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Good question! 🧵1/16 . Price and Mundine are uncritically platformed to campaign against Voice, Treaty & Truth. Evidence suggests they speak not with the authority of any First Nations community but for fossil fuel/mining corporates. #auspol #voteyes❤️💛🖤👇
2/16 The anti-Voice campaign is being run by the Australian branch of the global Atlas Network of 500+ neoliberal ‘research institutes’, esp. the Centre for Independent Studies, which fosters the careers of Mundine and Price.👇……
3/16 I research the global organisation of climate policy obstruction since the 1980s via Big Oil funded Atlas ‘think tanks’. These are usually run by the elite members of the invite-only Mont Pelerin Society: John Howard is one.……
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#AbruptClimateChange #ClimateBrawl #ClimateEmergency #TalkCollapse #GlobalDimming @Msmariablack @pewtergod @ItsTheAtmospher @SmilGeoff

🌍🔥Oh, look-Guy McPherson was right (again)

“warming—especially since 2010-is driven mainly by steep reduction of climate-cooling sulfate 1/
2/aerosol particles in the past 10-20 years, as new regulations limited emissions from the biggest sources, including the burning of coal & heavy ship fuels.”
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All BC #workers have the right to
1. know what hazards exist in the workplace.
2. report injury or illness from hazards
3. refuse unsafe work
4. be free from reprisal for refusing unsafe work

#SARSCoV2 is a BSL3 pathogen & we have a right to know if it is in the air
...Govts are trying to spread a hazard so widely that workers cannot say that there is more hazard at work than elsewhere.

But if you slipped & fell at work, your slipping at the ice rink does not remove your employer's responsibility to remove a work hazard #SARSCoV2
...and if it is so easy for them to trample on a worker's right to *know* that a hazard is present,then watch out! They will make other looming hazards *endemic* too:

#wildfire smoke? You inhaled that at the gym!!
#heatstroke? Why it is hot everywhere!

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BREAKING: More than 100 activists from 17 countries are taking action to #BanPrivateJets at #EBACE2023, the biggest business aviation sales event in Europe and exposing the super rich’s pollution 👇🧵✈️ A hundred climate activists...
Activists from @Greenpeace @StayGroundedNet @ExtinctionR & @ScientistRebel1 demand #BanPrivateJets as is not tolerable that the super-rich keep having events such as #EBACE2023 to buy their private jets for their own benefit, while we know that this fuels climate breakdown A hundred climate activists...
What exactly is the #EBACE2023? It’s Europe’s largest annual gathering of business aviation industry stakeholders such as private jets
And it’s hosted by the European and American private jet industry
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sti giorni ho seguito un dibattito su twitter concernente i meccanismi che determinano il #riscaldamento #globale e quindi i #cambiamenticlimatici 1/7
1) per comprendere l’aumento di #temperatura #globale bisogna fare riferimento ai meccanismi che producono o possono produrre uno sbilanciamento nel bilancio energetico globale. questo problema se lo era gia’ posto un certo Jules Charney a fine anni 70’ nel report sul clima 2/7
3) i gas serra assorbono la rad emessa dalla superficie terrestre e la riemettono in tutte le direzione. Etminan et al 2016 ha stimato l’effetto dell’aumento in atmosfera dal 1700 sul bilancio radiativo globale che e’ 2.75 W/m2 .le relazioni usate sono univ accettate
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@CO2Coalition To understand how CO2/temp relate, we need to explore #physics,
& the chem properties of the #carbondioxide molecule.

Learn about CO2’s #DipoleMoment & how change in energy balance affects DENSITY, & behavior.

Shit, I burnt my toast.
#STEMeducation… ImageImageImageImage
@CO2Coalition Dipole moments are the change in energy between atoms.

Think of this energy change as a soccer ball w a force towards a specific direction. This “pulls” naturally on atoms when they join together to make molecules.
Its based on the atoms’ electrons.

@CO2Coalition Electrons ‘spin’ around the nucleus of an atom (similar to planetary orbits)…
The closer the electron to the center, the faster it has to spin. #MolecularOrbitalDiagrams for CO2 show us where electrons spin based on energy available.… ImageImageImageImage
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I got the chills reading @GeorgeMonbiot's latest column on the draconian police powers of the new ‘Public Order Bill’.

But to understand how we got here we need to take a step back and look at the way these laws have been called into being. It's a wild story🤯

🧵 Image
@GeorgeMonbiot 2/ Let's start in May 2019:

Following @XRebellionUK's actions in London- in which thousands of peaceful protestors engaged in the largest acts of civil disobedience in the UK for a generation- Parliament declares a #ClimateEmergency.

A key demand of the protestors had been met Image
@GeorgeMonbiot @XRebellionUK 3/ The establishment was alarmed.

July 2019: Conservative think tank 'Policy Exchange' hastily put out a report concluding "legislation relating to public protest needs to be urgently reformed in order to strengthen the ability of police to place restrictions on planned protest" Image
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What's that sound?

It's every delusional Great Reset conspiracy theorist's head exploding on hearing the news that @elonmusk is set to appoint Linda Yaccarino as @Twitter's new CEO, who since 2019, has been Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum (WEF). 🤯🤣 ImageImageImage
World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab launched an initiative called The Great Reset in June 2020, which called for "fairer outcomes" & reimagining how global investments were made in order to boost the world's economy following the economic downturn during the pandemic.
Conspiracy theorists across the world - but particularly from the free-market supporting Right elites in Britain & America - believed these proposals were a ploy to take down capitalism & create a New World Order under the guise of Covid-19 restrictions.…
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🚱Roma - Colorata di nero Fontana dei Fiumi in Piazza Navona ‼️

l nostro futuro è nero come quest'acqua:
senza acqua non c'è vita e con l’aumento delle temperature siamo esposti alla siccità, da un lato, e alle alluvioni, dall'altro. Image
Acqua che manca per coltivare il cibo, acqua che cade tutta insieme distruggendo le case.
Ci aspettano anni difficili, ma se non azzeriamo le emissioni subito saranno terribili
#Siccità #A22Network #UltimaGenerazione #NonPaghiamoIlFossile #governo #ClimateEmergency
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We are facing climate crisis, cost of living crisis and a crisis of inequality.

We can't keep tweaking the same failing systems, we must make a world where people & planet come first.

Join us & @WarOnWant online this Tuesday 9 May.

#ClimateEmergency #CostOfLivingCrisis Promotion for the We Make T...
@WarOnWant We will be joined by...

Our host @RozFoyer — a Scottish trade unionist who has served as the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress since 2020. 2/10 Image
Chris Smalls — president and founder of the
@amazonlabor union, known for his role in leading Amazon worker organisation in Staten Island, New York. 3/10 Image
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Roma, 2 gennaio 2023.
Tre cittadini imbrattano le mura del Senato per denunciare l’incapacità della classe politica italiana nell'agire concretamente per abbandonare i combustibili fossili.

Sono denunciati per danneggiamento, e rischiano così fino 3 anni di reclusione. Image
Accettiamo le conseguenze legali delle nostre azioni, ma non possiamo stare zitti di fronte un'ingiustizia così grande.
Laura, Davide e Alessandro hanno poco più di vent'anni. Hanno accettato questo rischio semplicemente per chiedere un futuro.
Non li lasceremo soli.
Criminale è chi investe nella devastazione del nostro Paese, non chi denuncia con proteste nonviolente.

Facciamoci sentire! Vieni questo 12 maggio davanti al tribunale!
#UltimaGenerazione #senato #governo #maltempo #clima #crisiclimatica #ClimateEmergency #siccità ImageImage
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The Who Funds You? project initially ran from 2012-19. @openDemocracy relaunched the project with a series of new audits.

Organisations are rated on a scale from A to E. A is the most transparent. Organisations given an E grade are the least transparent about funding. Image
I agree with @openDemocracy that debates about important issues that affect us all should be as transparent as possible.

That means we need to know who is being paid what, and by whom, to influence public policy.

#TuftonStreet Image
In the UK – and many other countries – there are organisations that describe themselves as ‘think tanks’ & expressly set out to explore ideas & influence public policy. They usually produce research reports & promote them through the media and in policy circles.
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"La nostra disobbedienza civile è nuda ma naturale. Al contrario la nudità dell'incompetenza, dell'arroganza, dell'inazione del Governo è oscena. Ancor di più di fronte al dramma che in queste ore stanno vivendo le famiglie e le imprese dell'Emilia Romagna. ImageImage
Oggi abbiamo scelto di mettere a nudo la fragilità del nostro corpo. Lo stesso corpo che si ammala di inquinamento e che patisce il caldo, la sete, il freddo e la fame.

#Siccità #maltempo #clima #ClimateEmergency
Siamo osceni noi o un Governo che usa i soldi degli italiani per riempire le tasche delle aziende del fossile (e che ci stanno portando al collasso?).
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I've been writing about climate change for years, but reporting this story really got me. It brought me to tears several times but also made me hopeful and filled me with awe. The Australian Alps are beautiful, and home to unique and threatened plants and animals... a 🧵 (1/12) Ravens fly above a snowy ra...
They include the adorable mountain pygmy possum, which hibernates all winter under the snow, and was thought extinct until 1966 when some were caught raiding bacon in a ski lodge. There are only around 2500 of them & they're only found in this part of Australia above 1200m (2/12) Image
They wake up hungry in spring—just in time to gorge themselves on high-fat, high-protein bogong moths which migrate to the mountains in their billions to hide from the summer heat, sometimes in the very same rock crevices where the sleepy possums are awakening. (3/12) Bogong moths hide in a moss...
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✅ “Sea levels are rising 📈”

- Around 200 Million people are expected to be displaced by 2100.

- There is possibility that sea level could rise 2mtrs .

#ClimateEmergency #globalwarming

Follow 👉🏻 @avijeet_writes

Image source : The Hindu

Sea level rising - consequences
🧵 Image
Worst case scenarios:

- Global temp increase must be stopped and target set by Paris Agreement must be fulfilled. Image
✅Causes of this unprecedented rise in sea level,

- According to world meteorological organisation,
1. Ocean warming
2. Ice loss from glaciers
3. Changes in land water storage.
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Here we go. Thread. I'm making my way into Berlin to join my first @AufstandLastGen event (Alex, 15 h today). The climate protest group has been mounting entirely peaceful street blockades by glueing themselves to road surfaces (a bit too martyr-style for my taste but I didn't
1/ Image
do anything to create a alternative that would better suit my political or aesthetic preference, so I'm not complaining. Today's gathering is publically announced, so I don't expect our gathering to engage in direct action itself, but rather to support actions of others as a
legal demonstration. Though I don't actually know. I am expecting to meet one person I know from before, but even if they don't show up, I think I'll be fine. I'm used to crowds of younger demo goers all assuming I'm an undercover cop by now.

It's... fine.
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🧵Steve Milloy - Climate Change Denier:

1/ Steve Milloy is a well-known climate change denier who has spread a great deal of misinformation about the subject. His claims are not supported by scientific evidence and are often funded by the fossil fuel industry.
2/ Milloy has been heavily involved in promoting the idea that climate change is not real or that humans are not causing it. He has also been a vocal critic of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has worked to roll back environmental regulations.
3/ Milloy's misinformation is not just based on his personal beliefs but is often funded by fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers. These companies have a vested interest in denying climate change as it threatens their profits.
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Make no mistake #Canada's #Budget2023 is a war budget. No other federal program received more 💰 than @NationalDefence. $55 billion for @NATO & @NORADCommand programs & more weapons ⬇️ China, Russia & Iran called threats. 1/3 🧵
@cafreeland @FinanceCanada @VOWPeace @WBWCanada Image
Canada's budget also has special feature on new fighter jets ⬇️ $19 billion for #F35s + $7B for new runways. @JustinTrudeau invests more in militarizing the Arctic than protecting it. #GroundTheF35
#Budget2023 Is Not #YourBudget.
Read: @nofighterjets 2/3 Image
Govt prioritizes Ukraine over climate. #Budget2023 has 65 references to #Ukraine, only 49 mentions of #climate though we're in a #ClimateEmergency. Lots of $ for military too little for climate. Read: #Demilitarize
#IPCCReport #StopTheWar #ActOnClimate 3/3 Image
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In a @TheProspect op-ed, "What Comes After Neoliberalism?" @rkuttnerwrites writes "we’ve just about won the battle of ideas. Reality has been a helpful ally…Neoliberalism has been a splendid success for the 1%, an abject failure for everyone else":… 1/ Air Force One in flight; dr...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Kuttner's op-ed is a report on the @Hewlett_Found's recent "#NewCommonSense" event, where Kuttner was relieved to learn that the idea that "the economy would thrive if government just got out of the way has been demolished by the events of the past three decades." 3/
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We have blindfolded statues all over the world after the shocking indifference that has received the latest @IPCC report. We are on a #ClimateEmergency and governments should act accordingly, instead of acting as if this is some nuisance.
Three Smiths Statue, in Helsinki, Finland. #ScienceNotSilence #TellTheTruth
The Spinoza Monument, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. #ScienceNotSilence #TellTheTruth
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Just for inspiration I did a Twitter search, typed a # and then c l i m a and watched.
The #1 recommendation was #ClimateScam . Second was #ClimateEmergency , which was almost a clone of C.scam.
Wholly shit.
2. The terms of the discussion leave me cold.
The words used. The claims, the counter claims, the thousands of scientists© who say that...
Most of the rulers of the developed world are so far removed from native Earth from which we sprang that they can't remember it.
3. If you have not covered some portion of Earth at the speed of a walking human recently, you have not seen it.
We can't see at 25 mph.
Here is the same road at 25 mph and at a walking pace. 25 is about minimum for mechanized travel, and few do it.
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wealthy countries such as Canada need to reach net zero even sooner — by 2040.

The UN just released a landmark Climate Crisis report…
"wealthy countries, re Canada, NEED to reach net zero even sooner by 2030 - 2040"
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