #TCA21
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“A communications disruption can mean only one thing… invasion!”

Man, Naboo must have some AMAZING systems for their to be no other reason at all Sio Bibble can think of. Like do they just never lose their internet or have a bad signal? What a paradise.
When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon swim underwater with Jar Jar, it reminds me how much I like the Naboo Star Tours section when I get it.
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Last panel of the day will begin in a few: #Supernatural, with @JensenAckles, @jarpad, @mishacollins, @Alex8Calvert, and EPs Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb, Eugenie Ross-Leming, and Brad Buckner. #TCA19
It would be funny if the TCA panel for Supernatural began with the same 15-minute-ish montage of all 14 seasons so far that the SDCC panel began with.

(that wouldn't go well in this room).
#Supernatural is not a TV show, "it's a 327-hour movie" CW's Paul Hewitt deadpans to a group that definitely appreciates the joke. #LetTVBeTV #TCA19
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