It's happening. Privatisation of entire regions of UK will see charter cities run by corporations with their own laws beyond Govt reach, regulations, planning rules eased to encourage industrial, commercial & residential development. UK 1 big tax haven…
The Charter Cities Governance Handbook, everything from rewriting laws to favour corporate hegemony, small Govt, to 'universal bank transfers' for those on UC/disability being told what they must spend their money on. Truss has this guide under her pillow…
Unsustainable welfare systems, declining birth-rate (The white Anglosphere)
Education systems that don’t educate & often inculcate attitudes inimical to prosperity (Kill independent thinking and turn citizens into slaves)
This is Frost's script for Truss…
Mogg "Our departure from the European Union necessitates a re-thinking of the British state"
Mogg's 'restructuring of Sovereignty' straight from his fathers book The Sovereign Individual: How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State
There is no opposition, there never was, the 2 party system is entrenched by elite forces, private-public integration and deregulation are key, 2,400 EU laws shredded. Romers model for Honduras was Hong Kong est. by British colonials, Brexit exemplifies a reverse colonialism.
Know that Sunak's mentor was Prof.Paul Romer at Stanford, in Feb 2022 Sunak delivered a MAIS lecture extolling the virtues of Romer's libertarianism, he failed to mention Romer's Honduras Charter City was shut down by the Honduran Supreme Court!
Aug 8th tweet on charter cities coming to UK, Tories libertarian fatal strategies accelerating fast! Experiments with r/w charter cities in Madagascar, Honduras all calculated exercises in land grabbing, charging residents fees to live in their own towns
May 17th. You don't raze an entire country's economy to the ground, sell off farmland for nothing. You build cities but not ordinary ones, wealthy r/w libertarians want to maximize their investments by exerting a stranglehold on citizens lives #Libertarian

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Sep 20
The UK's 'Don't Look Up' moment is on a permanent unending loop, it's a tactic the libertarian radical right have unleashed on an otherwise unsuspecting public, massive distraction techniques while they rapidly accelerate all out disaster capitalism during crises. #BrexitReality
Mogg's restructuring of sovereignty, of taking back control didn't quite reveal it's true intention. Rewriting laws to favour corporate hegemony paving the way for the privatisation of the entire UK.
Do you know what a charter city is? Ask your friends.
Just as VoteLeave campaign was proven to be fraudulent, successive waves of corruption, corporate heists, lockdown scandals, conflicts of interest were put into practice, copied from libertarians like Tom Bell and Paul Romer, why? To capture and hold hostage an entire country.
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Sep 20
Notes dates of the articles
A Tale of Two Cities
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. #Libertarian……
June 2022 'Fantastic News, Freeports unlocking millions of pounds for Devon and Plymouth'
August 2022 'Stark warning from Devon County Council leader as local authorities feel the squeeze'
Guess who will get rich and who will suffer and die.
@raycraib Sunak signed off on UK's Freeports, his mentor Stanford's Prof.Paul Romer taught him well. Sunak surrounded by the who's who of free market fundamentalists, Critchlow, Norquist, Singham, Gebel, Brimen, Schumacher, Chafuen. Same patterns of 2016 ref fraud as Brexit! Image
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Sep 19
Here's what the Dutch Govt are doing about the rise in energy bills. The cabinet and energy companies have reached an agreement to lower the energy bills. Starting from the 1st of January 2023, the Govt will pay towards the energy bill of every Dutch household.
Govt will install a price cap for energy: every household with energy usage under that cap will pay the energy fees from before the start of the war in Ukraine. Everybody who uses more, needs to pay the current market price for energy for their usage above the price cap>
This will stimulate cutting back on energy where possible. Govt will pay the difference between the household's energy bill and the current market value. Nov-December 2022, the monthly payment is already lowered to pre-Ukraine war levels.
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Sep 17
Truss steals £100bn of taxpayers’ money, hands it over to energy markets who've reaped astronomical profits during a time of profound economic crisis. Tories despise those on middle to low incomes, they worship at the disaster capitalist altar of Buchanan and Hayek. #GTTO
Bigger picture for recurring heists of public money is accelerating, post Brexit is a live experiment whereby the clean slate is set up for 'capital hungry' frontier capitalists who have bought x10 UK Freeports with 75km 'investment zones' around them.
This 🧵details how charter cities owned by multinationals and arch libertarians known to Truss as her network of liberty are recolonizing entire regions with segregationist dystopias for cheap labour next to super rich NIMBY cities. This is happening now.
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Sep 15
Titus Gebel is a r/w libertarian neo colonialist who has a beef about the 'unwillingness of states to allow administrative officials of a 3rd state to fulfill sovereign tasks in their own territory.' Truss will be taking notes for her SEZ's. #Brexit
He wants residents to pay a yearly contractually fixed amount for services like security and rescue. In around 5 weeks times key figures from libertarian academia and the venal world of venture capitalism will discuss the rise of private cities, UK next.
UK people, the patterns of corporate privatisation of entire regions around Truss's 'full fat freeports' known as SEZ's fracking, charter cities, Bournville houses, segregation, private companies building charter cities, Equality Act abolished. Do you see?
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Sep 14
Dear UK and Brexiters, suggest you all read The Charter Cities Governance Handbook, 286 pages on private cities run by companies who dictate their own laws beyond Govt reach will soon pop up all over the UK. Rwanda Ghana Shenzhen Singapore all role models!
Everything from economic governance, to smaller Govt allowing companies to write their own laws, dictate curricula in schools, adopt 'universal bank transfer' where those on UC or disability can't buy cigs or alchohol, to abolition of unions and workers rights, great huh? #Brexit
I guarantee that Liz Truss has a copy of the Charter Cities Governance Handbook under her pillow and is ticking off the chapters one by one as her 'investment zones' expand and devour whole regions of post Brexit UK.
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