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Today @realDonaldTrump will preside over the return of the traditional Fireworks Celebration held at Mount Rushmore that hasn't been held since 2008 when ROGUE PRESIDENT Obama ordered it stopped due to "dry conditions"
A pathetic excuse.
We all know the real reason.
Leftists are always finding excuses to "tone down" patriotic displays of Americana & love of Country.
Every 4th we are inundated with complaints at seeing the American Flag because of it's "non inclusiveness."
The REAL reason is that when Americans SEE the Flag it makes them FEEL patriotic/love of Country for MONTHS AFTERWARDS
So the #MarxistSWINE **need** any & all patriotic displays **pushed** or lawfared out of the Public eye.
It's also why Civics & ACTUAL History's no longer taught
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#QAnon 1). Who is @Blklivesmatter ? Their @verified account gives this as their website: . This very same website elaborates on the full name of the org: Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc.
#QAnon 2). All donations on the aforementioned @Blklivesmatter website must be made (are routed) through @actblue .…
#QAnon 3). Who is @actblue ? Have they had any unusual spikes in donations this year (i.e., days in which funding exceeded normal levels)? @nytimes 6/1/2020…
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@DarthTyranitar It is political correctness for a variety of reasons. I don't know how far down the rabbit hole i'll go so bare with me.

So let's break it down.

1. No sane person disregards discriminatory acts against people of any race as anything but atrocious and wrong.
@DarthTyranitar 2. No sane person denies discriminatory acts to divide, demean, abuse, deny access to education systems
& unjustly use as underpaid, underfed & under-appreciated labour that have occurred throughout history
- all over the planet.
@DarthTyranitar 3. To "cancel" Canada Day is to cancel this nations growth to socially unifying and discussing those problems that arose in the
the vault of history in a free and open forum.
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This is huge. The ACM is calling for an "immediate suspension of the current and future private and governmental use" of Facial Recognition technologies, for "both technical and ethical reasons."…
For those outside of the space, the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society.
If you own stock in a facial recognition technology company or have invested in an FRT startup, now is the time to sell ;)
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82 items on the agenda, including a whole bunch about the LAPD and all of the budget items.

@christopherroth is here to live-tweet the whole damn thing. It's gonna be a long one, so buckle up!

Agenda and stream:…
Once things get rolling (likely late, the Rules Committee was a solid 15 minutes late already this morning, thanks, CM Martinez!) you'll have the opportunity to call in and provide public comment -- here's how!
1. Call (669) 254-5252
2. Use Meeting ID 160-535-8466 and then press #.
3. Press # again when prompted for participant ID.
4. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.
#PeoplesBudgetLA has handy graphics for this!
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Had three juvenile cases where officers called an ambulance to administer something against child’s will, strapped him down, had the drug administered. The children were so drugged (eye rolling back, vomit, incoherence) the detention home wouldn’t accept them from police chstody.
After an hour long argument (in one case and longer in others), cops were forced to put the drugged children back into their car and transport them to the hospital where they were admitted for overdose of ketamine. They of course were charged with resisting a police officer.
All the children told me they only remember being hysterical because they couldn’t remember their name or who they were. Not a single child was told what they were receiving medications for or what that medication was. They were just forcefully restrained & administered a mystery
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As colleges & universities, including my own, announce ambitious plans to bring students back to campus amidst #COVID19, #highered leaders still haven’t fully faced the risks of campus party culture - A thread 1/11
In our study of white college women, we found for affluent white students on “the party pathway,” college is a social experience, with classes here and there to legitimate it. Game days, Greek rush & bar crawls are the point. 2/11 #PartySchool #GreekLife…
We know from @JenniferSHirsch & @shamuskhan in #SexualCitizens that campus party culture is dominated by white, wealthy students. White #GreekLife often excludes by race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. & has a history of racism, hazing, sexual assault, property damage 3/11
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St. Louis mayor slammed for broadcasting names, addresses of '#DefundThePolice' supporters
1. The mayor of St. Louis was accused by some of trying to intimidate critics. One alderwoman said, It is "not cool to doxx my constituents who support #DefundThePolice."

2. The mayor of St. Louis is facing backlash for reading aloud during a public briefing the full names and street addresses of protesters who are calling on the city to defund the police department.

3. Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson was answering questions during a Facebook Live briefing Friday afternoon, which she has held regularly during the coronavirus pandemic, when someone asked about a meeting she had with demonstrators outside City Hall earlier in the day.

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Please take note:-
There is a section of #LGBT lurking among us who are trending #ACAB meaning all cops are bastards, not because they have something to do with justice or some other shit but because they qre highly influenced by the #DefundThePolice campaign of the U.S.
you'll see them more often now a days, you can identify them if they've bios filled with gender pronounce, photos of BTS or any other feminine men, have mentioned colour of their skin, their sexual orientation or have 🌈 emoji, on their bio or if they claim to be a fan acc.
This is a new found fraud & radically aggressive community, who is hell bent on bending our free speech and thought process, by playing victim or by attacking in groups, their existence is solely based on emotions they have got nothing to do with science, biology or evolution.
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#HelterSkelter - The madman, #CharlieManson himself would be so proud of all the racial unrest going on in our country today! He wanted a race war more than anything else and did all he could to get one started, including at least one murder connected to a drug deal, reportedly.
In just about every city in America today roving bands of predominantly young people are filling the streets shouting slogans like, "Black Lives Matter!!!" and spray painting a black fist with "BLM" lettered below its wrist. Is it just a fist? No, it is not. "The raised fist ...
...logo may represent unity or solidarity, generally with oppressed peoples. The black fist, also known as the Black Power fist is a logo generally associated with black nationalism and sometimes socialism. Its most widely known usage is by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s."
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I'm reading the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act that was just introduced into the Senate. This is a quick read, and does not represent the views of any organization.

Please @ me if you have a different take. Grab ur copy here:…
On quick read: good. I'm looking for 5 things. 1. Are definitions of facial recognition and biometrics well crafted? 2. does it stop gov from using private vendors? 3. are the exceptions appropriate? 4. does it help people redress harms? & 5. what about state and local govs?
1. Definitions seem broad enough to include face identification, & other forms of analysis that are bad but not technically 'recognition,' like emotion classification; also broad enough to include other biometrics including gait recognition, or cardiac signature via laser;
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This is just more evidence that everyone isn’t doing this job to “protect and serve”....Literally want to kill people for no reason other than being black. Paying people who want to kill us. I don’t know how to fix this but we need reform ASAP
This was the part of the story that got me. These North Carolina police officers actually denied being racist after saying they wanted to wipe black people off the map and that they’re ready for a race war to set black people back “4 or 5 generations”…
How does it all change? Start structurally. #BlackLivesMatter #AbolishThePolice #DefundThePolice #ReformPolicing #WilmingtonNC
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Budget committee is digging into @SeattlePD's budget for the second straight week, and several @SeattleCouncil members are expressing frustration they aren't getting straight answers, even to requests for how long it will take to get answers. #DefundSPD
Here's what we learned at last week SPD budget hearing. #DefundSPD #DefundThePolice…
.@CMTMosqueda objected to SPD's use of "less than lethal" as a name for crowd control tactics like chokeholds and chemical weapons that really do take lives, particularly amid a pandemic that targets the lungs. (Hence the ban.) #DefundThePolice…
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THREAD: Nora and I have a new episode out about what's next. And I want to take a minute to address something that comes up in the episode.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #CdnPoli #ONPoli #topoli…
We are witnessing quite possibly the largest social movement in our lifetime with the continued protests against anti-Black racism all over the globe. @BLM_TO has personally received support requests from the UK, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and Brazil.
In Canada, we're trying to track where all the demos are happening (currently mapped on the front page of We have what we know is an incomplete list, with over 60 cities in every province and territory in Canada. I've never seen anything like it.
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Hello #CHOP,

You’re collectively gorgeous—did I mention?

While you’re out being beautiful, I wanted to poke around at the funds the #SPD is using to let the proud boys roam around murdering people.

Thanks to @MayorJenny, they’ve gotten quite the raise in her time. Let’s look.
You may have heard @MayorJenny is progressive, from some folks.

If by that they mean she’s progressively lining the pockets of SPD, I have great news!!!
During the short few years y’all have been together, the police budget has shot up an astounding amount.

In real, adjustment inflated dollars:

Wowza, that’s a good deal of dough!
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As soon as the cameras were gone and the Juneteenth celebration was over, the police moved right in and started tearing down the community area. There was no need to do that. The streets are empty anyway. It's an f-n pandemic!
The government is shut down and there are hardly any cars on these roads. Do not believe the accusations that protesters started any of this. Anything they did was in response to the police. We have protested peacefully.
And, pretty much all the protesters have been wearing masks and we have religiously picked up after ourselves. Now we are being called vermin and all kinds of horrible stuff.
One of the kids we had to assist what a 15-year-old (white) girl.
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Good evening #LosAngeles,

Let’s discuss budget creep.

Personally, I don’t think moore and villanueva deserve a cent.

But your conservative grandpa might disagree. Let’s give him a sense of scale, and check out how bloated cops have gotten since 2013.
2013-2014 was the safest time on record for Los Angeles.

So what were we needing to “equip” the cops back then?
But boy howdy,

Look how @MayorOfLA’s cop spending has grown.

Crime isn’t going anywhere significant, but I guess we need 135% more ammo... for?

Protesters, oh yes. For shooting #blacklivesmatter protesters.

Thanks @ericgarcetti! Here’s to all the gas!
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THREAD: Another analogy for the people in the back. If a hospital is bad at its job, people die, they lose the trust of the public and the public goes to another hospital. 1/9
If an airline is bad at its job, people die, they lose the trust of the public and the public flies another airline. If a police department is bad at its job, people die, they lose the trust of the public and... (yeah, finish this sentence if you can.) 2/9
We now know that video was found for Malcolm Harsch, his family has viewed it and determined he took his own life. We still don’t know what happened to Robert Fuller. What I do know, firsthand, is that the LA Sheriffs deemed it a suicide immediately, didn’t canvas the 3/9
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This is a thread on why we need mental health response teams, and why cops are the least appropriate people to respond to mental health calls. About an hour ago, my doorbell rang. A young man was standing on my porch, a bump on his head. He said, "Can you help me?"
Initially I assumed he was soliciting, but Rose realized he really did need help. We tried to find a mental health response team, and Berkeley has one! Yay! But? They open at 11:30, because no one has a crisis before midday apparently?
I tried to call 911 but when I said I didn't want an armed response, that he was not armed, that he was confused and needed help, the 911 responder said that I had no right to dictate what kind of response there was going to be. I was...not polite.
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fun fact, it's COMMON for women in retail to have to "hide in the back" or change their schedules to avoid a creepy man. often these women are teens. Those men are NEVER ARRESTED OR REPRIMANDED. we just consider this normal.
I can't believe some men don't know this???? we worked at the same stores where this happened???? I guess it just traumatized me and had no effect on you but ok
I'm so sorry to all the women quoting/replying to this. This is so fucking common. This is STANDARD. Whether you're 16 or 35 this is unacceptable.
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Thread: Was bis jetzt medial zur Causa #GronerLand noch gar nicht thematisiert wird:

Anscheinend ist es völlig normal geworden, dass eine hochgerüstete, militarisierte #Polizei den Infektionsschutz durchsetzen muss.
Damit wird den Bewohner:innen suggeriert sie seien Kriminelle, dabei geht es um Virusinfektionen!

Die #Polizei eskaliert mit so einem Auftreten die Situation von Beginn an selbst.
Es wird so getan, als wäre eine Pandemie etwas was man polizeilich 'bekämpfen' könnte, und das wird öffentlich gar nicht mehr in Frage gestellt.

Der Polizei werden hier Kompetenzen zugeschrieben, die sie gar nicht hat.
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7:29PM - We're checking in on the CHOP ZONE for the nightly march down to the West Precinct. Follow along live!

We're still waiting for things to get started.


Thread 👇
8:05PM - The march is prepping to leave, they are working their way through Cal Anderson park collecting additional marchers.

The group is chanting "off of your ass, and into the march."
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Howdy #LosAngeles,

Today’s all about dads, and dads love their kids.

So let’s talk LAPD’s equipment spending, as we #DefundThePolice and look to put that money to use for our children.

As always @MayorOfLA, we’re here to fix your budget to the #peoplesbudgetla!
Each year, we spend an ungodly amount to equip our officers with gas and guns.

@latimes and @LAController have some lovely (partial) numbers from the 2020 budget for us. It’s a little larger than the $10,000,00 line item called “equipment” in the budget. Nice feint lapd!
I know that’s hard to parse, so let’s just break it down by person.

Fun fact, it’s about 5¢ a round for the ones they use in their pistols. That’s a lot of bullets, y’all.
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#Thread zu den Krawallen in #Stuttgart:
Zuerst einmal die Feststellung, dass die gezeigte Gewalt - insbesondere gg. die Polizei - indiskutabel ist. Das ist Konsens in einer Demokratie.
Absehbar war dann, dass Viele (u.a. MdB) noch ohne genauere Informationen bereits die... (1/x)
...Erklärung parat hatten: Chaoten, Extremisten, die in blindem Hass gg. Staat und Polizei vorgingen. Und: Die "elende" Diskussion über Rassismus in der Polizei und "pauschale" Misstrauensvoten (u.a. #LADG) haben die Menschen beflügelt, sind mitschuldig.
Doch natürlich... (2/x) das so falsch wie vereinfacht. Über konkrete politische Motivationen ist bis dato nichts bekannt. Die vornehmlich jungen, weißen Jugendlichen haben die Sau rausgelassen. Ein Phänomen, das bereits zu früheren 1. Mai-Krawallen deutschlandweit bekannt wurde. Zudem... (3/x)
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