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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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🌎After years of deleterious moves to outright harm the environment, why did Rick Scott take action and on July 9th and declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY because of blue-green algae blooms? 3 Reasons. Money, politics & urgency/necessity.…
👉These 7 counties were affected by the blue-green algae blooms: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Okeechobee.
⁉️And then on August 13, 2018, why did Rick Scott declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY because of “red tide” in the following counties: Charlotte, Collier, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota? (Lucky Lee County! Red + Green = Grey—Brown)…
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@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump and Republicans are putting us on path to recession. The $1.5 trillion Wall Street tax cut went directly to stock buybacks inflating value, exploding our annual deficit, providing no YOY wage growth all while engaging in trade wars with our allies #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump We need to make this abundantly clear. Republicans passed a huge $1.5 trillion Wall Street 1% tax cut which exploded the the annual deficit from $454 billion to $1 trillion. Now, to fix this out of control spending, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump Republicans are suing in 20 states that mandating insurance companies to provide pre-existing condition insurance coverage options is unconstitutional. Donald Trump’s administration is refusing to defend against this lawsuit putting coverage at risk #VoteDemocrat
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1/ Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday, Thurs. 11/1/18, just 5 days before the midterms, a Trump administration executive order takes effect & eliminates the Obamacare rule that insurance companies can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Starting yesterday, they can.
2/ In her ominous announcement, Rachel referenced the Wall Street Journal, & this quote: “This is also the first open-enrollment period under a Trump-administration change expanding access to cheaper plans that don’t cover the panoply of benefits mandated by the ACA. (con't)
3/ Those less-expensive plans can also deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.” Here is the article: The open-enrollment season is kicking off just before the congressional elections in which health care has emerged as a top issue for voters…
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🍑Lucy McBath @LucyWins2018: Mother, Wife, Businesswoman, Activist for Social Justice.

🗣️You might recognize her from the 2016 #Democratic Convention: she represented Mothers of the Movement, a group of women whose African American children have been killed by gun violence.
🍑She intended to run for the #Georgia Legislature, but after the Parkland #Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she decided her aspirations weren’t high enough. #NeverAgainMSD #BeAVoter
🍑She’s running for Congress in George’s 6th District and could use your help because she’s in a tight race. She’s running against the SAME NRA-backed, A-rated Republican that Jon Ossoff ran against in a runoff election in June 2017. Ossoff should have won back then.
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I'm quoted in this AJC article about Stacey Abrams involvement in burning a Ga flag when she was a college student. The quote is accurate, but it was edited for space. @bluestein's question was "Do you think it fires up her supporters more?" My full... 1/2…
response: "Honestly, it's likely to fire up both sides to a point, but I also think it's mostly a dead issue now. Remember, at the time the state flag issue was big - from Zell in the 80s thru the 90s - was when a LOT of politicians were shuffling between parties & many of- " 2/3
- of them obviously voted to change flag. While some voters (mostly older white Sons-of-Confederate-Veterans types) will key on it, I'll bet that most of the older politicians want to avoid it & frankly, as I said, it's a done deal."
FOR THE RECORD: I stand with @staceyabrams 3/4
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Congress has the power to override SCOTUS decisions thru statutory amendment or enactment

E.g, in the 1976 case of GE v. Gilbert SCOTUS held that firing or disciplining pregnant employees was Not an unlawful form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

In response, Congress enacted the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, which prohibited termination or discipline of pregnant employees on the basis of pregnancy (among other provisions).

#WhyElectionsMatter ♀️
Another example—
In the 1980 case of City of Mobile v. Bolden, the SCOTUS held that discriminatory intent must be shown regarding changes to voting practices that disenfranchise minorities in order to demonstrate a violation of the U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights Act of 1965.
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A mega-thread on why you must #VoteBlueToSaveAmericanDemocracy
Midterm Elections are always a referendum on the job #POtuS is doing
So unless you are one of the willfully ignorant or only watch #FoxRussia
You must Vote for @TheDemocrats
Democrats are a "big tent" group & often our different passions conflict but we have NO room for that this year
Let's start with what America stands for-
As a democratic republic-we elect people to Congress who represent US
Did @GOP just do that with Kavanaugh confirmation?
Or did we see the raw abuse of power of #GOPCorruption where a minority of old white men not only flouted the Rule of Law & squelched @FBI from it's mission but rammed him through despite the fervent opposition of the overwhelming majority of US?
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Of all the 2018 state-level elections, NC’s may be the MOST IMPORTANT.

The GOP has taken over the state with naked power grabs and voter suppression tactics.


If you have any friends/family/followers in NC, spread this thread.
In NC, Dems currently hold a 4-3 advantage on the State Supreme Court. 1 seat is up for election.


She faces 2 GOPers after a power grab by the NC GOP backfired. It’s a complicated story. Your vote is not.

Elect Anita.
There are 6 constitutional amendments on the NC ballot, all put there by the GOP in an attempt to grab power, enrich the 1%, assault voting rights, and stoke right-wing turnout.



Learn why here:
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There is a lot going on but one thing that terrifies me the most is what @realDonaldTrump & the @GOP are doing to our healthcare.

There was a vote today to try and 🛑 the sale of #JunkInsurance

Democrats, the minority party, lost. Not w/out a fight!…
Do you know what is NOT covered in the junk plans?
coverage for maternity care, prescription drugs, emergency services, mental health services, preventive care (including contraceptives), and hospitalization.
Know who can’t get #JunkInsurance
these plans often don’t cover pre-existing conditions, sick people often can’t qualify for coverage & healthy ppl would have cheaper ins plans w/little to no basic coverage-sounds great, healthy people can get cheap coverage that covers nothing?
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1) Young people do not vote in Midterms. Old people do. And voter apathy it getting worse.
2) Stop what you are doing. Look at this chart. If your state has a registration deadline. REGISTER NOW!
3) The Republicans have been systematically redrawing districts to their advantage and in many states illegally. Now Trump is using the Kavanaugh fiasco to gin up his cult voters.
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✅ American democracy is on the ballot
✅ Basic human decency is on the ballot
✅ The health of our planet is on the ballot
✅ Equality & justice are on the ballot
HERE ARE 10 MORE REASONS TO #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica:
1) Donald Trump thinks there are "very fine people" who march with neo-Nazis and the KKK.
2) Donald Trump & the Republicans instituted a Muslim ban in a country whose founding is defined by freedom of religion. #VoteBlue2018 #NoBanNoWall
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Democrats in Florida have 2 chances to make history in 2018:

1. By electing @andrewgillum to #FLGov.

2. By taking the FL State Senate back after *24* years.

If you know of ANYONE in Florida, or have ANY Floridian followers, please share!
The Florida State Senate is made up of 40 seats.

22 seats are currently held by Republicans, 16 are held by Democrats, and 2 are vacant.

Democrats need a net gain of +5 seats in order to take the chamber.
Florida State Senate elections are staggered, so only 22 of the 40 seats are up for grabs in 2018.

Gaining 5 seats is tough, but the numbers prove it’s doable.

Please spread the word about these Democratic contenders!
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The real reason the GOP wants to shove #Kavanaugh onto #SCOTUS

Next week; #GambleVsUnitedStates comes up for reaffirmation.
#Trumpistan #Resist #VoteBlueNoMatterWho…
Next Friday, October 5, the Court will hear a case –#GambleVsUnitedStates – which has the potential to Overturn 200 yrs of Jurisprudence Precedent.



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This article is from last December, but it's worth remembering. GOPers knew the #TaxScam would cause enormous deficits. They planned (and still plan) to dismantle Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. Problem is, SocSec and Medicare HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEFICIT.

Both Social Security and Medicare are funded through dedicated taxes (your payroll taxes, otherwise known as FICA), and are NOT part of the general fund.

The only way to use SocSec and Medicare to pay for the #TaxScam is to STEAL *YOUR* HEALTHCARE AND RETIREMENT MONEY.

You have been paying into these special funds--which are NOT part of the general treasury, and contribute NOTHING to the deficit--you have been paying into these earmarked funds all your working life, under the promise that YOUR money would be there for you when you need it,

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📣#Florida! You are some lucky people!

🌟You have an All-Star lineup of candidates to vote for in the General Election on November 6, 2018.

🐘Time to break the Republican trifecta (Governor, State Senate, State House all GOP) you've had for the most part since 1999.

📣This is the most important election of most of our lifetimes!

If you are not registered yet to vote in the General Election, you have until October 9th, 2018. Some people can even register online:…

🌟U.S. Congress candidates, Northern #Florida region:
🗳️ If you are ineligible to register to vote online in #Florida, there's more information about how to proceed here:…

🌟U.S. Congress candidates, Central #Florida region:
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⚡️In 2014, 75% of Floridians voted OVERWHELMINGLY to pass Amendment 1, AKA the FL Water & Land Conservation Initiative, a state constitutional amendment to allot a projected $21 billion over the 20 years of the measure to buy & preserve land. They approved this:
▶️75% of the voters is 4.2 million people.
▶️When 75% of #Florida voters voted to approve Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution, they approved "the largest land conservation measure ever approved in a single state."
ℹ️The exact amount of money is “projected” because—according to the amendment that was passed—it was to come from 33% of Florida’s existing excise tax. An Excise tax is a “documentary stamp tax” paid when real estate is sold, typically 70 cents per $100 paid for the property.
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We have an illegitimate President. He commited conspiracy in plain sight with a hostile foreign power to attain the Presidency. We are ALL witnesses to his crime.



We have an illegitimate President. He conspired with his attorney to defraud the American People to silence witnesses at a crucial point in his campaign so that Voters would not have complete information with which to make their voting decision.


We have an illegitimate President. He conspired with his attorney to hide campaign donations paid to keep witnesses silent at a crucial point in his campaign.



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Important article by @KirkseniyaSF comparing the Russian opposition with the Resistance.

The Russian opposition to autocracy crumbled. Will the Resistance fall as well?

I think the answer is no. I offer 4 reasons why.

Thread /1

1. One key diff. btw American & Russian opposition? The Resistance is broader and larger than the Russian opposition to Putin. The Resistance is the clear majority in the US.

2. Second, there's more institutional support for American opposition than there was in Russia. /2
That's explained partly by America's much deeper tradition of liberal democracy compared to Russia and it's long autocratic history.

Not only are liberal civil, political and legal institutions holding up under trump's autocratic assault, they have resisted along with us. /3
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One year ago, @Reince tweeted that the GOP had “a revolutionary data program” resulting in them “carrying WI for first time in 30 years.”

Attached was this article that said these “Data Operations” helped Trump win WI & will used for the 2018 midterms.

Trump won* WI by just 22,748 votes.

200,000+ in WI were unable to vote in 2016.

Along with MI & PA, WI was one of the 3 swing states that gave* the EC to Trump by a scant 78,652 votes.

All 3 States were among the 39 states reported as hacked by Russia.

Exit polls are a scientifically proven litmus test. In 2016, they were off by as high as 10%

Anything above ~2.5% indicates suspect anomalies. It triggers other countries to nullify elections.

In the swing states of MI, PA, & WI—all were all above 3%.

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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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We're about to see the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice who would overturn Row v Wade, kill the Affordable Care Act. allow Republican gerrymandering, protect Trump from the Mueller probe, continue to gut civil rights, repeal same-sex marriage,

end environmental regulation, kill workers' rights, possibly rule Social Security and Medicare to be unconstitutional.

We can thank Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, and the Talibern. Even today, they think they did the right thing in 2016.

But keep fighting. This is not over.


If we lose this fight, a fascist gets on the Court for decades.

We can recover from that--and we must--but let's try to win this.

And in November, #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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The Constitution does not enforce itself.

When a Fascist Party controls the Executive, the Congress and the Courts, the Fascists can simply ignore the Constitution, and there is no power able to hold them to account.

*Perhaps* the voters can, but...

... the voters can hold elected officials to account only if those officials allow free and fair elections.

You see the sham elections that happen in nations like Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and in other "constitutional" dictatorships? That's what can happen here.

This is especially so when the Fascist Party controls the federal judiciary. Challenges to fraudulently-run elections will not succeed.

The Constitution doesn't enforce itself.
The ability of We the People to enforce it is rapidly slipping away.

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