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Tomorrow, we hear the first #QueensSpeech this decade & the last before #COP26 climate summit

New legislation announced could be make or break for climate, nature and communities across the UK
Here are my #FiveToThrive Bills for a fairer, greener future 🧵👇
A #GreenNewDeal with the scale and ambition of @POTUS plan to upgrade America would: 
✅Create millions of good green jobs across the UK
🏡 Improve everyday life
🌍Set us on a path to a greener, fairer future
@labourlewis and I have a #GreenNewDeal bill that's ready to go
The #CEEBill is the framework we need to tackle the climate & ecological crises together. It would commit the UK to:
🌡️ Doing its fair share to limit temperatures to 1.5 ºC
🌳 Protecting and restoring nature
🙋 Creating a Citizens’ Assembly to put decision in the hands of people
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🧵*A shocking attack on nesting songbirds* by @BasingstokeGov 1/8 Last month @Channel4News reported #HS2 developers were flying Harris Hawks to deter songbirds from nesting.… @BirdGuides
2/8 This was roundly condemned by Jeff Knott @RSPBEngland and Luci Ryan @WoodlandTrust
3/8 Also last month @BasingstokeGov approved the felling of 67 mature oak and 3 mature beech trees at #OakdownFarm for a giant warehouse. Our petition protesting this (89k signatures thus far) is here:
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2019: "a person's average micro-plastic consumption is between 70,000-121,000 particles per yr & rising for those who drank bottled water closer to 100,000."

Imagine plastic inhalation/consumption for those wearing #masks for past yr. #VirtueSignalling…
"Disposable face masks (single use masks) are produced from polymers such as #polypropylene, #polyurethane, #polyacrylonitrile, #polystyrene, #polycarbonate, #polyethylene, or #polyester (Potluri and Needham, 2005)."

They shed. Plastic is inhaled/ingested. By adults & #children.
"This new emergence of #facemasks as environmental litter both in the terrestrial & aquatic environment is a piece of evidence that the global pandemic has not in any way reduced the challenge of increasing #plastic #pollution in the environment."

#Biodiversity #Ecology
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Are you urging your lawmakers to support the Biden infrastructure bill?

You should! Check out the "Clean Electricity Standard" in it -- which is explained a bit after 15:00 in this episode of "The Daily podcast.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction…
The Clean Electricity Standard "will totally change the fate of the US energy economy and how the rest of the world perceives the US on climate change." ~@CoralMDavenport
The Clean Electricity Standard, in the Biden infrastructure bill, would be a federal mandate that would call for 80% of electricity generated in US to come from Zero Carbon electricity sources by 2030….
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Weekend pondering at 420 ppm CO2. I'm not an expert on theory of change, but here are my best guesses at tackling the #ClimateEmergency:

1) If we do not centre equity, justice and decolonisation, our zero carbon lifestyle will be just as destructive as this one.
2) We will need to upscale current technologies and develop new ones; but it won't be enough. Tech bro wannabe saviours need to check their egos.

3) Many of us must change our lifestyles; but we must ask that with empathy. It will be liberating for some and painful for others.
4) I trust communities more than politicians to lead the way. I trust cities more than nations. But we'll need all of them.

5) I do not think capitalism can get it done. I don't. But it's the prevailing ideology now, so I expect those institutions to fucking try. Hard.
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what are #NetZero targets?
why do they matter?
and why do vague targets lull the world in missing its climate goals?

A (long) thread with scientific and policy background on our recent @nature commentary

#ClimateScience @NatureNews…
What are #NetZero targets?

#NetZero targets are key benchmarks towards a world where we avoid the worst of climate change. But if defined vaguely, they leave a lot of wiggle room and can compromise achievement of the #ParisAgreement

We provide guidelines to avoid this.

First, why are there #NetZero targets?

Global warming is proportional to the total cumulative amount of CO2 we emit. Halting global warming thus means we have to stop adding CO2 to the atmosphere.
Rigorous net-zero CO2 targets achieve at least that, but also more...

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'😡Kern runs on oil': as California confronts climate crisis, one county is ready to drill #ClimateAction…
This week the county approved an ordinance that would allow thousands of new wells to be drilled over the next 15 years. The decision comes despite deep opposition from local farmers and environmental groups #ClimateEmergency
Farmers voiced concerns about how the land, water, and air would be affected, while justice advocates highlighted how increased pollution would take the harshest toll on the most vulnerable.#ClimateAction
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I've had a dark couple of days, mainly brought on by a combination of it being my birthday and spending it alone and the sheer unadultered awfulness of the world and the UK in particular.

However, I feel better now - because I've reconciled myself to the fact 1/
that the best way to deal with this is positive action.

Social media can be a force for good and bad. There are a lot of good people on here and a lot of bad ones too. This, in essence is the battle we face right now.

For some reason, there are people that are seriously 2/
unpleasant that have decided to try and take over society. It has ever been thus throughout history. The masses are subjected to the will of the few, and a lot of the masses are duped into believing that their way of life, e.g. survival of the fittest, is correct

The bad ones 3/
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Missed this during the week, so catching up on what should be a fascinating webinar tonight #FutureGens
First @JaneBryngwyn opens by giving a potted history of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #FutureGen
Davidson describes how #CivilSociety engaged with the first Welsh Assembly following #Devolution to ensure that #SustainableDevelopment was a key part of the Assembly’s function - so it was “part of the fabric” rather than “open to interpretation by different parties” #FutureGens
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Day6 at #SaveTheTree #SaveYorkGardens The 100 year old rare black poplar T68 is due to be felled to make way for an electrical cable. @thameswater @TaylorWimpey @wandbc @UKPowerNetworks Details below. Image
For those of you who want some background blurb.
The trees you can see here would be about 30 years in the future, lovely light, lots of trees, people sunning themselves. It is a common visual trick used by developers. 'Artistic licence' Image
The #tree in question is this one, T68. It would be right in the middle of the new open space area. Image
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#Facebook #ClimateChange #AmazonRainforest


Retweet so we can inform people of the devastating truth.

1) @Facebook is fueling the destruction of the #Amazon rainforest. The #Amazon’s hydrological engine plays a major role in maintaining the global & regional #climate...
2) Water released by plants into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration and to the ocean by the rivers, influences world #climate and the circulation of ocean currents. This works as a feedback mechanism, as the process also sustains the regional climate on which it depends...
3) What is happening in the #Amazon?
Scientists are noticing something disturbing in the #AmazonRainforest - the hydrological engine is beginning to fail. One factor is the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a climatic phenomenon which influences much of the climatic...
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'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds
Pollution from power plants, vehicles and other sources accounted for one in five of all deaths that year, more detailed analysis reveals #ClimateAction @WeDontHaveTime…
Countries with the most prodigious consumption of fossil fuels to power factories, homes and vehicles are suffering the highest death tolls, with the study finding more than one in 10 deaths in both the US and Europe were caused by the resulting pollution
The 8.7m deaths in 2018 represent a key contributor to the global burden of mortality and disease”, states the study, which is the result of collaboration between scientists at Harvard University,the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester, University College London
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Watching #HamOnt Council LIVE to support a #JustRecoveryHamOnt - great first delegation by @mjwhigginson about road safety and a Just Recovery!!! Watch with us:…
Next up is Maanvi Dhillon of the @MSU_McMaster - Maanvi is doing a fantastic job keeping up the MSU tradition of strong municipal advocacy in #HamOnt - great demands for transit and mobility justice, defunding the police, and more! (plus a #ClimateEmergency reference!)
Next up is @anthonymarco of @hamiltonlabour to speak for the third year in a row to talk living wage in #HamOnt - he and the HDLC are pushing for the city to be a full living wage employer!
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Job posting is up. We're looking for up to two amazing bike-loving people to join our seasonal staff team. $19.24/hour + 4% vacation pay = $20/hour. Sweet bike benefits, too.
Why work in #LdnOnt for the summer?
- recreational bike scene is *superb* (ride to the beach in 90 minutes, take the gorgeous gravel route home)
- you'll be working 100% of your days on solving the #ClimateEmergency.
- get to know and love the Deshkan Ziibi (Antler River)
If you're a @WesternU or @FanshaweCollege student, you'll see a different side of the city. If you're from out of town, you'll discover some of the incredible energy flying under the radar here in #LdnOnt.
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Do we need to rethink how students should learn about energy in school? In our latest paper in #DISER we have started to take a closer look at that question.
A thread on what we found and why it matters.
The core of the energy concept is really the idea that energy is a conserved quantity. However, students often struggle with that idea. This is maybe not surprising when we consider how often we hear things like energy consumption. #ClimateEmergency
So we looked at students learning in a new curriculum follows the suggestions in the #NGSS #NGSSchat and emphasizes the idea of energy transfer instead of energy forms and transformations.
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From the oval office to the communities where it all happens.

Climate action goes beyond just hoping that things will get better— Hope is inspired by action.

Government must be held accountable, we must hold ourselves accountable. We can't afford to fail, not on this.
The lives of our future and our future's future is on the line, those who suffer the most from the impact of climate change are the vulnerable communities where even at time of stability— government presence is non existent.

We do not have the time to wait till 2030/2050,
Some might say we are simply alarmists, but Greta put it perfectly when she said "it's like waking up in the middle of the night seeing your house on fire and then deciding to wait 10, 20, 30 years before calling the fire department while labeling those trying to wake people up,
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Looking forward tonhearinh more about how local actions can be harnessed to deliver #InclusiveGrowth as part of our #Coronavirus economic recovery #GLOPRO
Mike Hawking, Head of Policy & Partnerships at @jrf_uk opens his talk by highlighting the stubborn nature of #Poverty in 🇬🇧. While Govt measures had targeted #ChildPoverty & #PensionerPoverty, headline poverty figures remained worryingly high #GloPro Image
Hawking also notes that the numbers of people experiencing in-work #Poverty before #Coronavirus had been rising. Suggests that jobs being created where not good enough to help people escape poverty #GloPro
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Ich übersetze das mal, auf Englisch kann man das so leicht überlesen:

Wir müssen den #Klimanotstand anerkennen. Die nächsten 10 Jahre werden darüber entscheiden, ob unsere Generation ‚ernste‘ Klimafolgen erleben wird - oder ‚verheerende‘.
Detaillierter beschreibe ich das übrigens hier. Gefaktchecked und tw. sogar mitgezeichnet von mehreren weltweit führenden Klimawissenschaftlern:…
Übrigens müssen wir innerhalb der nächsten 10Jahre bereits einen enormen Teil der Transformation hinkriegen. 2030 diskursiv endlich da anzukommen, dass wir uns das Ausmaß der Krise eingestehen, wird nicht reichen. Je schneller wir das tun, je schneller wir handeln - desto besser.
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Domestic policy advisor Susan Rice, at the @WhiteHouse lectern, says today "the average Black family has one-tenth the wealth of the average white family." Image
"These are desperate times for so many Americans," says Rice.
Today, @POTUS "will take ambitious steps to redress inequality in our economy," adds Rice. "Investing in equity is good for economic growth and it creates jobs for all Americans."
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Delighted that the #RouteToZero Action Plan was moved at today’s @BhamCityCouncil Full Council meeting. It outlines 7 priorities for becoming carbon neutral by 2030 - new build housing, housing retrofit, transport, electric vehicle charging, waste, energy and environment. (1/11)
NEW BUILD HOUSING: Buildings are the biggest emitters of carbon emissions in Birmingham. Raising standards of all new homes in the city will be an important part of achieving net zero carbon. We will deliver 7,000 environmentally-sustainable social homes by 2031. (2/11)
RETROFIT HOUSING: Refurbishing existing housing with energy efficient solutions will be a significant undertaking. We continue to lobby government for funding and will prioritise thermal efficiency, with the aim of all housing achieving an EPC rating of ‘C’ at a minimum. (3/11)
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Neonicotinoids and why they need to stay banned 🐝

#SciComm #ScienceTwitter #SaveTheBees #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis
Neonicotinoids were banned by the EU in 2018 following multiple scientific studies which proved their severe detrimental impact on pollinators. Effects from neonics include reduced immune function, reduced foraging capabilities, and impaired cognition in bees.
The government has approved neonics for emergency use as a seed treatment on sugar beet. Yields have been impacted by beet yellows, transmitted by aphids. They argue that, because sugar beet does not flower and will not attract pollinators, the risk from neonics is acceptable.
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Between, #Trump, #COVID19 and other disasters, it has been all to easy to miss the series of climate catastrophes that accumulated around the world in 2020.

It is a shocking list 👇 that most missed in the noise

Please keep #ClimateAction in the forefront - for food, for life
"One clear reason for the phenomenon's intensification is the climate crisis'

"The climate crisis is already hurting Israeli agriculture. The various climatic effects are becoming more powerful & unpredictable"

#Israel #FoodForThought #FarmingTwitter
Ukraine- 'lost 570,000 ha of winter crops due to prolonged droughts & unusually intense spring frosts. Further droughts during the spring & summer seasons resulted in additional losses including 200,000 ha of corn & lower crop yields across the country'
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