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I thought this was a mistake but i'm shortlisted for #Ironheart! HAHAHAHAHAHA AWESOME!! it is fiction!!! I made it up! none of that stuff happened!

If I win this I will have for Poetry in 2017, Non-Fiction in 2018, and Fiction in 2018 [does a layup with an invisible basketball]
*will have won

but honestly who cares about this typo given the context, not me
and fiction in *2019*

given all this you could say that the original tweet has so many problems it should be deleted and reposted

to which i say, sounds like the attitude of someone who hasn't been nominated for the same award in three different literary categories
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well, i knew our very observant readers would be peeking at the December solicits, so it's time to make it official: the #Ironheart solo title with wrap with issue 12! thank you to all of you who have been with us on this journey. i'm not sad about this, for three reasons.
first, working on this title and writing this character has been such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i always said that even if i got to do one issue it would mean the world. we did 12, in a tight market that is not always welcoming to new characters, especially "risky" ones.
second, IRONHEART 11 AND 12 ARE ABSOLUTELY BANANAS. saying we are going out with a bang is an understatement. i did the script review for 11 yesterday and i was gasping and yelping as i moved through the issue, despite having literally written it myself. i'm proud of us.
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#IRONHEART 10 is out tomorrow! Which means it’s time for me to do the Ironheart 9 recap. Party!

This cover by Stefano Caselli is probably my second fave so far after Ironheart 5.

Art in this issue is by our regular team: Luciano on pencils, Matt on colors, Geoffo on layouts 💖
we open with a Riri-Tony reunion. This is the first time we’ve seen them together since the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN run and it’s lovely to see Riri connect with her old mentor.

Tony and Shuri met in SHURI #5 so he’s the perfect guy to give Riri a Wakandan plug.
This is my fave panel in this little section. A good reminder that different though they may be, Tony and Riri share a certain amount of brashness—the kind of attitude you need to don the iron armor. Once upon a time Tony saw a bit of himself in her.
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come at us, bro.

#IRONHEART 12. cover by @LucianoVecchio. 💖
@LucianoVecchio originally i was gonna caption this "RIRI! can you handle this? SHURI! can you handle this?" etc but it bothered me too much to do it for four people
@LucianoVecchio here's a cool thread from Luciano about his Silhouette redesign!
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It’s for my regularly-scheduled behind-the-scenes #Ironheart recap thread. #8, let’s go!

featuring the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange 💥 and this was a big moment for @LucianoVecchio because his Midnight’s Fire redesign was featured on the Stefan’s Caselli cover.
As usual Luciano outdoes himself with the #RiriFit. and shoutout to Xavier whose zip-up I also want
Ever since Midnight’s Fire came to her house and shared his vision of her as his evil protogée, Riri has been haunted by the question of what he saw in her. Big fan of the Evil Riri design 😈💖
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sometime in the next year-ish we'll be debuting my first [official] book for young readers, MAYA & THE ROBOT, with @KokilaBooks! and as my editor is asking me about illustrators, i am reminded of something i tweeted about before re: comics...
i see so many talented visual artists #onhere and i am always actively looking for folks on IG and tumblr as well. and one thing i've noticed is that many talented illustrators have a portfolio exclusively full of very static images.
being able to draw heroes in classic, iconic poses staring into the camera is cool. but what about complicated poses, body language, facial expressions? for instance, here are some script excerpts from #Ironheart 8. things are moving! faces are emoting!
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this is my favorite #ironheart panel we've ever done so far <3 <3 ... tied with....
note that it's the same kiddo 💖
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These panels from #Ironheart 5 (by @eveewing) are amazing. This is what everyday superheroes do.
But THIS, this here is the best panel in any comic book ever written (also from #Ironheart 5). And although I have not read many comic books, I am prepared to fight anyone who disagrees.
Read the @eveewing’s commentary on the whole issue in this thread:
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It’s time for our regularly scheduled #Ironheart behind-the-scenes thread! Issue 7, which is a ZOMBIE ADVENTURE 💖
Issues 1-5 were about me establishing some core elements of Riri‘s world (geographically, emotionally, socially, narratively) and trying to build her up as a more robust and three-dimensional character.
Issue 6, our Miles + Riri adventure, was about unpeeling a bit of her relationship with one of her fellow Champions and her role in the team overall, and a chance to play in the sandbox with two characters who complement each other in an interesting way.
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just to make the infinite moving process more fun and exciting, we had a credible bedbug threat. DeWayne the pest control man came and determined that we do NOT have bedbugs (thank you jesus) and also said "didn't you write a book?" to which i said yes, yes i did
DeWayne turned out to be a big fan of both #GhostsInTheSchoolyard and #Ironheart, which he showed me he had just posted on IG a few days ago. DeWayne made my day and walked out with a couple signed comics. If you have bedbugs, please call him!…
thank you black jesus for protecting us from bedbugs and thank you DeWayne
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The real story here is that @RobertDowneyJr said publicly in a room full of people that #Ironheart should be in the MCU. I went straight back to the press area afterward and was like YOU ALL HEARD IT, WRITE THAT DOWN
just kidding, the REAL real story is this smoky eye
just kidding, the REAL real real story is that the @filmcenter supports accessible and diverse independent films all year long and brings the world to Chicago through such events as Panorama Latinx and the Black Harvest Film Festival

but also the smoky eye let’s keep it a buck
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IRONHEART 7 CAME OUT THIS WEEK!!!!!! which means i'm overdue for my director's cut/behind the scenes thread on #Ironheart 6. let's do this!

cover by Stefano Caselli, writing by me, colors by our ever-steady Matt Milla, and we're rejoined by Kevin Libranda on art for this one!
haven't worked with Kevin since #Ironheart 1 so it was great to have him back. and all the Luciano Vecchio fans needn't worry, he's back in #Ironheart 7 :)
When I pitched #Ironheart 1-6 I was still learning about pacing & I mis-paced the arc (the Daija story) to be too long. Once I figured that out I shifted it to be 2-5, leaving room for a standalone story in #6. It's a breather before we start a more grandiose arc in Ironheart 7.
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man, does time ever fly. It’s time for me to do the #ironheart 5 director’s cut/behind the scenes thread! This is the BEST issue and I was oh so eager for y’all to see it so I’m very excited to recap. Let’s go 💖
To start with, love that cover by @amyreeder. This issue wraps up the very first arc of the #Ironheart solo title so we had to put our collective foot in it. Beginning with the first page, which is a love letter to my hometown.
In this panel there’s a double resonance to the idea that th city is “dangerous.” Asking you to give a second thought about where the danger is coming from. Who, exactly, is dangerous.
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I don’t say this enough publicly but I am extremely proud that every single month in #Ironheart we put out images of a Black teen girl in comics who is not hypersexualized or adultified. I’m so grateful for @LucianoVecchio, @KevinLibranda and @amyreeder and how they draw Riri.
We are also extremely intentional about Riri’s complexion and her hair texture.
unfortunately some folks only know how to draw girls’ women’s bodies as like a breast coming out of an ab on top of another ab
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hey! #IRONHEART 4 came out around 2 weeks ago! which means! time for my customary behind-the-scenes/pop-up video/ director's commentary/ whatever you wanna call it thread! spoilers ahead 💖

[by the way i decided that's the official ironheart emoji since it glints like metal]
issue 4 begins with this training sequence. unlike some other heroes, Riri has no formal combat training. she can do a lot with her armor but her previous encounters with Midnight's Fire & his goons have encouraged her to try to up her game for close-range combat.
I gave @LucianoVecchio some really vague instructions for this page, like EPIC NINJA BATTLE or something, and I think he had some fun with it :)
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hey hey! It’s Friday night so you probably have other stuff going on butttttttttt it’s time for me to do my #Ironheart 3 recap/director’s cut/highlight of my fave panels! Here we go!! Obviously spoilers ahead 🚨🚨🚨🚨
as with issue 2, we open with a flashback. Matt makes us all swoon with the dreamy flashback colors. This scene is also a chance for us to see a bit more of Riri’s mom, Ronnie, and her kindness and warmth. We also see some of Riri’s survivor’s guilt and awkwardness at play.
I usually try to do fave panels and not the whole page buttttttt I just love this page. Riri think she slick. hopefully you can relate if you ever tried to pull one over on your moms and she reminded you that SHE IS NOT BOOBOO THE FOOL
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💓here’s my IG top 9 of 2018💓
1) was on @TheDailyShow!
2) the Tribune announced #Ironheart
3) was a crains 40 under 40 which people care about way more than I realized
4) married @nomadj1s, good job me
5) fulfilled my dream of eating a choco taco instead of wedding cake (cont.)
6) the awesome Ironheart #1 cover by @amyreeder
7) under a book arc in Madison, one of the 13 (I think) cities I visited touring for #GhostsInTheSchoolyard
8) I married @nomadj1s again
9) I cut all my hair off
if you like seeing IG stories of someone making bread or wandering aimlessly around Target follow me at eve.ewing
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I guess I’ll do a year-end writing thread!!! 🎉🎉🎉 here are a few things I published in 2018.
I was honored to have this very short essay in the special issue of @TheAtlantic curated by @fivefifths. It’s about Dr. King and our low bar for integration based on a shallow understanding of his life’s work.…
I had so much fun writing about the amazing and singular @bomani_jones for @GQMagazine, with the brilliant editorial eye of @chrisgayomali. This is the first time I’ve ever written a profile! Spoiler alert, it’s about......race and America.…
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this is a thread of some of my favorite panels from #Ironheart issue 1! Obviously there are spoilers here but you’ve had almost three weeks to read it, people. All the art here is by @KevinLibranda or @LucianoVecchio 💓💓💓
This is the beginning. Like yes, welcome, this is an Ironheart solo title, we’re here now, it’s on and popping. My prompt for myself here— if you had to sum up the entire character and series in one panel, how would you do it?
I just like the dynamism in this panel. I really like Riri’s jacket, I like her workstation, I like how she’s very much in her element, and I love any time she’s using the wrist gauntlets, which are one of my favorite parts of this armor design.
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