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Going into 2022, I never -never-would have guessed that a Star Wars series would be number one in a lot of year-end "The Best TV Shows Of 2022" charts.

Even ahead of House of the Dragons, Better Call Saul, For All Mankind and Severance. #andor
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From #TheDropout to #Euphoria to #Andor, our chief TV critics sifted through an avalanche of shows to pick their favorites from this year. See which ones they chose here:
"Abbott Elementary"

"Quinta Brunson’s ABC comedy about a hardworking, charismatic group of Philadelphia teachers was so immediately realized...that it feels like it’s been on for years rather than months." – Caroline Framke

"The drama and the jokes were operating at their highest level yet in this year’s third season. Barry’s journey into unrepentant inner darkness was played beautifully by Bill Hader, but the season belonged to Sarah Goldberg." – Daniel D'Addario
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#andor characters and what i think they are named after, a thread i’ve been meaning to put together for a while
maarva, aramaic for “lady of the house”

can also mean “famous” or “lady” Image
brasso, liquid metal polish

“brasso is a metal polish designed to remove >>tarnish<< from brass, copper, chrome, and stainless steal.” ImageImageImage
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It’s a little bit shorter of a thread due to the holiday, but y’all just produced too much public scholarly goodness this week for me to miss one of my #ScholarSunday threads entirely! So…
…here’s my 103rd #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes, new & forthcoming books from the past week. Share more below, & I hope it’s been a restful & thankful week, all! #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorites from the week as usual, including @LeviRickert1 of @nativenews_net on Billy Mills for #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth (h/t @jeff_ostler):…
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Okay, so some more thoughts about #Andor, I’ll try and keep this spoiler-free.
First of all, I was excited for this show from the beginning, because Cassian Andor is a spy and I love spy stories. But I did not expect this show to be this great and relevant. 1/
For me, Star Wars is best when it dares to be more than just a cool action story with lots of lightsaber duels and space fights. And when it moves away from too much “protagonist energy.” This is why episode 8 is my favorite SW movie. 2/
(No discussion about TLJ here, this is about Andor.) So what I mean by “protagonist energy” is the idea that a single person can overthrow the Empire. Or create it, for that matter. It is a cool story, but it only works in fiction. I’ll get back to this in a moment. 3/
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🧵Ok here it is: the parallels to Palestine in #Andor

Tony Gilroy recently said the finale was partly inspired by anti-apartheid protests in Palestine, but the finale isn't the first or only time they've made parallels.

So here's a list off the top of my head
1/ Skeen's story about imps taking over his brothers tree farm is what has continuously happened to olive tree farmers in Palestine. The family land, where they've lived for generations, gets taken by force and they're kicked out (if they're lucky) or 💀.
2/ The empire taking over and destroying the Aldhani's holy site, is just like what happens yearly in the Al Aqsa Mosque where worshippers are prevented from going, then attacked during holy days with tear gas & rubber bullets. The mosque windows and walls also get ruined.
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After #Andor’s breathtaking season 1 finale, I’m calling it: This show is the best Star Wars content ever made.

Cassian finds his path with inspiration from Maarva & Nemik, Mon takes a huge step in Luthen's direction, and Ferrix reaches its breaking point.

All hail Tony Gilroy.
One of the best sequences in the ep and all of SW is Nemik’s manifesto monologue — on the inevitability of rebellion and the fragility of tyranny — playing over a montage of Bix, Luthen, and Cassian, all three of whom are rebelling in their own ways.

It's astonishingly powerful.
Nemik’s monologue is absolutely beautiful and perfectly captures the current state of the Rebellion. As Imperial oppression gets worse, more people are driven to rise up, until eventually something pushes things past the breaking point.
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Eagle-eyed #Andor fan @fidmart85 spotted what appeared to be an Aztec sun stone in Luthen’s gallery. @davidviramontes asked showrunner Tony Gilroy if this means that someone in the #StarWars galaxy had visited the Milky Way galaxy.…
Gilroy: “I have heard more conversations come out of the parsing and frame-grabbing of stuff that’s in that shop. All of it [is] unknown to me. It’s the art department.”…
“We have a very healthy mix of non-“Star Wars” people, and we have a deep bench of super geeks,” says Gilroy. “I keep hearing about new stuff. What you just told me is the first time I’ve heard that.”…
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The quality of the writing in #Andor is beyond amazing.
It's by far the best writing Star Wars has ever seen.

And these words are spoken by actresses and actors that are leagues above anything else on @DisneyPlus

Nemik's manifest - such a concise and clear
description of tyranny and oppression. Replace "Empire" with putin, mullahs, Mussolini, or Xi and it is all true for all the fascist regimes of the world and in history.

And Nemik's observation on how revolution start and grow:
Maarva's last words for Andor, the son she loved above all else:
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There he is 😍
I've waited so patiently for him to appear 😂
I'm gutted I didn't take any photos of this tower.
It just looked like an old brick tower 😂😂
This guy did look round at me when I peered over the hedge.
I hope I didn't spoil a shot 😅
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🧵1/5: Now with #Andor S1 wrapped, I wanted to breakdown how grateful I am to be part of the creative process, specifically the multiple times I luckily worked on Death Star related shots. And it got me thinking about the generational aspect of visual effects.
🧵2/5: Back in 2016 I was pulled in to comp the two Death Star reveal shots for the trailer of Rogue One. Under the supervision of John Knoll and @tvaziri, I got given a thorough deep dive and had my mind blown how many intricate little details were done on the original models.
🧵3/5: Here were two creatives who worked on the Prequels passing their knowledge down to me. But before that they worked with the folks who did the Original Trilogy on the Prequels who passed their experience down to them.
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With the season finale of #Andor, I wrote about what the show tells us about the administrative state that underpins the Empire, and lessons for governing more broadly.

(Spoilers ahead, though not specifically about the finale).…
One lesson of #Andor is that poor contracting decisions can generate a lot of reputational damage…
You could pair #Andor with James Scott's "Seeing Like a State": A bureaucracy is constructed to monitor and extract resources from distant communities, but a failure to understand local communities becomes its undoing.
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Es wird Zeiten geben, in denen die Aufgabe unmöglich zu bewältigen scheint.
Das weiß ich.

Allein, verunsichert, eingeschüchtert
angesichts der schieren Größe des Feindes
Seid Euch dessen bewusst:
Freiheit ist ein natürlicher Drang.
Vollkommen unterbewusst....
...Er bedarf keiner Anweisung.

Der Widerstand zieht sich bereits durch die gesamte Galaxis
Ganze Armeen, Batallione, die noch nicht ahnen,
dass auch sie längst der Sache verschrieben sind.

Vergesst nicht, dass die Rebellion
bereits an zahlreichen Fronten...
Selbst der kleinste Funke des Widerstands
lässt uns weiter vorstoßen.

Denkt weiter daran:
Das Imperium versucht verzweifelt, eine Kontrolle auszuüben, die höchst unnatürlich ist.
Tyrannei erfordert unablässigen Einsatz.
Wenn die Fassade erst...
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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible
I know this already.
Alone, unsure, dwarved by the scale of the enemy
Remember This!

Freedom is a pure idea
It occurs spontaneously and without instruction.
Random acts of insurrection are occuring constantly... Image
...througout the galaxy
There are whole armies, battalions that have no idea that they´ve already enlisted in the cause.
Remember that the frontier of the Rebellion is everywhere.
And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.

And then remember...
The Imperial need for control is so desperate because it´s so unnatural.
Tyranny requires constant effort.
It breaks, it leaks.
Authority is brittle.
Oppression is the mask of fear.
Remember that.

And know this:
The day will come, when all these...
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#Andor reminded me of when and why I became a Star Wars fan. It was neither for the Jedi nor for the ships.

I already liked the OT when I did Star Tours at 12. The feeling of descending into the Death Star trench and undermining the evilness of the Empire is what made me a fan. Image
It's always been about people's struggle against oppression (or what made oppression possible, for the Prequels. This is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause).

Star Wars never needed to be nostalgic for what it was, but to explore what it tells from the start. Image
Tony Gilroy and the Andor team have understood this well. I can say it now: Andor is now one of my favorite SW stories.

And by that, I mean alongside what I love most about Star Wars.
What I would never have believed possible, and which I no longer believed possible since 1999. Image
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Calm. Kindness. Kinship. Love. I've given up all chance at inner peace. I've made my mind a sunless space. I share my dreams with ghosts. I wake up every day to an equation I wrote 15 years ago from which there's only one conclusion, I'm damned for what I do.
My anger, my ego, my unwillingness to yield, my eagerness to fight, they've set me on a path from which there is no escape.
I yearned to be a savior against injustice without contemplating the cost and by the time I looked down there was no longer any ground beneath my feet.
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This scene between Saw and Luthen... man. #Andor
"You have people everywhere... don't you."
Whoever cut the check for Forest Whitaker to come back as Saw deserves a massive promotion.
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I think there’s something interesting built into modern #StarWars, which was imbued over time, and was honestly sorta inevitable with its nature: The idea that Star Wars is now drawing from Star Wars. It’s been around long enough now to become its own source of inspiration. 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
First off, it’s important to note that nostalgia is baked into the fabric of #StarWars. It’s not something it DOES, it’s what it IS. It’s the DNA. That often gets overlooked. Star Wars being nostalgic is A PART OF Star Wars. George was lovingly looking back at his own influences. ImageImageImageImage
Creators now have #StarWars ITSELF as an influence. Some of them embrace that more than others, and that’s not a positive or negative judgment on anyone, or on any project. It just is. Sometimes it was a formative thing, sometimes it came to them later, whatever their story is. ImageImageImageImage
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If you didn’t get chills or cry watching this week’s episode of #Andor, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Cassian rises to meet the moment, Mon Mothma confronts a horrible choice, and Stellan Skarsgård and Andy Serkis earn their Emmy nominations.

Unparalleled storytelling.
The opening scene shows Cassian's come a long way from the meek fish out of water who first arrived on Narkina 5.

He sees the prisoners' power, the guards' fear, and the resulting opportunity. We’re seeing him turning insights about the Empire into motivation & logic for action.
“Power doesn’t panic” is such a great line, and I love these consistent reminders that, while Cassian is far from a Rebel leader at this point, he already has an excellent grasp of the way the Empire operates — and the weaknesses inherent in its approach.
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This #Andor interview with Tony Gilroy is honestly so good. The man has a clear (and refreshing!) vision and is fearless about executing it.

"Drama is watching people you care about in difficult circumstances make decisions that you’re interested in."…
Just gonna lay down this marker for #Andor season 2: I predict that Mon pushes Luthen out when all the unsavory foundational work is done and it's time to start building an inspiring public face.
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Another thing about #Andor is that Luthen calls Saw an anarchist implying to a US audience that he doesn’t believe in anything and is just in it for the chaos. But the reverse is more likely true. Saw is the believer who won’t compromise while Luthen is an accelerationist 1/5
Luthen believes the empire has to be provoked into brutalizing enough ppl to inspire a rebellion to overthrow it. While Saw sees the empires brutality everyday. Only Luthiens privilege let’s him think the empires cruelty isn’t obvious enough already. 2/5
What comes next isn’t a question Luthen seems to care about. But it’s central to the way Saw, a revolutionary, operates. It’s also why Saw is a difficult character for our media to swallow. #RogueOne underlines this when he distrusts and tortures an imperial turncoat 3/5
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#Nielsen’s Weekly Streaming Rankings for OCT 03-09 are in & #Netflix is still the Queen, as crime series #Dahmer dominated both Overall and Original lists with another 2.3B minutes watched on its 3rd week (10.4B cume) in the US, more than 2x the second place #HocusPocus2.
1/4 ImageImageImageImage
Speaking of #HocusPocus2, the spooky film once more dominated the #Niesen’s Movies Ranking with 1.1B minutes watched on its 2nd week in the US (3.7B cume) but dropping -59.3% from opening week.
On #HBOMax, #DCLeagueOfSuperPets disappeared after just 1 week in the list.
2/4 ImageImageImage
In #Nielsen’s original list, #PrimeVideo’s #TheRingsOfPower had 988M minutes watched on its 6th week in the US (6.3B cume) when Ep 7 was released, a +2.3% boost.
On #DisneyPlus, #StarWars: #Andor almost left the list, 356M minutes watched on 3rd week (1.5B cume), -26.6% drop
3/4 ImageImageImage
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New ship design article on my Patreon!

It's dedicated to the Libertine, the custom space yatch from The Last Jedi... and now #Andor

Open your eyes!…
The Libertine is really a beautiful ship.

Unfortunately we see it very quickly and little in The Last Jedi. I think you will never admire it better than in my story lol…
In this story, we come across the Bubbleship, the Lotus from the Spy who Loved Me, Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica and a sofa.
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Andor is finally trending. Best Star Wars anything for a very long time, possibly ever for me. Some people say it's slow/not enough action. I feel like we may as well be on different sides of the force. Cracks my kyber crystal. We finally get...
a political spy thriller of this level in the Star Wars universe with maybe the best world-building I have ever seen, top-notch acting and character development, incredible writing (yes in Star Wars!), and just an air-tight script and insane production values...
& people want constant laser swords & super kid sidekicks, even though there are hundreds of hours of that stuff readily available. Above all else, we have a real empire, not toned down to sell toys, really fucking scary and dangerous assholes...
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