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13 Bills Passed By Democrats in The House but blocked by Republicans in The Senate.

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1.“The Women’s Health Protection Act”: Should women have a right to have an abortion in America?

Dems: YES 218, NO 1

Reps: YES 2, NO 208

2. “The Right to Contraception Act”. Should Americans have a legal right to purchase contraception?

Dems: YES: 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 8, NO 195

3. “The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act”. Should the oil industry face penalties for price gouging?

Dems: YES 217, NO 4

Reps: YES 0, NO 203

4. “The Assault Weapons Ban”. Should military-style assault weapons be illegal for sale or purchase?

Dems: YES 215, NO 5

Reps: YES 2, NO 208

5. “The Bipartisan Background Checks Act”. Should we expand background checks to cover all gun sales?

Dems: YES 219, NO 1

Reps: YES 8, NO 202

6. “The Paycheck Fairness Act”. Should women receive equal pay for equal work in America?

Dems: YES: 216, NO: 0

Reps: YES: 1, NO: 210

7. “The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment & Expungement Act”. Should cannabis be decriminalized federally and have past non-violent arrests and convictions expunged?

Dems: YES 217, NO 2

Reps: YES 3, NO 202

8. “The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Enhancement Act”. Should we enforce the provisions of The 1965 Voting Rights Act ensuring equal treatment for all voters?

Dems: YES 219, NO 0

Reps: YES 0, NO 212

9. ” The Respect for Marriage Act”. Should the Constitutional Right of same-sex marriage declared by The Supreme Court be codified into American law?

Dems: YES 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 47, NO 157

10. “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act”. Should there be consequences for police for discriminatory and illegal policing?

Dems: YES 219, NO 2

Reps: YES 1, NO 210

11. “The American Dream and Promise Act”. Should “Dreamers” who came to The US when they were young have a path to earn citizenship?

Dems: YES 219, NO 0

Reps:: YES 9, NO 197

12. “The Affordable Insulin Now Act”. Should the price of pharmaceutical insulin be capped at $35?

Dems: YES 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 12, NO 193

13. “Child Care for Working Families Act” (part of “Build Back Better) Should the government subsidize the cost of child care for certain working mothers and families?

Dems: YES 220, NO 1

Reps: YES 0, NO 212

14. “The Violence Against Women Act”: Should the government have and fund comprehensive responses to domestic violence, sexual assault dating violence & stalking?

Dems: YES 215, NO 0

Reps: YES 29, NO 172

15. BUILD BACK BETTER: In addition to Affordable Insulin and Child Care (above): Hearing Aids for Seniors, Child Tax Credit, Universal Pre-K

Dems: YES: 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 1, NO 212


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Sep 10
How did so many of America's secrets end up at Mar-a-Lago?…

An actual expert in national security wonders "how could this happen," as if Donald Trump didn't broadcast his disregard for integrity, security & the oath he swore with every breath.
I mean, this is simply embarrassing. To even consider, for a moment, how ridiculous it is to think, "How could this happen?"

Really, @sarahdwire? You can't imagine how Donald Trump, a scumbag who demanded that his son-in-law get security clearance...
clearance that he was denied three separate times for, could stoop so low? A man who had stormtroopers shoot rubber bullets and teargas at protestors so he could stand in front of a church and hold a bible upside down, how could THIS happen?
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Sep 9
America has been Poisoned - Where's the Antidote?, by @Thom_Hartmann…

How can we stop the propaganda? How can we activate the mainstream media to stop both-sidesing everything, and tell the truth about the GOP and its lies, hypocrisy & malign intent?
We had a brief family conversation about politics at dinner last night, and my liberal daughter and her multi-color-haired boyfriend made some astonishing statements about the GOP that staggered me.

Parroting Republican bullshit about how some grandma that lives in...
... bad neighborhood might benefit from having a handgun, to suggesting that there really isn't much difference between the two parties, that no one from either side listens to the other anymore....

It was STUNNING. And it shows that mainstream media is FAILING us.
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Aug 25
Let’s go Dark Brandon!…

Biden came into office with a plague, a traitor who tried to overthrow the government, a dismantled federal gov't, and a bunch of utter lunatics running the GOP, a 50-50 ties in the Senate & a massive deficit.

Passed the American Rescue Plan.
Fixed the vaccine rollout and gotten us to a post-COVID normalcy.
Passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill.
Passed a bipartisan CHIPS act to boost domestic semiconductor production, which is important both for economics and national security.
Passed a modest, bipartisan gun reform law.
Nominated an overwhelmingly popular and historically important judge to the SCOTUS.
Killed Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Kept job creation booming. (Unemployment is 3.5 percent.)

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Aug 22
Monarch Butterflies Added to the Endangered Species Red List…

I drove home from my brothers last night around 10 pm. When I got home from this 30 min drive, it occurred to me that there were no bugs on my windshield.

I am 57 years old.
When I was a kid, a nighttime drive in August would result in a spectacular scum of dead bugs all over the windshield, the front bumper, the radiator grate. The front of the car would be COVERED in dead bugs.

A light on the back porch would result in swarms that were unreal.
The bugs are mostly gone. The birds are mostly gone. There are few bees flying around in Cold Spring, where I live. I live on the edge of Fahnestock National Park, an environmentally protected area covering 14,000 acres of wetlands.

If there are few insects, bees & birds...
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Aug 20
On 7/8/20, the Yankees were 61-23.

If you go back to the start of '20, the Yankees have played 353 games. If you take those 84 games out, they are 137-132 in those games.

They are 12-25 since that great start, which we now know was an illusion.

Boone is wasting time talking about, "Getting back to what we know we can do."

This is what they can do. Anemic offense, mediocre pitching, utterly empty cupboard in the minors, and NO OUTSTANDING PLAYERS DEVELOPED IN 2 DECADES.

No organization can excel or compete for titles if they literally NEVER DEVELOP MAJOR LEAGUE TALENT.

The Yankees have failed to develop a major league starting pitcher, one who can actually pitch and not get hurt every two months, since Pettitte.

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Aug 2
China is almost out of safe water on its surface and in groundwater.…

For decades now, people have suggested that future wars will be fought over water. This is not likely for several reasons.

Water is distinctly difficult to move, like, say oil or gas.
However, water is very different from the two main liquids that we transport in that we need to move much more water than oil or gas. That's why the NY State Aqueduct project is so massive, with three 18-foot in diameter aqueducts running over 90 miles.

There is no way to "steal" water through invasion.

The only way you could envision some kind of "war" scenario would involve invading a northern territory, killing all of its inhabitants, and then guarding the rivers for thousands of miles to ensure all the water gets to you.
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