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As Susanna Reid absolutely skewers Matt Hancock for his false accounts about his personal & professional behaviours as Health Secretary during the pandemic, we are reminded that the media is more than capable of doing this in every interview to every Tory. But they don't. 1/20
What we have seen is soft-touch permissive interviewing by media figures who are very capable of taking the gloves off and really getting into the brutal details of misdeeds and misleading statements. There are choices being made to allow behaviours. 2/20
More to the point there has been a knowingly complicit attitude. To suggest that the media did not receive information about or know about the several parties that were happening in Downing Street during lockdowns is ridiculous. Someone silenced that and the media held off. 3/20
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Johnson started the rot & now, the conservatives are broken.

You might need to hold your nose - the stench of corruption & scandal is real ๐Ÿงต

1/ Whilst Mayor, Johnson gifted mistress Acuri ยฃ126K of public money

2/ As foreign Sec, ditched security for Lebedev party in Italy
3/ Johnson nominated Evgeny Lebedev for peerage. The Baron of Siberia is now a Lord

4/ Johnson unlawfully prorogued Parliament

5/ He overturned Patelโ€™s guilty verdict when she broke ministerial code for bullying

6/ He missed 5 Covid Cobra meetings. He was at Chequers.
7/ Wallpapergate. Johnsonโ€™s obscene refurb included ยฃ50K donation from Lord Brownlow. Johnson denied until texts emerged.

8/ Presided over PPE VIP fast lane scandal. ยฃ37 billion track & trace.

9/ Protected Cummings/ Barnard Castle

10/ Said โ€˜let the bodies pile highโ€™.
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If you think that the Tories are striving to improve things and this is a low point - you're ignoring the purpose of the Conservative party. This, my friends, is what the Tory party does. It serves the richest and the most entrenched section of wealthy people... 1/13
So creating absolute chaos in the markets is good - for those who know when the chaos is coming (wink wink). Trashing the NHS to create opportunities for private equity, debt and profit is what they want. Drama at the borders so that they can blame... 2/13
Asylum seekers arriving by boats, for the problems of the nation - when they offer no safe routes of passage - gives them a brilliant 'invasion' and xenophobia narrative to distract the slow of thinking... 3/13
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Remember when Zahawi got caught heating his stables on our money? Yeah - he was sorry. Sorry he got caught. I think it was a careless mistake and he paid it back? Not happy with that one - that was worth thousands - he tried again with taxes... 1/13
Then he was 'careless but not deliberate' again - but this time with a ยฃ27 million lump sump and ยฃ3+ million in tax that he failed to pay. 'Careless but not deliberate' - again. Do you believe that lightning strikes twice? 2/13
I remember when the worst thing that you could say about Zahawi was that he treated his horses on tax-payers money better than he treated his constituents in Stratford-upon-Avon... 3/13
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The government doesn't understand that all it's policy areas are seen and absorbed collectively. They think that industrial action for fair wages has nothing to do with the opposition to the right wing extremist policies on asylum. But they are linked. 1/10
When the average UK citizen see the mistreatment of asylum seekers, and the demonisation of people in need, the erosion of civil rights and human rights resonates. They look at their treatment as public sector workers and they expect to be mistreated too. 2/10
When you have a Home Secretary who stands hard against the distress she has caused to an elderly Holocaust survivor - you take your own measure on how the government feel about people overall. 3/10
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Have to respect the piss boiling this has caused down in the comments.

#GTTO types gnashing and wailing as they wrestle with their own cognitive dissonance. Turns out stacking parties with current & future lobbyists yields the same results whether the govt is red or blue.
Trusting sociopathic CEO types to do right by you just because they're on the "good team" is immensely stupid. I would like to think everybody believes that deep down, were it not for the propaganda effort to fill peoples' heads with shit that having them there is "pragmatic".
This, for example. The Labour right are allowed to lose election after election so long as they're sucking the toes of private equity & the media elite. The left are felled by an unprecedented level of hostility and must never be allowed the reigns again.

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The really very dangerous and serious thing about @SuellaBraverman is that she - quite openly - does not respect the entitlement to inalienable and fundamental human rights. The measure of a country is how it treats the most vulnerable - irrespective of who they are. 1/14
For Suella Braverman people are an inconvenience, a problem, they need to be productive or they need to be marginalised as a burden. Her attitude towards immigration and asylum is an exacting insight into how she would treat you if you were in hardship and needed help. 2/14
It is chilling to know that Suella Braverman wants to break the law where the law does not permit her actions. Sure enough - she would rather change the law first - but she will not be subject to it's boundary. She won't respect it. 3/14
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For every action, there is an opposite reaction.
As Tories increase prosperity for the rich, disaster capitalism cements austerity as policy choice which increases paycuts, strikes, foodbanks, collapse of public sector and rule of law. UK is a Kleptocracy.โ€ฆ
Govt announcing spending cuts matches the amount of profit that corporate hegemony has reaped, there is no lack of money, it's just unequally redistributed. All on the back of crises, you see how it works?
Deregulation goes hand in glove with wealth accumulation. City of London corporation is a charter city (est 1075) with it's own laws, offshoring gains to tax havens, private businesses dominate the electorate and have an unelected Remembrancer in HoC.
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Before Brexit it was all #ProjectFear wasn't it? Post Brexit we are looking at some of the worst consequences that any government has inflicted on a nation without cause or provocation. 1/
Shortages of anti-biotics. As we stare at a strep A crisis and scarlet fever the Prime Minister is telling us there is no pressure on the supply of anti-biotics. Pharmacies tell us otherwise. 2/
Power shortages. While the government tells us that there won't be power outages this winter we know that they are planning scenarios for exactly that. 3/
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If ever there was evidence needed that the Tories are determined to take us backwards, the opening of a coal mine in Cumbria is the perfect metaphor. Let's consider the other examples though? 1/ #GTTO
Withdrawal from the single market. Absolute slow hand clap to the Tories and the ERG for closing access to an absolutely essential structure to our economy. 2/
Human Rights: they actually want to take away our human rights. They want to take us back to a time when we weren't protected by the ECHR. Instead they want to introduce their own bill to deny fundamental principles like protesting their policies & industrial action. 3/
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Poverty and children - a short thread: I work in schools with children who are at risk of being excluded from mainstream education. A high proportion of these children share similar personal circumstances, which may include the follows (frequent overlaps): 1/20
Domestic abuse, violence and conflict in the home or they had fled such circumstances. The ongoing relationship in such situations then include the problem of a toxic parent(s) with a damaging influence; 2/20
Low socio-economic-status - being low family income, a view of the work place being a negative and oppressive experience and being persistently treated in society as a second class citizen because their family lacks presentation, prestige or social gravitas or contacts; 3/20
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For those following the thread about the computers we did during the lockdowns, one girl contacted us and asked if she could borrow a laptop for two hours on a specific day for a dyslexia assessment for the Open University. 1/4
She had got her A levels, over coming dyslexia to do it, while caring for both her parents. She wanted to get into the Open University so that she could stay at home and do her degree, while working a job and continuing to care for her mum and dad. 2/4
She came to us to ask for a laptop for 2 hours and expected nothing. We went and got the best laptop we had, upgraded to the best spec we could, and we gave it to her to keep. 3/4
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The three events that have crashed the UK economy -
1) Brexit
2) The global pandemic
3) Liz Truss

Two were completely self inflicted and the global pandemic was so incredibly costly because of the fraudulent workings of the Tory party giving billions to friends. 1/8
Austerity was an insincere event in the first instance and never really addressed the banking crisis in 2008. It was - as Ian Cummins stated - aimed to reset the welfare state permanently. Austerity 2 won't address or solve these current problems either. 2/8
The most immediate financial constriction comes from the fact that we no longer have access to the single market. It is remarkable and everyone wants to ignore it. It needs to be addressed before an extra penny is demanded of the least well off. 3/8
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Inequality in the UK needs to be considered in terms of asset wealth. People with asset wealth, versus people who are relatively well paid - the difference is huge. People who think they are doing well because they earn a good wage don't understand what wealth is. 1/8
People who earn a good wage sometimes get a false idea of how well they are doing and they begin to think that the Conservative Party care about them. Of course the Tories don't care about them. They care about people with millions or billions in assets - not ยฃ50k p/a 2/8
This pocket of 'well off' people are likely to be tricked into think that they are at risk from a more socialist government because they think they're at the top of the pile and they'll have to pay for it. They get pitted against the poorest and fall for the deception. 3/8
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When people over simplify poverty they talk about a situation they can easily solve. Mum gets her hair done, nails, they all have phones, Netflix accounts, even the children smoke. "I have no sympathy for their choices" 1/6
They refuse to confront a reality of the working poor, or the responsible single parent family where Mum escaped abuse and is rebuilding. They don't contemplate that all the luxuries in life have been sacrificed years ago. 2/5
You hear the same phrases about how much a bag of pasta or porridge costs. How a drop of milk is x pence. How you have to own your choices and avoid dependency. "They still smoke though don't they?" 3/5
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